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I am planning on using the Benjamin Moore "basic" 50$ a gallon paint to paint soon (decided against low voc shit since we are at critical mass with manmade pollutants so fuck it) and I would appreciate some input on what I should do about priming. Do I just get their expensive stuff or is there a good cheap alternative that does not skimp on quality/ health factors too much? Would appreciate any painting tips as well as I have not done it in a long time and have never done much overall. B^}
wash walls paint on paint. you don't need primer unless you have mold, tar or other stains that needs killz. you can get paint+primer if you are scared but you really do not need primer.
What material is the surface you're painting? if it's already painted you don't *need* primer but if you're doing a serious color change a cheaper primer could save you money on paint
also get the right nap roller, they are different and it makes a difference. quality rollers disposable tray.
>doing a serious color change
unless you're going pure white or *maybe* over black it's really unnecessary.
Make sure to add a shot of black. Let them know you are a pro.
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I am going to be a traditional chad and NOT use a fag roller... probably gonna piss off boomies with that one but..

>>2811170 Some ceilings have mold and I think I have smoker staining so I will probably go with primer to be safe, but I kinda specifically wanted to not do something like kilz cause I remember it being very heady and *ickkky* smellin'..

I am going to be doing a whole rainbow of fag colors thruout da house, and there is a pink room a small SMALL blue bathroom that will stay in the cool family most likely and a sorta happy face yellow bathroom which I think I may shift to an orange.

Mostly, I am sorta thinking about the coverage aspect and if "hybridizing" will save me money if I use cheaper primer. Given that the walls are older ( I really do not know if there is any lead I would wager not... maybe... idk.. ) I am also wondering about how intensive I need to be with sanding and washing. Is just washing with water and a teensy amount of white vinegar and dawn going to prep it enough to probably not need sanding or? I plan on doing light brush strokes overall to provide a base and give the first real coat a base.

Thank you for all of the replies brothers, I appreciate any more that anyone can throw my way B^} Anything paint related will be heard and considered.
>provide a base and give a base
here, you cna tell I am retarded

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