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i own 40 acre property on a main road, i recently lost my job and am doing random things for income, does anyone have any reccomendation for making money off farm land with road acess. for insance i am considering putting corded wood for sale by the bundle, i have also been in contact with birders because migration zone
Lease it for hunting or grazing.
That'd be most immediate money you can get. Seconded by cutting it for hay, but that's grazing with extra steps.
Oh and lease to beefags too, because you can do that in the same time as grazing lease, cows don't care.
you have land with road access but no wares
lease spots for roadside stalls
or lease larger areas of the property for buildings to be placed, like a mobile home or something
This is terrible advice. Do not involve retards with your land. Leasing to the kind of people who would do these things is a sure fire way to have your land ruined.
How does releasing cattle on land ruin it anon?
Are the cows gonna have loud parties and scratch up the floor?>>2799117
I'm in the same boat as OP but with 15 acres to spare, debating selling my soul and selling a few acres off to solar farms for 25 years
All 40 tillable? Leasing farmland isn't great money, but sectioning it off and auctioning it to builders is. Of course doing so is selling your soul to the highest bid, so measure your own priorities.
Yes. I do not want to lease. I have a large property. The city leaves me alone. Because there is no evidence of anything fro. The road. I put my things uo my mountain road. Not visible. The city is looking for any little thing. I have trees growing and also bees boxes but its slow process. I oove the idea that no one bothers me. Not even my neighbors.

But i have brrn in contact to maybe provife bird tours

No its desertt mountain land. It can be grazed. But i like that it has not

How donu lease to grazer. Also can thry just eat natic brush like the 1800s
Sorry my phone
Can grazers just eat the native chaparall like the 1800s

Also the town is actually fighting a solar installation atm. Lol
Also no u cant sell the land off. You used to be able to. I have 37 acres. Somoene sold 3 of it because it has road acess. But know its one farrm zoned. One house giant parcel..

Also it is in a high tourist area. Dude to hidtoric highway 80
I only need to make something like 500 a month to live on my farm and have food and gas. My taxes are 50 a month. I have solar. I get internet from my phone.
Its a stupid goal. But in sick of working
Describe the land more. You say desert mountain land, so not farmable then? Is it fenced off on all sides? Water source for livestock? Rock you can pallet up and sell for landscaping, or cedars you can cut for fenceposts? Every 40 acres is different, tell us more about yours and the things it has about it that are unique that you could possibly capitalize on.
>I only need to make something like 500 a month to live on my farm

>owns a "farm"
>struggles to clear 500 a month

you have to fucking laugh.
Maybe you missed the part where he wants it to happen without him doing any work. You can hate on the boomers all you want, but back in the day you kinda just accepted the fact that you needed to work. And most jobs sucked back then same as they do today.
Put shipping containers on land charge storage
Thank me later
Its not fully developed. I just started planting trees.. do u have u have somthing that yields in few months?? Withought fenncing in for animals

Yes desert miuntain land

Also yes ive had jobs
I use to clear 3500 how do u think i got the place
Yes. The whole point of me making thus thread is to live withought working a 9 to 5 or part time job.
500 is not a lot to make

Also eventually my farm will make morr
I have over 100 eucslyptus and pomegranetes ready to plant.
Lets say i have a gree house ready and plant tomatoes. Thats still like 4 months till i get any cash
>historic highway 80
That's gold country. Maybe not enough to support a whole town anymore, but you could make $500/mo in a small mine.
you are not wrong
i have several quartz veins with quartz
but i dont know a thing abought profiting from minerals

as for gold
i have a wash sand pit
i have considered looking for gold
but how much manpower would be needed
i do have a well
so water is not an issue
but yes im in the mountains in the southwest
>it's farm land
>it's desert mountain land
You're making it hard to give advice.
unironically this, offer parking for people's boats and extra vehicles, campers, etc
where I live everyone is limited to 2 cars per unit so I have to park my personal (non work) truck at a friend or family members and it's super annoying
places charge 50-100s of dollars for storage
you could invest in some shippin containers or awnings to charge premiums

I had friends with some land and they rented it out to some orchird company that came in and planted a few acres of fruit trees and maintain the land and they get a nice monthly check to have and orchird to walk through
I have a few great ideas OP but if you can’t bother to type real sentences, rather than half gibberish, I can’t be bothered to tell you.
Get like 50 shipping containers dropped off and rent them out to people for storage.
Its near imperial county. They grow abought most of the food the usa eats lol. The sun
Is very strong here
>has 40 acres that he doesnt know what to do with
>hasnt started renting it out

State environmental people come down on you because stored vehicles are leaking oil into the ground.
DEA comes down on you because rental containers are being used for meth labs.
what are handshake deals
How close are you to a city? If you can secure a loan you could consider renovating it into a paintball park or go-karts.
Why do simp retards throw money at these whores? What do they expect to get out of it?
Do you have android 13 or lower? Get big buttons pro keyboard by chicago logic. You can find it on up to down. It's faded off the play store.

Use the Standard theme, not 'easy read'. Uncheck everything but continuous dictation. Best/fastest android keyboard ever. Good for man hands too.

It's a homo photo. Any fornication is homo, because it is not making children in the way of the Christ. Infrasexuals need not apply.

>>2799042 (OP YOU)
Quit fucking up DIY with faggot photos. Fix you first then the money will appear.
>Quit fucking up DIY with faggot photos
These are quite heterosexual though
e-girls are not heterosexual, faggot,
You can run grazing animals, but do it with paddocks and move them everyday. Moving is easy when they know there's fresh stuff in the next paddock over. Issue is cost of fencing, I would think.

There's tons more info online. That carboncowboys youtube channel is covering it pretty well.

Moving them daily eliminates so many issues. Worming. Vet bills. Health etc.
yes i do want to do this in the future
but i am currently building infrastrucutre
and this is hard work
it took 5 months to build my cabin and patio
i have fencing
but to fence a ton is a huge undertaking
so i need some time to do that
my main thing
is immediate small cash
that i can use to live one

i only need a few hundred a month
and need be somthing that is very small
i have started sellling furniture
and honestly it is going very well

i have space

also i have internet and a room
does anyone know
how do you find people to graze on your land
i have maybe 8 acres of land that is near my road and is completely virgin

getting people to use it is fine as long i dont have to care for the animals
Fastests and easiest (without knologe and equipment) way to make a proffit from a big chunk of land with lots of trees is either firewood or charcoal (it's far more easy than people think).
Depending on your region, people may not use firewood at all, but artesanal "organic" charcoal is always in demand for people that enjoy a good barbecue. If you opt for charcoal, learn how to harvest "liquid smoke" (yes, exacly what is sounds, it's used to give food the taste of smoke).
Top soil selling is also something that you can exploit if you need money fast.
If they’re knocking on your door you might as well answer or they’ll find someone else in the neighborhood. It’s as passive of an income as it gets, probably pays more than a cell tower and youll get less 5g on your testicles. I just build em tho never dealt with the landowners.
you know i have thought of this
but i have a migration zone of birds
i believe the emf polution fucks the birds navigation up
also the solar pump electricity into the ground and fuck with the cows and shit

emf fucks with you
thats a big field
how big is your place

the 5g tower is cancer in a can
do you want to live near a 5g tower

my dad is sorta the same
but we have to change our boomer thinking

no i dont want to fuck up the envoirment for money
i dont mind killing and raping animals
but polluting the enviorment is different
if theres a hell boomers are going to it for nuking the whole planet with plastic shit and emf radio fields

fracking that shit is gay as fuck too
i am considering fire wood it seems to be the best bet for fast cash
also my dad can chop cause he grew up in old country

compost seems good too but highly dangerous and flammable

but yes i have 100 feet of like main road where people drive by all the time
File: solar.png (1.87 MB, 1738x666)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
The main thing I'm worried about is what can happen/change in those 25 years, I guess the contracts need a lawyer really looking them over first.

Here's what most of the solar farms here look like, just one acre on the land, hardly a blight on the environment.
sadly the town i am in is currently fighting a 600 acre one being built
its not looking like thats an option

also i have read shit like that does fuck shit up
its not exactly benign
its a giant 1 acre emf pollution is easily a few miles
when you own a giant property that is a giant ecosystem of every desert animal , im very protective. as gay as it sounds

im the only person in my whole area with actual tree cover
i have 50 100 year old pinyon pines
i have eagles
i have those little deer mouses
i have a million snakes
i probably host like 40 endagered species
i have deer
Not sure of all the ins and outs involved in this, but my uncle bought a retarded amount of land back in the 80s, and he now leases a good chunk of it to our local power company for solar generation.
>i have a million snakes

now this is a business opportunity. herpers would probably pay VERY good money to flip over your logs. you can do it lootbox style; $100 gets you ten flips etc
>i used to rent one of those for my biz
$100/mo & no bs from owner
doubled my shop materials storage space
downside, if you are near a coast, $2000 + transport for used 20'
inland, prepare for rape
Nice. I've been thinking of ways to try to encourage eucalyptus farming to become a thing in my area, since there's so much you can do with them. And more companies are finding sustainable ways of doing it. "Sustainable" as in not totally stripping the ground of nutrients and near-permanently damaging the soil.
>also i have read shit like that does fuck shit up
>its not exactly benign
>its a giant 1 acre emf pollution is easily a few miles
Really? Unless it's because the cables aren't properly shielded or something, I'm not sure how solar panels in an array would create an EMF issue.
Can you find a link about that?
sand, gravel pit, rocks
tourism, gold prospection, dogs training
a lot of Etsy people sell sapling trees/shrubs basically as mini nurseries, if you're good at gardening maybe you could do that? Idk how profitable it is vs how much work is involved.
Or grow food. Maybe look into farmer's markets but again idk how much money you would make.
Is your land fenced? Is it free from hazards? You could rent it to someone as pasture land.

Do you have forestry? You can hire guys to log then sell firewood by the meter when it's dry.
This. If people want something but don't already have it or own it you've got to take a critical view.
I own land and every month someone wants to use it. Someone who doesn't have land, can't look after land, the last person you'd want around.

Most common issue is people not understanding that private property works the exact same way with farm land. Don't drive through my land, invite your friends onto my land, light fires, steal things, use my outbuildings.
Selling rocks to landscapers isn't a bad idea, usually you want the rocks gone and it's just not worth moving them
Lot of labour, needs secure water, needs skilled labour
Charge feminists $2,000 to bang sticks against the ground while they cry and blame men for their poor choices.
>large sticks
what did he mean by this?
Here mexicans pay to dollar for the flowers for cut flower buissness
yes the inverters pollute everything with 60hz dirty electrical
it need to be very well built or it will leak emf to the local enviorment and the power infrastructure if connected
the whole roof thing is also not good
If it's state highway or main road into a city you could sell literally anything
I would flip cars, sell new and used trailers, build small billboards by the road and rent them, advertise my own business etc etc etc

If I was growing, I'd figure out organic fruit and veggies or some crop that's worth it's weight in gold but more trouble than people want to go through
Left is cuter, right is hotter: both are retarded
Sell the ogm rights to a landman. They will pay thousands and then must try to find someone to develop within a 5-10 year window.
those are colored contacts on the right,no?
You could grow food on it. If its a busy road have a snack car like kettle corn around peak traffic hours. Build a shop on it to make your own business or lease out to others. You could sell your timber.
You're fucking retarded. The legal hassle alone that comes from lessees is insane.
I just read an article today about farmers turning their lands into reserves for birdwatching in Ecuador, this are obviously breathtaking beautiful mountains, but maybe there is something different you can do too.


God bless you.
Got enough timber to sell to a logger?
I own land and I have a tenant farmer who cuts my hay. That's about it.
File: 1717394959625163.jpg (59 KB, 450x578)
59 KB
Beasteality resort.
Include industrial robot dildo.
Not in the mountains you retard. Do you have any kind of water rights/irrigation?
File: 1716976232352230.jpg (55 KB, 800x450)
55 KB
I swear to the warp gods I have seen this exact same exchange on this board before.
The one on the right actually has some business savvy.
copiced forests
willow for weaving
flax for weaving
honey and beeswax, bees.
clay production.
stone gravel top soil.
mineral /gas/oil.
look into federal grants.
easements if you want to put a billboard up or radio tower or something.
tree sap.
turpentine production.
maple/birch sap.
getting a liquer lisence might be difficult.
but setting up a barn and a stage and trying to book shows. you might be able to byob shit though and get away with it.
ca has no water laws like that
you own it if you can use it
a well a spring

im on the border
its not the area thats been deemed overdraft being falbrook orange county la area

i dont think you realize how much water exsist in a mountain
even in saudi arabia
its essentialy a big water tank
File: 71WfVhFvT1L._SL1500_.jpg (159 KB, 1500x1500)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
ok this guys has some things i have also thought of

bonsai grafting
i have 1 leaf juniper pinyon pine
these are highly sought after for bonsai and are basically extinct

yes but catching a swarm atm
i dont know much but ill keep tryng
i do have bees to due to yearly flower boom
yes it rains in the desert

also cool
but i have so much sand i have not found any yet, but its here , cool but time consuming but also cheap due to sun

federal grants
i have been looking but omg are these like you gotta suck some dick for sure
for anyone wondering
if you own land //farm land that is
in california

there is no water laws in california

avoid any city that drains into the ocean
if you do then you will pay drainage fees per acre

avoid overdraft areas
la area oc area

if you buy outside of this
you have full property rights and its not a house

your taxes are only 10 percent of the value of the land

owning farm land in california is very good if ou avoid all the ocean and poplated areas

there is huge tax benefits due to oppurtunity zones
and you can live on your farm property

stop believe all the propoganda
know if your growing in overdraft or drain to the ocean they will milk all the money you make
if the sand has high silica quartz content you can screen it for glassmaking.
sand is a useful too has many applications.

what about lake mead.
california is a desert. you shouldnt be growing avocados and pistachios and almonds there.

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