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The situation is I work at a hospital and in the gym there are three bathrooms that have doorknobs where the inside is a push button and the outside can be opened with a flathead/coin. We have residents who live in the hospital who will go in there on their own and literally piss and shit on the floor, we have even had a few fall down in there. Even after all this, the hospital directors will not let us change the locks to real locking doors that require a key that only staff can access to use ourselves or go in with the residents.

Can you guys think of any way we could turn these locks into acting like regular locks as easily as possible without actually changing them?
Ban flathead screwdrivers and coins. Death penalty for non-authorized personnel found inside the bathroom.
Grind off the slot

then, when a patient falls, and nobody can open the door and the patient dies, OP will be charged with endangerment and go to jail.

administrators are paid to think about liabilities whereas wage slaves just think of convenience.
so you want people to shit on the corridor instead, once they find the door locked? lmao
Can't fall in there and die if the user is locked out of the stall you dumbass wagecuck. No stall = no liability. Just like an out of order sign. No access means if you break and enter you're on your own.

Also if OP wants to control this, put the fucking lock to the entrance of the entire bathroom. Or better, get a bathroom attendant. The very fact the residents are dropping excrement onto the floor is a way bigger hazard then your little fantasy you dumb little shit and its not slips and falls. Why do you think that dumb bitch got denied bathroom access at Tim Hortons?

t. salarycuck
As the building manager of a government building I can say that you had better not touch the door locks. I've never worked in a hospital before so I don't know what the regulations for them are but the lock types you are talking about are privacy locks.

The whole point of them is to stop people from accidentally walking in on you. They are designed that way so they can be opened in the event of an emergency. If a person falls in the bathroom or tries to commit suicide or has some other medical emergency, it will be next to impossible to get in that room in a timely fashion. Your doors are likely solid wood with metal jambs. They are next to impossible to force open without mechanical means.

If you were to tamper with the door and someone were to get injured or even die as a result of medical staff not being able to get it, you would be fired at the absolute least and likely brought up on charges.

Better option is to find out who is doing it and ban them from even using the gym. If that is not possible, charge them for cleaning the bathroom.
>Better option is to find out who is doing it
Put dummy cameras in the bathroom, and a videosurveillance sign on the door.
>yfw nobody will use this whole bathroom knowing there are cameras
>Put dummy cameras in the bathroom, and a videosurveillance sign on the door.

fake camera or not this is illegal, you cannot monitor or say that you are monitoring private bathroom facilities. you could bring down a massive shitstorm of legal problems.

it would be nice of people on DIY stop giving advice when they know nothing... ive already come across several retards on other threads giving possible life threatening advice when they are 100% in the wrong.

you CANNOT put cameras in any bathroom of any facility for any reason. this is against the law. even walmart cannot put cameras near the changing booths in the clothing department for this reason as well. it violates the voyeurism laws.
You can put cameras in a bathroom if it has stalls.

no you cannot. you cannot have surveillance equipment in any designated restroom regardless of stalls... mens rooms also have urinals that are not in stalls, so what you said is total bullshit. this also applies to locker rooms, or dressing rooms or anywhere peoples privacy can be violated. shutup already
Beat them at their own game. Put fake poo in the bathroom. Only tell authorised people that its fake, all others will flee.
File: fitness.webm (220 KB, 380x392)
220 KB
The best idea in this thread. Not sure there's any more discussion necessary.
>piss and shit on the floor

at least they're not putting in shitty orders and killing some poor Staff med patient, right?

>get a bathroom attendant.

buddy, if you think a hospital is going to hire another minimum wage cuck to clean up poo in loo when they won't even hire enough techs to keep pooping patients clean, you've got another thing coming...

hell, just trying getting a sitter for someone that really needs it. like pulling teeth. admin thinks catching disoriented AMAs is a fucking game like catching pokemons

privacy went out with transgender bathroom rights

doesnt matter. its illegal to have cameras in any area designated for peoples privacy like bathrooms changing rooms gym showers etc

nothing will change this or make it legal so stop trying to justify this shit
Welp then sit back and enjoy the show.
What's the problem here? Clean the excrement out of that bathroom the same as you do out of any other bathroom. It's not like the pts can get less demented once they find their way downstairs. Best you can do is put a sign on the door asking anyone who's cognitive enough to read to use a different bathroom unless they're coming from a gym.
>get paid to think
>post on 4chan
Pick one.
God fucking damnit I hate bathroom signs.

Single occupancy shitholes should have the singular singage. Then you don't awkwardly knock on the door of a multi-occupancy door or vice versa. It even sits in the sign makers best interest. Jesus H. Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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