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File: ALPL.jpg (306 KB, 800x800)
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Want to reflect a projector
Image on to my cealing , but I need a first/front surface mirror(to prevent ghosting) which apperently isnt something I can just buy from a store.
I've seen people polish aluminum rims and such to a mirror like finish, I figure I could do this with an aluminum plate . Has anyone tried this to make a front surface mirror with minimal distortion?
How big do you need the mirror to be? Hard drive platters can make very nice first surface mirrors.
File: 1541498823599.jpg (91 KB, 634x693)
91 KB
i've been using a regular mirror. haven't been bothered by a double image.
Would mylar work? I've seen videos on youtube where some people make a wooden frame and heatshrink the mylar onto it to make the surface smooth, like here:
8 by 11 inches
i don't get it why not just use a glass mirror ?
i.e. reflections from both the first surface and mirror side.
Optical mirrors are only reflective on the first surface. But that comes with a price. You can't clean them the same way or you will strip off the surface.

nice digits.
Look for a real old projection TV and hope the mirror isn't fucked.
That or Edmund Optics
Ali Express might have some of "meh" quality.
Big old projection TVs have a nice front service mirror in them (I shattered a beautiful one once). They also have a fairly dangerous Fresnel lens.

Fun stuff.
it becomes a problem with small text for me
I'll give this a shot
>polished alluminium
Will tarnish over time from exposure to air.

Picture framing stores sell nonreflective glass. Maybe try getting a piece of scrap and spray paint a mirror on one side or apply mylar to it.
using mylar from a helium baloon,
at the very least for a proof of concept to myself before buying a sheet.
got a heat gun and an infrared thermometer ,all I need now is the temperature I need to keep it at
Why not just build a mount to point the projector at the ceiling?
the manufacturer advises against tilting the projector to that extent.
What the hell. Does it contain water or something?
It contains like a 1200 watt lamp or whatever and if the air isnt flowing right because its tilted it will melt everything around it.
while this is here, is there anything inherent about projector screens other than being a flat white surface? like could you substitute it with fused pieces of white foam board?
Anything white is okayish. A real screen has glass embedded in it that increases reflection along the expected viewing angle to make the picture look better
One way mirror, some people install them on doors. They comes in different densities, get the most dense. It will project some light behind it, though. You can paint the other side in black.
Oh, I am sleepy and wrote garbage, semi transparent mirror.
Yeah, you could probably do that, maybe coat it in scotchlite or some other kind of screen paint, maybe be careful if you're using multiple small pieces of foam to avoid seams.
I remember once having to dismantle a rear projection television and then halfway thru opening a piece and having a large amount of some liquid spill on the floor, turns out these things used antifreeze coolant.
You can clear coat aluminum

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