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Does anybody actually use one of the major NFC payment services? I've tried and tried and it seems like they all suck.

>card validation/add process is a pain in the ass
>Apple pay is limited to 8 cards, so I can only add my two debit cards and six of my ten credit cards
>Android pay has less support than Apple Pay
>don't have a Samsung phone so I can't pay at terminals that still use the magswipe
>even when terminals have EMV and the NFC logo, most of the time NFC payment doesn't even fucking work
>even when it does work it isn't any faster or easier to unlock the phone, unlock the mobile wallet, and pick a card, making the whole exercise pointless vs. just taking out a wallet and putting in a card

Anybody else have a different experience from me, at least in the states?
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>my ten credit cards

Also to answer your question, no I have not and have no intention of using them anytime soon
>having more than one credit card

Why do burgers need it?
what's wrong with using cash?
I've used Apple Pay like twice and was surprised how fast it all went through. Never though I'd wish more places would use it, but now I do.

Also, why the fuck do you have 10 fucking credit cards? I have 2 credit cards and a debit card and to me that feels like a lot.
There's no downside if you're responsible. It's funny seeing retards like you constantly bitching about people using credit cards. For one thing they're safer since it's not directly linked to your checking account like a debit card. You don't have to wait for get your own money refunded from fraud purchases. It's a good way to keep your cash a step removed from the process.

And second, as long as you pay off the balance every month, it's no different than a debit card, except you get cash back for spending the exact same amount you would normally spend with cash or a debit card. I save on average 25 dollars a month just by purchasing with my credit card. And I don't pay a cent in interest.

10 credit cards though is admittedly a little obscene.
i only have one card so using my phone would be silly. the card does the transaction in less than a second so it's vastly superior.
in Canada so all terminals must have contactless by law. Apple Pay works great.

also 10 credit cards rofl
Different credit cards have different benefits and more credit cards means a better credit score. I never carry a balance from month to month (e.g. I always pay my bill in full) so I've never been charged interest
I have an 820 FICO score with one debit card and one credit card. There's nothing to make it worth the sheer hassle of managing 10 credit cards.
It's easier to maintain a higher score without flunctuation if you have more accounts. Have one account, get a credit inquiry, lose 10-20 points for 6 months. Have ten and your score might dip a point or two.

It's also because different cards have different benefits.
>one student card from wells fargo (1% cashback never use)
>one 2% cashback cards which is what most of my purchases go on
>two give 5% on rotating categories
>one card gives 5% cashback at any gas station (one is home improvement and wholesale clubs right now, the other is grocery stores and drug stores)
>one gives me 5% cashback on two categories I pick (restaurants and rental cars)
>one is my costco membership
>one gives 3% cashback on groceries
>two are airline credit cards that confer benefits on the airlines

Actually, come to think of it, it's 12, not 10.
>two give bonus points and perks at hotels I stay at (travel often).

The five percent choose your own card originally offered uncapped 5% cashback every quarter and I used it for rental cars and hotels.You got a $25 Visa gift card when you redeemed $100 in cashback too. Between the cashback and the giftcards I was clearing $400 a month in cashback on that card alone. Work reimbursed me for the rental cars and hotels (work travel) and the cashback was mine to keep tax free. That deal only lasted a few months before they capped it to $1,500 in eligible spend per quarter, but it was fun while it lasted.
Easier to swipe, cashback and protections I get on my purchases.

When it works it's pretty fast if you're using the default card, but a lot of the time the reader doesn't work. Also, at least in the iPhone 6, the fingerprint reader has gotten worse over time (or maybe with iOS updates) so it rarely reads my fingerprint on the first attempt anymore.

Lucky. In the US chip processing is dog slow for the most part. The fastest I've seen is at walgreens where it takes about 4 seconds to process a chip-and-signature transaction.
>contact less by law
Step off the weed, sonny boy.

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