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Just like :
before it, I will now start translating this work, as requested in the Tit Translations Thread (https://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/6790518/welcome-to-the-tit-translations-thread-the-best#bottom).

got any requests of you own? go there and try your luck with a request following the guidelines there. We’re looking for older less likely to be translated featuring curvy girls with a lot up top.
Well, here we go now with big booby fox lady.

if anyone volunteers to edit the script into the manga please say so here.


Title page:
Title: I’m Retiring
Page 1:
Black text box above:
The climax of a foxgirl. She’s gonna get her hips wrecked by the pounding of a huge dick.
Yamagami Suzume.

Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Hello everyone, um.. I’m Suzume Yamagami.*

*This basically means Sparrow Mountaingod, I don’t know if this is just a regular name or the actual name of some deity-character, but there you go. I will use it as a japanese name.

Bubble 2: This time, I’v been promised to be completely knocked out by an enormous man’s huuuge dick, so I’m really excited about it…

Bubble 3: Also, this will be my last video, as I’m retiring after this one.
page 2, a bit of older speech and language in this one so taking more time of me but i manage.

Page 2:
Frame 1:
Textbox 1: One year earlier…

Bubble 1-2: Hey, take a look at this all of you…

Text on magazine page 1: Finally, that famous idol is making her AV-debut.

Bubble 2: And this one , ”I go crazy when I get embraced by a man who is not my husband”, oh my, what a terrible story….

Text on magazine page 2:
I got molested by my husbands drunk colleagues…

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: But it sure is interesting…! So this is how sex is sold in today’s society….!
Magazine text: Lewdness/ Lewdstuff
Bubble 2: It seems so diverese and interesting, I’m intrigued….I’d like to watch one of these at least one….!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: And look, today’s society has all kinds of weird tools that can be used…
Bubble 2: The way we’re mating* these days, sure has changes over the centuries….!
(*She’s using the ”animal” word for it, yes)

Frame 5:
Sfx: Hhhmmmm~

Frame 6:

Bubble 1: This book I just picked up so carelessly, oh my, it has caught my interest…
Magazine text: Relentless nipple-play …… maximum climax orgasm!
So many old word and old ways of speaking in this one but it’s moving forward.

Page 3:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: It’s decided….
Book: Lewdness

Frame 2:
Big clligraphy text: I’ll accept the AV-challenge!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: It’s time for me to come down from this mountain for the first time in a long, long while….
Bubble 2: Don’t worry, I’ll leave all this in you guys’ hand for a while, I have faith in you!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: You won’t hear from me for a while…but…

Bubble 2: .. it will be interesting to see, how the mating-skill of someone like me who’ve lived for hundreds of year, holds up to the mating style of present day…!

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: I’m looking forward to it! Come at me, ”maximum climax orgasm”! Well, well, ell, well…!
Sfx: Mohahahaha~
Bubble 2: … it’s already been a year since that time,… it went by so fast…
so much text… but getting there.

Textbox 1:
I never imagined that my skills would take me this far…
Bubble 1: What?! You came already..?!?!
Sfx around bubbles: Splort, splurt, splash
Bubble 2(below): Whaaaaat…?!
Bubble 3: And this one too…instant defeat…?!
Textbox 2 (left): … and the new tools were great and all, but it didn’t save me from heartbreak from all the harsh criticism on the internet…

Internet review texts, most of it is only partial and pointless but, the gist of it is this:
Was this a sample movie..?!
This felt like a sample movie, the male performer came instantly, and then it was over. I don’t understand how the female performer can put up with this.

The way the female actor is speaking with her ”well, well” all the time is irritating, I’d wish she spoke more normal. The roleplay was nice though.
Bubble 4 (bottom middle):
I thought humans had developed a little bit more in all these years… I’m dissappointed, I can’t do this no more…~!
Bubble 5-6: Yamagami-chan…. Yamagami-chan….!

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Ah, director-dono...
Bubble 2: Are you ok? You seem a bit down today… I know today’s your last time filming, bu…
Bubble 3: …in order for is to be able to tape your best work yet as the finale, please try and cheer up a bit!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Ah… no… I…just..
Bubble 2: Well, I don’t know…
Bubble 3: Umh…, hah..

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: But hey, I’ve heard that today’s male performer, is apparently really amazing!
Bubble 2: Oh… so, he’s got a huge dick or something then…? What’s so special about him?
Bubble 3: Well, I haven’t met him myself in real life actually, today’s the first time but…

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: … I’ve heard he’s so big, there’s been problems even finding actresses who can even co-star in a film with him…

Bubble 2: Oh, … really…?
chipping away, one page at a time. sorry it slow you guys, but we will get there

Page 5:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: well, I wish it’s a real hunk of a man then…!
Bubble 2: …in fact, I really hope it is..
Bubble 3: Are you talking about me…?

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Ah, good… good morning…!
Bubble 2: Oh~

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: I’m Riki Daigou…
Bubble 2: Nice to meet you.

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Wow, look at that huge dick…
Bubble 2: If it’s really this big, then my retirement scene might actually become something special….!

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: I also look forward to today…
Bubble 2: And this feeling of brooding intimidation… it’s almost beastlike….

Frame 6:
Bubble 1: This might definitely turn out to be…. Very interesting indeed..
Bubble 2: Ah, me too…. Heh.

Page 6:
Frame 2-3:
Bubble 1: It’s unfortunate… you retiring even though you’re so good at this…
Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Oh, you think?
Bubble 2: Well, to be honest I was expecting a bit more fun from you myself, but if you’re gonna play it this safe, you’ll miss out on the real fun….

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: Oh, is that so..?
Bubble 2: They just keep talking…!
Page 7:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Well…. let’s take this to a level worthy of a final scene, then…!

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: Oh my… it’s as if… his two fingers have a life of their own….
Sfx bubble: Haa~!

Still looking for any EDITOR to step up and edit this work when it ia done, so it can be shared with everyone.

Page 8:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: He’s moving around inside me…!
Bubble 2: And this man….
Bubble 3: Even thought it’s the first time we mate….
Bubble 4: Nhh~!
Bubble 5: He’s finding all my weak spots instantly….!

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Nnhghhh~!
Bubble 2: This guy… he’s much more than just his huge dick….!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Well now…
Bubble 2: That wasn’t bad, now was it?
Bubble 3: Nnhh..~!
Bump while i translte the rest!
Page 9:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: It.. it was all right..

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: It’s just that I don’t like being the one receiving, rather…
Bubble 2: I like to be the one that gives.

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: So enough with the small talk, and let me get down to business…

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Wow, it really is a huge one…
Bubble 2: ..but, it doesn’t really feel like it’s big enough for other actresses to go so far as to reject even working with him…?

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: Well anyway, that’s second hand stories from other girls… that’s not me…
Bubble 2: Just you watch and ait… , my mouth will soon take you to heaven and beyond!
Bump! i’m a bit busy at this time but I will continue tits translating,
Page 10:
Frame 4:
Small sfx bubbles: Slosh, slup
Bubble 1: Amazing..!
Bubble 2: There’s such a difference physically between the two, it appears even bigger than before…. As I thought, this might be too much to handle even for Yamagami-chan….

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: Huh..?!

Frame 6:
Bubble 1: Don’t underestimate me…!
Bubble 2: This dick size… it’s nothing I can’t handle…!
Page 11:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Gnnh…!
Bubble 2: Ommhnn..! She went all the way to the root, immediately…!
Bubble 3: Nnngghhn~! Gghuulp, glop

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Nnhh…!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Hehe…, how’s that, huh?
Bubble 2: This tight sensation….when I squeeze ya..!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: It can’t be long now…
Sfx bubble 2-3: *Squeeze, tighten*
Bubble 4: No one can withstand my technique dor much longs than this….!
Original requestor bump!
thanks for the bump help! i just got caught up in some more things than I was anticipated mid-october ashere, but i will complete it, just taking a bit more time than usual.
Page 12:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1:

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Nnh~!
Bubble 2: Mguhhn..~!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: How come this guy can go on like this, and so deep…
Bubble 2-3: Gnnh~! Nnguh~!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Even though every co-actor I’ve done this too previously, has cum before even moving at all themselves…

Sfx bubbles: Gulp, gulp
Page 13:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Nnnnggnuuh~!!
Bubble 2: Snort, hugh~!
Bubble 3: Ugguhhnf~!

Frame 2(below);
Sfx Bubble 1-2: Splort, splurt

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Cough, cough, hrgn…!
Bubble 2: Huff,
Sfx: Haa, khh~!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Hey girl, you’re pretty good I gotta give you that~!
Bubble 2: I’ve never cum this fast from a blowjob before…!

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: Well, that’s not unusual in my case, you’re just like the rest of them….!
Nothing special to see here….
Page 14:
Frame 1-2:
Bubble 1: Ah, it’s been so long…
Bubble 2:… since I could get serious like this…!

Frame 3-5:
Bubble 1: Wh.. wha… what the hell is this…?!
Bubble 2: It somehow got one or even two times bigger than it was before…!?
Bubble 3: It’s not a dick that any normal person should have…
Bubble 4: Um…
Page 15:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: He…hey..!

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Don’t be too crazynow…!
Bubble 2: If you fuck me like before, with something this big I’ll…… Oh…!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: What’s this now, you who were acting so tough before…
Bubble 2: That was just the foreplay, what follows now is true sex…!
Keeping it alive bump
thanks! busy weekene for me but i eill back to translating rest shortly.
Page 16:
Frame 1-2:
Bubble 1:
This guy….!
Bubble 2: …he just plunged it all the way inside me…
Bubble 3: …with no hesitation whatsoever…!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Uhhn…
Bubble 2: Ahhn…~!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Even I haven’t seen Yamagami-chan go THIS far before…!

Frame 5:
Bubble 1: I think…, that this might maybe be too fa….
Page 17:
Frame 1-2:
Bubble 1: Hhnnaah~!
Bubble 2: Wa…wai…!
Bubble 3: Slow down, for a bit.. ple…

Frame 3:
Bubble 1: Sorry, I can’t decide if we stop or not, that’s the director’s job, why don’t you try asking him instead?
Sfx bubbles: Gnnh~! Haa~

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Director-dono…!
Please, stop this moron….!
Bubble 2: At this rate…my body won’t be able to handle it…!
one more page down, we’re closing in on the finish line with this one fellow big tits-lovers.

Page 18:
Frame 1-3:
Bubble 1: Yamagami-chan… from where I’m standing, this looks like it could become your very best work yet…!
Bubble 2: Now is the time to do your best and stay strong! Let’s continue…!

Frame 4-5:
Bubble 1: N..n….
Bubble 2(big): Nooooooo-
Bubble 3: -ooooooooo~~!
Page 19:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1-2: Uu..! Uhhnn..~!

Frame 2:(Amazing frame!)
Bubble 1-2: Uhhn~! Hnnh~!

Frame 3:
Bubble 1-2: Ah~! Nnh~!

Frame 4:
Bubble 1: Ah, I can’t..! …Can’t…!
Bubble 2-3: Nhh~! Gggnnh~!
Bubble 4: At this rate, I might have to give up….! Nnhh~!
Bumping until I can get to those last pages!
Assistance bump
Not letting this die bump
thanks for the support bump! sorry for delaying with this, i have been away but now back to finish this last pages.

is anyone willing to do the edit of this after? For sharing.

Page 20:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: No matter how good it feels…
Bubble 2-3: Ah…! Uaah..!
Bubble 4: …I’m better than these humans, I don’t want to appear shameful in front of them….

Frame 2-3:
Bubble 1: Endure….

Frame 4:
Textright: Somehow.. no matter what..!
Bubble 1: Ooouhh…!
Text left: Endure.. Endu….!!!

finally filling her up!

Page 21:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Mmuhh~!
finally done, hope it’s been good for everyone following, i really like bothart and character in this work. now onto the next tits to translate ( . Y .)

Will anyone volunteer to edit the script ont the page?

Page 22:
Frame 1:
Bubble 1: Yamagami-san, thanks for you hard work today~
Bubble 3: I wasn’t joking earlier, I think this might very well be your best work…

Frame 2:
Bubble 1: Yamagami-san…?
Sfx: Sploort…

Frame 3:
Text: She passed out….!
1. That enormous dick broke that body…
2. This was a side of her you don’t normally see…
3. As always, the actress was so surp…

Textbox: Apparently, Suzume Yamagami’s retirement video received a lot more positive reviews than any of her previous work…
Original requestor here, and thanks so much! I've saved what you translated and intend to try to make an english version. I'm an amateur, though, so it may take a while for the redrawing and all that.
Great, and thank you too, it was a good manga. be sure to share it in the Tit Translations thread once you’re done =)
sounds great, it actyally isn’t that hard as long as there is mostly speech bubbles, and as long as you have decenr editing software. looking forward to the later release.
Please post each page you might do here too =)
any progress on this? Really looking forward to it.
File: img0001_alt1.jpg (790 KB, 850x1196)
790 KB
790 KB JPG
Sorry, progress is slow but I haven't forgotten it! For a bump, have a modified cover.
File: img0001_alt2.jpg (799 KB, 850x1196)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
Plus an alternate title
File: kazuki_img0003.jpg (1.66 MB, 2224x3200)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Next page bump. Her style of speech is supposed to be old-fashioned, right? So I tried making it juat a bit formal. Accepting critiques.
Placeholder bump while working on next page
Tablet broke bump
File: img0004_mod.jpg (1.39 MB, 2220x3200)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Next page. May need to use Photoshop over Clip Studio for better edits.
Thanks anon, keep it up.
File: img0004_mod.jpg (2.05 MB, 2220x3200)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Placeholder for next page in the form of tweaking the last frame of page 4 a bit
Great work with these, the slight edits to her speach and the alt. title are all great, I think! Keep it up.
File: img0005_b.jpg (2.16 MB, 2221x3200)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Thanks so much! I was hoping for some feedback, and I'm glad you like the alternate cover. I've had to be creative with the speech to fill the bubbles while keeping text size the same. I could change them, but that seems like needless work. Plus this is more fun.
Waiting for new tablet bump
Holding out for a delivery bump
Coming soon(ish) bump
Closing in bump
File: img0006_trans.jpg (2.16 MB, 2212x3200)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Phew! This one was a lot of work, hardware delays aside. Hopefully I can get into a stride.
2nd speech bubble 'and this ond here, "
Ah, thanks for the catch! I'll fix that.

I'll probably go back through all the pages when they're done and do touch-ups and re-uploads, in fact.
File: img0007_mod.jpg (2.57 MB, 2217x3200)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Hope the text isn't too dense on this page. Might need to rework it later.
Preparing next page bump

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