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File: poster_1613181646664.jpg (100 KB, 700x1000)
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Sakusei Byoutou translation when?

Also, while I'm at it Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai? translation when?

But disdainful nurse rates higher.
The translation is already out on nya.

Guys this series is literately my 1# fetish, Femdom, dismissive, emotionless sex, the cold angry stare, the insults, the way they speak to him, because they only do their job and don't care about him anymore then that. i could never find in any other doujinshi, anime, medium that comes close to this

The woman in this series barely blush when they put a dick inside them or when they have sex or do stupid amount of ahegao face and fake persona to appease the (viewer) who watch them have sex.

The cold heartless angry stare every time you request to be relieved by her, instead of the usual "oh you want me to make you feel good ara ara".

I mean the kid got so scared after getting an angry blowjob, he actually delayed it as much as possible before calling her up again because he has to.

Every time she has to relieve the guy she gets really angry/annoyed/pissed off and its just a nuisance to get him off again because she sees him as a bother which really makes my heart beat fast, the tongue clicks, the glare, the way she cleans up after making him cum and throws away her gloves sullied by cum and the condom in the bin with tissues drenched in his cum.

Also the fact she only gave him 1 blowjob but she immediately regretted it and never gave him one again, little details like that. i also liked a lot of the anime extra's they put in, such as when she pulls his pants down and his dick comes against her face smeared with his precum but she just doesn't say anything and keeps doing her job.

I'm afraid there is nothing like this series out there and i would give up my life savings just to have more of this type of fetish, the facial expressions and the attitude woman have, can't find it anywhere else and if i do it usually doesn't last long before they turn into bitches.

Go watch the anime and i hope they adept the whole series <3 i read the source material few years back.
Can you link me? I'm retarded
not >>6199661
Thanks bud
Does anybody have the visual novel? I've looked for it everywhere.

Check nyaa

wrong link bro
Thanks m8. I didn't think to search in moon runes.
>Also, while I'm at it Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai? translation when?
this when
Thanks Satan
if SC will tl then maybe tomorrow since they released one today
File: 立花0.png (128 KB, 227x271)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I liked this image set for similar reason. Hard to find real emotionless sex without "mind control". Usually sticking to the more neutral territory, perhaps a little on the nicer side. Not typically into femdom tho. Suffering and pegging itself bothers me. this is an exception because of the story and world.
Also add on the reason she act this way is because the hospital is shit hole filled with psychos nurses and upper management are no better. On top of getting jobbed hard she already has a bf, so this is 100% job and disgust that she had to jerk of to a weirdo kid. Oddly the mc despite being a wuss and apologetic still pushing the limit for sex so its fun to see him suffer from reality.
Unironically the nurse is right about being the most sane and fair nurse in the hospital. Slowly you get to know other nurses and the managements, the higher up the more satanic, twisted and unstable they are. Like you said you can easily see the dynamics between these people.
Then the main story slowly unfolds so are the fate of these people.
The series seems to took off with both game and vids, and novel???.
I'm not gonna ask how you managed to find this several years back.
I totally agree with everything you've said.

Honestly i like the fact that tachibana was relatively sane because the other nurses are a bit too much when it comes to how they treat the mc.

Also indeed fun to see the mc try to get the nurse to do more for him even though that makes her even more pissed off and sees him as a piece of garbage <3.

Also for how i found the series, i just used the tags femdom emotionless sex in panda a few years back and found it. Loved it ever since.

Tachibana is 100% my favorite of the nurses and would love to see more of her in similar stories.

Well developed character, doesn't lust for the main character, doesn't become a hyper slut despite the amount of times she has sex with him unlike 99% of the shit out there.

there is NOTHING that is similar to her and I've read/watched a shit ton of doujinshi/hentai but there is nothing like her.

She even says
"A working adult who's fussy about every single thing won't get anywhere in life"

That says a lot about her work attitude she always stays composed and professional.

I guess most people here just like hentai girls that become hyper sluts after inserting a dick once in them. I mean this series is more catered towards masochists/submissive men.
Crossover between series are probably not gonna happen. I am not sure if he is going to make an additional volume if certain character keep getting attention.
Dude is having some trouble and getting help as well. From what I pieces together, he used hair style asset made for non-H thus has to pull old series out of the shelf and redrew (including the hospital). As he is posting to hiring additional helper the hiring site's rule also said no H jobs so got taken down again. Luckily some commercial company had interests and lend him some help.
Well I have been following on his new series with the school setting. Also good if you haven't check that one out, the classroom teacher (ch5) is also made of ice but she doesn't really care about students even when she is getting offended.
but saotome is probably my new favorite. A blonde that people think she is the meanie but actually is a rural girl with a heart of gold and seeking peace, that just keep getting into more conflicts due to the position she is in, doing things she doesn't wanted do.
Id say the suspension, mystery and character dynamics is still on point with noticeable improvement on drawing (perhaps from the outside help) and more creative gesture. Dude literally put the twisted homo manga artist curling like willow branch's, while the "might makes right" leader is splitting between chairs like a boss.
HOLY SHIT, thanks.
Does anyone have the manga source for Uchi no otouto?
File: You are already Hated.webm (1.37 MB, 1280x720)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB WEBM
>Iya na Kao: Hentai Edition
Episode 2 when?! I need it, I fucking need it now.
It don't think there's an official release date yet
File: No Staring.webm (2.51 MB, 1280x720)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB WEBM
That's a damn shame.
Fuck off with your upscaled garbage.
This is fine too. I love having a wide range of fetishes.
>Yurippe's VA
Oh yes.
If Tachibana hates her responsibility, she can just switch with a different nurse. I don't know why she has to make a fuss about it.
File: Starter Boss.webm (2.57 MB, 1280x720)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB WEBM
>Implying she wouldn't get heckled for not doing her job and trying to push it on someone else
>Implying any of the other nurses want to put up with this whiny crybaby either
Having looked through the CG sets this hentai was based off of, Tachibana is an angel in comparison. This episode was practically vanilla sex between blushing newlywed lovers.
I'm afraid the work environment isn't that friendly.
It's a shit job that no one else would switch with. Even if managed to switch, the duty rotates back very soon.
And still got forcefully fucked again, sick in the bed as punishment by the upper echelon after fainting in Ch8.
Does the original image set have an ending? Does the mc get discharged from the hospital?
yes, it ended with 11 chapters total.
[spoiler]yes he got discharged and happy ending. [/spoiler]
Did you watch the OVA? The answer is literally there, so stop acting like a smartass.
This dude sure is picky and makes a lot of complaints for someone who's completely at the mercy of third parties whether or not his balls explode.
>Your hand isn't good enough, I jack off all the time
>I already use my own onahole, I can't come again if you use it on me
>What do you mean my semen stinks when I blast all over your face without warning, you don't have to act so disgusted, how mean
Just shut the fuck up, man.
File: sb11549.png (2.47 MB, 1342x2011)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
Good stuff. Seems he got kurokawas number too.
This is the hottest thing ever but the situation is hilarious.
Guy is put in a situation where he MUST cum every three hours, then dumped into a terrible hospital where the nurses are run down, pissed off and already disgusted by the treatment they need to administer. And a doctor who is way too happy about this.
It sounds like it should be a comedy, but god damn those angry stares and that femdom make my dick diamonds.
That's what Tachibana has been bitching about. The boy just goes into mental gymnastics to get under her skirt. She's under pressure because they barely have any time before the boy's balls burst so she always has to let the kid have his way onto her.
wait so in the end they all became his?
just friends. This is just a celebration party gone wrong.
>Just friends
Kek, what a loser.
File: Just Die.webm (2.91 MB, 854x480)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
>Tears of anger and disgust
Much fucking dick

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