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In Australia, electrical standards are very expensive, outsourced to a multinational called SAI Global. Here are the latest editions of some of the most important ones, including some not currently available on Libgen or Anna's Archive (I am in the process of uploading them there).

Included here:
AS/NZS 3000 (incl A1-3)
AS/NZS 3008 (Cable selection)
AS/NZS 3012 (Construction)
AS/NZS 3017 (Verification)
AS/NZS 3760 (RCD testing)
AS/NZS 4836 (Safe working practices)
AS/NZS 4777.1 and .2 (Inverters)
AS/NZS 5033 (Solar)
AS/NZS 5139 (Batteries)
Victorian Service and Installation Rules
Victorian Electrical General Regulations

Thanks mate it's fucked how much they charge for them.
You don't have 3003 as well do you?
your a good cunt
Fuckin legend, I was trying to get these a month ago because I'm sick of finding fucked up electrical work on site done by plumbers and associated fuckwits.

Last week we found a 240 wired around the fuse box, a section where some fucktard had tried to use an extension cord inside a wall because he didn't know how to install a power point, and a 240 buried two inches under pavers
Dead set fuckin legend mate
File: 1711769066951606.jpg (44 KB, 400x524)
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>(I am in the process of uploading them there)
Doing gods work. Pay walling the fucking law is about the most bullshit thing I can think of.
It’s almost like your tax money already paid for them.
>in Australia tradies have to pay an electrician to test their power tools and make sure they are safe so an inspector doesn't fine them
>They have to do this once a year and it can cost up to $500

Why do you guys let electricians and the government cuck you so bad?
File: 1714153868833420.jpg (105 KB, 736x774)
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105 KB JPG
No second amendment equivalent. OZ just going to keep taking it up the ass till the end of time.
top man. I've been trying to find AS/NZS 2918 for about a month but gave up and just guessed from scraps of information for fireplace installation manuals. its insane we have to pay for this
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Seems legit.
The 2nd Amendment doesn't stop the Seppos taking it up the arse constantly either, champ.
File: VDE.png (548 KB, 485x577)
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548 KB PNG
in germany you can go to a few universitys they have a PC in the libary where you can look into VDE (electrcal) and DIN (industrial) standarts for free.
you can only do this localy in the building and aare allowed to make hand written coppies of it.
> hand written copies
Pretty sure i’m going to take video of me flipping through it and OCRing the stills.
"wiring rules" is in quotes because they acknowledge that nobody actually follows them.
a little interesting note:
here in Germany the VDE code is not a Law.
The actual law just says things like "you need to follow the state of the art way of wiring"

the easy thing is now to just follow the code and call it a day. because Code = made by 100s engineers = state of the art.

but you don't have to, as long as its a save installation no inspector could come over and fail the house or smth like you Americans always complain. in fact no inspector will come to residential houses.
on a commercial job site the contract will probably say "has to follow VDE" and they will hire their own in surveyor.

the problems start if someone dies or starts a fire then you can now hire engineers that need to prove your insurance the way you installed something was equally good as the code and the fire would also have happened with the code.
if you just fucked up and made a installed something faulty code wouldn't helped you either
like wire colors.
lets say you have a old cable with 3x black and 1 green/yellow. eg 3 phases and 1 COMBINED Earth/Neutral.
but you do not need 3 Phases so i would be comfortable to use 2 black as L1 and L2 and the 3 black as Neutral and the Green/yellow as earth. and a GFCI in fron of it.

This would be not to code because N has to be blue on the whole lengt. but it would be much much saver than having a combined Earth/Neutral and no GFCI.
File: 1714012017803230.jpg (50 KB, 738x547)
50 KB
Wouldn't using a wall mount GFCI at the end of the cable be safer than the cluster fuck you just described?
Are they that shit where you are? In aus we just have socket enclosures that take a regular din rail unit, they basically last as long as anything else does.
In America, the only time the inspector is going to come to the house to check your wiring is when the house is first being built. After that, nobody will look at anything. Perhaps potential buyers will, when you go to sell your home.
we do not even have that here in germany.

if a house is newly build the only thing checked is the energy provider will require a form filled out by a licenced electrican then they come and put teir seal into the meter. they wont check anything if it does not look outright butched.
(to be licenced you need to prove you have bought the vde standards and subscribed them)
None in my city :c
yeah the distribution is weird, or better the distribution of universities with electrical/mechanical studies.

i didn't think Bavaria is that poor compared to the south. and only Saxony is the only east German state with lots of universities.
I'm in Freiburg. So every major city around us has it.
Regs should be free
But if they made regs free then barry the boomer won't burn his house down illegally installing farry lights around his pool, then we couldn't use him as an excuse to require idiotic repairs and fines to home owners for shit the last sparky fucked up.
Any chance of the switchboard standards?
If a public government entity has an Act or Legal Code that states that 'such-and-such external document is the enforced Code,' then that Code cannot be behind a paywall.

For the allemandebro, the BRDDR electrical standards were not directly incorporated into the Legal regulations, like for the States. The States system kinda screwed-up; everyone copied it into every city/county/state Code, and because of those court rulings, the NEC cannot be behind a paywall.

I'm sure libgen has copies, in any case.
File: TGL.png (114 KB, 853x353)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>For the allemandebro, the BRDDR electrical standards were not directly incorporated into the Legal regulations,

In the DDR standarts were in fact legal regulations and published by the state this is why you can acess all of them


there often copies of BDR standarts because the GDR wanted to sell machines and parts to the BDR
but of course outdated by 34 years nowdays.

there are a few nieche parts like springs where the DIN and TGL were different so you can still buy TGL springs in 2024 to repair old machines where DIN springs wont fit.
thanks OP, I needed 3760 to prove an idiot wrong at work and didn't want to pay money for it. Mega seems to be down but I'll check the other sources you listed
>Microsoft ElectricWorks 2024
In Germany I think you get the death sentence if you do that.

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