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File: writeananimeplot.jpg (89 KB, 1141x621)
89 KB
What are your best /e/ concepts you want to see done?

Expanding on an anon's idea is acceptable as well!
File: 1411506485283.png (2.78 MB, 844x2268)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
Draw Straws

A classy mother/daughter athletic club has been a popular gathering place for years but recently fell on hard times. A developer bought the land and plans to demolish it in a month and build another of its most popular venues - an adult entertainment center that services a lot of different clientele and fetishes based on client request. A customer will pay for an event tailored to their specific fantasies and the employees will make it happen.

The girls try to find extra income to buy the club back but they'll never be able to do it before the renovation is set to begin. They ask the developer to hold off until they can get the money but he won't delay. Instead he offers them a deal. He has a lot of these centers and some are understaffed. If the girls agree to pick up the slack over the next month and fill in wherever needed they can earn enough money to buy their club back. He hands them a list of the jobs that need to be filled that day. A girl to serve alcohol for a corporate meeting while topless, two girls to wrestle in a submission match, stern women to belittle and insult submissive men, and a girl to avail herself to a foot and tickle fetish party.

The mom/daughter crew consider their options and decide that it would be unfair to ask any one person to take a particular job or offer themselves up for an "easy" one. They agree to draw straws for each job that comes along. Once they agree, the developer secretly phones the managers of the facilities and informs them of what just transpired and they prep a lot of events to take advantage. A client wants a nude beach day and a class of students wants to simulate a classroom experience with a nude teacher and the jobs keep coming. It is going to be a very long month.
File: 1631266457497.jpg (1.22 MB, 914x1450)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Hear me out.
>Pretty Derby plot
>Manyuu Hikenchou mechanics.
Easiest /e/write for my fellow boob men.
Or is that more /d/ than /e/?
Can you elaborate on what those things are?
You don't know either of them?
No. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
File: 1620368792524.jpg (121 KB, 636x900)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Pretty Derby is based on a horse girl video game where they are basically personifications of actual race horses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uma_Musume_Pretty_Derby
Manyuu Hikenchou is an anime in the gray area between /e/ and /d/ and takes place in a fictional feudal japan where women with big tits are revered and women with small tits are treated with disdain. The protag is a ninja in training who steals a scroll on how to steal/give tits in a sort of zero-sum exchange.
The premise of this being the more races the girls win, the bigger/smaller they get, with the amount determined by bookie odds.
I just thought one day that it would be amusing to see an anime with cow-titted horse girls running around a race track at high speeds. Filler episodes can be filler episodes.
CGDCT, but they're occasionally naked.
Tactical Fluffers ("Fluffers" are porn workers whose job is to get the actors horny when the scene calls for visible signs of arousal)

Humankind has a champion with powers given to him by the gods to help fight against the dark powers, who is reincarnated in a new body each time he dies. An alliance of dark sorcerers used the most powerful curse they could manage, not only killing the champion but also cursing his subsequent reincarnations to only be able to use their powers when sexually aroused.

The champion lives his new life like an ordinary person, for the most part, but when demons threaten, an elite team of hot girls springs into action to get him horny so he can use his powers to fight the threat.
Random highschool guy gets transferred to some school far into the countryside. Turns out the school is at a nudist colony. That's it. I just wanna see nude anime girls in casual settings.
Guy loves girl. Girl loves guy. The end.
Two really creepy looking students fall in love: one tall, skeletal thin girl with nappy hair, tired eyes, and a gap in her front teeth, who binds down her massive boobs whenever in public, and a boy her height, swimmer’s build, glasses, who gaffes away his massive penis whenever he’s swimming for his school team or in public.

The first arc establishes the protagonists and their classroom, eventually leading to them becoming friends.

Second arc establishes them as more than friends, developing yandere feelings for each other. During each other’s stocking, their “big secrets” are discovered, and they have to pretend that they are ignorant of it, and not a total oppai alien/size queen.

Third arc, summer vacation, they discover their obsession with each other via stalking, and they decide to start dating each other (finally). They spend time convincing each other to release each other’s beasts for a classic beach day thing, and instead they just spend it sitting at a shaded oceanside bar mad dogging anyone who stares for too long (and sometimes the oglers wind up in “freak accidents” if they are deemed a threat).

Fourth arc, they “redebut” their physiques at school, and everyone else is nervously happy that they are dating, barring the delinquents, who want to break them up and blackmail them into adult entertainment. They fail. Some people die.

Fifth arc, a howcatchem to prove our protags guilty of murder. They are caught and sentenced to eleven years in prison. The end of the manga shows them released from prison, reuniting, and raising a family as they try to re-enter society.
File: 1.jpg (240 KB, 782x1200)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
See You on the Flipside

This is a little meta but it would be a Roger Rabbit situation where an ecchi world develops awareness of its artists. Real 3DPD women who draw the characters they based on themselves start communicating with their characters and the worlds collide in a way that encourages the artists to be more daring and ropes them into the same ENF scenarios with their characters and other anime cliches.
>What are your best /e/ concepts you want to see done?
The story begins at a school assembly where the student council president announces a new dress code regulation for the girls within the school. It is revealed that all the girls must wear fundoshi. The reason given for this change is to “keep an aspect of Japanese culture alive” but in actuality the student council president is an exhibitonist who likes wearing fundoshi and is using her position to make it acceptable to indulge in her fetish publicly. Now every girl, including the FeMC, must adjust to the new dress code regulations within the school and lewd hijinks ensue.
Alien virus infects space marines and turns them into half alien mutants. As half-human mutates they all have really weird bodies and they find themselves attracted to the strange alien bodies of their comrades in arms.
>setting: magical world
>all girls school for magical creatures
It would have cultural/normalized nudity, exchange students from tribal schools, Yuri, monster fights.
File: 1551118583261.png (442 KB, 1011x1086)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
A vet lady transforms into a nudist catwoman and hangs out with stray cats at night.
She gets naked and puts on a magic black bandit mask, which turns into fur on her face and gives her ears, whiskers, tail, cat eyes, fangs, fur on her arms/legs, and feline athleticism.
She jumps rooftop to rooftop finding stray cats to play with, feed, take care of etc. Often she carries a grocery bag in her mouth with something for the cats like toys, food etc.
Earth has been invaded by evil sentient clothing that takes control of whoever wears it and makes them do evil things. Humanity's only hope is a teenage boy with a magical seam ripper.
File: swimsuitchallenge.jpg (2.78 MB, 4256x6152)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
Swimsuit Challenge

Four girls with gender neutral names are new students at an athletic school and one requirement is to join a team. Because of the confusion they were each accidentally assigned to the male teams of their choosing instead of the female ones. Since there is no way to switch afterwards and failing to participate in athletics is grounds for expulsion, the girls decide to pretend to be male and hope their chests are flat enough to not raise suspicion. They then have to swallow their pride and go forward with the pretense, hoping they aren't discovered or forced to do anything too embarrassing.
File: Miko Wars.jpg (141 KB, 850x582)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I love strip fights. It's a concept that I have not seen exploited terribly well in any media.

For that reason, and /e/ anime plot that I would like to see would be:

A high-magic, medium technology world setting; early 1900s tech with railroads, some firearms, bombs, and military forces. World is incredibly hostile and dangerous, and yet, humanity thrives inside populous cities, which have to be, by necessity, founded near sacred bodies of water. There are monsters about, but they're mostly not a threat, since technology is evolving to a point in which armed men can deal with them, but in antiquity, and sometimes even in small settlements that have no other choice, humanity has been always defended by holy mikos, who repel the monsters with their sacred techniques.

Mikos are always beautiful women, and are revered by the public at large, even if they're becoming increasingly unnecessary due to the increase in firearms in the public at large, as well as the slow taming of the incredibly dangerous wilderness. With the Miko not having to devote their strength and time to keeping populations safe, they have instead turned their sight to competition. Prestigious schools of mikos founded near bodies of water encourage the enrolment of any girl with enough of a magical power threshold to join them and develop her abilities to be the next 'Grand Miko'. Tournaments and fights between mikos is the most followed and famous sport worldwide.

Mikos have sacred technique that are devastating in monsters, but work well-enough against most anyone. To recharge their powers, they have to bathe themselves in the sacred ponds, either nude, or wearing a ceremonial, white vest that is easy to become transparent. The problem is that the sacred bodies of water are either not enclosed enough in small communities, or are even a tourist attraction in big cities. Mikos actively attempt to conserve their powers as much as they can, since bathing in front of others is not fun.
File: Miko Wars 2.jpg (590 KB, 688x1000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
Powers can be nen-style, if you watch Hunter Hunter. Each girl has their own brand of magic that they develop on their own, although certain styles and techniques are developed by select groups or families. What all miko powers have in common is that they can only be used while attired on their sacred vestments, reason for which the main win condition is to strip an opponent nude. Miko vestments include underwear, which is a loincloth, but no bra. The loincloth is still good enough to cast magic with, so it's another thing that must be removed to win an absolute victory. Of course, it's possible to win by knocking a girl out, or by agreeing to another win condition, but the bread-and-butter will always be stripping.

Mikos don't aspire to fight monsters anymore, and instead train and fight to defeat one-another for prestige and sport, if that wasn't clear enough. Main girl can be a country bumpkin intimidating by moving to the capital city, feeling extremely out of place, convinced by her grandmother to use her talents as a miko to gain money for her hometown. She is quickly outclassed and humiliated, but a certain member of the audience sees the potential in her, and decides to train her. The trainer can be your classic pervert onee-san, a legendary veteran who went into hiding for her own personal reasons, who is willing to teach her style to the MC, assuming the MC can tolerate the grueling training, and the veteran's blatant and perverted advances.

Title: "Miko Wars".
We have the same basic concept in common. I had a similar idea except I went in the other direction with a futuristic RPG style setting. My idea was that there's a robot war going on and not enough combat equipment to go around. To make sure the best gear goes to the best warriors, a sport where you fight for it became the main way you get gear. You have to steal the equipment off your opponent and add it to your own. You win when your opponent surrenders, to avoid losing any more gear, or is unable to continue fighting by being left naked. Its still possible to buy gear but its mostly low level stuff and thats how newcomers enter the sport. To get better gear you have to win it off your opponents unless you're so monumentally rich you can buy your way into top equips. Each piece of equipment has RPG-like stats and abilities. So you want better gear and lots of variety to improve your loadouts. The sport has gotten so popular and robot fighting so rampant that lots of average citizens are testing their luck and the main character is a normal girl who bought her first set of level 1 battle gear and is aiming to fight her way to the top and is trained by a cynical down on her luck former contender who lost all her Level S+ gear in a championship match and had to start from scratch. She was too proud to quit and lost everything head to toe in that fight and learned a hard lesson about not just pride but also that just because a piece of equipment is lower leveled doesn't mean it can't have a stat or ability that counters something else. She decides to train the new girl to fully understand all the ins and outs of the "battle grid."
The main rival is a rich girl who bought some of the best stuff that you eventually find out is the mentor's old gear. She's been cruising on the gear's quality alone with no real combat skill. Other characters would be a fun mix of people from wildly different backgrounds. A hardened Amazonian warrior, a middle aged mother, a hot headed biker chick, a stern teacher, a traditional martial artist, an office secretary, an actual robot that defied her programming, etc.
File: models.jpg (135 KB, 624x968)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I like romantic comedies and edgy 80s debauchery like Animal House.

A young man is vying to gain entry into an exclusive art school but the competition is fierce and his prospects look bleak. He has excellent talent but he lacks the resources to compete with the more affluent students who can afford expensive art classes with live models.

Struggling, he gives up when he realizes he can't find a model to pose nude without pay and accepts his future as a salaryman. His single mother, herself struggling with the chance that her son will miss this opportunity, gives him what he needs. She will be his model.

The arrangement is awkward at first but it gets him into the school and so she no longer has to pose. His new teachers are in love with the quality of his work but also love his model. They ask him who she is and he says she is a friend. They tell him she could make good money posing at the school but he declines. Later, when money is tight, he meekly mentions this to his mother and together they agree to go through with it but will maintain the charade that she is just a friend.

The story proceeds as a situational comedy where the two of them have to maintain the charade while at the same time dodging the issue from fellow students and coworkers who are either convinced they should "hook up" or think they already have.
>His single mother, herself struggling with the chance that her son will miss this opportunity, gives him what he needs. She will be his model.
This line alone sold me on your concept.
Maybe someone could help tease it out because I have this idea rattling around in my head but it's not formed into something coherent. The idea is a combination of Asobi Asobase and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where a bunch of characters would have a club where they make each other do daring and embarrassing things or just fetishy stuff. But it always sounds stupid to put into words and I can't think of what the logistics of the club would be or why they'd even be doing it. Whenever I think of it I just imagine a montage of fetishes and can't think of a story that will hold it all together.
File: This could be a dare.jpg (114 KB, 850x702)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Why? That's simple. Escalation. Revenge. Pettiness.

Let's say they have a completely normal club for boardgames. Let's say they have this activity on Fridays where they have to play a game made by one of the club members, instead of an already established one. The protagonist can be rattling his/her head (still don't know what direction you want this to take) for coming with something original that has not been done by the senpais already. It's pretty hard, since basically everything has been done, they're under a lot of pressure, and everyone is expecting something fun.

They come with a similar game as the one from Asobi Asobase, the one where they dare each other to do ridiculous stuff. The dares are similar to what you would see from students at first, immature and childish, but fun all the same. The game is an absolute hit, and everyone is excited to try it again next week. The inventor of the game decides to go a little crazy, and the dares are a little wilder from before. It may include guys lifting teacher's skirts, girls making fake confessions, stuff that would DAMAGE reputation, but not yet anything that can be understood as exhibitionism, or even showing underwear.

The game doesn't end up as well as last time, and hostilities start to emerge between the members of the club, product of bruised egos. The club still very much wants to continue, as people want to get back to one-another. It is determined that instead of one single person coming with the dares, everyone can bring their own dares to put on the board, on cards that can be placed face-down for a surprise factor.

That's how it starts. The third Friday, dares start to become probably what you were thinking, only a little tame. At first, the driving force can be resentment. As the dares get harder, and the club more desensitized, maybe some people start to enjoy it, or make plans so specific members get specific dares to shame them, or to plain see them naked.
>still don't know what direction you want this to take
Yup, that's also my issue. I don't entirely know what I'm trying to say with it but you gave a good idea for it. I think I want it to be mostly lighthearted fun but, and this is the Haruhi influence coming in, I think what I'm imagining is a club with a ringleader that turns out to be off her rocker but somehow ropes everyone else into it. So maybe you landed on exactly what I was imagining. A normal club where the members do something ridiculous one time as a lark but the club's leader is a nut who then takes it further and to an extreme. And maybe the hook is that the other members are frustrated by all the things they're forced to do and that they want to turn the tables but she's unfazed by whatever they make her do in return. And since she's ok with all the fetishes the other members are subjecting her to it makes her think they're fine with further escalation when in reality they're just trying to find her limit, which there doesn't seem to be one so she never learns the lesson. She unilaterally changes the club into a "try new and unusual things" club on the belief the others are cool with it. She's too socially autistic to read their body language in the same way Haruhi forces Asahina to dress like a bunny and shit against her will without noticing her discomfort.

It might help to give an idea of a sequence I have in my head. The main character comes into the club and declares that she saw on the Internet an idol group that performs topless so that's going to be their next mission. One of the other members tries to explain that what she saw was literal pornography. It's not a real idol group and nobody does that. But the autist main character doesn't process the explanation or the complaints so next thing you know the members are all on a makeshift stage in the park doing an idol dance topless with only the main character enjoying herself.
As a disclaimer, I have never watched Haruhi; I tried to once, but Haruhi herself infuriated me to no end. I want to punch her so badly.

If what you're looking for are ways to explain certain plots you already have in mind, all of it has to do with the setting and characters. In that case, you would need to justify why people are going along with whatever the social autist says and not abandoning the club (or punching her), or maybe not make her a social autist at all, but give the character other reasons for arriving to her train of thought, but only if you're still open to the idea.

Both solutions are simple enough. What does the social autist has that others don't? Maybe she's just unearthly beautiful, that's an easy one. The hormone-ridden guys of the club simply do whatever she says without question, reaching a majority that outvotes the other girls. Maybe she's incredibly rich, or is famous because of an autist talent she has, which makes other yearn for her approval, whatever she does. She could be the child of a terrifying Yakuza, or the little sister of the head-delinquent at school.

Changing her reasoning for doing what she does would change the setting of the story. You could have a closet pervert who was unleashed by the game I described previously. Without being a social autist, it would be much easier to justify her actions, and to have her manipulate people. She could try blackmail, social pressure, try to seduce her way into having people follow along with her ideas, or even intimidate them somehow.

Unless I am completely wrong and your just establish the premise that everyone always does what the club president says. Lighthearted sometimes don't require that much explanation, although that's more on the comedy side of things.
That helps a lot. I like the idea that they go along with it because they're technically friends in the same way the Stan and Kyle are friends with Cartman so they have a begrudging loyalty to each other. Though obviously that has its limits so maybe they stay in the club because they've already broken so many rules that they're already in too deep and can't let the administration find out what the club is up to so they're best option is to try to course correct but it keeps escalating. I'm thinking to give this idea credibility some of the things wouldn't be ecchi but straight up crimes like embezzlement. So maybe they're all slightly shady people who liked the idea of making money on the sly but are now stuck doing humiliating things. Like the club was set up as a front to pull a scam of sorts, maybe they sell test answers or write people's papers for money but as far as the administration is concerned they're a gaming club. Since they still have customers they can't just abandon the club.
File: 1658319661711.jpg (432 KB, 1600x2271)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Real world person gets isekaied into a romance harem anime something similar to kanojo or love hina. He has to make the main girl fall in love to get a huge prize from the gods, but instead he tries to game the system and go full hentai all the time, but something always cockblock him. When he does something he is not supposed to do, he is punished via anime trope. For example he trains to be stronger to get revenge on basic bullying, he ends up having to fight a whole 80s student/biker gang. Also lots of dumb philosophy about perception of reality and stuff like that.
I like this idea a lot. It's kind of like what I wrote here >>2714758

I don't know if that's what you're going for but I love the idea of "real" people interacting with anime characters and teasing out the nuances of why anime characters act in ways that don't accurately reflect human behavior. The best example I can think of is that Tobey McGuire movie Pleasantville which is an isekai into a 50s sitcom and the chaos that results from introducing normal human sensibilities into a stereotypical black and white TV show. Watching the juxtaposition of ecchi and hentai cliches alongside normal human dispositions and seeing how they interact isn't something I think has ever been done before.
I've had a concept in my head for a while about a girl who joins a student organization that does an annual 'Naked Mile'-esque event. The problem is, she's incredibly shy when it comes to all things involving nudity and she knows she'll never have the courage to participate, something that will make her ostracized from the rest of the organization.
So she spends the month leading up to the event slowly trying to 'train' herself to become an exhibitionist. Going from small things like not wearing panties to class, all the way up to eventually attending a party wearing nothing but body-paint. She gets caught streaking by a friend pretty early on and the friend begins giving her tips and exercises on how to better train herself, which are really just excuses for teasing.
File: 1411588403905.png (528 KB, 1070x770)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Li'l Bastard

When demons are born they are given a magic orb. Whatever they touch with this orb becomes the thing they develop complete dominion over for the rest of their existence.

A precocious demon child named Steve is born and goes to Earth looking for the perfect thing to control. He sees a pitbull and decides power over fierce animals would be perfect. Steve chases the pitbull around trying to touch it with his orb but he can't catch up with the speedy dog.

The pitbull lives with a girl and her family and as Steve chases it around the house he is caught by the girl who is at the time carrying some laundry. The dog keeps jumping around and Steve gets so fed up he throws his orb at the pitbull who leaps out of the way, causing the orb to fall into the girl's basket. Steve is now stuck as the master of women's clothing.

Furious, Steve blames the girl for his plight and decides to make her life and the lives of everyone around her as chaotic as possible. The girl brushes off the threat and sits down for dinner with her family when in the middle of the meal Steve makes her shirt vanish leaving her in nothing but a bra and transforms her mom's outfit into stripper attire. This continues at school with Steve changing her clothes into various forms whenever he gets the whim. Same goes for all the other women nearby, such as her teacher who in the middle of a lesson winds up completely nude.

This continues to everyone's annoyance but it turns out that Steve's father, master of volcanoes, plans to assault the entire planet and burn everything in a sea of lava. Steve's conscience gets the better of him and its up to Steve, the girl, and her friends and family to stop the threat with nothing but their wits and a power over women's clothing.
Nice, I love intentional wardrobe malfunction like that when it involves magic, aliens and stuff.
It's pushing the line of /e/ and venturing into /d/ territory but something like Ranma 1/2 for like 25% of the population and with far more nudity.
Love this. Is this a comedy? Or real relationship drama? How intense are the activities going to be? I know its /e/ but you could go pretty wild with it. The more fetishes the better!
Based and expanded on a years old /a/ post where /a/non hated on /r9k/ posters in an isekai thread and wished they'd get orc'd in an isekai for being such shitty entitled wastes of space.

Shitty /r9k/ poster dies because of truck-kun. He's a dipshit through and through, perma/v/irgin, incel, etc. He wasn't supposed to die quite yet, however, because he was such a loser that god didn't expect him to leave his mother's basement to go outside.

As recompense, he asks god to make him irresistible to the opposite gender and isekai him into a fantasy world full of magic and hot women where he can be all that he wasn't in this world.

God thinks about it a bit, and agrees. Incel blinks, and finds himself as the prettiest elven princess in the land. To make matters worse, she's currently on a trip when her carriage gets raided by orcs, who take her captive and turn her into their breeding sow. God decided to punish the incel for being such a shitty person. This backfires on god when Incel-kun starts enjoying himself as the orcs' breeding sow. He's well fed so he'll carry strong children. He gets to have sex all the time and he has a tribe full of angry orcs who'll protect him if he's ever in danger. His life is essentially the same as before, except instead of vidya & anime, he has sex all day.

This paradise comes to an end suddenly, when a hero decides to save the fair maiden captured by the orcs. After eradicating the orc tribe and saving the fair maiden who's non too happy to be saved, incel-kun gets cut off from his comfy life as an orc-slut and starts a long journey back to elf kingdom, where his irresistible female elf form gets him into all manner of sexual situations one after another. [spoiler]At the end of the first season he finally reaches the elf kingdom and promptly gets banished for un-elflike behavior for losing to orc cock and has to fend for herself in the fantasy world.[/spoiler]
File: 1.jpg (187 KB, 600x993)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
A journalist has been invited to report on a long isolated and reclusive tribe and part of the condition is that she fully integrate and adopt all the local customs.
File: milf.jpg (1.08 MB, 2740x1918)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
A group of middle aged moms get offended when they find out that there was a list the students were passing around a school ranking them by hotness. They look for ways to reclaim their dignity and agree to pose for a private gravure photoshoot. The pictures leak and they become sensations. They then have to navigate being gravure idols in their 40s and the kind of fame and youthful vigor that comes with it.
File: Plastic Little10.jpg (276 KB, 1000x1437)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>ultra realistic setting, except with FTL travel
>artist, Satori Urushihara

A group of top model, designer and diplomat are gathered together for a very special mission of which depend the survival of mankind.
With hundred of colonies the great HUMAN FEDERATION is starting to break apart, signs appear of colonist who want to leave the utopia and might even do things for their own selfish benefits!
Oh the tragedy!

In an ambitious plan, this team is sent to go on each planet and sell clothes. Not any random normal clothes mind you, THE ULTIMATE CLOTHE.
Made of nanomachines with the best technologies of the Federation they are to represent what mankind can achieve when they work together.
Those clothes are capable of changing shapes, color, mimic textile, mend themselves...

But the task at hand is difficult.
CityPlanet! Want to wear the latest fashion, every 10minutes.
SpaceBelters! Want useful suit that regulate their bodyheat and serve as makeshift repair tools.
IndustryPlanet! Is mostly populated by robots.
Iceworld! Don't care about look, or so they say.
DeathWorld! Hunters only care about pelts from their hunts.
GothWorld! Like constraining bondage clothes and mindgame.
CyborgWorld! Want clothes that fit any kind of prosthetic and extra arms.
WarriorWorld! Have customs where negotiation require ritual combat.
WaterPlanet! Want swimsuits, stylish or practical, shiny or plain, formal or sexy.
DesertPlanet! Want their ruling queens to look much better clothed than male slaves.
DigitalPlanet! Are brains connected to a network.
ReservePlanet! Are nudist who want ecology friendly bags.
LudditePlanet! Are craftsmen who hate automatization.

Thus the team travel the galaxy, gain new members (Warriorgirl, robot-tailor, catgirl, british gentledog, Nerd-kun, undefined-gender, Ugly-sama)
The final episode have our protagonist making FIRST CONTACT with all powerful sentient alien plants who grew hostile against Mankind because of our floral motif and decoration.
File: 76109919_p0.jpg (324 KB, 1280x1808)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
>Patrician ecchi
Young damsel lead spirits to the afterlife, the process involve spontaneous magical rope bondage for her.

She can appease and lead mischievous spirit to the afterlife, but before they listen to her she have to do a magical process that make magical rope appear out of nowhere and bind them to/and her.
She overcome immobility using their power

PLOT goes like this:
1) track the spirit
2) cast spell, nearby ropes is used to tie her up
3) get power from the spirit
(ex: invisibility, looking like someone else, psychokinesy, invoke mob dance, control gravity, infinite endurance, breathing underwater, control ropes...)
4) try to appease the spirit
5) getting into situations while tied up
6) spirit leave

Mid-story highpoint have her try to catch a spirit of luck, everything go against her. The spirit is unbelievably strong, a crate full of rope land nearby and the spell restrain her to the point she cant possibly do anything to help or speak...
... then arrive the luckiest guy ever. By even more impossible luck he is her ex-crush who also love her, fully understand the situation and turn out everything before was just the normal process of the spirit getting lucky before moving on.
The two remain a couple during the second part of the story and create a new dynamic (aka situation requiring 2 persons)
Lighthearted mostly. The characters in embarrassing situations would be amusing. But I think some realistic conflict could fit in where the main girl gets berated for her behavior. The goal of the story though would be that by the end everyone is in a good place and is better for the experiences since it bonded them and made them grow. It does have room to go into /h/ territory with more fetishy stuff.

The episodes would each be based on some outlandish thing the main girl came across and decided that since they haven't tried it yet it was next on the list of personal challenges to tackle. So they all have to do tickle fetish stuff and the personalities of the club members means some of them do it begrudgingly and others are ashamed and others are just not into it at all and are baffled. But they all go through with it. I'm imagining a mixed gender club so there's that dynamic too where the guys may not even be into feet but now the main girl is shoving her feet in their faces and they're exasperated but are overall accepting because they get to at least see the girls naked a lot.

But then the tables turn and the main girl discovers the world of small dick humiliation and they find themselves in a CFNM scenario where the girls are all pointing and laughing. But then at the same time not all the girls are even into it and feel bad. And the whole thing just keeps going back and forth like this as the main girl keeps dropping new challenges on them. I think its important that the main girl treat everything like you would climbing Mt Everest. For her it's more about them all going through it rather than any sexual pleasure. So like she's gung ho about everyone doing these things but her own enjoyment comes from a bizarre sense of accomplishment. She has an autistic type of tunnel vision. She vehemently insists on a male club member spank her. She'll yell "harder!" if she doesn't think he's doing it right. But for her it's about the personal accomplishment.
so the slice of life sections of higurashi but as a whole series?
>I tried to once, but Haruhi herself infuriated me to no end. I want to punch her so badly.
absolutely based, i fucking hated that cunt
I think that was the point. Hate is a strong word but the viewer was supposed to recognize Haruhi was kind of an asshole. She was often tactless and insensitive and treated other people as if they were characters in her own personal universe. She had a child's understanding of other people's autonomy and Kyon slapped her over it when it got to be too much. I don't know if it's accurate to real life autism but her behavior seems like an alternative TV interpretation of it that is more about the ordinary social stuff rather than the typical Rain Man presentation.
File: reference.jpg (2.91 MB, 1058x2000)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
Genres: Industrial Espionage (i.e, big corporations spying on each other), Action, Sci-Fi, Erotic Thriller

Two-Perspective Storyline: One for the male protagonist, and one for the female protagonist.

General Plot Concept:

Ex-SpecOps male protagonist is hired by Biotech Company A to spy and steal valuable information from Biotech Company B's horizontal gene transfer research (that has both life and performance enhancing applications), in order to boost their profit and out-compete Biotech Company B and other companies. Male protagonist uses both his espionage skills and sexual intimidation techniques on female corporate higher-ups to steal information, practically using their own sexual fetishes against them.

Female protagonist is hired by Biotech Company B as a counter-intelligence agent against Biotech Company A, so Biotech Company B can know if Biotech Company A has stolen their research. Female protagonist uses the same espionage and sexual intimidation techniques as the male protagonist, but on the male corporate higher-ups of Biotech Company A.

Male and female protagonist occasionally crosses path as the story goes on. Action scenes such as stylized shoot-outs and close-quarters combat occur frequently as well through out the story.

Visual Style: High-contrast lighting on minimalist/brutalist exterior architectures and interior design (Imagine an anime version of the visual style of Christopher Nolan's Tenet).

Prop Design: Emphasis on cool cars, tech equipment, and firearms.

Costume Design:
- Corporate Settings: Cool, black suits for men, and sexy, tight, female business suits for women
- Social Settings: Same for men, and sexy, revealing, evening gowns for women.
- Espionage Scenes: Tight, black, stealth suits.
giant robot anime where the robots are giant sexy women powered by the pilots in male-female pairs doing sex things. the thing you do determines the robot's powers- pulling hair makes the robot's "hair" become blades, slapping ass gives the robot keijo-like ass-slamming powers, etc. the monsters are all giant tentacle rape monsters or look like penises or vaginas. but also there's some shit like it's humanity as a k-selected species against the r-selected monsters, or sexually reproductive species versus mindless amoebic asexual reproduction, or the evolution of humanity's higher intelligence versus their most basic of instincts in terms of continued existence as a species. and it turns into some evangelion shit while still being about anime chicks orgasming while giant robots shoot penis monsters with boob cannons.
so basically franxx if it wasn't written by cowards and brainlets. i have a whole plot mapped out i need to be stopped plase help me
another one: some highschool boys get unwittingly recruited as magical girls and have to transform into girls wearing super-skimpy outfits. why genderbend? i dunno, it's my fetish. their powers are based on maxing out humilliation. final moves involve taking off key pieces of clothing so that the last thing protecting their dignity is gone (panties, or a belt or ribbon that's the only thing keeping the rest of the outfit from falling apart) and turning it into a weapon panty-stocking-style. and of course they'd be fighting tentacle rape penis monsters.

Fantasy world where working as adventurers to subjugate monsters, conquer dungeons, protect people and such is the norm.
The protagonist is a scout catgirl who hates how her race is always typecasted as nothing but eye candy and sex maniacs. She also hates how all adventuring gear tailored for her race is always designed to show a lot of skin and how whenever she joins an adventuring party the male adventurers undress her with her eyes and make pases at her while the female adventurers treat her like a moron with nothing but a nice body and zero brains.
The series is all about how this catgirl abandons her current party after the usual problems and while dhe drinks her sorrows at the adventurer's tavern, she meets other catgirls with the same issues as her: a healer, a black mage, an alchemist and fencer. Then after a few cups and grupal ranting, the girls decide to form their own adventuring party and do things their own way, so they won't have to put up with that dumb sexy sterotype again.

Episode one: After the above introduction, the catgirls decide that the first thing they need to do is get rid of their hypersexed and revealing adventuring gear and use their grupal skills to design, cut and sew modest yet functional adventuring gear that wouldn't make them look like sex dolls. After some material gathering and a night of sewing and cutting, the girls create some boring looking, yet very practical outfits they all wear with pride, but as their first adventure while wearing them goes on, the girls make some stops to modify their new outfits, as they discover they lack some mobility, or the added armor is too heavy, or interfere with the use of their weapons and such, so they keep getting rid of the parts that create problems until their suits become incredible mobile and practical.
Except that when their new suits reach that optimized point, the catgirls realize up they just recreated their old hypersexed adventurer outfits.
Episode two: The catgirl adventuring party join a huge grupal mission where several parties are hired to subjugate some feral salamanders that are marching to a neigboring minning town, threatening with burning it and then burning the forest and crops that are the other town's lifelines.
Except that the salamanders cannot be harmed by normal weapons because their bodies melt them, cannot be defeated by physical attacks because hitting them means a charred limb and their natural magic resistence makes them immune to anything the current adventurers could throw at them.
Then the alchemist catgirl offers her group the option of using a special fire and heat proof oil she just crafted to make their bodies immune to the salamanders' fire and heat, and her party partners congratulates her for the great idea, since it will prove to all adventurers that catgirls are more than just some dumb sex maniacs.
The girls discard their weapons (because the oil would make them all slippery and useless), then discard their clothes (because the oil would ruin them) and after covering themselves with the special oil, they attack and beat the crap out of the salamanders, all while the rest of adventurers stare the quintet of nude, oiled up and very sexy catgirls spanking the lizards, commenting that only their typical sex maniac race would have thought of that.
It's a one shot.

A small group of friends and family members, most of then at mid age, save for one girl and one girl who have never met each other before, spends a few days on a cottage near a lake.

They get to meet each other, and some of the other people as well. Some slice of life scenes with interesting dialogue happens, they start to know each other interests, hobbies, personality, professional life, struggles, etc.

The closer they get, the more sexual tension there is. Since they're on a cottage near the lake, they eventually start wearing swimsuits, and eventually when they're alone the girl starts getting touchy, and eventually they start fucking. Then there are more slice of scenes later that quickly turn into ecchi then sex scenes too.

They live afar from each other and have busy lives, so they're not a couple yet, but they get each other's number before leaving.
File: exhale.png (124 KB, 453x453)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
I started writing something which ended up being very good. I am afraid to share it here because I think it could be published for some amount of money. I have some drawing ability. I guess Pixiv will be where I publish it.

I guess I could share it here if I could put my name on it in some way.
How's your drawing ability? Ever consider making it into a manga or light novel?
godspeed anon-kun. i;ve been working on my own thing as well. if all goes to plan it'll be some schizo slideshow-tier animation series. if i'm real lucky ai voiceacting will be real good by the time i'm ready to start posting it and i can use that instead of fake subtitles.
Girl goes into a coma and wakes up 200 years later in a future where everyone is thin and pretty and wears exposing clothing like in Ragnarok City. She has to get used to the embarrassment of having her tits and pussy exposed all the time as even her school uniform is pervy.

Likewise just more Mika ni Harassment would be good.
File: EWQmTtoU4AEcFbn.jpg (699 KB, 1920x2121)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
A single mom goes through a string of bad dates and the stress causes her to develop a teenage crush on her son. The son meanwhile is trying to have a normal dating life but his mom behaves like a clingy girlfriend and plays up the cliche of tsundere classmate, even going so far as to enroll in his school as a student. The son's male friends develop a crush on her while his female friends become her competition. Along the line she develops a friendship with a male teacher who's down after a bitter divorce from his wife's infidelity. The son works to ensure his mom and the teacher hit it off to solve everyone's problem once and for all. The tone would be charming slice of life comedy instead of creepy.
I know its a meme fetish but I really wish there was more feet stuff in anime. Its rare to the point of absurdity considering how common the fetish is.
File: 48.png (453 KB, 1024x576)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Because nobody knows how to draw them. Feet are notoriously hard even for good artists. Most of the time it's not a problem but if you make them the central focus of a scene suddenly the anatomy becomes a big deal.
File: VpqKqFl.jpg (190 KB, 922x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
There's a subtlety in the curvature of the soles of a foot that can be hard to pin down. You see it with hands too. Palms never look quite right a lot of the time. But anime in particular runs into two problems more often than not. They'll draw toes like fingers which makes them clawlike and they underestimate the foot's overall length. A person's foot is about as long as their elbow to their wrist. Anime is notorious for making them way too tiny which makes them look poorly proportioned.
Life was sad for Protagonist-kun.

Barely able to stomach the struggles of daily life as a wagecuck with no meaningful relationships, he dedicates most of his free time to his tabletop war gaming hobby. Battletech, Warhammer, even historical war re-enactments were the only things to bring him joy. One day, as he is painting his miniatures and watching hentai, he passes out because he forgot to open the vents in his studio apartment while spraying primer and wakes up in a fantasy pre-industrial revolution society with magic and shit. Also every woman is a fucking supermodel with various breast sizes for some reason.

Realizing his situation, Protagonist-kun considers his options: should he become a heroic mercenary and bring peace and prosperity to this Tolkien ripoff of a world?


He’ll just conquer it all for himself.

His only power is a pocket universe that allows him to spawn infinite raw materials, but with a mind as degenerate as his, he’ll find a way to shape this world to his own design while building) a harem that will satisfy his (somewhat disturbing desires.

TLDR: /tg/ guy gets transported to basically Queen’s Blade without the tournament BS and tries to make himself into the anime equivalent of Karl Franz+The God Emperor of Mankind + Genghis Khan.
Could this be expanded to include a side plot that the teacher is crushed on by a female student and he's tempted until meeting the mom? Then the female student becomes the MC's main love interest? Its like a love dodecahedron.
File: idol.jpg (257 KB, 850x830)
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257 KB JPG
An idol group is subjected to the worst aspects of the industry, things that have become standard practice. One member is caught holding hands with a boyfriend and is forced by producers to publicly apologize. They must follow strict rules to maintain an image. Eventually they grow tired of this and rebel against the system. They abandon their label and strike out on their own. In an effort to give the finger to the industry standards they strip and perform nude. The lyrics to their songs openly admit their sexual histories and their intent to continue living their best lives. They refuse to pretend to be pure and call out other idol groups for being liars. The public doesn't know what to make of this but they develop a niche following that gradually expands. Suddenly other idol groups follow their lead and the industry bigwigs are not happy and try to undermine their newfound respect with underhanded tactics.

For 3DPD look up National Idol Unit.
I really like this idea, but instead of spies I'd have them be more like the agents from Syndicate.
I'd add a younger sister in the mix who is frustrated by all the chaos and is the only mature character holding shit together. Like the mom is acting like a teenager, the MC is dealing with her, and the little sister is going to the supermarket and cooking dinner with a scowl.
No, please go on. We need to hear this
>rich guy opens up a maid resort/brothel on a remote island
>hires hopeful 18 year old girls that are straight out of high school
>they're semi-clueless about what they'll have to do
>owner does all the "job interviews" himself
>asks girls to strip down for him to inspect their bodies
>starts groping and eventually fucking them
>if they let it happen (which tends to be the norm), they're suitable for the job and hired
>daily routine stuff about the maids ineracting with horny guests and whatnot
>also for some reason the head maid who takes care of the young ones speaks with a heavy russian accent

Now I realize this isn't ecchi but I've already typed it out so fuck it. I used to play this scenario out in AI Dungeon all the time, inserted myself as both the owner and the girls.
This sounds like an anime adaptation of Epstein Island.
A big modern fantasy city with elves, sex demons, dwarfs, etc.

It’s treated like an anthropology documentary, talking about the history of each demographic in the city, as well as infrastructure provided for the residents’ unique demands.
>Near-future cyberpunk
>Cybernetic augmentation and biological enhancement are now semi-common
>MC is an enforcer/assassin/investigator for the Illuminati
>Still mourning the death of her former lover and struggling with her personal life
>One day she is tasked with discovering the disappearance of a scientist from a secret lab
>Following clues she discovers a secret plot to overthrow the illuminati
>Her orders are now to destroy this small rebellion and find their leader
>Further investigation reveals the leader is in fact her former partner/mentor/lover
>Everything up to this point has been organised by her and the MC walked right into the trap
>MC's ex begins a secret war between the illuminati and the rebels
>MC is slowly red pilled by her old friend until her loyalties are muddied
sexy samurai woman and her sexy samurai teenage student wander Japan, get into fights, and lose a lot of clothing in the process.
Not much to contribute but just voting for my favorites in the thread so far. Please expand on them if possible! Would love to read more!
Romantic comedy about a male MC who has the ability to gender swap once every 12 hours.
One day, while in his female form, he discovers that his crush is a lesbian and she felt in love with his female form. Queue him trying to balance his normal life while dating the girl he likes, while pretending to be a girl himself.
I was also considering the idea of scrapping the gender bender aspect and make him crossdress instead for comedic scenes of him trying to hide his dick in progressively ecchi-er scenarios(changing room, beach episode, showering together etc).
A combination of both might also sound good: mc can gender swap once every 12 hours so whenever he happens to be in his male form but has a date with the girl he ends up crossdressing as his female form.
I'm still conflicted on which one would be better.
Lol I would definitely read or watch this, it has a lot of potential
File: Plastic Little11.jpg (415 KB, 850x1281)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
>Please expand on them if possible! Would love to read more!
As the writer of >>2720378 I shall deliver.

They naturally fail to match or lead Fashion every 10minutes, until Ugly-sama resignate to what he call "a warcrime" by randomizing clothes at random interval...
Which lead to a new fashion called "stop caring about what other think and chose yourself"

...are surprisingly both artistic & practical

Robot want to be seen as sentient => sentient creature wear cloth => fashion is defined by other => wearing fashion make you look sentient

Aka (classic) tsundere planet

Nanocloth are useful underwear & holding the pelt together

A local man is psychologically led around by a team girl
A local girl is tricked into wearing a nanosuit she won't control

Become one with the nanoclothes

Have ripping combat

Explain why swimsuit are the ultimate clothes, water is life & life must be traversed without resistance, therefore swimsuit is essential to life. Swimsuit design define all from personality to military role in the Space-Navy.

Two sister fight
One is already a sexy queen but her slaves find her unbearably authoritarian & needy
The other is small & plain but bullied by her slaves who can't get enough of her cute reaction
Plot end with the 1st sister is taught to take her role seriously (and wear bondage-like Pharaonic clothes)
The 2nd sister become a confident queen, her dress & makeup inspiring power & respect

Turn out brains are self-conscious about their secret appearance outside the virtual reality

Nanomachine are good to remove polluting material

Are challenged to craft with nano while the Team use their tools.
The teams lose miserably, but leave with the luddite fighting over who was more skillful with nano.

>Plant Alien
...are befriended with cloths
Serious thought. This thread combined with the NovelAI thread brings some real interesting possibilities. Why not start making these ideas into light novels?
Because we are lazy hacks who can't do anything besides masturbating 3 times a day every day.
>What are your best /e/ concepts you want to see done?
Not sure if this is what you mean but...

>harem anime with big titted ladies that starts off as not hentai (but lots of fan service) then slow burns into hentai so you feel you've earned the love and sex

>big titted MILF friends fall one by one for a young man
>harem hentai ensues
>sequel story
>eventually the man's own MILF mother falls for him and joins
>part three:
>his younger (still legal age of course) sister falls for him too

>lots of love all around
>lots of dirty, naughty, kinky sex
>end with pregnancies

>Please Teacher, Please Twins, Hand Maid May, Golden Boy,
>Ends as a hentai instead of how the shows ended
>3 times
You need to step it up, anon.
This desu
>The School Sports Festival is a yearly event at some prestigious school that lasts 2 weeks and all students must participate or else they'll be expelled.

>Students are divided by teams for the event: One team will participate with the usual gym uniform and the other will have to compete naked.
On team naked
>Optimistic down to earth MC girl that does her best to help the team.
>Shy nerdy friend who is smart but sucks at sports
>They meet reckles loose cannon girl that is actually good at athletics but makes things harder half the time
>MC childhood friend
On team clothed
>Arrogant and snobby bully girl that tries to make MC and friends' life even more miserable.
>Main bully girl beta orbiters, a loud and dumb bully girl and reserved smart girl that does everything they want because doesn't want to be bullied.
>Guy MC likes

>Clothed team wins always.
>Events get progressively more lewd, going from normal sports to barely excuses for humiliation.
>[spoiler]One episode naked team is about to win, Main bully girl cheats but gets caught and send to naked team, where she must solve their differences with MC.[/spoiler]
The team team naked and team clothed sounds kind of contrived to me but I like the idea of a sports festival where each episode the activities just get lewder and lewder to the point that at the end, some of the spectators point out that it stopped being sports and started bordering to live softcore porn.
What were some games you were thinking of for it?
File: 80665603_p0.jpg (3.87 MB, 2000x2500)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
Medieval-Fantasy world

Clothes and hairstyle are created through magic, should one get the right material. They can be changed, stored in gems.
But clothes are also literally the representation of one's soul, a farmer will only be able to generate farmer clothes while a nobleman will have trouble generating anything not noble.

Long ago they used to say the stronger the soul, the more extravagant the clothes.
And should someone's wear the closest estimate of such clothes, their physical & magical power will

Until someday a batshit crazy mage discovered a spell that instantly reveal the "true clothe" of a person.
Despite needing over 200 heroes to take the mage down, people did name the spell after him for while the spell usually improve someone fashion, on rare occasion it gave very surprising result.

So happened to a young girl, humble daughter of a smith who discovered her "true clothes".
One does not casually ignore a presage of themselves wielding Archimage-level magic such as flight, 360° shield while casting.
And so her parents immediately sent her on a quest to achieve her true destiny.

The thing is...
She's very shy and reserved.
But every time she try to craft new "truer" adventuring clothes they end up skimpier, usually indecent.
And what to think about those companions she met who inexplicably bear as emblem a symbol so similar to her "true symbol"?
What about a series about two MILFs who in their youths were basically JRPG protagonists who battled and defeated angels, aliens, and gods. With the story focuses on them being adults now with one having children of her own to raise and the other taking orphans. Hijinks ensue because all they knew in their youth was fighting and war.

One MILF has a big ass, wide hips and thighs and the other is a muscular amazon with huge tits
File: 45185213_p0.jpg (332 KB, 744x1061)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
space harem adventures that doesn't involve mecha. No, Tenchi Muyo doesn't count. I mean, Star Trek like planet hopping/alien anthropology research with stoic babes wearing the hottest space bodysuits
Genre: Urban Fantasy-Action, and maybe some Drama if you want that way.

It's a modification of magical girl genre with some influence of kamen rider faiz and guyver.

The premise is pretty simple and basic. A girl or girls get ability to transform into a 'magical girl' with various abilities then get into a fight. The twist is that when she transforming, liquid/tentacle will cover the girl's body and destroy whatever foreign material on her body, like clothes or accessories, thus every transformation will resulted in the girl naked when she detransformed (in fact every first time transformation will usually ended up in their clothes destroyed).

The second is that because their transformed form completely shut the abilities for the girls to talk, they have to mentally turn on their "transponder". When they turned it on, the reflection of their naked body will appear. For this part I'm kinda split between only the transformable girls could looked at the reflection or everyone could look at the reflection.

As for the armor design, I want it to look like a biopunk armor or the monster design of kamen rider and guyver.

Story could be flexible if you want to. You can have the regular story of the girls fighting against invading monster, you could make it into magia record/magical girl rising project with the girls fighting each others for various reasons or just having a story of the girls transforming and do some shits with their newfound power.
A scientist and his son build a time machine, but during the test it explodes, opening a temporary portal between the modern day and a troupe of cavepeople. A nearby volcano erupts in the past, frightening a few cavewomen to flee through the portal before it closes.

The ecchi part is that the cavewomen are from a time before human civilization invented modesty and prudishness and they only wear clothes to keep warm
Dragon's Crown a decade after the dragon has been slain.
Switch "boy" to "girl" and this is literally already a show.

Things get complicated when one of them suddenly goes through a growth spurt...

What if it's one team topless, instead, a holdover tradition from when it was an all-boys school.
> the cavewomen are from a time before human civilization invented modesty and prudishness and they only wear clothes to keep warm

I think you just explained the whole cavewoman fetish right there
The Sole Discretion of Book Club

While changing her shoes and socks after a rainstorm a student put her phone down and accidentally livestreamed her book club's bare feet. She found her Patreon donations skyrocket and the club decided to run with it. From that point on they wore their uniforms sans shoes and socks while in school and took pictures and streamed video of their day. Other students and the teachers found it weird but there was nothing obviously wrong about being barefoot so it was permitted. As the money started rolling in other students got involved and even some teachers. The story would play out like a slice of life where the challenge becomes how to keep making money this way without crossing over into actual pornography. They want to keep it just to showing their feet and have to get increasingly creative. Things like playing with each other's feet, using facial soap to trick people into thinking a male friend blasted cum on their soles, all the while maintaining that everything is non-sexual because the principal would expel them if they cross that line.
Recording the Hero's Journey in Another World

After suffering a most shameful defeat against a common mook of the demon lord, the people of the kingdom started doubting that the princess really is the prophesized hero that will the save the world.
In order to fix her image, the king summoned an eccentric amateur filmmaker from Japan to film a piece that would make the populace regain their trust in them.
Every chapter would be about them going out somewhere, filming the hero in action but then discarding the recordings either because they don't meet the mc's standards or because it contains scenes of the hero in lewd situations that she fears would further damage her reputation.
File: 03791-2013186047.png (288 KB, 512x512)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
A Bachelor-like gameshow is the new sensation where the contestants can win a lot of money.

MC is a contestant and the trick of the show is that he must date a group of girls except one of them is his sister. The audience is trying to figure out which girl is the sister and the contestant must do everything he can to hide this. At the end of the show the audience, which accounts for home viewers, votes on who they think is MC's sister. If they guess wrong then MC and the sister win the prize. If the audience gets it right, however, then MC and the sister get no money and all the other girls get it instead.

This is a series of shows with the same theme. Sometimes its a contestant and a bunch of older women but one is his mom. Sometimes it's a girl contestant and her brother is among the men.

The trick is that the real audience is also in the dark about who the identity of the family member is and like the in-universe audience is trying to figure it out.
File: 1551098660743.jpg (381 KB, 1697x1200)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
>GO GO Deviant Rangers!

>The crowd applaud as the rangers enter the walkway to their mechs.
Red Ranger first, holding the leash of the Red Slave.
She wear the new Slave costume, high-heels along a short red swing dress and many cuff, currently restraining her elbows in her back and tying her wrists to her tights. She does not smile but that's because of her (activated) ballgag harness assorted with her twintail.
The crowd rejoice, all women wave at her, all dreaming to become a Color Slave.

Come the Blue Slave, followed by Blue Ranger.
She walk more prudently, for while she wear similar high heels her (activated) mask keep her blind, only letting her mouth and her ponytail out. She is wearing a high-cut space-swimsuit, along tight-high shiny socks and long bondage glove currently laced together in her back.
Blue ranger suddenly grab her from behind and molest her in front of the crow who exult again, then order her to move on.

Finally enter the Violet Slave, along the high heel she wear a short frilled skirt and a crop top, her (activated) Power-ropes bind her chest and arms tightly, climbing around her neck to keep her wrists tied high in her back. More of her ropes twirl around her
The other end of those her ropes is currently passing between her legs and held high by Violet Ranger.
"Princess Violet!" yell the crowd as Violet Ranger pull the power-rope higher, making her swing her hime-cut.

>Each pilot enter their mechs' cockpit-sphere.
Red-S every cuffs let go of each others and her head harness graciously allow her to talk.
Blue-S cockpit fill with water, only second after it reach the top does her mask clear and turn into a breathing mask.
Violet-S power-ropes loosen, most drop on the floor but her chest harness secure itself in all direction.

>The mechs turn into flight-mode.
Red-S flight mode bind her arms into wings and her legs together.
Blue-S thigh-sock lace together.
Violet-S power-ropes tie her in a similar fashion

File: 1370129708086.jpg (1.21 MB, 1600x1246)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>the mechs of the Deviant-Rangers reach the evil alien city
The 6 mechs splits by group of 2 to cover more area, the Rangers start shooting energy balls of justice.

B-Ranger order the still flying Blue-S to carped bomb the alien city. She obey
R-Ranger order Red-S to turn into spitfire-mode, her head-gear turn into a ring harness as she light up her mech flamethrower voice
V-Ranger order Violet-S to dance, her power-ropes turn into a tight shibari harness, tightening if she isn't moving, her mech become a double-sword dancer of death

>many evil monsters combatants appear out of nowhere

B-Ranger remotely switch Blue-S into Sentry-Gun-mode, she crash into the city, her arm-gloves turn into an armbinder, her thighs remain laced together as her mech float again above the city, shooting at distance
R-Ranger activate Red-S bodygard-mode, silencing her with a ballgag harness, devices around and in her body pulse hard if R-Ranger take damages
V-Ranger activate Violet-S beast-mode. Her power-ropes ties her legs&arms folded, her mech become a mount

R-Ranger activate her Hot-mode, Red-S cuffs all links together until she cannot move, she become a gun
B-Ranger activate her Blind-mode, Blue-S is sealed in a vacuum-bed, she become a cloaking-device
V-Ranger activate her Shield-mode, Violet-S is tangled into a spider-web of power-ropes, she become a shield

>The combined Color Super-Ranger use theit special power "Tactical retreat" to foil the monsters despicable tactics

The Super-Ranger use the last of its energy to split into 6 dedicated return-vehicle as the rest self-sacrifice

Back home, civilians rush to save the heroic slaves
A few grab Red-S leash and are ecstatic to make her pose on selfies with them
Others extract the restrained Blue-S and start assessing her body and lips
The last experiment with Violet-S power-ropes as she offer feedback

Fortunately the Rangers eventually stop their introspection and come to recover their Slaves.
The Double Cross(play)
A university slice-of-life dueling anime club romanticomedy

The setup:
There are two anime clubs at this school! For stupid reasons dating back to leadership differences that nobody even remembers anymore, they don't really get along very well, and the school is big enough that students from one don't necessarily see or know students from the other very well. The school put their meeting rooms on opposite ends of the school to keep the peace down, back in the old days.

Our heroine is a tall, Sailor-Uranus-ish tomboy, a member of Club A. She thinks of herself as pretty gay, and in any case she's an icurable fujo. It's heavily implied that she (or at least her bishonen crossplay alter-ego) has carved a fucking swath through the local scene. We'll see lots of other women harboring crushes on her (or "him" if they've only met at conventions and fan events), implied dating histories, etc. In practical terms, despite having a lot going for her, she's a bit adorkable under it all and has to psyche herself up to put on that bishonen persona and turn on the magic (at least she thinks so).

Our hero is an /actual/ bishonen-type, a prettyboy who crosses the line into an actual trap with a little effort. Again, he is a bit oblivious to his charms, and because this is a comedy of errors /he/ also thinks of himself as pretty gay. He's a member of Club B and has gotten drafted into crossplaying a few times because his group "needed a girl to fill out the cast". He's more ambivalent about it but secretly admits to himself that he likes the chance to shed his self-consciousness a bit by being someone else for the day. And besides, cute boys will flirt with him when he's dressed up, so ~bonus~, right?

File: mutually-deceived.jpg (193 KB, 690x2709)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
You can see where this is going! They are both dressed up as their alternate selves when they meet at an anime festival, and neither of them realize what the other is up to. Sparks fly, kisses happen, fireworks, etc. They trade information and promise to keep in touch. This kicks off the series, where the next morning they realize that they have to keep this up; "that cute girl" is expecting to date "the bishonen" (or at least the "male" cosplayer behind "him") and vice versa. Thus begins an escalating game of Doubtfiring each other, with all their friends wondering (but not exactly unhappy about) all the extra time being spent "in-character", trying to figure out who exactly this new girlfriend/boyfriend is and why they haven't seen them around school before.

Signature scenes include all the dedication and prep work to get 'in character' (our heroine has to work out and style herself, our hero has a lot of pretty things to wear, both have makeup and skincare to do). Once or twice a season they will meet out of character and get along OK, maybe think 'oh that girl/boy is pretty cute', but have no fucking idea what's going on. Maybe they will get text messages during a conversation and the other will comment, "Oh, my girlfriend/boyfriend uses that same tone!"

Eventually all the time and effort start showing through in their outside lives and leads to better confidence, self-improvement, and other wholesome goodness.
File: gymclass-kiss.jpg (145 KB, 800x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
> The team team naked and team clothed sounds kind of contrived to me

Why not start them out clothed, and then have each loss costs an item of clothing? By tradition, a team that winds up totally naked leaves the school (naked), but our plucky heroines aren't willing to give up that easily, so they start negotiating forfeits if they keep losing.

There is a big cheer (and some stirring hope for a turnaround) when, thoroughly naked and put through all kinds of trials, they win a match (almost by accident) and cost "Clothed Team" their headbands. (It doesn't hold up. They might win more eventually but the dominant team never gets past showing some skivvies.)
This is my fetish. Moar!
so the power set for the main teams pairs is like-
- the main couple not-hiro and not-zero are a powerful all-rounder, due to various reasons which spoilers. for now I'll just say the girl has a very high and powerful libido. also their bot has ass-mounted rockets for propulsion which you could take as some kind of anal sex joke leading into a fart joke.
- not-goro and not-ichigo: their main weapon is a keijo-style ass-slam. goro works up ichigo by controlling robot arms to grab, grope and slap her ass (the pilots aren't allowed any sort of actual contact while piloting because part of their "government" is triggered neo-puritans and just good old old puritans), which make the robot's ass very powerful. she has a second weapon- goro uses the robot hands to tug her hair, causing blades to pop out of the robots own hair-plate-things.
- not-miku and not-zorome: miku wears a ball gag (the ball of which is a microphone head which, if she actually makes any vocalization, is broadcast to zorome's part of the cockpit with incredible volume), giving their robot "sharp tongue" blades. just a very light, small, fast and nimble robot with good cutting power.
- not futoshi and not kokoro: kokoro has a pressure plate beneath her boobs. she slams the plate by gainaxing to fire the mech's bazooka. this isn't a titty cannon, because those are saved for emergency situations- first because futoshi is actually the team leader and is meant to stay back and observe the situation from a distance, and the tit cannons are better for close range; second because the activation method is kokoro getting a robot-hand tiddy twister or something and she bitches a bitch fit every time she has to do it, and everyone just finds that really, really annoying.

- not-mitsuru and not-... i can never remember her name. ikuko? anyway, they pilot the bondage mummybot. ikuro has her arms tied behind her back, and the robot has its useless flimsy "arms" ties as well, with the tradeoff that the loose ends of the binds become combat tentacles. low on raw strength but very versatile; a thinker's sex bondage fighting robot.
when kokoro whines her way into mitsuru's mech, the tit plate is moved with her but the bondage thing isn't, so she's double humiliated and complains like she didn't see the consequences of her own actions coming at all. perhaps i'll have the bondage bot carrying the bazooka but have ikuko getting titty-twistered to use the backup boob cannons.
File: 99833233_p0.jpg (357 KB, 1200x1800)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>girls with exoskeleton & blade weapons protect the boys from the fauna
>slice of life (figurative yes)

On a distant jungle-moon, the colony of Valkyr is reevaluating a problem.
No more doubt, roughly 60% of the exotic fauna-flora go murderously berserk the minute they smell human male, even herbivores.
And on this 0.3G low gravity moon, most of the creatures are agile, flying, big, tentacled or all of these.

The colony leaders, concerned to find a long-term solution that don't involve importing a planet-worth of equipment, have found a short-term solution.

All girls & women are to be provided with one free civil-exoskeleton frame, a (custom) nanosuit and bladed weapons.
The single one will also be legally required to answer call for bio-defense (using a flight-module).

>the brand new colonist discovering this, learning the rope and how to wield with a spear.

>the small girl with sword&BIG shield who panic easily, usually leading to her oversized boyfriend breaking the creature bones himself

>the woman who rarely wear the nanosuit (not needed for the exoskeleton)

>the lazy needy girl with a halberd who want a boyfriend to not have to answer bio-defense calls

>hime-cut sama who take very seriously her new duty (her husband know she like wearing the tight nanosuit all day, he make her into a warrior queen)

>the girl who made her own bow because "ranged weapon" cannot be distributed legally

>the very kind girl, who can kill a pack of large flying xenowolf in under a minute (dual-wielding katana), then feel bad for all the blood

From time to time several Valkyr-girl are called to fight big exotic trees (yes fight)

Beside making the colony custom into a proper sport (it is hotly debated), there's another planet-wide hobby, one easy to procure on early colony and made easier as all (immortal) human possess brain-implant to remote control electronic.
It is wholesome rope bondage.
>using facial soap to trick people into thinking a male friend blasted cum on their soles
This is apparently a real thing. Interesting.

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