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Anyone has experience on this? is it just matter of tying bristles into holes? Were trying to make a self-made brush but duh little or no info out in internet, quite surprised by dat btw, need some info D; thanks in advance
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seriously?? anyone??

/diy/ is fine for anything, for sure, but most of us would just buy one for a few bucks. Your design looks fine. What are you trying to do, that would benefit from a high-quality home made bristle brush?
bruh thanks for the reply. actually not just normal brush for brooming something, but planning on building a tooth-brush with bristles from pig(stiff boar hair)

is it just me thinking that replacing a entire toothbrush for worn-out bristle is a total waste,?

of course im willing to put some work on dat as soon as I get enough btw

This sounds like a cool project. I'd go with a wooden handle for something to put in my mouth, but aluminum is fine.

Please stop saying "dat".
thanks. but aluminium?? eh i simply cannot trust "that" metal when it comes to swirling it around in my mouth, whether the alum oxide would bring me alzheimer or something, who knows? and wood is too porous tho, why all the modern toothbrushes are made of PP?

my personal choice would be either plain silver or marine grade stainless (maybe tin or zinc alloys would be viable options too)anything that wouldn't gradually kill me would be fine i guess
okay so no more??
You could use 7XXX series Aluminium. It resists corrosion where many other Al alloys fear to tread.
Stainless Steel is also good. but it is harder to find than Aluminium.
thanks anon. but i would still avoid using any type of alloys wtsoever that contains aluminium..( ' ! ' ) it just dont even worth taking the risk
If you use hard wood, with a dense grain you’d be surprised at how nonporous it is. This, along with saturating it in a vegetable oil or coconut oil, etc. and cooking it in the oven at a few hundred degrees, will help keep the wood from being too porous. Look up how to season wooden spoons. As someone with metal fillings in their teeth let me tell you that having a little bit of metal touch your fillings is painful.

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