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Why doesn't anyone make a thin 7" or 8" tablet with a high resolution IPS screen? I just got a Samsung S3 9.7", and it's a little too big.
I should've specified ANDROID tablet. The iPad mini exists, but it's way too expensive for something I'm going to use to shitpost while pooping.
Bump. I need to buy some shit dudes.
Just use your phone. VR + bluetooth VR remote is another implementation you should look into
File: zeepad7.jpg (64 KB, 1000x1000)
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does it really need to be high res? it's something your on the shitter with.

Pic related, I have one of these lil doohickey's. "Zeepad" 7, runs Kit Kat, 1280x800, 4GB internal storage, etc. Works great for watching videos or literal shit posting while shitting.
Can tablets be thick? If anything you'd think keeping it on your bed while sleeping would be more dangerous if it were thin. I don't see how specifically pursuing this is respectful to oneself at all.
>1280x800, 4GB internal storage
Like 4GB in total storage? The OS will occupy like half that. My tablet is 16GB and I'm feeling the burn. You have to realize that as you opt for bigger storage, it's just freedom on top of mandatory stuff like the OS; it's not like the OS will be installed twice if you have more storage. There are diminishing returns quickly for casual users, but with Girls Frontline being like 4gigs, I had to delete my entire porn folder just to make room for it. At 32GB you can be really sloppy and not give a fuck casually unless an app is just eating storage without going down, so your only recourse is deleting app data (looking at you, Asti Media Player, though it was eventually pulled from the play store for whatever reason).

Anyway I just greentexted the res cause my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the same and it can't play shit. Iwara videos stutter unless in quality, and Girls Frontline is just unplayable on this thing. You might think it means lower specs can deliver to satisfaction at that res but they just might not, and you'll feel fucked.
Samsung Galaxy S 8" or S2 8" meet your requirements. Both are still capable devices with great screens, and wafer thin.
Isn't the tab s2 or s1 what you want then? At the time's top hardware, decent battery and the 2.5k screens.
Phone screen's a little small after being spoiled with that BBW 10"

I bought a Fire tablet, and the resolution is just painful to look at. So, yeah.

The Tab S3 is pretty thin. The Fire tablet feels like a kid's toy next to it.

I have no idea why the S2's still cost so damn much. It's 3 year old tech. I can't justify spending that much on something that old.
I wish for this too.
I still use my ancient Shamsung Note 10 with Android 4 on it every day. I even program on it.

I did a basic look for a potential replacement, but so far the kinds of features I see don't particularly sound appealing to me.
All I really care about is at the least having support for multi-window since I'm not a phone-babby that does one task at a time, I actually do shit.
Decent amount of RAM. Memory card slot.

I will find one some day.
If not, I'll make my fucking own one.
I don't care about thickness, I have a case that makes my tablets overall thickness 7x wider, couldn't give a single shit.
Get the best one-board, a nice touchscreen or re-purpose my Samsung screen, reverse engineer the screen, will have actual USB ports, can add wireless internet, can add fucking phone connection if I even wanted to.
Actually fuck it, fuck buying a new tablet, this is my new project for the rest of the year.
>Like 4GB in total storage? The OS will occupy like half that.

Yeah, 4GB internal storage but I have a 16GB microSD in it so there's that. I prolly shoulda mentioned that part.
OP here. I'd buy that.
What about the chink tabs?
Ifive exists though
Sony xperia tablet compact? 8in with 1920x1200 screen thin as fuck. Like the gs7 is thicker.
File: IMAG0664.jpg (2.24 MB, 5376x3752)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Should add, it's half the width of the og nexus 7.
Pic very much related.

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