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File: 20231020_113154.jpg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024)
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Anyone here in the trade? Post pics and fabrication tips
File: 20230125_153557.jpg (2.48 MB, 4032x3024)
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2.48 MB JPG
Not specifically but I do custom cnc work and get the occasional order for a sign.

It’s mostly temporary stuff for festivals etc so I cut it, paint it (though many want just raw OSB) and then give it a couple of layers of poly depending on how long it needs to last. For longer lasting signs like house numbers I laminate some wood into 1”-2” thick sheet and cut the letters out of that. And again use poly.

In my experience for commercial work the cnc methods nowadays always lose to the printing press companies that can print anything on melamine at very low prices
Do rubber coating over the raised areas (stenciled) then sandblast the wood.
For cheap longer lasting signs. Rather than osb try ACM.
For nicer long lasting outdoor letters try acrylic or HDPE. 3/4 acrylic is pretty expensive though.
Wood never really holds up longterm outdoors. Granted anything but metal and stone won't hold up either but certain plastics fair far better especially with moisture.
Bump. Post moar signs.
Real wood can be nice for interior signage of this type but there are high density foams and graining techniques that avoid the deterioration/maintenance hassle that exterior sandblasted wood signage has always faced if you wanted it to stay looking presentable...not to mention the ever increasing cost of clear, vertical grain woods suitable for exterior use and sandblasting.


NOBODY wants to maintain signs; they're costly to begin with and like all advertising people often resent having to make the initial investment and try to cheap out...when they learn that it will present an ongoing cost they will often just ditch the fancy sign altogether.

I know of more than a couple of shops that quit doing sandblasted wood signs altogether for just this reason...to many people let them get ruined and blame the company.
not many shops still working with neon. do you bend neon in house? most of the neon benders i know only do restoration work

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