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How can I get the Voice Chat from my PS4 Party Chat to my headset so I can chat with my friends on PS4 while playing PC?

Any help is much appreciated
mic into ps4 and sound out from ps4 into audio_in/mic on your soundcard. make it hearable in the windows sound settings
hmm, that might work actually, but the PS4 only has 2 USB and a HDMI port. The mic is USB so thats fine but how do I get the audio into the 3.5mm jack from a USB or HDMI?
I pull audio from my TVs output.
Getting audio off a USB or HDMI is not trivial.
I have no idea if this will work with a PS4. But it's a cheap item to try.
"plugable usb audio adapter"
Nigga wait. If I take 3.5mm from the TV to the input of the headphone amplifier that would give me sound from the PC and the TV, alright, so I can hear both the PC sound and the TV sound which will be the PS4 party chat.

Then if I plug my mic directly into the PS4 that should transfer my voice to the party chat.

You my friend, are a genius, ill try this.
how can you connect the ps4 mic to your ps4? hdmi only gives audio/video out. you can split hdmi with your reciever in video and audio and bring audio from the receiver to the soundcard (for hearing). to talk to them you just have to talk into the ps4 mic thatis normally connected to the ps4
k nevermind. it is not that hard. i connected my n64 to a beamer and sound to my soundcard on pc to have 5.1 sound with my n64. not real 5.1 but it uses them at least :p

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