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Hey /g/,

Got one of these. What do now?
Seems kinda gimmicky now that I have it.

INB4: VR Porn
>Tried it and it was nice but you end up with a headache that is not worth the nut.
Have you tried playing any games? That's the primary purpose of them, things like VR videos (such as porn) are an after thought.

I got a Rift last weekend but I haven't played many games so far, some of the good ones are pretty expensive for what they are (Rick and Morty, Wilson's Heart) so I want to find ones that I know I'll really enjoy. I suppose I should take advantage of Steam's refund policy and try some out. One of the games I really like that came with the Rift is Robo Recall, if you can get it on the Vive you should definitely check it out.
Friendly reminder that rift is shit. Only the Vive is actually decent
As far as I'm aware the displays in both are very similar (i.e. pretty shitty), the main differences are the controllers and the movement tracking.

I haven't used the Vive controllers but the Rift controllers seem like they're better being more ergonomic with better finger tracking and thumb stick > trackpad. As for tracking the Vive supposedly covers a larger area out of the box where as the Rift requires an extra sensor (or two if you don't buy the controllers), but even with buying that it's still cheaper than the Vive and if you don't have a large play area you save even more money.

I mainly went for the Rift due to it being so much cheaper, but honestly if they were the same price I probably would have still made the same decision.
Get a decent phone and buy a cheap vr headset on eBay
You'll get the experience of be with the utility of a phone

You're buying into a market centered solely around a gimmick
Hence why phones can do it
Vive > Rift for sure. Seated VR is like playing a shitty light gun game vs room-scale which is like playing paintball or lasertag.

OP, if you are getting a headache make sure your retina distance is set right. Google it if you can't figure it out.

>you end up with a headache
I'm pretty sure that's because mist video players don't use SteamVR's IPD measurement, so you have to set it in the player to be comfy
The Rift isn't just for seated stuff now that the touch controllers are out.
Play Arizona Sunshine
Did you just spend 800$ on a vive.
are those handle things to hold my ice cream cones so i don't get my hands dirty while eating ice cream?

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