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Bought a 2001 Chrysler 300M with under 100K miles for $500. The problem though is that it died on me in the middle of traffic the day I bought it. Took it to a mechanic and they figured out that everything was mechanically fine with it (great condition they said). It's just that the PCM is fried.


Only place that can program/install a new PCM is the dealership and the assholes want to charge $1200 to do it. That's highway robbery and asshattery of the highest magnitude. Any way around this bullshit? Can I do this myself? They sell preprogrammed PCM's online for less than $200, but will it work or is it a waste of money?

Pic related, it's the car I got.
it wouldn't have fried the pcm halfway thru a drive

find the fault, probably a frayed wire that caused a short when it started moving

get some basic diagnostic skills
The diagnosis of two seperate mechanics is tgat the PCM is toast and siezing other systens that are otherwise mechanically fine
any more specific info than that?

if you were in western ny i'd take it to south main auto


one shop says needs new ecm, hires SMA to do change, takes a look and finds frayed wire, no new ecm needed
This is likely true. I've been a mechanic for 8 years, so far I've seen a pcm failure maybe 5 times. It's almost never the computer. However I disagree that it definitely isn't, it very well could be, but the chances aren't great.

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