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Current state of discord right now. Who was it that said cloud centralized services were completely superior again
I usually expect privately served/hosted services to be less reliable. Everyone experiences downtime now and again, though.
>russian server goes online and the whole service goes down within a day
They are pretty good mate. Maybe when you run a company you will see.
Yeah, I dig that, but it's when ALL the service is out like this, you can't just jump into another chat on the service to pass the time...
I can't hear you over the sound of my 99.9% uptime VPS mumble server
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File: shitcord.png (13 KB, 639x96)
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A crock of fucking shit is what it is.
File: 1442293288164.jpg (5 KB, 227x222)
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>russian servers go up
>ours go down
that's what you get for using the millenialcuck's irc
Because IRC servers never go down?
>tfw don't even have friends online

Sometimes at school I see people use features I've never seen or used before like the steam chat or the battle.net chat or fucking discord for that matter and I get jealous everytime ._.
what moonrune language is this
Then use matrix you whiner seriously shut up about your nonfree cancer.
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finnish with a disgusting translation
>One person pays $5/mo to run 500+ people server

>Discord "free servers"
>Multiple people buy nitro for 5/mo because that's the only way to have more than 20 emotes (Which everyone else is fighting about)
The fuck. Who the hell uses game client IRC's outside of gaming. I presume they're on their phones. The could be using a multitude of internet services that're more populated. Any not so specific.
rarely, and when they do you just hop to another server on the network like nothing happened. The vast majority of networks run on mature, stable software, there's never any real issues on major networks.
File: 1478046381374.png (264 KB, 593x540)
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264 KB PNG
>This happened 12 hours after they launched Russian-based servers
Anon I literally lost all my friends out of high school (but I was a dipshit and surrounded myself with stoners) and college buddies use that shit all day and it didn't bother me.

But ofc I also made more friends and met my wife in college so perhaps our situations change there.
and yet, not a single reason to use irc over discord.
some friends you only have in some things, like when I played an mmo, the friends I made there are largely just confined to that game, as we have a common goal. Sometimes they would talk about non game stuff, but largely it was shooting the shit while killing mobs and advancing.

If the client works, why move outside of the client if all you will do is talk to them inside the client?
Don't see the point in discord

especially since teamspeak is still a thing
I want to say most people who migrated over to discord are going there for 2 reasons

1) a very easy chat program with voice that requires no download, no bullshit, and anyone can effortlessly use it.

2) clients like skype in my case, fucked me over hard for no reason made me lose all my friends who I had no contact with outside of skype, and I needed something with both voice and text to replace it because literally go fuck yourself skype
every other program would work for me, but for some reason teamspeak was the only one that refused to work and in the end, was told to format my computer to use it... said fuck that and never bothered again.
File: 1414714200952.jpg (48 KB, 499x499)
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>tfw still chatting on irc

who /comfy/ here?
discord is a jewish botnet only used by degenerate homo SJW millennial jew-puppet /utg/ cucks.

here's hoping it stays down FOREVER
less millennial
less degenerate
less jewish
less cucked
less Molochist
less gay anal guinea homo

kill yourself
die in a bus fire
die in a river
go back to /utg/, you cuck

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