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File: 1510865562557.jpg (6 KB, 190x190)
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This dude.
>started this week
>has put in multiple support tickets asking to have pale meme and f.lux installed on his working station
>put one in today asking for help configuring uMatrix
>sperges out hard when he saw me plugging in a vga cable while setting up his workstation
>brags about his plans for switching to gnu/linux when W7 support ends
>makes inane comments about the younger generation knowing nothing about tech, despite not being able to figure out how to run meme browsers without admin rights
>makes poorlt informed attempts at "debugging" in-house developed software
>works in the warehouse and is for removed from tech it bottles the mind the things he asked
>mumbled something about knowing some COBOL when I asked if he was interested in I.T. work

Which one of you faggots left the basement and left your neetbux behind. Memes are so tiresome in real life.
File: index.jpg (5 KB, 276x183)
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The memes exsist for a reason dude, sorry you've got one of "those" people in your office.

We got one, but he was shit canned in a month. In that month though he fucked up so many support ticket despite being overqualified on paper for the job. I remember him taking much longer to work tickets then any other new guy because he brought in his meme 50% keyboard, so typing shit took way longer for him then even the girls we hired who had no fucking computer experience...
could be me, but i dont pay enough attention to my actions to know
Sounds more like /v/ if he was using flux and wangblows.
File: images__3_~2.jpg (11 KB, 251x179)
11 KB
Sounds like a total bro. I'd love to make friends with this guy and talk about obscure internet browsers
4chan related work thread?

>work in tech building that has an ewaste service
>old people bring me their junk to recycle but sometimes a decent laptop or something comes my way and I can rip HDD or Ram occasionally
>get one today and bring it home to wipe it but notice its full
>fuck it
>snoop around and its full of reaction images and folders for memes
>a single folder on the desktop titled "important stuff" with only 4 pictures of nudes of some fat girl
>/a/, /b/, /lit/, /tv/, /g/ and /hr/ folders
>4 different free antivirus programs and 2 different flavors of CCleaner

Fucking disgusting
does he look like the lanky goggle-eyed freak in your picture
You just can't handle that a tech savant has entered the fray. You're afraid you won't get a promotion for a while because this guy is going to get priority.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he brought in a mech keyboard too.
He's a nice enough guy, but these are the people who create problems trying to fix problems they or other employees encounter on their own despite not having a clue what they're doing.
should've torched it
a girl I worked with today had f.lux installed
didn't realize that was the program that was causing a red tint on the screen.

thanks anon for closing that loop for me today.
Sry it was me. Btw I peed in your coffee while you weren't looking
Nah, he looks like that neckbeard from /tech/ that just got sentenced in Charlottesville.
You're probably right. Once he starts deploying rainmeter and deviantart wallpapers en masse, I'm screwed.
Check out Red Shift or Red Moom (android) if you want the same funftionality with free software.
How do you run meme browsers without admin rights, by the way?
You can run the executable for most browsers from local storage without actually installing them.
running is not the same as installing
the browsers always run in userspace, in fact, each browser tab is a container inside userspace these days.
Thanks. That's what I figured. But I was recently caught flat footed after taking my last job.

>be me, take new job as db admin.
>I'm admin inside terminal environment, have no actual rights on the computer itself.
>first day I start writing scripts and trying to install my favorite utility apps.
>double click the exe and nothing happens. huh, weird. I'll figure that out later.
>IT guys comes up to me.
>"What in the hell are you doing? I just got 7 notifications on <security software> that an unknown program tried to run on your machine! What's going on?"
>Oh. I'm so used to having god rights on the machine, I didn't stop think that I might not have them.
>goes onto a thai basket weaving imageboard
>posts thumbnails

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