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Hello /diy/ Today I bought & received a fan.
It is a tower fan that is 40cm tall and interestingly enough it has an ozone generator inside. Specs are light even in Chinese from what I could see but it's pretty neat.

I didn't WANT to buy a fan this year but my dog is getting old, has some light vestibular problems and has issues getting in and out of bed. After subjecting myself to 2h of hot baths for therapy I put the fan on in my room to cool down. My dog attempted to jump up on the bed from the door (because he's a retard) slam dunked off the side and right into the fan but he fell on it in suck a way that he managed to break 1 blade by force and the 2nd was cracked. My beloved cheap argos fan gone.

I have a very weak sense of smell due to a head injury so I really like ozone generators; despite the danger they always get the job done with a little airflow. I worry a lot due to not having a great sense of smell and I've been told my house smells "fine" but multiple people ven without ozone but I worry. I don't smell things unless they are really bad, cabbage, fish meals and dead animals are what get me.
My first ozone generator was a meme small device by puremate which I think was marketed toward smokers & asthmatics. It did a decent job in a small room and was the kind of thing you could slam on overnight. It wasn't the kind of device you could use to get rid of a dead rodent smell tho.
So I got my first commercial generator, a wooden box type device and it worked well, I used it in conjunction with a wifi smart plug but it died after 8months to PSU failure.
My "new" generator has been going a year but it's a little over double the power so it's tough to use in a house without a timer. Still impressed tho, very nice construction.

So back to the fan. It's there but there's no specs for the ozone generator. Breathing it IN while on determines it does have one, at the level of a puremate/travel device. It's still fascinating there's no warning however.
>it has an ozone generator inside
I didn't read most of your post because your writing skill is as good as your sense of smell.
But I can guarantee you if you bought a chinesium ionizer fan, it does not generate enough ozone for you to smell.
Also air ionizer does not need to generate ozone, there are plenty of ionizers that don't generate ozone at all.
An ozone generator also doesn't need to ionize the air, but most do.

Ozone is a meme in east Asia so half my fans and even chinesium AC units have a ionizer on them.
and here i was just thinking to myself
>wow i could really use hearing some anon's whole entire life fucking story right about now
and then BAM here comes this guy
is there even a question in this mess or what?
>ChatGPT> please give me a random fan story
im more of a pzone guy myself, but pizza hut wont deliver to me after i exposed myself...can still make the room smell without em though

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