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What is the best, safest and most effienct way to back up your computer?
My brother and father still use tape drives. I have a desk top and two laptops. I have a few 64 gig thumb drives but feel they are not enough quality to really keep and continue to overwrite past backups for current ones. I've had issues with western digital and seagate in the past.
I don’t do anything important so no need for backups
External HDD's are cheap and plentiful.
Just get a 1tb / 2tb external HDD and backup your shit there.
You can also select the most important stuff you have and upload to a cloud service like google drive (ENCRYPT IT WITH DECENT ENCRYPTION BEFORE UPLOADING!) if you have a decent internet connection.
I've never felt safe with cloud stuff, in the past I used it but after all the data hacks I just don't want to do that anymore. In the past I've just downloaded my documents, pictures and some data that I need to have backed up.
Any brands that you suggest? Like I said I've had issues before but not sure if I'm just buying shit or what.
I don't know. I have an old af 500GB samsung HDD that is still working, and a WD 1tb elements HDD that is ~6 months old and working fine.
However, this is a sample size of one, so pretty worthless.
If you live in a developed country (I don't) I'd just recommend buying a couple known decent external HDDs and backing up to both of them. You can do it with rsync if you want to automate it.
like rsync your home directory to /dev/sdb1 and rsync /dev/sdb1 to /dev/sdc1, or whatever.
Since 1tb drives are so cheap in the US in general, if your data is important there's not reason not to buy a couple just for good measure.
Also I'm quite a bit paranoid so I personally use veracrypt containers to hold my backups.
pros: if someone breaks in and steals them they don't get access to my hentai
cons: if the HDD fails it's generally impossible to recover anything from an encrypted container
the cloud :)
I've never used encrypted. If it fails your fucked?
Pretty much. I mean as far as I know you loose at least one block of data if a bit is corrupted. Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to help on this.
But generally it's gonna be much harder to recover data from an encrypted hard disk.
On the other hand, if you have to pay data recovery services you're already paying tons of money, so having a backup of your backup is smart.
The chances of one HDD failing are modest but realistic, the odds of two HDDs that are used only for backups failing at the same time is almost null.
So if one fails after one or two years you can just buy a new one and rsync the data from the working HDD, having two redundant backups again.
Also if someone getting physical access to your shit is not a concern, might as well have plaintext backups.
computer powered or plug in?

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