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Work gave me an iPhone.
4gb per month data limit

Can't root it because Citrix.
What should I do with it?
What must have apps do I need?

I've been finding using this thing very awkward. It's literally so my team can reach me.
First thing is to take off that stupid fucking condom. What's awkward about it? If you use it for text + phone + web browsing, it's great with top notch user experience. Autocorrect is miles ahead of Android. If you want to tinker or ssh into something, go use your Android phone.
>I've been finding using this thing very awkward.
why is that?
>rooting a iDevice
Please visit www.apple.com or search a nearby Apple store to get help from one of our Geniuses.
In case of 3rd party solutions we will abduct you to a black market where you will get your kidneys removed and your face stuck to some guys defecing organ pretending to be a centipede.
You have read our terms and agree to every command we tell you and you wil need to convert into a faggot*

*For selected regions it wil be preinstalled by your carrier, visit apple.com/selected for more information.
3 years ago, I had a Samsung phone and work gave me iphone. I ended up carrying both for a while but then I just diteched Samsung and never looked back. iphone is vastly superior.
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Leave it alone you dumb faggot. That phone is for work not shitposting. Also you're renting it they didn't just give you it. So guess what, if you try to root it and get rid of the corporate spyware, they'll charge you full price for the phone. Just use your old phone for everything else
That's a cool ass cake
File: 1489402662352.png (335 KB, 995x872)
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335 KB PNG
>That phone is for work
>call quality worse than $50 dumb phones

iPhones are fucking shit. My boss fell for the meme and got us all switched to them two years ago and we dealt with non-stop problem after problem after problem. Horrible battery life, dropped calls, bent phones from normal use, infuriating lag after a year, etc. When the contract finally ended we couldn't get rid of that fucking trash soon enough.
>Doing anything with your work phone but work related things
Kill yourself my man.
File: 1490068131802.png (302 KB, 636x743)
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>try to use iphone for work
>It Just Drops Calls :^)

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