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File: 20240402_140627.jpg (1.31 MB, 4032x1456)
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Sup guys any idea why the washing machine won't drain when the hose is plugged into red but empties fine from the sink? Ty
drains don't work for retards, that's why.
File: IMG_0804.jpg (203 KB, 2332x1866)
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203 KB JPG
You need a high loop. Pic related
uuhh booster pump does not kick on until head pressure increases lower test wattage/hour usage for eco refund. becomes energy efficient if it dos not push the water high enough to go into the drain, but has to because it is a washing machine. i do not know experienced a similar issue
>You need a high loop.
Yeah. But even higher. Get the loop in that pic right up against the bottom of the counter. Where it is now, it will back up into the d/w if there is even a little bit of water in the sink.
Because that barbed fitting still has the plug in it you corn shucking lap slapping cat shlogger
drain hose could be clogged up with gunk.
This most probably, unless it used to work. This is why the overflow on my sink didn't work properly (and it was installed by a "professional"). They often leave a thin piece of plastic inside those fittings during production, you have to cut it out or heat a nail and melt it.

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