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File: rust.jpg (2.96 MB, 4080x3060)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
What can I do?

get a new wreck door?
You can get a junkyard door and get it sprayed and installed by a bodyshop for a couple hundred dollars. This is usually the most economical option.
Picrel is an example of shitty bodywork. There was a dent below the belt molding, they masked the molding off, did the bodywork and painted it, and didn't seal the edge of the repair, so water eventually got in there and caused the bondo to peel off.
The mold growing above the molding indicates that the owner never washes the car, the mold holds the moisture in there also.
just ignore it. or piece of tape over it.
thankyou so much. To the Rescue.

Does never washing cars can lead to molding and then to rust??


Or leaving it outside leads to molding and then moisture therefore my wrecking car..
it's even cheaper if you just find another white shitbox at the pick and pull, no need to paint.\

rust comes from road salt that isn't washed off, which can also be inside the panels between shit where a carwash doesn't reach. any exposed steel will rust eventually, that could be from paint rub from the trim or it could jsut be a middle america car. we used to just clean up the holes and put aluminum tape over them then hit it with a rattle can.

after you patch it up or get the door, sell that shit. it's going to be cancer as it continues to rust out.
By the time a door looks like that the underside of the car is definitely completely rotted out.
As a body guy, this has been my observation: not washing your car contributes severely to rust, and the mold is an indicator.
I've a friend who bought a 04 Ford e350 for work. It was never run thru a car wash, EVER. The bottoms of the doors and the welds connecting the floors, rockers and side panels rusted out and he wound up having to junk it in 2018. He then bought a Chevy van thinking it would be better. He has tools falling out the holes in the floor now from the same issue.
I drive a 1996 Explorer that was kept in a garage up till 2016, I don't garage it but I keep it washed. Virtually no rust there on an almost 30 year old vehicle, and that's in the northeast.
Anon above is right too. Road salt is hell.
You should run it thru a wash with an underbody sprayer (or stick a lawn sprinkler under the car and let it run for a few hours, moving it around to make sure you cover all underbody areas), then get a qualified person like a mechanic or maybe a friend who is car-knowledgable to take a look underneath and get an idea of how bad the underside is.
If it's not horrible you can get the underside coated with fluid film or similar-garages and bodyshops do this. It kind of chokes out the rust and retards it. It's lanolin and wax, and it lasts for a year or two. If the car is decent otherwise this might be a good way to go to drag a little more life out of it
For clarity, I am the same dude
Major help.. thanks!!!
doesn't washing undeneath the car putting water to metal rust it?
It’s to remove the salt. It’s worse than plain water.
Rust forms, and accelerates once it does form, by galvanic action like a battery. The rust and the plain steel act as electrodes and the salt water is a conductive electrolyte between them.
salt... live in Australia... do we have that?
The idea is to remove anything that would make it difficult for someone to assess the condition of the underside; also, if anon were to get fluidfilm applied, the last thing you would want to do is apply it over salt.
The sprinkler trick is good for any situation where you want to clear off the underside of a car. I four wheel and drive in the woods constantly and it's been hands-down the easiest way to get the mud out of the nooks and crannies prior to me servicing it
Yep. Rust never sleeps.
Probably not in northern Straya, but you are surrounded by a big freaking ocean so that's not helpful. Do you see a lot of rotted-out cars down there?
>be me, live with GF 4 doors from beach, mid-Atlantic state
>GF buys 8 year old Honda
>FFWD 3 years, rocker panels are disintegrating due to salt spray from ocean
Shit's brutal, I'll tell ya.

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