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Personal/portable music player thread /pmp/

What up /pmp/'s, so we've been having these threads for a while now and I noticed some of you prefer it to be called /dap/ since it's more of a catch-all. Is a vote on this needed or are you guys okay with the name as is?

Useful Guide(s)
• The General /pmp/ Guide has been updated again, thanks to your efforts >>61354899 → → https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/fefcb363
• Converting an iPod video 5G/5.5G to a rockboxed player with an msata SSD and a 3000 mAh battery http://nullvoid.station.moe/Freedom-Hardware/Video5G-Rockbox/
• Third party battery guide
https://www.iflash.xyz/3rd-party-extended-battery-guide/Guide for iPod 6G/7G needs adding/making
• Rockbox 3.14 released, significant battery increase compared to 3.13. The battery increase was from the cpu scaling patches, which has been available on dev builds for a (long) while.
• Reminder to use Rockbox DEV builds when available.
• Use the SonyNWDestTool to remove the volume limiter/warnings on most of the Walkman series
• Please keep taking nice pics of your /pmp/'s so that they can be used as OP pics, I'm going through them in order of posting so yours will come up eventually.

I'm an idiot, so I can't really bring you any news. Sorry.

Previous thread >>61379454
>inb4 thread dies with 3 replies
Recently got an iPad classic 30gb which has was planning to use as a music player instead of my phone, but then I remembered the conversion and sync bs that you have to go through just to get music in it. Is it even worth using these days?
Just rockbox it and you won't need to use itunes for syncing files
Sup /pmp/. My gf has found her old Walkman and I was wondering what kind of software I can use to access the files on it? She wants to get some of that music.
That's a network walkman with an internal 20GB HDD
You need to use SonicStage for any kind of file transfer
Look up "SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate", it's a modified SS that should support modern systems, but I'd recommend using a Windows XP VM
Thanks anon. I'll check it out.
>tfw no Rockbox for xduoo x2
Im am in no means an apple fan, but I loved that little guy, was the perfect form factor imo, especially at the gym. Id wear it on my wrist and just run the headphone cord through my shirt.
File: irghxh.jpg (1.94 MB, 2000x1500)
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1.94 MB JPG
it's been through hell and back, and it has much more on it than it does in this pic...
but it's mine, and you can have it only when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
Is worth upgrading for a ruizu x02 to any other chink player?
Any news about the Walnut v3?
Does anybody else have a sort of nostalgia for the ipod classics? I just ordered a Classic 4th Gen off ebay (with an intent to install Rockbox), and even though the device itself sucks by today's standards, there's something about the design of it that I love and can't let go. Thoughts?
You ain't me, watch this
(I hope to capitalize well the sekrit sauce this time)
If I'm planning on buying a pmp, should I preferably look at a list of devices that have rockbox support?
If you need it
I dunno
I love tinkering with shit so something like rockbox support on a PMP would be great
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Thank God these are back. /csg/ is no substitute.
>Fiio Situation
>Bought a Fiio X1 2nd gen off Aliexpress
>Hasn't shipped in 3 days
>7 days until order is canceled
>6-13 day shipping time once it's shipped
>Move back out for college in 16 days
>Got on the line with customer support rep last night
>Rep says it shipped already, but they don't have a tracking number
>Smells fishy
Why would they not get a tracking number? I've never ordered anything on Aliexpress that shipped without the tracking number.
To add insult to injury, I bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a MicroSD card, and the leather case the same day from Amazon. All of them came in.
I'm fine with the current name because it fends off the truly autistic audiophiles on this board, but "portable media player" implies that our Clip+'s are able to watch movies and TV shows. /dap/ also describes what we're talking about much more accurately, and people who recognize /dap/ and not /pmp/ can result in increased posting, so these threads won't die after less than 20 posts.
I personally would've gone with /dap/ from the beginning, but now I kinda like /pmp/, I dunno.
The real question is who doesn't. Apple ran a great marketing campaign, and now you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't at least remember the iPod classic being cool before the iPhone came out.
Plus, they're just fun to use. Sliding the little wheel around and listening to the clicks is sublime.
Plus, it just brings you back to the early 2000's. I liked the early 2000's a hell of a lot more than I like the late 2010's.
Not necessary
Rockbox is fun though
And if you're a music dork you'll want it
I still own a green one. And the newer with the tiny screen
If I wanted a pmp with rockbox support, what would you recommend?
The Clip+ is the ultimate choice all day every day, but good luck finding one cheaper than $50.
I'd go with an iPod Classic or a Clip Zip, I guess.
Welcom th the 4th gen classic /pmp/ club. Now get a new battery.
Anyone here use a smartphone as their PMP?
One with good audio like an LG V20 or an Axon 7
Is the clip sport worth getting over a clip+ or zip?
If I manage to make another thread with proper news without being NINJD by some imposter i will name it /dap/

Avoid the Clip Sport like AIDS since it won't get a Rockbox port anytime soon (or more precisely never) due to the chipset
My old Sansa E240 with Rockbox is reaching the end of its life. Are there other options I should be considering other than an old iPod that I would put Rockbox on (since the Sansa Clip/Clip+ costs about the same now)? Are Zunes worth considering at all vs the iPod? They seem to cost about the same. Do the newer decent Chinese players support Vorbis?
>One with good audio like an LG V20 or an Axon 7
I use LG G4. It's internal audio isn't really good, but I use an external DAC over USB. The drawback is that the shitty battery life is now even worse, and you can't even use a powerbank to charge it without a special otg adapter that has yet to arrive to me from china. I've ordered an extended battery (10Ah) for it, so I supposedly will be able to reach 7-8h SoT. I don't mind the bulkyness, but if that's a problem to you then I think you're better of with a dedicated DAP.
Or use something like Amarok if you're on Linux, works wonders

I have a grayscale but I don't care for rockbox on it very much
Can a rockboxed iPod be mounted on android via otg? It sees it and USB hid controls work, but it won't mount it. Is there something I need to toggle or is it just not gonna happen?
Anyone seen the X7ii announcement?
It looks the exact same as the X5iii. Makes me wonder what Fiio's lineup is going to end up being. The M3 is already the budget model, the X1 seems to be the physical controls / touch wheel model, and the X5 and X7 are kind of the same thing?
And where does that leave the X3? Is that going to end up staying the same? Lots of questions now.
If I'm not mistaken they just announced a new X3. It's the cheapest dap with 2.5 Balanced out.

i bought a X3 gen 2 about 10 days ago...

though if the gen 3 has bluetooth/wifi/radio/etc. i'm gonna keep the gen 2.
where do y'all nigs get FLACs
I'm a pretty big torrenting normie. I never joined what.cd and I never tried joining its successors.
I get most of my music from SoulseekQt now. There's like a 60% chance that someone has the album I'm looking for in flac, but then again I like weird music.
>Also, flac is a fucking meme
It's simple really
Mid range
High end
Top of line
>Fiio Update
>Aliexpress order updated to "Awaiting Delivery"
>Package information page says the Fiio X1 was shipped at 8:43 AM China time
>Hasn't left the initial Chinese post office
Well, I don't believe for a moment that it was actually shipped on the 14th like that customer support rep said, but as long as it gets in during the 6-13 day delivery window, it's definitely getting in before I move back out. A few days early, too.
We're back in business, boys. Pretty photos await.
File: peter parker.jpg (225 KB, 1193x1200)
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>rly makes u think

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