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What mobile browser does /g/ use on her mobile phone/smart phone?

I use Naked Browser Pro and recently started using Via Browser
Did you pay for it or did you get a APK somewhere? Asking because i want to try the app but dont want to actually buy it.
i use fennec with umatrix+uBO+decentraleyes+leanurl

what android app you used to make pic related?
Lightning Browser
Firefox + Firefox Focus
Brave. Tried Via, Naked and a bunch of others but Brave wins it in terms of usability. Adblock isn't flawless, but more than good enough.
When are the devs of brave gonna stop shilling their meme browser in /g/? we dont want your advertising scheme meme of a browser, fuck off already
Enjoy your (((telemetry)))

Why don't you just use Firefox Klar (Focus without the spyware)
Opera is the best mobile browser for phones with no root. The adblocker works amazing and it's easy on the battery.

And no, DNS blocking isn't same like opera's adblocker.
Klar = Focus. You can disable data collection with the press of a button on Focus. Klar just disables it by default which is the only difference between the browsers.
Stop trying to sound smart when you obviously aren't.
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Klar=Focus without the spyware

Why would I want my browser sending back all this data to a private analytics company?
There's a free version and the only difference is that you can't set images not to load only when on wifi.

Via Browser is nice too..

I use Firefox and hate it. I love the design of Chrome but Google. >.>
Other opinion = shill. Got it.
dumb phoneposter

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