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File: cee-ess-gee.png (490 KB, 900x677)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

I don't have time for this, sorry chinkies

Previous thread >>65172822
Recommend me a chink sunglasses brand
durable chink headphones under 30 bucks (post-sale)
bluedio t4s or edifier w800bt?

mic would be nice, does bluedio have it?

also speakers for computer?
File: dark knight.jpg (779 KB, 2886x1836)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
My new bicycle light came in!

>The Dark Knight
He's a big guy. I was surprised how heavy it was, over a pound, the batteries are built in this one. It has a claimed 7000 lumens. I'll test it tomorrow morning.
will phones go on sale as well? when does the sale start?
also, does it make a difference what warehouse i choose?
PCI-e adapter for everything

well, it's no wonder /csg/ was almost dead some days ago:
you fags are really lazy, are used to being spoonfed and aren't able to make new threads by yourself. you don't even thank the OPs for being so dedicated (I'm talking about RegularOP and other regular ops...). you simply wait for someone to make a new thread to start posting, and if there isn't one, you just don't care.
File: dong.jpg (153 KB, 1000x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
fuck cuuuuunt i was about to make a thread
whatever here's your
• Anon got some sunglasses but only one of the lenses is polarized >>65173058
• Anon got some thingos >>65176787 >>65176796
• Anon takes the most jpg picture ever seen, and gets a "fake phone" >>65176791
• Audiobudget is a confirmed idiot, and his graphs and impressions shouldn't always be trusted >>65177385
• bencil >>65177571
• Anon got some iems >>65179431
• Anon got a custom mousepad but the manufacturer fucks it up >>65179897 >>65180159
• PSA about the cheap chinese deathadders >>65180198
• Anon got some earphones and a amazfit bip >>65180354
• Anon likes his chuwi hi10 pro >>65180678
• Anon got an INFLATABLE DONG >>65181905
• Anon got a safety razor >>65182295
• Anons suffer >>65186033 >>65189314
• Anon plays watch dogs >>65190305
• Anon plays a dirty old trick >>65192057
• taco bell >>65192641
• Gabe expands to new horizons >>65193922
>you fags are really lazy
Says a lot about us really. Maybe if we weren't so lazy we'd be able to afford a kraut shit or spaghetti shit general.
Is there any good cheap e-reader?
This is the only reason I ever bother posting my purchases.
File: -17406554555614878.jpg (205 KB, 750x750)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Got my chink TRX yesterday. Seems really well made, about as nice as the ones at my gym.
Link? This is for body weight exercises right?
Eiaosi X6
Yes for bodyweight exercise, theres a lot of different options i got the p2 in olive green
http://s.aliexpress.com/iaaQjI7R?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
>order item on 15th Feb
>No tracking info
>It says 59 days until order is closed
>Has done since I ordered

What should I do here?
What happened to Comfy Reviews?
>12. Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking,
The more important question is, who cares?
well, a few things: do we all benefit (more or less equally)? do we want to trade links?
re: spam. we could link to lists of stuff we want, and then share that here, or simply use some other website that would allow us to share links without annoying other people

well, ok then..
Fred alert!
Got my Xiaomi Mi A1 with Nillkin case and a 2.5D tempered glass cover (as well as a Mixza class 10 microSD)

holy shit this phone is dope, i didnt even pay customs on it, it feels incredibly premium and snappy (at least for someone stuck with a phone from 2013)

I especially love the IR blaster for my LED lighting, but really the rest of the phone is good too, if you got any questions fire away
File: oeh.jpg (1.31 MB, 1664x1248)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Neewer 3U and boom arm arrived in 5 days...
Here's where I'd be happy - if microsoft wasn't such a piece of shit.

The Mic itself is great and it sounds amazing for something this cheap, but only in an OS that has a proper driver/kmod/whatchumacallit. Window 8+ have a horrible generic usb microphone driver that makes any plug and play usb mic super quiet. There are tons of topics about this on the internet and microsoft's support. No fix other than revert to windows 7.

Returning the microphone tomorrow.

inb4 >install gentoo
I have multiple directshow devices that have no or super limited support on *nix systems so I'm stuck with windows.
>>65194815 Don't make threads if you're not going to bother with the news >>65194808 let others take care of things if you're too much of a lazy bum
Ya know I would consider these messages from the sellers cute if chinks didnt chink people so much.
Who the fuck is this?
File: sg3_L.png (107 KB, 920x930)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
what are some top dingus chinese ebook readers son?? thx James
File: based AliExpress.jpg (167 KB, 1305x541)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>Open Ali app
>Get this for just opening


It's selfish, (almost) exactly like an affiliate. I give my "friend(s)" a code and if/when they buy the item I refer I get a discount on that same item.

They pay full price while I get a discount on my inevitable purchase. It's not clear on whether that link can be referred by the friend but I don't think you can go to the item site and click (share to friend); The instructions say that you first have to go a section of the app and share based on what is in that section.

The last part is to ensure that it stays fun, I assume, and allows Ali to load some stuff that doesn't sell. Also prevents/lessens spamming. Imagine if I ran a blog and just started randomly sharing mobile affiliate links to questionable items. Two red flags, it's from a mobile link and it is likely to be a weird thing/brand to "talk" about in your blog.
Nice try!
File: yn.jpg (72 KB, 1453x385)
72 KB
GB has this on "sale". I'm in the market for something lightweight that lets me watch movies and shitpost on /v/. Y/N? I don't plan on playing Witcher 3 or mining cryptocurrency.
reason: EMMCs are shit. Even a 5400 hdd is faster.
>Returning the microphone tomorrow.
>Because of Windows 8/10 being trash
what are the top 10 xiaomi products?
>no time for news list
>enough time for safe-chat link copy & paste
What did he mean by this?
Do any good knockoffs of the vibram 5 fingers meme running shoe? $220 dollarydoos seems excessive
File: 20180319135532.jpg (24 KB, 200x165)
24 KB
"All your base are belong to us"

A small collection of chink shit
Is that motorized? Does it do anything?
Dominic Littlewood, short bald twat, but uses his small man syndrome to fight for consumer rights rather than crying he's a manlet.
oh, you know, I have lots of time to dedicate to you, just because you want me to

>It's selfish
well, it could be argued that we do lots of of things in a selfish way, but as long as we cooperate and do not do anything illegal/illegitimate, it's justified. for example, /csg/ itself

>I give my "friend(s)" a code and if/when they buy the item I refer I get a discount on that same item.
>They pay full price while I get a discount on my inevitable purchase
ah, I thought both of you would get the discount...
yeah, this won't work
Yeah it's the Xiaomi mitu robot. Look it up.
Any good bluetooth earbuds for under $30?
Whatever KZ meme you like + their $8 bluetooth adaptor

got a model number for said bluetooth adapter?
link pls
thanks m8
re: IR blaster—what apps do you use it with? I don't have one on my phone but am keeping an eye out for the next one, and would like to set it up with my h/k sound system but does it work? And TV etc? Are you stuck with generic shitty apps that can't do everything or what?
their roomba
their toothbrush
ehh... i'm out
Don't know what the mi a1 uses but my mi5 uses Mi remote and its pretty comprehensive.
Mi A1 uses the same and it works great, but any IR blaster app will work.
Serious question, does it look/make you feel pleb tier? I'm a tight bastard, but not a pleb. The balance is difficult.
>bought a deathadder 2 days ago
>humm... let me give a look at /csg/
>literally a guy saying we shouldn't buy chinks deathadders

fug me
Link please?

Agreed anon. Never clean shave the nethers. A close trim does the job without the danger of ingrown hairs.
File: project-boxes.jpg (855 KB, 3216x2108)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
>>65145173 here
Tracker said my shipment was cancelled, so I disputed and won instantly.

Package arrived today. Turns out my orange pi fits exactly inside.
Ignore him, there's real chink deathadders too
there are apps that literally have thousands of different devices supported, can't remember the name rn
but yeah they work with anything IR, LEDs, TV, whatever other bullshit
I didn't even know it was in the phone until i got it but its pretty cool
File: IMG_20180321_163357857.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x1836)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
I know you guys are no amazon fans, however i just bought this for $25, was wondering if it was a good deal.
H2test and we can all tell you
>inb4 chinked
File: Captur4e.png (10 KB, 390x321)
10 KB
This is gonna take a while
However, 40mb/s doesn't sound bad, considering my 32gb kingston is like 5mb/s
Ah neat, I'll have to give this a good think. I mean, even the official remote has like 50% useless buttons that don't actually change anything...
doesn't it say its usb 3
40mbps sounds like chinking to me
Bye /csg/
Are you plugging it in a USB 3.0 port
Wait 59 days
Considering USB 2.0 generally hits a max of about 30MB/s that's not too bad.
How will this affect me buying reps off of dhgate and taobao?

Guy using JBC tips with a TS100

entertaining vid
It doesn't because US customs don't have the manpower to sieve through the chinkshit
But my 10 years old HDD is the problem here i think
File: 20180206165934_74491.jpg (233 KB, 1000x1000)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
is this new
i got some of them shits in black color. its amazing how smooth the outside pvc walls are, considering its cheap chink shit
File: Captur4e.png (19 KB, 394x324)
19 KB
Quite a while later, but here it is
What are the advertised speeds?
File: 1509190687926.jpg (41 KB, 400x960)
41 KB
You got chinked, this isn't 3.0

Or it's in a 2.0 port.
check if you have it on a usb 3 port, otherwise rip in pepes
File: noooooooo.jpg (13 KB, 597x100)
13 KB
File: 1519311559559.jpg (76 KB, 700x467)
76 KB
What exactly? Screwdrivers which keep the bits inside the handle were definitely a thing for quite a while..

I don't wanna assume him *that* stupid.
I've had my AIO CPU cooler inspected. They opened the package and bent a few fins
File: 808474.jpg (108 KB, 960x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I fixed mine with 3rd party software, had the same problem with my neewer mic but it was windows 10
>package has left the same sorting center three times
Is that what killing bites is?
What's some fun chinkshit I can buy
File: 858924466323765325.jpg (198 KB, 800x800)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Im a regular at my local customs office from picking up huge packages of chinkshit that I know the legal workarounds of how to get to me legally so customs officers cant do anything but waste a bit of my time.
File: Capture2.png (94 KB, 1703x608)
94 KB
Chinked? its a PNY drive.
40 MB/s is > USB 2.0 speeds...
wrong, usb2-hs is 480mbps which is about 60mb/s (a little less due to protocol overhead)
I'm looking to buy a small engraving machine for aluminum. any good chink ones?
It's what chinky bites is.
>wrong, usb2-hs is 480mbps which is about 60mb/s (a little less due to protocol overhead)
in theory. from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB :
>Due to bus access constraints, the effective throughput of the High Speed signaling rate is limited to 280 Mbit/s or 35 MB/s
Is that the kike chink
File: 1519311477100.jpg (87 KB, 552x603)
87 KB

>chinked by burgers
This is the state of "MAGA".
Are Mixza cards any good? Also is this actual size
File: lxk1p47vj8n01.png (695 KB, 1624x884)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
nope, at best you will get a pricey good-enough imitation
Yes and yes
Can someone recommend a good camera for max 35 dollars? I'll need about 2-3 of em to record me from different angles and i'll be pretty much stationary, so i don't need anything extreme. It would be nice if they could be connected to a laptop to transfer all the footage there while recording it. Thank for any help provided.
Looking for a monitor for my laptop, any cheap recommendations?
Where's the battery? Also, sauce please.
cop or not
>taco bell
Come on bro, I clearly said huehue. Let's use the right memes.
Should I order 1000 custom stickers off taobao instead of buying official stickers since shipping is awful?
What are the recommended high quality cable manufacturers on aliexpress and why aren't they listed on the infographic?
If you want to display them: sure
If you want to listen to them: no
Anybody here actually bought Faael headphones? I've been watching them for a few months and want to pull the trigger, bit worried about build quality though.
Post what the quality is like when you get them. I'm curious.
File: s-l1600.jpg (63 KB, 800x800)
63 KB
What's the interface like with this?
Will the drives just come up as individual drives on the computer?

File: shutterstock_133871897[1].jpg (1.24 MB, 5000x5000)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Any good chink LED bulbs? Some that actually deliver good lumens per watt, don't flicker, don't cause a house fire...?

I have one 12W COB LED bulb off Ebay and it's kind of underwhelming. It's bright maybe as a 40W incandescent instead of the 60W it replaced.
Yeah, less than a dollar each, feel pretty decent.
File: gb.png (24 KB, 820x196)
24 KB
My phone's basically dead so I figured I'd get one fast enough from gearbest since they have EU warehouses. But when I choose any of them I guess the seller's different or something? Does it matter at all?
File: 20180322_014412.jpg (463 KB, 2820x2096)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
This thing is pure sex
How to get quality batteries from Aliexpress? I'm looking for phone/laptop replacements. Is price correlated with quality usually? How to find out the manufacturing standards?
No, just get last-gen brand name bulbs for like 50 cents each when they go on sale.

Last year i did up every bulb apartment with 5-12w Philips led bulbs for a total of about $8
afaik cause I didn't look much, there's only one mobile phones seller.
just choose the warehouse that's in your country or whatever is cheaper
gw4 for example is pooland

are these things accurate for heart rate monitoring?
God fucking damnit, ali.
There's some fuckhuge sale coming up in several days and all the prices are jacked up only to be heavily discounted back to normal when it starts.
I can't buy anything at normal price for the next week.
Why the fuck is this still allowed?

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