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File: loafing_shed.png (2.9 MB, 1880x1020)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
To build pic-related, do you just toe-nail the vertical supports in? seems like it would need more strength. I have to build on runners instead of sinking posts in the ground.

is it worth it to add some metal joining plates or mending plates to make it stronger?

i can't find a good step by step. thanks.
I would. Seems like a few extra bucks for the peace of mind is worth it.
Why did you not choose to use those concrete leveling squares to elevate the shed a bit and not expose the wood to excess ground moisture?
brick it up so it's off the ground
The front/center post in your image is really just to keep the roof from sagging. The gussets you're describing would prevent side-to-side racking, but that function is really performed by the wall panels -- OSB in north american homes, sheet metal in your image. As long as the wall panels are fastened to the framing with a tight enough spacing (i.e. every 12 inches or something), any side-to-side racking will be prevented by the walls, leaving your circled points with the sole job of up-and-down support. Toe nails will be fine.

Other anons are right that you ought to put the base on bricks or something, but i googled 'loafing shed' and none of the ones i've seen are on any kind of footing, looks like farmers just plop them in a field and it's likely easy to replace the lower boards when they get nasty.

In the shed in pic related, I really think the corner gussets are more decorative than anything, but I don't think there's a downside to adding them. I do know that livestock can be fucking retarded so maybe additional strength for weird loading is warranted.
If you're really concerned: https://www.amazon.com/4x4-Simpson-Connector/s?k=4x4+Simpson+Connector
I only came to this thread to post this.

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