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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: kdsgjksdfjksgfjsg.png (388 KB, 735x720)
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>small graphic designer, just fuck around in spare time
>never had any media oriented job before
>screw around modding textures for a browser game you come across
>community is full of middle schoolers, game is fine in general though
>main dev takes notice to your work
>says he will pay you to make textures for the game on your spare time

Would you take the opportunity? If so, would you talk to the community at all even with the immaturity?
an opportunity is an opportunity. do whatcha want
Seems like a waste of time to me but it depends on some things like at what stage you are if you need/want some practice then go ahead, sometimes there's a few rich kids that pay really well for quick jobs but imho is better to focus on your portfolio as soon as posible and once you have some really great pieces you will get more confidence and you can start charging the big bucks, one single job from a decent client will overtake 20 gigs from random kids or cheap clients.
Be a rookie, but be professional at the same time. Search for some references and focus in the graphic style of the game, you'll be fine.

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