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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: Sin título-2.png (74 KB, 1920x1080)
74 KB
Hello \gd\ I would like to know your opinion on wich one looks better.
I like the first one
File: nah.png (31 KB, 812x1016)
31 KB
First one is good.Maybe try different font for team?
preferiro derecho
One is better?
I don't get it, One has team and one doesn't? It's hard to say which one is better. Do you need it to say team?

Also, in "Team" the T and E have too much space between them
I'm reading y'all people, keep.the feedback going please
Maybe the word "team" can be the same font as "wet sand".
I think the second one would be better if you just took the symbol and banner and lowered them to the middle of the square. the first one is too busy but if you really need it to say team then change the font to something less loopy but still antique feeling
Get rid of the gay font on team and it should be fine.
first but with another font on team
The second one is too boring/technical/inanimate compared to the first.
So the first looks better, but you are still not there. IMO.
File: 6586879.png (32 KB, 750x850)
32 KB
fixed for OP
Too fragmented, looks like shit.
I'd love to see you do better
I'd love to see you pay me to do your emblem for you.

/wsr/ and I might do you a solid by fixing your fucked shit.
Is the star of David intentional?
Is it a mud themed Jewish baseball team?

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