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How do I find designers who are good at game UI designs? I need some UI and design work done for my games but a studio is too high budget for me.
I'm interested and since I could use it for practice I won't charge you that much, email me at axtaresdesign@gmail.com
Also It could be hard to find cheap designers for UI since games takes a lot time, artistic skill and creativity to make, is rather unusual to find one single designer who can take up an entire game project alone but you could try at sites like deviantart, 99designs, freelancer.com, upwork, behance.
Sorry didn't saw you msg before, I just replied.
Your stuff you posted is nice, are you self taught?
>actually telling other people to use shitholes like 99designs

I legit don't know how any designer puts up with such draconian practices. You are selling yourself to the lowest bidder for the highest possible amount of work. I know you're trying to help the dude out but even a craigslist ad would be more beneficial than that "best of the worst" filthpit.
Where can I go? I really need someone...

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