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So I finished redoing the landscaping of my house in the front, so naturally it was time to move on to the back.

What started out as trimming a large holly tree has turned into removing that entire tree, planting privets, now excavating for pavers, and likely adding a French drain, some lighting, speakers, etc.

I got a "deal" on pavers at home depot, 25 cents a piece, so here we are.

I was considering renting a mini skid steer but it's only 350 ft2 and there's not great access into my yard given how small it is, so I'm just using an electric tiller, a Maddox, and a wheelbarrow.

Anyway, what's the best base depth for a patio install?

>I've read 6 inches pack, 1 of sand, is it worth it to add an asphalt layer?

What's the best base material to use for this?

>Everyone I've spoken to recommends RCA because it's 15 a ton by me, and to pack down after every 2 inches. And apparently the Portland cement will reactivate.

What's the most effective way to cut these things?

>Wet tile saw? Guillotine? Mason chisel?

Any recommendations on type of plate compactor for this purpose also, beats per minute, effective weight etc?

All the quotes I've gotten were north of $4,500 and that's with me supplying all of the stuff, so I'm resigned to doing it myself, but I'm still getting quotes and hope I can find some contractor who will do all the finish work for me after I'm done excavating for a decent price.
I have something I got off Amazon, called the Evolution r300dct. It's an electric concrete saw with a 12" diamond blade. Assuming you are just going to be using it for homeowner stuff, it's pretty adequate. I've used mine for cutting pavers, among other things...cut openings in CMU walls to turn window openings into doorways, cut some block to neaten up a sloppily built crawlspace access, chopped up a couple of small slabs into manageable pieces for disposal, etc. It does the trick for me.
If you're rich you might decide to grab a gas demo saw instead, but 2-strokes hate to sit forever in between uses, IME. They never seem to want to start...
If you're po', grab a 4" minigrinder and a couple of masonry cut wheels.
Good luck!
>grab a 4" minigrinder

Baby cutting disks suck. 6" have more reach and much greater edge speed per revolution. I even mod my small cordless grinders with 6" blade guards to use them which works fine. (Corded 6" grinders are quite reasonable so no need there.)
They do suck, Anon. That's why I told OP about the electric 12" unit. Before I had it, tho, I occasionally found myself in a bind, didn't feel like driving half an hour to the orange store, and that's when the minigrinder came out.
OP, status update?

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