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>/g/ tells me comp sci is a meme
>ignore them because they are always wrong
>do a comp sci course
>realise I fell for the meme
>can't get a job

Why didn't you guys warn me?
Don't get mad at us because you chose to be retarded
>ignore them because they are always wrong
Here is your problem, fag.
>blame others on your own incompetence

But even a stopped clock is right twice a day
but i got a job

you're probably retarded, like most of /g/, or you're going at a non ivy league or non russell group uni
If you have a CS degree from a decent university and you can't get *any* job, you should really get checked for autism
I've said it is a goat hobby but a horrible job for 11 years.
comp sci is a fucking meme but it will get you a job 100%
Thinking about going back for comp sci but everyone I know, which now includes /g/, strongly discourages it. Is it really as worthless as a gender studies degree? What should I go for if I want to stay in tech?
>do CE degree
>get intern job as a student while doing master's
>job is absolute shit I fucked myself over with an expensive contract
>programming as a job is shit in general
>have a test for another job in 3 days
>more programming I'm starting to hate
>one of the professors asking if I work anywhere, hinting and interest for hiring
>more fucking programming, likely webshit
programming as a job is shit desu
Why don't you try to align yourself with more EE stuff then?
honestly I've forgotten all about EE, but I don't even know what kind of job or career options I'm looking at then. Anything specific you had in mind?
My CE degree is really lacking in EE skills, we only had one true EE class and that was intro to EE and electronics.
Should have been an admin.

>Do nothing but use shit that other people made
>Get paid more than them
EEE masters doing internship here.
From your current situation, I'm gussing it's a bit late for some stuff but you can probably go into some electronics or communication stuff, alternatively there is control or signal processing.

There is embedded systems too, which does obviously involve a lot of programming (embedded c/assembly mostly) but at least there is a good emphasis on the hardware understanding which I found pretty fun. You might find it to be a good middle ground.
Another middle ground would be HDL, but I've only touched upon it so I can't give a good rundown yet.

Career options for ee is a bit ridiculous at times because you can end up doing anything. There's just so many places that hire ee or will accept them anyway that my advice is to find a job sector you like and try follow it.
>>can't get a job
get gud, faggot
I graduate in may and have a 6 figure job lines up
4chan is a trollsite
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So should I go into math or comp sci, I've dabbled in HTML and some Python but mathematics is what gets my dick hard besides literature.
>like to learn haskell, conjure or scala

>I need something to pair with my B.S. in writing
pls help

t. /lit/fag
Depends if the clock shows pm or am

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