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Anyone here every have an eating or body disorder? Ever feel comfortable in your own skin? Ever take unorthadox methods to do so before going complete right and proper /fit/?

I got into purging and the feeling of food in my stomach sickens me, I do not binge eat at all, even eating a banana makes me want to puke it up from the discomfort. There is not a moment where I don't look in the mirror and check my profile or run to the scale.

Sometimes I'll see a skeleton in the mirror and the rest of the time I see a fat pig. What the scale usually says is 109 lbs. Then I hear that people taller than me are 109 lbs and either they look fat or perfect, than what does that make me?

How do you cope /fit/? I go to the gym 3-5 days a week and eat right, I feel like shit no matter what. Everyone looks better than me and they don't need to try much at all besides eat right.
I have no idea. You probably should talk to a psychologist.

Factually you aren't fat. You are likely underweight if you're a man. If you're a girl I have no idea. But perhaps some slight muscle definition will deter you from the thought of looking fat?
You need a psychiatrist not an internet forum.
get on vyvanse like every other girl in los angeles

no appetite and surges of dopamine win win
My body is toned and tight, I just can't fathom not having a sub20 inch waist, thickness on my thighs, my pelvis horrifies me every day, I hate my wide butt. My torso is rectangular shape so I don't get any curves unless I wear thot gear and people actually see my thighs. I most definitely do have a thigh gap.

But I need to be thinner, I don't feel as I should be.

I will look into this, thanks.

>tfw nice and thin in the morning but look like a fat pig after eating or drinking ANYTHING

I hate the feeling
I purge if i fuck up and eat a big cheat meal to make it look like it didnt happen. I also purge after eating out with friends so im not the only one not eating. Good thing is im down 70 lbs and close to my goal
Yes, this is it, same here! Can't even drink water without feeling filled up. I never put on clothes after eating, I can only eat with the clothes on or not get dressed or go outside at all.

Only way to look less bloated/filled is to get skinnier.
Good job! I hope it doesn't happen too often for you. Have you experienced any side effects from the acid? No right?

Do you drink a lot of water before you purge?
just post a picture
>post a picture
i can't show you a brain scan dork

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