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I'm currently on Windows 8.1 embedded and I'm thinking about "upgrading" to Windows 10 LTSB and I'm wondering if it's worth it. Seemingly Windows 8.1 and 10 have the same under the hood improvements, so is there any real difference in day to day use?

Just do it. I'm using LTSB, it's nice.

I don't think I can come up with a good reason right now but just do it.

It's an upgrade, at least.
should I debloat the ISO even more with something like NTLite or is it not worth it?

I did that shit the first time around. The whole MSMG thing too. Everything ends up breaking with every update and it becomes pretty ugly.

From my experience, I would just stick with LTSB, it's already really bare. If there is stuff to remove it's not worth the trouble at that point.
okay. There's just some xbox related shit that comes with windows 10 ltsb, even though the actual application isn't bundled with it.

I've never heard that of it or seen it on my build. I don't see any Xbox related processes or services. If it bothers you go for it and remove it but it doesn't seem like its running on my system at all so I don't really care.

Also, if it is tucked away on the LTSB build, chances are that it'll be added back next update if you remove it.

You sound pretty convinced but it seriously is the best windows experience I've had in a long time. I don't like the whole metro tiles in windows 8. Start menu is back on windows 10 and search is pretty good. Personally, Windows has really taken a turn for the worse recently. I helped my mom buy a laptop and holy is it cancer by defualt. Fucking candy crush installed by default on the computer. Try to uninstall it? it's back next restart. Some real cancer. LTSB is perfect, get all the next shit without any of the cancer.
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I also really like my setup. I just hit the windows key and type a few letters anytime I want something. Pretty fast, I like the look a lot too.

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