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why is there only 1 chinese program that can play these fucking things
because the only people buying bluray discs are;
- people who apparently don't have a computer
- people who are ripping them to put on the internet
Other programs can't play them?. What about Powerdvd, Windvd? Zoom player?.

I don't have a blu-ray drive but really did think multiple programs could play them back. There are many programs that actually advertise blu-ray disc playback.

>inb4 they MEANT unencrypted bluray playback
>06511Other programs can't play them?. What ab

nevermind Zoom player, just checked it out and they say they only play unencrypted folders.

What about http://www.leawo.org/blu-ray-player/ though.
they meant unencrypted bluray playback
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the Leawo player http://www.leawo.org/blu-ray-player/ says it can play back discs

yeah that's the one I was referencing in the OP, it's literally the only one that worked for all the disks I tested. It's also 10x slower than my ps4 (which is understandable, since bluray playback is a big feature).
Generally the impression I got from leawo is that it would be really nice if there was something else that actually worked and was less clunky.

What about Powerdvd and Windvd?
I tried the setup described here: https://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/ plus makemkv, and leawo
makemkv ripped all but 2 of the disks
leawo played them all back (with horrible clunkyness)

No I'm saying though, why not install Powerdvd or Windvd and use it to playback bluray movies?.
Is it botnet?
from the specs on aacs I've read, they all 'phone home' in order to communicate their 'device keys'. So they're all a botnet, also why you probably won't want to use a cracked version of proprietary players. And i'm not going to buy one for 50 or 80 dollars.
PS4 can't play BD's though.

ok so seems like you really do know what's going on so you came here for LITERALLY the answer to the question you posted which was...

>why is there only 1 chinese program that can play these fucking things

I don't know how to answer this and just warning you dumb fucks on /g/ probably don't have the real answer to that question either. You probably want to email Sony CEO or something and it most likely has something to do with licensing issues.
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>Hello sir is this ceo sony?

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