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Which one of you fascist faggots at Google locked me out of my account? And I know it was you (the entire website) because that account had all my sensitive information on it AND my work that would come to expose ALL OF YOU. I KNOW I did nothing wrong and did NOTHING to provoke the system from telling me that I need to verify that it's really me logging in. I KNOW THE ACCOUNT BELONGS TO ME. The ONLY explanation is that one of you Nazis who works at Google or has ties to it made sure to hack into my account and make sure I can never finish my life's work. It's only going to make me more and more depressed than I already am, and the people at the top I bet are laughing their asses off at me. It's all the same with you.

Now I know for certain that there is a conspiracy and I'm in your sights.
It doesn't though, it belongs to Google, they're just letting you use it
checked and did you forget to take your meds today?
>didn't have local versions of cloud backups
It was me, I laughed as I did it.
Give it back Jamal

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