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busty tutor edition

Previous thread: >>7352527

- [COM3D2] -

Comprehensive COM3D2 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/n6Uhi5zQ

Custom Maid Ultimate - 2023 Edition (CM3D2 + COM3D2 + all DLC up to 2023/05/22): https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3885249
Custom Maid Ultimate Master Guide: https://pastebin.com/1SFajwy5
Custom Order Maid 3D2 English Vanilla Repack: https://pastebin.com/1nhpdNML
COM Modular Installer [CMI]: https://github.com/krypto5863/COM-Modular-Installer/releases

-Official English version-

KISS: https://dl-en.s-court.me/top.php
Nutaku: https://www.nutaku.net/promo/custom-order-maid-3d2/
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1097580/CUSTOM_ORDER_MAID_3D2_Its_a_Night_Magic/

- [CM3D2] -

Comprehensive CM3D2 Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/qZQGcmxX

DO NOT use Hongfire Patch, Reipatcher, or NTleas, they're old and can break the game. Switch to Japanese locale and install CMI/LMMT

Brief Installation Guide for Custom Maid 3D 2 (Updated 7/31/2017)
A recently made installation guide:

How to Play/English Wiki
Legacy Meidos Modular Toolbox [LMMT]: https://github.com/krypto5863/Legacy-Meido-s-Modular-Toolbox/releases

Latest mod releases:
Twitter Search: https://pastebin.com/kySD2ABv
MotiMoti3D Catalog: http://motimoti3d.jp/

International List of Mods (slow&outdated):

English Fansite for news of CM/COM Updates and DLC, discord and more:

Presets: https://db.bepis.moe/com3d2
File: img20230730183437.jpg (469 KB, 1920x1080)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
-- [COM3D2xCRES Shop] [Night Pool SP]: https://mega.nz/file/kFYCHbQY#EWmmcfCzCd6TnHz0TDowJdWP4PfY89l-1fvO5_s3CdQ
File: img20230531194903.png (3.7 MB, 1715x2133)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
File: cm3d2.jpg (156 KB, 1223x642)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
any help with this error? using latest nya with lmmt
Hey stupid question, when I transfer a maid from CM to COM, do they keep the same contract type that they had, or do I get to pick again?
same contract
is it a continuous pop up error?
Thanks anon. Was just getting everything sorted on CM to bring over the personalities. Do I get to change their appearance in COM when I choose to transfer them?
My CM isn't really modded, minus translations, and I drastically want to change how they look.
when loading saves, and maids. is a continuous pop up. still playable but annoying.
you can edit them as usual once transferred to com. you are actually better off transferring stockish maids since CM uses a different mod loader from COM.
sounds like a plugin issue. make sure game has latest update patch.
running cm3d2 ver 1.70.9 (build ver1.71)
i think thats the most recent one. going to try the last patch i see on the of website and see if that helps.
What is happening with Japan and Night Pools? Idolm@ster released two Night Pool songs this summer, Hololive released a night pool MV, and now COM3D2 has a night pool DLC
I just installed the ultimate 2023 edition, loaded my 2019 com3d2 save but when I go to yotogi my maids, some skills lead to a black screen and I am forced to close the game. There are no errors shown even after waiting for a long time, any ideas on what caused the problem?
Is it safe to delete CM3D2 after loading then saving my maids to C0M3D2 or will it fuck things up?
>>7506504 (me)
updated to 1.71.2 but did nothing so far, tried an old save and it doesnt have this error. ill just play there.
If your maids are using clothes/attachments/etc. from CM3D2 then it something will happen because it loads the parts from CM3D2 files.
You could also find out easily by renaming CM3D2 folder to something else and try running COM3D2, revert and don't overwrite save you have issues and want to go back.
idk, but no complaints from me.
a soft lock? maybe something funky with that old save, especially if you had used maidfiddler to unlock yotogi in the past. cmi has an optional script that allows you to safely reset/unlock maid skills.
what >>7506806 said. if you have linked the games, there is a possibility some of your maids or even mods depend on cm3d2 assets. proceed with caution.
sorry it wasn't much help. you can always reach out on the meido discord in the support channels for further help.
File: OSANANAJIMI.jpg (1.18 MB, 3649x3218)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Post Osananajimis. I need inspirations.

Childhood friends are cursed to be fucking losers in 2D land, so I thought of making her look more homely, plain and "ugly" in a jimi-moe kind of way.
I liked the direction I was heading in with the unkempt eyebrows and subtle freckles, but somehow I feel like the end result landed in the territory of "dorky weaboo gaijin westerner girl that ended up in Japan" rather than "loser osananajimi".
File: file.png (1009 KB, 800x1142)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Childhood friends actually win pretty often, as long as they aren't in a harem setting.
>Custom Maid Ultimate - 2023 Edition (CM3D2 + COM3D2 + all DLC up to 2023/05/22): https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3885249
>File size: 237.0 GiB
Holy shit, I remember downloading this years ago and back then I thought that it being 150GB was big. Now it's even bigger, what is in there? What even causes these files to be this big? Dont you need like half a TB to install the game then? 250gb of installation files and 250 gb for the game itself...
>Now it's even bigger, what is in there?
constant dlc releases and updates. this isn't a dead game.
>Dont you need like half a TB to install the game then?
what. there's nothing to install/unpack in the torrent. you just move the cm/com folders to whichever directory you want.
you could have read the torrent description or looked at the files yourself
cute dork
As they should. It's actually pretty common in the real world for them to win as well, funnily enough.
t. man engaged to his childhood friend
>What even causes these files to be this big?
A mix of thousand times folded Japanese coding and unoptimized audio.
Make no mistake, the game is fuckhuge and is still getting tons and tons of new content, so expecting it to be small is impossible. But really though, the game is like 75-100 GB bigger than it really should be.
Huh. So the Night Pool SP DLC is also immediately coming out for English this month. Real quick turnover for this one.. And they're also getting GP01/FB/02 for Fuwafuwa too.
They're burning through the COM3D2 personalities. I wonder if they're finally gonna get back to the CM3D2 personalities now.
Muku: 聖道 まりあ Seido Maria
Majime: 氷室 真冬 Himuro Mafuyu
Rindere: 滝沢 リサ Takizawa Risa

Mukuchi: 雪野 弥子 Yukino Iyoko
Koakuma: 小山 咲 Koyama Saki
Oshitoyaka: 深山 祥子 Fukuyama Shoko
Hisho: 蒼井 葉 Aoi Haruka
Fuwafuwa: 花音 Kanon
Buwaiso: 結羽 Yuiha/Yuu
Ojousama: 鞠弥 Mariya
Osananajimi: 碧 Aoi
Do-M: 東峰 仁花 Toumine Kimika
Haraguro: 古賀 深雪 Koga Miyuki

Junshin: 仲野 このみ Nakano Konomi
Tsundere: 久遠寺 薫 Kuonji Kaoru
Kuudere: 五十鈴 月夜 Isuzu Tsukiyo

Yandere: 紅葉 Momiji
Oneechan: 美波 Minami
Bokumusume: 来栖 琴音 Kurusu Kotone
Do-S: 猪狩 いたみ Igari Itami

Kisaku: Liz
Shukujo: Rei

Got this from last thread. Because the Childhood friend dlc has been added for eng I want to add her, but I'm not sure who the Childhood friend was, My pattern recognition dictates that it's Osananajimi.
Anyone have a list of VAs for the different voices. The anime sharing wiki is long outdated.
They're listed on their respective DLC pages on KISS' official site.

Just change the URL from "cp01gp" to "cp02gp" and so on to switch personalities around.
File: F1AEoo7aQAEKjag.jpg (201 KB, 1920x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>Rebranded Illusion is making their own anime Cabaret club H-game
lol lmao even.
i kneel, upon illusion's neck
It's literally just Anime Honey Select. So its gonna be a shitty """game""".
They also doubled down on the "modders can go fuck themselves" angle.

One thing I can say that KISS has over Illusion (Or I guess I should say Illgames now) is that KISS doesn't show the same kind of contempt Illusion has for their users. If anything, they actually tend to pander to their fans and users.
And while they won't publicly admit support for modding, the fact that they're concurrently still developing stuff for vanilla and 2.5 means that they're aware of the modding community and they're not gonna fuck them over. A more stupid company will essentially just go: "Update to 2.5 and break everything or go fuck yourself."
So has Eng side got anything special for past mistake and past secret?
I know it changes the opening interview at least
There was events back in 2019 for those two traits, not sure if ENG has them, but it doesn't change the interview as much as hentai stat or lust stat ahnd is probably overwritten by those two.
I'm a returning player and I have to ask, what's the goal when you're playing this? Money is incredibly easy to make and there's seemingly no penalty in not making enough. The idol battles end with the story and I don't recall unlocking something special when that's done anyway.
I'm just wondering why I should engage with these systems at all. Just a prettier location for scenes?
Money doesn't mean much yes.

>what's the goal when you're playing this?
The real end goal of this game is fully training your meido and finishing their personal storylines.
The training part is for the sex scenes as higher stats will unlock more positions, and their stat allocation will actually affect dialogue both during Yotogi and post-yotogi scenes.
The storyline part is tied to their affection, and you actually see the meido get a proper character arc where you help them sort out a personal issue, fall in love and eventually get married (or if you're a cuck, you can also trigger the many what-if NTR storylines). There's dozens of maid personalities for you to do this on. And the DLCs always add new scenarios and storylines for the personalities (typically the main trios, but the other personalities get stuff every now and then) But there's essentially no real "ending" to the game if that's what you're asking. Maybe when they finally decide to stop milking COM3D2, KISS will actually release a proper "ending" to the game and the many maid personalities, but that's not happening at least not in the near future.

Though if you're asking if there's a point to doing the whole "restore the club to its former glory and get tons of money" story, then I think clearing it first is one of the requirements to unlock some other facilities and the scout mode.
>"loser osananajimi".
She's actually the forgotten childhood friend. That's like the outlier since that element actually drastically increases her win rate.
Okay, thanks. A bit of a shame, I like when there's a challenge to these games to make the h feel more rewarding. Would have enjoyed it if there was more of a management sim aspect to the game like paying back investors in time or being rewarded for having a maid that can do something well.
Not that I dislike the game, the character creator and maids storylines are great. Just want a bit more than a quick fap out of a game that takes 5 minutes to start.
It's primarily a comfy leisure game than an actual management sim.
You can actually create an objective lucrative club where you put the right maids in the right jobs and train them/upgrade the facilities in a way that yields the most money. But there isn't really a point.
There is actually a proper management framework to the game, but there's no real reason to be good at it since the game has no time limits, and thus doesn't punish you for being shit at management. Nor does it reward you for being good at it. I mean, it technically does since you get much more money, but there's not much of a point to money in the game.

Rather than a management game, I'd say the game is closer to those cohabitation simulator games.
Original CM3D2 was more like that and I prefer it over COM3D2 could use more simulation stuff though. But I'm also not a big fan of idol stuff.
How do I make Custom Maid dances look as good as this MMD?
File: 1690398915_1110915625l.jpg (783 KB, 1200x636)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
>Osananajimi: 碧 Aoi
Looking at the official EN preview pictures, it's actually read as Midori.
Ah, the classic Ao or Midori debate.

Instead of "Iyoko", bookworm is actually officially read as "Yako".
And instead of "Haruka", secretary's name is actually read as "Yo"
And rather than "Yuiha", wary is apparently "Yuiwa".

Man, I fucking hate kanji. The rest of the names seems to check out though.
This might've been a hallucination, but I vaguely remember seeing a clip of a scene set in the Theater where Wary/Buwaiso takes a wine bottle and starts boinking it the guest (either Master or an NPC, it's not really clear) on the head with it.
Does this actually happen in one of her events or did I just get a glimpse of a personally made animation or something?
I feel like Childhood Friend is the best maid to have been scouted rather than recruited.
Unlike other maids in scout mode, there's an angle of "I feel like we've met before" in her dialogue (which makes total sense with her actual backstory). The whole reunion aspect inherently tied to her works better when you randomly meet her out on the street or in another man's club than if you just put on a hiring ad and she happens to answer it.
It's even more hilarious if you rape/blackmail her into working for you. Madwoman literally goes full on battered shoujo manga heroine I CAN FIX HIM mode for you.
It's by Kasumeido aka DioramaAnon on his Xitter. No, I can't give a link cause that site is garbage.
Damn defiant cheeky maids need correction immediately...!
>Does this actually happen in one of her events or did I just get a glimpse of a personally made animation or something?
It's an animation that was made using the game's virtual avatar studio.
It it just me or are the Netorase Virginity loss yotogi kinda disappointing. Especially the childhood friend one, she barely reacts differently compared to regular sex
File: majime.png (619 KB, 789x726)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
r8 my majime
I wanted to make her look stern without going into harsh tsundere territory.
nice, she looks like a hardworking girl. also nice thicc eyebrows, they could be spaced slightly further apart. might just be her expression tho.
Honestly looks a bit too mature for me.
If you play her events, you'll find that Majime is actually a stubborn tryhard spaghetti spiller that tries to put on airs. Usually indicative of said character still being young and overcompensating to seem more mature and reliable.
That design looks like a better fit for Rindere if you ask me.
Yeah, I have to second >>7527390. Majime being childish is a pretty important aspect of her character.
I know that the game pulls the: "They're all totally grownass adults guys. We swear!" card, and you know what? I can actually buy that. I'm even willing to waive someone like Muku as just a particularly ditzy and naive young adult.

Except Fuwafuwa. She's a fucking child man. Probably a JC at best. And this isn't moralfagging. Dicking Fuwfuwa is hot, but man, I just can't buy her being a young adult working at a cabaret club.
One of the worst parts of these games is seeing an outfit/costume you like on Twitter or Pixiv and then never being able to track down where it came from because nips are so fucking unhelpful.
File: oneeapron.png (1.04 MB, 703x1068)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
where onees
post onees
Hey, any of you lads get the Galleon mods that ExtraB did a month ago? I missed them and want to make my wife in COM.
You're in luck today.

The general mods are easy enough to come by, but I really wish character specific mod makers for this game wasn't so fucking autistic.
Any chance you have his other Granblue mods and mind posting them if you do? Preferably on mega or gofile or something. Catbox and its peers have been shitting the bed lately.
Holy shit, thanks a ton man.
I'll take a look through my really old CM3D2 files, there's a decent chance I have some old pre-2020 Granblue mods. Completely agree that mod makers for this game are the highest tier of absolute autists.

Hell, I stumbled onto a mod today on an old Pixiv post from 2020 that I never even knew existed, and is something that I absolutely love - Shiranui's lingerie from Taimanin Yukikaze 2. You know, the one with the open chest and the heart arrow at the bottom pointing down to her open crotch with the little frilly skirt. Looked around for it, and no wonder I'd never heard of it - the mod author nuked all his shit and retired.
I don't really need your entire Granblue package, I'm just looking for the Divine General character mods by the same guy specifically. If you have them, I'd appreciate it if you can hit me up with them.

Generally speaking, COM3D2 is great for making your own OCs. Lots of hair, clothing, body etc mods makers are pretty open with their stuff. It just so happens that the character specific mod makers are the really autistic ones. They're almost always the
>I'm only making these links available for 24 hours and you need to some hardcore googling to find the password teehee~
Ah, gotcha. I had his Rat and Catura mods, but I've either deleted them or thrown them in one of my archives. I'll go dig through them.

Yeah, that's a more fair way to put it than I did. The bad/autistic modders just stick out more even though most of them are honestly pretty decent.
File: 12446dfsgdf34.png (106 KB, 384x444)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
I hate how hard it is to find character specific mods for FGO that actually get shared
Can anyone get the new Tomboy event pack released Thursday to work?
I've updated my game and applied the patch and I can't see any of the new events in the schedule or in the event list.
File: 030 (400).jpg (566 KB, 589x1808)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Come on Kiss, gimmie events like this.
Degenerate idol path would be kino.
Is there a hotkey to remove clothing during Commu H events?
So I just learned today that there are unique dialogue if you take the virginity of a maid only after you become lovers.
This makes me wonder, does unique dialogue also exist for when you dick the maid for her first time only after marrying her?
Have you reached the proper relationship states? The Cautious state is only available for newly recruited maids and the Lovers+ state is requires very high affection. There's also NTR events added but they require NTR block be off.
File: img20230815200832.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Any advice on making the shadows better?

I wish the N+ collab was Carnevale instead of Mojika. I understand it was latest game at the time, but come on. Anna's game has actual maids in it.
Why does installing this feel like I'm disarming a bomb? I'm used to just being spoonfed preconfigured games.
File: image.png (2.95 MB, 2082x1330)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PNG
Site finally updated after god knows how long. Is it actually happening?
File: FkK2ogwaYAA-wol.jpg (42 KB, 680x382)
42 KB
For reference, it looked like this before the change.
Have you not checked the site since last year? Pretty sure it's been like that since at least May or June.
Installing the DLC and the DLC checker says I'm missing these, and they aren't on the DLC list, anyone know where I can find them?
[COM3D2 Append] [CR Edit System Data Link]
[COM3D2 Shop] [Abnormal H-Events & Tattoo Pack] [Innocent Outfits Set]
[COM3D2 Shop] [Abnormal H-Events & Tattoo Pack] [Innocent]
[COM3D2 Shop] [Dance - wondering beads]
[COM3D2 Shop] [Hat and Paper Hat Set]
[COM3D2 Shop] [Hina Doll Set Prop]
[COM3D2 Shop] [White Day Cookie Set Prop]
except for the last 3 free dlc none of them are missing from the list. The first one is not for normal COM. The dance will never show as installed because of a mistype in the dlc checker lst.
Maybe the 2023 repack doesn't have the last dlc in the 2022 list. The maintainer of the list and the uploader of the repack are not the same.
File: crc.png (32 KB, 617x185)
32 KB
it's happening
File: crc2.png (712 KB, 963x529)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: crc3.png (337 KB, 484x537)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I hope it has a personality that's akin to Friendly from COM3D2
File: ov.png (556 KB, 556x1500)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
I hope they bring back Haruka or at least have a character like Yuiha.
Left Girl personality archetype is "Naive/Innocent" voiced by Mei Misonoo (AKA Rindere and Junshin).
Right Girl personality archetype is "Cheeky/Insolent". No VA announced yet but its probably safe to assume that she'll also be a returning actress from the many existing COM maids.
Gimme a MILF voice
doesn't seem likely. the brown hair girl is a muku type and the other is supposed to be cheeky cool type. they should have saved the gp03 personalities for this instead.
Only two personalities on release? I'd expect at least 3.
So no more Reido?
File: 2014527_20040.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1026)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
-- [COM3D2xCRES Shop] [Yotogi & Karaoke Cohabitation Pack] [Kimajime]: https://mega.nz/file/kZw2mS6b#f75xVgNVpCncyJXmwzVIPxN42LbemmdpKanozUimypc
-- [COM3D2xCRES Shop] [Empire Variety Pack SP] [2023 Summer]: https://mega.nz/file/wEQQybgS#-wCeRIsRcwvgpiEfb9Vyt655ZEM6XmwpXgN5LjDJzWc
-- [KISS 25th Anniversary Tshirt]: https://mega.nz/file/IZQmzCTK#jUvK3BIN4AmZJWsMKLery5kpxYS_WdOAGxlVEpKcGlA

yeah, they only mentioned two types so far, so it's likely no longer a trio.
So basically custom maid but multiplayer? I hope anons won't bully me for using a maid that looks too plain.
they said it is a spiritual successor to kanotsuku 2 as well as custom maid (thus the 3 in the name), but they haven't mentioned any multiplayer yet. you could design cities and kano presets in kanotsuku 2, which could then be uploaded for others to download. Yes, this was used for ntr events in that game.
So this could be another Karemachi Kanojou?
could be, but it's too soon to tell
For some reason even after I use the Registry.bat to have the game locate my CM3D2 directory it's still giving me an error on starting the COM3D2 exe that it's looking for it on my C: drive instead of the drive it's actually on
File: meido.png (1.14 MB, 809x1198)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
the pastebin told me to post my first meido once I made one
>full lips
>mole near mouth
great taste here. what's her story?
I'll let you know when I think that far through
I think I broke something, the NPC maids (Non-created ones) don't have lip sync all of a sudden when they talk
They just move between static expressions
search for "__npc_names.txt" in i18nEx folder and delete that file.
>custommaid3d2.com is dead
is it truly over? or is there any other place with summary of DLC contents?
The official KISS site? You know, where that site gets all their summarized info from in the first place?

>B-But I want one in English!
Fuck, I dunno. There's the discord I guess. Or if you want an officially run English bulletin, then unironically the COM3D2 page on facebook.
For some reason I thought the official site posted the DLC contents as images but I see I was wrong. I'll just use that then.
>Custom Maid Ultimate - 2023 Edition (CM3D2 + COM3D2 + all DLC up to 2023/05/22)
It's been 5 days and I can't get past 37%. Help
Does anybody here have cmZMR's password for his easy skin set? Or would they be able to re-upload it for me? Can't seem to find it anywhere .
patience is a virtue
File: img20230722094708_1.png (573 KB, 960x525)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
retard here
I have COM3D2_EN and CR EditSystem installed on my computer, each on its own folder
in the CR launcher its linked to the directory of COM3D2
however, when I run the CR thing, only a small subset of clothes and stuff is available, and when I copy the presets from CR to COM3D2 the game cant load them, simply refuses to open the menu to select the presets
what I'm I doing wrong?
buy dlc
still sad but a little less
Based. Thanks a ton anon
File: Haruka_shiver.gif (343 KB, 436x360)
343 KB
343 KB GIF
Now that I have a good PC, I can finally play CM3D2. the problem is that it's like over 120gb. I have a question since I really want to play this game. is the Japanese version is in English? and could I download the game with the mods already installed? and could I download the game a bit by bit so that I don't have to download the 120gb. I appreciate the help and excuse my retard English. Thanks.
>Having CM3D2 installed allows you to transfer maids (and their personalities) to COM3D2 but in order to do so you need to have a save file of CM3D2 with completed tutorials for the 3 main characters
How do I know if I'm past this point?
>How do I know if I'm past this point?
When your credits are no longer on the negative you stupid nigger.
Eat my balls, stupid cunt. Never played this game before
>is the Japanese version is in English?
I'm sorry, but this questions sounds retarded. The Japanese version is in Japanese.

If you're talking about the English translations you've been seeing around, then CM3D2 is 100% edited MTL. COM3D2 on the other hand has an official English release, but it's a bit behind the Japanese release in updates. Though its actively catching up. Though if you wanna ask, there are people ripping the official translation files and are also actively allowing them to put just put into the Japanese release. And in turn, the latest Japanese updates are also just run through an edited MTL and eventually replaced with the official English translation when it gets to that part.
There's a lot of shit to explain and Meido hell is a very autistic rabbit hole to get into for someone completely new. Honestly, I'd just recommend getting the English repack if you just wanna get a feel for the game and don't want to be overwhelmed.

Some people will go: NOOOO DON'T GET THE OFFICIAL ENGLISH RELEASES, YOU'LL GET A GIMPED VERSION OF THE GAME. But even this alone will already give you dozens upon dozens of hours of content to go through. And if you're picky about file sizes, then the comparatively smaller size of said "gimped" version of the game should be a plus. And if like what you see and has gotten a bit more familiar with the intricacies and autism of the game, you can move on to getting the whole package. Which is that scary gajillion GB size download you've been seeing.
I also noticed that you specifically used CM3D2 and not COM3D2. Did you know that they're actually two different games? Also not really, since they're actually one game. And most people just play/mod COM3D2 anyway. If you're confused now, then before shit gets more autistic and complicated to explain, just download the repack of the official English release.
Thank god for the Ultimate Master Guide and the anon who made it. Even with crystal clear instructions it's still pretty easy to fuck everything up.
Is there a way to make a virgin girl begs for sex or straight up insert herself?
Nope, but if you become lovers with the maid before taking her virginity, the prior defloration scene changes to her more or less admitting that she was pretty much on the edge and just waiting for master to pin her down and dick her already.
Anyone got this Asuna? The link is 404'd
So any idea on how the game is gonna play out?
>mc's uncle gives him a nightclub to manage
It's bizarre how that place got overrun by bot replies in its last months
Ok I’ll just get this one for now. Thanks anon!
Has cmZMR retired? It would be a great loss for his great work to be lost...
Oh, so they're releasing a new Yotogi series called Enhancement Pack PINK.
If the Enhancement Pack BLACK series focused on Yotogi that made the maid double down on ahegaos and feral retard drooling/panting. The PINK series is about the maid going turboslut and hyper masochist.

Sounds sweet, but maybe they should finish the BLACK releases for all the fucking personalities first.
I wish this site had filters like bepis
90% of the links are dead
Are there any English guides on making your own mods? Custom hair or clothes, stuff like that.
Unironically the COM3D2 discord.
They have a whole channel dedicated to just guides/resources for modding.
lmao, expecting people to join a porn discord

I want the site back
The hell are you so paranoid for? You share a discord account with your parents or some shit?
Hey, if you're gonna keep schizo'ing about discord, then you do you. You asked for a place to find what you're looking for, and I gave you one. If you don't like it, then just fuck off.
Huh, there really is a lot. Not as idiot-friendly as I was hoping for, but I'll try and figure out some basics before I ask stupid questions.
Do they have a good amount of characters presets?
If she’s a tutor why’s she dressed like that? Wouldn’t that be more distracting and ruin the whole point of helping out one’s education?
Shut the fuck up why are you like this?
File: kSample.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Which Ajitama mod has "9029_kay_hairf_i_"? I need it for this damn hippie.
Check the Discord
Its 37°C, give them a break
How can I make my maids hometutor some shota?
you can make a pic, or you can stretch the meaning of "tutor" to not only be for scholarly purposes. some of the maid types have events where they "tutor" a young man new to the scene. Rindere has a couple of them. Kisaku's entire ntr route revolves around "tutoring". Again, not in a scholarly sense, but the "how to build self esteem/ approach women" kind of tutoring.
When will the site come back?
File: img20210826221040.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
File: img20230829190250.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
too busy playing VP to make new shots
too bad VP sucks
File: img20230829183233.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Yaaa, I wasn't expecting the Basketball Americans and the damned debt grinding.
File: file.png (501 KB, 736x926)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
How do you guys come up with outfits for your meidos? I always end up feeling lazy after I've designed the maid themself
if lazy, default maid wear for the personality. if less lazy, a high quality mod set (like SKB) with minor variations among the maids (type of socks/shoes/maid dress). the cohab outfits are also great casual wear.
just got a VR headset. what is there to do in VR mode that is not available in the default mode?
Avatar studio, which lets you play as your maid, which you can use to make skits or become a vtuber.
File: img20230901173753.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Uhh, Viper Pit. It's a game with a bunch of cute snake girls.
Newest Producer letter for KISS.

They're basically hyping up CRC3D3 and they're effectively blaming the large delay of CRC3D3 and the more or less sudoku of GP-03 DLC on the Kung Flu incident of 2020.

More news on CRC3D3 on the next stream, and they're also hyping up something COM related.
File: 1609346387224.jpg (1.85 MB, 1123x7252)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
>sudoku GP-03
Pretty sure that was due to negative feedback by fans.
Was an interesting concept at least.

For those that didn't know, the initial pitch was that (You) eventually have a kid with one of the maids (its not specific which personality was the mother) and you decide to go full asshole daddy just like your uncle and leave a club for your son to manage while you fuck off with the guy's mother maid and a presumably a bunch of your other maid mistresses elsewhere. Kisaku and Kimajime were actually intended to be the starter maids for your son. But since GP03 got scrapped, they were just repurposed to be standard DLC personalities just like the rest.

Would at least be nice to have actual pregnancy themed DLC though.
>Kisaku and Kimajime were actually intended to be the starter maids for your son.
You know, that actually explains a lot about their personalities. They always had a kind of air where it seemed like they were talking down to someone younger than them when interacting with Master.
And cancellation was literally pointless, cause we got exactly the same content (or worse if you consider having no context for younger master dynamics anymore) just divided into parts. The same content without a motherfucking story. For more money.
Can't believe we lost the potential kino of having the NTR events be about (You [Original]) cucking (You [Son]).
> (you) have a blast managing your own Empire Club with two onee-san maids you father left in your care/left to care for you
> get close to both of them
> things are going somewhere and it's your first time getting a girlfriend
> father comes from a vacation alone to check something real quick
> happy to see him back, but he is tired after the journey and rests in his room
> one of your maids is nowhere to be found
> come to check up on an old man, knock on his door
> your maid comes out in a babydoll
Would be kino
Might not be the right thread to ask but does anyone know the name of the game where you get 2 maids that you can customize. One of them has big tits and the other one has small tits. I also believe that one of them is a bunny girl and the other is a cat girl. The whole point of the game is to train the two maids to unlock more and more sex positions and costumes.
Insult Order
Thanks anon
Is there a huge difference between CM3D2 and Koikatsu, if so what is it?
One is an actual game.
The other is a glorified model viewer.
Maid is a full blown VN/Trainer game with a bunch of minigames here and there. Each personality has distinct storylines and character arcs from each other too. You know those cohabitation simulator games you find on DLsite? It's pretty much that, but on steroids.

I really struggle to call Koikatsu a game or even a VN. It's hardly a game because there really isn't much to do in the game proper. And I struggle to call it a VN because the "personalities" are so fucking barebones and have very little content or story associated with them. They're not personalities, they're a bunch of a few stock lines associated with a very surface level view of a character archetype, and they're not even tied to any sort of narrative.
You guys able to give any advice on making good looking huge tiddies, or decent looking asses?
I'm just bad with sliders and haven't really hammered in on what ones to use effectively, yet. Trying to make some thicc meidos, but it's rough going.
If you're stuck on the default sliders, you're gonna have to make do.
But if you use modded bodies, they come with specific shapekeys, and depending on which ones you're using, you can really go to down with them.

I don't know how your dick swings, so if it looks great in your dick's eyes, then you really should be good. But if you're really looking for specific advice, then having a reference really helps. Put up a pair of tiddies or ass that you really like in one corner of the screen and do your best to copy those shapes, size, position on your meido.
I've been trying to avoid shapekeys because of how they fuck with clothing, but maybe I should give them a try. I have to imagine there is a decent amount of clothing that has shapekeys and I just haven't experimented enough, right?
It's mostly wideslider/modslider that I've been trying to make use of, but making a nice ass or tits with that is hard for some reason. The fact that there just isn't a fucking ass slider and you need to increase hip/pelvis depth makes it kinda look odd. I know there was an anon in these threads that made amazing thicc meidos and that shit is a total mystery to me.

Easiest example of the type of body I like would be similar to Rinko from https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ406483.html or this hottie if we're deviating a little from thicc https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/109321907, but getting there is a total disaster when the sliders don't really make sense or seem extremely limited.
File: 7.jpg (486 KB, 1062x1500)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
>Not respecting your son's ownership and rights over their personal meidos
Barbarians, the lot of you.
File: img20230907163513.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
Is there any way to change areola size? I want some real nice big ones for areola peaking.
File: sadist2.png (598 KB, 584x917)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
the answer, as usual, is mods. There's a few nipple mods, and tattoos mods for bigger areola.
pic related is using skb tattoos that I modified to be even larger.
Wait, you can make the areola on the SKB tattoo nipples larger? I found the shape keys that make the nipples themselves larger or puffer, but didn't find anything for the areola.
i edited the texture for the tattoo
Well fuck. Man, CRC can't come soon enough. As an enjoyer of both KISS and Illusion games, I fucking hate how jank, annoying, and limited character customization is in CM/COM. Shapekeys should have never needed to exist, and they're fucking miserable to use, and now I need to edit textures to get large areola? Christ alive. Guess I'm gonna be learning how to edit textures the next few days, there's some skins I'd like to touch up anyway, and learning how tools work would be nice.

On the bright side, I just realized that I think the NPR Riaman/Sujiman nipples have decent sized areola options at least.
How toons work*
Fucking phone, I disabled autocorrect and it turns itself back on.
File: img20230705130738.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1017)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
posting meido for old time sake
If I'm not into idol stuff should I still get COM3D2 instead of CM3D2? I'm guessing the older game has more mods and content?
The main story is idol, but it isn't too long. The rest of the game is mostly meido related. The main pull of COM is girls interacting with each other (and more content after the years).
CM3D2 mods are almost always compatible with COM anyway, but they are harder to find the older they are.
That said, CM3D2 still has unique content to it, even if all of the personalities can also be played in COM. Just expect a bit simplier and jankier game if you do try it out.
Does anyone have Shuten Douji? I don't see the good version in the database. I fear not being able to find the old mods and old characters
Good looking meido. Would let her bully me/10.
Question - when making nice big tits like that with wideslider, how do you keep them from becoming the fucking torpedoes that they do?
If I'm remembering your other maids correctly, you're really good at making them still look big and heavy but without being sharp enough to take someone's eye out.
File: img20230910154611.jpg (1.64 MB, 4413x4063)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
>fucking torpedoes that they do
dont overdo any of the depth sliders and balance the height and width to your taste = if it make penis the big penis then is good
Appreciate that, thanks boss. Cute example, I think I have a somewhat better idea to work with now. I'm gonna guess I should be trying to make use of the position sliders as well, since the back-front one seems handy too?
You must be pretty careful with those depth sliders and balancing width/height to get such nice looking tits consistently though - it was actually one of your older posted maids that really made me really start to try to figure this out since she was absolutely perfect. That short-haired MILF with the blonde/brown hair that wears the cross necklace. What a fucking 10/10 babe.
Trying to replicate such delicious massive tits was causing me a lot of headaches, haha.
what would it take for us to get an up to date mod repack, I just redownloaded the game and installed everything I could, just to remember that the full lip/lipsticks and faces I liked were all mods, and I dont have any of them anymore AHHHHHHHHHH
I'm having the same problem. No one really made an archive that contains all the good mods. AA2 and Koikatsu communities did a great job preserving stuff but there's almost nothing for CM3D2. I had so much godtier stuff on my old computer before it broke, now they're gone forever.
Best maid personality for a gyaru character?
How much sex content does the actual secretary maid (Emma) get? Trying to decide whether or not to give her design to the personality secretary maid
Friendly or Little Devil.

Friendly is more conventional gyaru, and Little Devil leans more on the MSGK side of things.

She's a prominent character in the Secretary Maid Personality events (no sex tho) and she pops up every now and then in pretty much most of the other maid's events and gameplay/story events. Point is, you'll be seeing a lot of her regardless whether you like it or not so might as well just change her to a look that jives better with you.

As for actual sex stuff, I think she only really gets one event.
I'm thinking of playing this game because I heard it has netorase in it.
So how does that work? Do I have to play the game for hours before I unlock that or is it a DLC?
there are multiple dlcs that add netorase events and yotogi options. they usually have requirements to be unlocked, for example maid contract type or relationship level.
Do I need to download the CM3D2 as well? Or is only downloading COM3D2 enough? I'm guessing it has to do with old mods but I'm not sure, please enlighten me
not only mods but you need to have cm3d2 to be able to use the older personalities and dlc in com.
>Do I need to download the CM3D2 as well?
Only if you want the CM3D2 personalities to be ported over. If you link CM3D2 and COM3D2, the personalities from that game will act like the Master from CM3D2 and COM3D2 are the same person and they'll get a short little story arc where they get sad that you left them behind and how they're adapting to the new club you're managing now (and how they're a bit jealous of the COM3D2 personalities, i.e. the new maids in your current club).

>Or is only downloading COM3D2 enough?
Yes. Most mods and plugins these days are developed are for COM3D2 anyway, so if you want to dick around with the game with non-vanilla features, then COM3D2 is the way to go. The only disadvantage of jumping straight to COM3D2 is you'll get cucked out of the content involving the original CM3D2 personalities.

If you have no investment in the CM3D2 personalities, then feel free to jump straight to COM3D2.
If you actually attachment to the CM3D2 personalities/want the whole KISS Meido experience (For reference, the regular update/DLC content pipeline also includes stuff for the ported CM3D2 personalities), then go for the whole fucking package and link the games.

Honestly, don't feel obligated to get the whole thing if you're just starting out. I'm fairly certain that I've already clocked in like 40+ hours into this game and I've only really played around with five personalities out of twenty in total.
>I've only really played around with five personalities out of twenty in total

Is there a list for all the personalities? Is it this one? http://com3d2.world/chara.html
Those are just the three COM3D2 main personalities plus a bunch of NPCs. Come on anon, it literally says "NPC maid" there. The personalities are

COM3D2 personalities
Main Trio:


CM3D2 Personalities
Main Trio:


So 22 personalities in total across CM3D2 and COM3D2.
And a quick rundown for the non-turboweebs I guess.

Muku - Energetic pure ditzy girl
Majime - Tryhard sorta tsundere dork
Rindere - Cool big sister type

Mukuchi - Quiet nerdy bookworm
Koakuma - Teasing sorta mesugaki
Oshitoyaka - Ladylike ara ara oneesan
Hisho - Secretary maid in training
Fuwafuwa - Autistic fluffy loli imouto
Buwaisou - Guarded sharp-tongued bitch
Osananjimi - Childhood friend
Do-M - Masochist
Haraguro - Scheming bitch
Kisaku - Friendly gyaru type
Kimajime - Serious and elegant lady

Junshin - Innocent soft-spoken waifish girl
Tsundere - Self-explanatory
Kuudere - Self-explanatory

Yandere - Classical Yandere, not the meme stabby contemporary batshit Yandere
Oneechan - Self-explanatory
Bokuko - Tomboy
Do-S - Sadist
>She's a prominent character in the Secretary Maid Personality events (no sex tho)
Darn, I was hoping she was going to have some sort of romance progression event like the CM3D2 secretary NPC. I like her voice and look more than the personality's,, but I guess I'll just have to settle for swapping her appearance with it.
Do the CM3D2 personalities still get to do marriage content/interactions with the other maids in events in COM3D2 or are they basically yotogi content only
They interact with the three main COM3D2 maids in their transfer events. And they also get the GP-01/GP-02 updates, so that means yes, marriage, harem, yuri and empire club mode events alongside other maids are available for them.
Cool I was worried they be barebones by comparison
Do-M and Haraguro seem like they're 75% of a personality pack instead of a full one though based on their JP pages
>Do-M and Haraguro
They are. They are kind of a weird experiment of sorts. But it's not like they're /completely/ forgotten and cucked out of content since they've also gotten included in the more recent Adult Enhancement packs DLCs.
I imagine that once they've finally caught up the other usual updates with the other personalities, they might throw them a bone and give them the GP-01/GP-02 treatment too.
She has the usual smugness/inflated self-worth and a very haughty way of speaking characteristic of the Ojou. But I was disappointed to find out that she doesn't actually do the loud OHOHOHO thing. I think she ohos a couple of times, but more in the amused chuckle kind of way.
My main complaint is that her voice sounds too high pitched and childish
I wanted someone like the mature big sis' VA but with an ojou personality
I still can't really get a read on the Majime personality, it's so strange.
One thing for sure is that I feel that her default look is the only one in the main trio where I don't think it even remotely fits.
>One thing for sure is that I feel that her default look is the only one in the main trio where I don't think it even remotely fits.
Really? I think it suits her just fine. She's the disciplinary committee/student council girl archetype for lack of a better description. Pretty emotionally immature, but overcompensates by trying to act "mature" based on her childish conceptions of what being mature and proper is.

For her default look, she still looks pretty young just like Muku, but you can see that she tries to keep a clean and proper look. Almost like she's trying to prove something. Compare her to an actually "mature" girl like Rindere. Who has the maturity both in personality and (default) looks.
Honestly, I think the three main COM3D2 girls are quite rounded out and plays off each other quite well. Majime is the middle ground between the cooler Rindere and the childish Muku.
I think it's largely just because I'm kind of stupid, and that personality doesn't really resonate with me or form much of an impression. Kind of just an amorphous blob when I think about it, though I'll fully admit I never got too deep into Majime's events since it wasn't vibing with me.

Heck, I even tried quite a few different designs for Majime (several of which being shortstacks, virgin sluts, and just thicc ladies) and I never felt like any of them fit, but it's probably because I don't have much of a grasp on the personality.
It find it hard to make a Rindere that doesn't look like a hag but also avoids the youthful kind of cute that the other two main girls have. She's supposed to be older than the other two, but not by THAT much. But I always end up swaying too far in either direction. Among the main three, she's had the most revisions I had but never could come to a satisfactory one.
I just make her a hag because hags are my strike zone
File: Kanobitch.png (602 KB, 1005x545)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
I can't find a set of eyes that I like for this attempt at recreation and it's killing me
I think the HRK eye collection has something like that.
File: SPOILER_Flow_Chart.jpg (2.17 MB, 3295x8192)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
A flowchart guide for all the variable GP01/GP02 yotogi events except Yuri made by some dude on discord.
Might be useful to some people here. I didn't even know about the Harem variations reliant on how many times you make the maids cum until I saw this.
>Becoming lovers with all of my maids
>Can't decide which one to marry
>All of my other maids are going to be sad
Any advice for increasing the size of the hips/waist without increasing the size of the belly? I want a nice grippable set of birthing hips but anytime I fuck with the sliders it juts out the lower belly too like they're about to give birth to an Alien
Basic hip slider is a trap. Use F5 sliders for that (it will take some time).
How far off are we to getting Kisaku and Kimajime in ENG COM3D2 assuming they keep supporting it?
File: Kanobitch.png (1.02 MB, 899x1115)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Thanks, I was able to find an eye I could live with. Now I just need to fix the color
>How far off are we
Nigga, they're already in since like months ago.

An up to date consolidated repack with all the latest EN stuff hasn't been made yet, but indidual downloads of the latest EN DLC are available from the usual place managed by the same guy making the repacks in the first place.

>assuming they keep supporting it
EN keeps getting multiple updates a month an even got the EN release of the Night Pool DLC only like a month after it came on JP, so I'm fairly certain that the EN version is making enough money to garner continued support and an active schedule like this.
>An up to date consolidated repack with all the latest EN stuff hasn't been made yet
Oh, that's why I didn't know then
I'm an "Extract text from the EN and put it into JP"fag
Is there any reason not to continue doing so even if I have to download personalities and shit separately?
If you're using a JP install, then just rip the translation files I guess. I think some folks at the discord regularly rip the translations.
But if you have the EN install, then get just the DLC either legally or through the seven seas.

Do whatever the hell works for you and is easier for you.
>I think some folks at the discord regularly rip the translations.
The only COM3D2 Discord I know of doesn't allow any rips of the official TL because it's "piracy"
>Go on a date with my maid in an event
>She's still wearing her maid outfit
Other than manually changing her outfit is there an easy fix for this? Like a mod?
Good taste, love that slut. You did well, the red shadows in hair are a bit harsh though.
It's a work in progress still and I'm a neanderthal when it comes to messing with shadows/color sliders so it'll probably take me awhile still to improve it
Nothing wrong with that, I'm fucking awful when it comes to making good bodies.
You going for a slightly older version of her with the eye shape changes?
File: mai[1].jpg (41 KB, 537x768)
41 KB
It was hard trying to strike a balance between the cuter expressions and the sexy ones she has because she changes on a dime in the VN so I just went for a sharper look on the eyes for emphasis on the sex appeal since I already had other cute aspected maids
If I end up not liking it in events/yotogi it's an easy fix since all I did was close the eyes a bit
Fair, I hadn't really thought about the sexy expressions that much since she usually has a cute one, especially that dumb cat face.
She's pretty much the perfect candidate to do Kisaku or Osananajimi NTR events with too.
Yeah I was going to make her a Kisaku, seemed like a perfect fit
I also was able to get a much better idea of the overtly red shadow color by looking at her back hair and draining the saturation down seems to have fixed it
The eye color is a real bitch to get right though, if I try to make them light brown they're always too dark and if I try to make them dark gold/amber color they always end up too yellow
Eyes are real tricky to get colours right for, especially since you have to tweak both the main and shadow to get what you want. Try the main as a shade of yellow, and then use darker shadows to push them to where you want.
File: Mai.png (1.03 MB, 893x1335)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Quickly made a "old" Mai too for the hell of it, hair color is fucked still though and I'm sad there wasn't a better sweater to put her in (Well there is one but it doesn't go down to the waist)
Also how the FUCK do I unequip RV feet
Use the lashless face variant for old Mai imo it will bring out the cuteness more
Nice. Have no clue what RV feet is anon, sorry.
Got me feeling like I should make a a version of Mai eventually too, damn you.
It's a mod that lets feet adjust to fit modded high heels that properly look like them. I guess i'll have to ask the discord.
Oh FUCK, that's what makes those high heels work? I had a few that were just floating below the feet and not attached, had no idea about RV feet.
Thanks for the info, guess I gotta see if I do have it and just didn't know about it. What category is it in?
File: Mai.png (2.28 MB, 3210x805)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Body -> Body
Well damn. I do have it, but no wonder I missed it, I only even go into body to throw on LObody.
Also, 2nd from the left gets my vote. Very cute.
Second from the left is what I ended up going with for now also. Far right is what Bitch Mai is using
Second from the right reminds me of Sakuya from Shiny Colors im@s
That makes sense to me, I definitely agree. What face are you even using as a base? I've been stuck on the 7968 faces lately, so I'm totally blanking and need ideas for better chins. Didn't expect to see one of the only "NTR" VNs I've ever liked crop up in the thread today though, that's for sure.
Now that you mention it, I totally see it. That's definitely similar to the new anal queen.
>What face are you even using as a base?
GP - Adulty Face - Raised Eye and GP - Adulty Face - Normal which is basically the Rindere faceline as far as I remember
I haven't messed around with mod faces that much beyond what came in my repack - mostly because tracking down mods that get shared for this game is a nightmare and if you're trying to recreate specific characters creators seem to favor holding onto their mods for their own screenshots etc.
Thanks anon, appreciate it. I grabbed that huge modpack off of ULMF when I started poking around in COM again after being away since the time of CM, and I really only use like 2% of what was in it at best.
I didn't explore the faces nearly enough (usually one of the 7968 or SKB Faces), or skins for that matter (almost always SKB). Gonna have to take a look at those Adulty faces and spend some more time exploring I think. I don't even bother looking for character specific mods usually, because 9/10 times it's gonna be private faggotry, or a mod that the author has deleted, or some random shit like that.
What's an example of an existing character that would be defined as a Haraguro or Kimajime? And what distinguishies a Kimajime from a Yamato Nadeshiko?
Don't get too hung up on the definitions. No specific examples come to mind off the top of my head, but I think I can explain them better.

Haraguro pretty much means being a two-faced manipulative bitch. This character would have a good "public" face, but always hides a much more selfish self-serving purpose.

Kimajime is like the Majime personality, but actually genuine in her seriousness. Majime's seriousness is a result of her wanting approval and to be taken seriously, so there's a childish edge to her. But Kimajime's seriousness is just really due to her own natural temperament rather than her putting up airs. Kimajime would fit into the frame of those no-nonsense cool beauties kind of characters.

There's a bit of overlap, but a Yamato Nadeshiko highlights the more demure, elegant and traditionally feminine aspects of a personality (but don't make the mistake of her being a pushover because a Yamato Nadeshiko has a strong inner core and will throw hands if pushed to do so) while Kimajime, as I said, is more in line with the stoic cool beauty archetype and so will be more taciturn and blunt, compared to a Yamato Nadeshiko which will typically be more well-spoken and tactful.
So the NPC COM3D2 secretary maid would be a Kimajime of sorts already?
Yes, Emma would fit the bill quite nicely actually.
Why yes, I'm autistic enough to use MaidFiddler to set some of the maid personalities to be below legal age and bypass the THEY'RE ALL TOTALLY LEGAL GUYS WE SWEAR disclaimer. Why do you ask?
>Interview dialogue changes if your maids have big boobs not not if they're flat
How do I resist making all of my maids cows?
Pretty sure there's also dialogue for when the Maid interviewee is a washboard too.
Stop being a cowfucker anon. Embrace the flatpill.
Redpill me on the appeal of Free maids
Give more money.
Some events can only be done by Free maids (and conversely, some can only be done by Exclusive maids).
In Empire Club mode, they freely get molested and or raped by guests.
Can do Confession Yotogi, which is when the Meido tells (You) about the times she fucked customers since you know, its part of her job being a Free Maid and all.
Haraguro is hilarious
>took a break from com3d2 after a long while
>200 fucking gb
Im am grateful to that autist documenting all the downalods and updates. seriously, that autist is a champ for keeping up with all this shit.
can you marry her?
Seeing all the personalities talk and interact with each other in Empire Club Mode is pretty nice. It's great to see group interactions that isn't just the Muku/Rindere/Majime show.
I'm autistic and hire my maids 1 by 1 and raise them to love before starting a new one
Maybe I should mass hire
File: 20230524_125839.jpg (1.77 MB, 2857x3024)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
>The tomboy personality is like the girl on the playground who played four square with the boys
>she has the mindset and voice of a 14 year old
Fuck I was hoping she'd be an older tomboy with a deeper voice, she doesn't have the same appeal that Muku and the bookworm do in terms of the younger age personalities
>she'd be an older tomboy with a deeper voice
I mean, that's pretty much just Rindere already. All the other maids remark that she's pretty cool and manly and she even has that tried and tested insecurity of not being feminine enough.
Rindere has the princely angle but I have a hard time picturing her hanging out with the bros
>Maybe I should mass hire
Definitely. Multi-tasking is definitely much more efficient to train stats/increase affection for multiple maids. Not unless you want to do some gay shit like cheating game values to immediately give your maids those higher numbers.

Though I would personally suggest ticking the option to unlock Scout mode immediately (assuming you haven't unlocked it yet). For immersion's sake, some maid personalities really just feel more natural if they were scouted and convinced to join Empire club rather than applying there of their own accord. Or I guess you can make it so that she was already a maid and you cucked her from another club.
> but I have a hard time picturing her hanging out with the bros
She's actually pretty wild when hammered stupid. I forgot if its in one of the personal maid story arcs or if its from the NPC maid story arcs, but she parties pretty fucking hard.
Not in the "have sex with everyone in the party" way but in the "She's a goddamn superhero fucking fighting off a martian invasion" kind of way.
File: imretard.png (28 KB, 953x619)
28 KB
Sorry for this question. So i downloaded all those missing dlcs from rp7 ENG and up. So does this mean I downloaded some redundant dlcs' (personality packs listed seperately im guessing?) in update 8 due to the all the Xs?
It's a retarded question but im more scared of breaking the fucking game.
X usually means a redundant or incompatible install yes.
I'm more worried about why your Kimajime install pack is still labeled in Japanese. You aren't doing something silly like installing JP DLC on an EN install (or vice-versa) right?
Thank you for the quick response and pointing out a potential fuck up, nah im downloading from the "COM3d2 EN DLC" files.
It's probably in JP because my com has been set to japanese local for the longest time. I'll check on the game anyway after your warning just incase.
And what's your base game? Like where did the bulk of your game come from? Is it from one of those JP ultimate all-in-ones, or are you using the ENG repack (as of now at R7 with up to the Dec ENG 2022 updates).
ENG repack 7. I tried to follow the guides very carefully since I remember the game fucking up years ago.
So if you're using that, then Kimajime shouldn't be part of it yet. So it's weird that it's indicating an X since her personality shouldn't be part of that repack yet.
I just checked the download from that place, and yeah, that tab is also in JP text for me too. And I'm on JP locale as well. But it shows an X for me because I'm already certain that I've already installed ENG Kimajime on my game.

Are you sure you haven't just gotten confused and forgot that you already installed that personality pack before? It shouldn't be hard to check. Just go to maid creation and check if you can select the personality. Or even just check the Signora Maid outfits/hair parts are in maid creation. If they're there, then you've already installed the personality pack.

Worst case, just update your ENG game to the latest version.
Some newer ENG DLCs don't work on older versions of the ENG game, so you might want to try updating your game version first.
>>Are you sure you haven't just gotten confused and forgot that you already installed that personality pack before? It shouldn't be hard to check. Just go to maid creation and check if you can select the personality. Or even just check the Signora Maid outfits/hair parts are in maid creation. If they're there, then you've already installed the personality pack.
Thanks, that's probably why since it was apparently one of the dlc i installed first but accidentally lost track right away in the 25 separate folders.
Once again im grateful for the info, ill install the update before starting the game.
Got one for X0?
File: Rindere.jpg (1.47 MB, 3189x3167)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Here's my Rindere.
My autism dictates that I come up with two outfits for a Maid, a casual one and her Maid getup. Though the casual getup really is only just for the initial interview/scout mode.
I ended up with a former delinquent trying to clean up her act kind of character design. Which I think surprisingly works given her personality framework.
File: Rindere.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Rindere feels like she has a fairly broad range for interpretation, which is nice. I also have a huge affinity for hags so steering away from that is hard, and I didn't entirely succeed. I tried to lean into the princely and cool side for mine as much as I could, and that gave me the mental image of her as a bartender, so I worked back from there.
Might still make some eye changes, but this is what I've been working with.
I'm a basic bitch and use the default look for Majime and Muku because I couldn't think of anything better for them
What eyes are those? I like them
File: Majime.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
My Majime is a fucking mess. I'm the anon from up here >>7571151, just realized I never showed just HOW bad my grasp of the personality is.
Retcon her into a kisakude
File: sample.png (3.44 MB, 3200x2104)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
It's from a mod maker called
so just go to their profile and
>this account doesn't exist

Oh for fuck's sake. Here.
I also included some of the other eyes made by this guy before he(?) fell off from the surface of the earth.

Never ever deleting any of the mods you have for this game should practically be a rule since every mod maker that isn't one of the big/most popular mod makers have a habit of just evaporating their stuff.

God damn anon, Majime is a tryhard goody two shoes. She's the typical dorky honor student type. This girl looks like she's the head of a bullying clique.
Post your Majimes, I want to deviate from the default design like I've been doing and need inspiration
Probably will, was definitely considering it.
I just don't jive with what a tryhard goody two shoes should look like, and the original Majime doesn't have a design I really like. SHIT'S HARD.
I do like the idea of this maid being the head of a bullying clique now, though...
File: Majime.jpg (922 KB, 2329x3327)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
>need inspiration
I think their default/canon designs already do a pretty good job of indicating the general feel of the personality, so for Majime's case specifically, I just gravitated towards a design that is more or less just a derivative one from her canon design.
I can't remember, what's the NPR setting you use for eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyes to show through hair?
File: img20220510235536.png (3.33 MB, 1920x1080)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
from left to right : muku, majime, rindere
this game ruined my ability to enjoy koikatsu
It's a fine dollhouse simulator, but it really is a shitty game.
>>7573930modern Illusion "games" in general suck as games unfortunately. They don't put any effort into them while this one is getting milked wayyyyy too much, but atleast it good lol
Thats easy though, just think student council president character. You can always do something like a cross between Medaka Kurakami and Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La kill in the appearance department. You could always search up anime student council president girls for inspiration too
Too much big tits here.
Post Fuwafuwas and lemme see your inner lolicons.
>You can always do something like a cross between Medaka Kurakami and Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La kill in the appearance department
Well, that makes it pretty easy. Would have thought they'd have fallen elsewhere, but that does help give a better idea.
I poked at it for a few more hours after that yesterday without getting anything I liked since I was basically stuck over in "prim and proper, and a total cunt" territory, since that's all I think of when I thought of honors students and student council presidents in Japanese media. I think eroge has ruined me.
Is it possible to lower sex speed?
I don't really want high arousal yotogi to sound like a machine gun blasting into my ears.
File: file.png (518 KB, 472x947)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
All I can give you is a vague idea to keep them young and have them look like a real stickler for the rules. Prim without leaning into full oujo-sama territory
File: 148cm body type.jpg (1.09 MB, 2913x3177)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG

For some reason, the guidelines in my head on making her where juggling the fluffy loli look and that cute standing anteater meme. Still relatively big tits though.
I also find it funny the Fuwafuwa, the loli quota filler of COM3D2, actually has bigger tits than quite a few of the other personalities taking into account their default designs. She's canonically a shortstack I guess.

Also making a loli character makes me realize that making a model below 150cm runs the risk of making the game look screwy with blatantly floating models or suddenly elongated limbs/torsos during Yotogi. It's not immediately noticeable, but the lower you go in height, the more yotogi positions try to compromise with the fact that you're fucking a midget.

She looks like that one Senran Kagura girl. Which may or may not be intentional on your part considering that Yaegashi Nan literally designed one of the face types in this game.
low test
If seriously, CM3D2 or COM? If latter it's not as bad as the former, lol
File: spook.png (1020 KB, 1267x599)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
>Lemme in. I'm a fairy maid.
File: ladylikesis.png (1.13 MB, 927x1135)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Did an attempt at a lady like big sis personality
Was inspired by my memory of villainesses from mahou shoujo anime
Not sure what lipstick color I want to go with though
File: file.png (819 KB, 628x979)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
Yeah, most of my meidos are based on Senrans with a few changes here and there
post your Not!Miyabi
File: file.png (745 KB, 788x997)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
I made her my rindere
ahhhhhhh she looks fucking good
File: cat.jpg (19 KB, 373x344)
19 KB
>OP image
This really activates my childhood memory of 4th grade me being tutored by my cousin to write cursive because my bitch of a teacher wanted the entire class to rewrite our essays in cursive and in pen and DUE TOMORROW.
She was wearing a tight void black sweater with the same pattern in pic and was a senior in high school.
To be frank I barely learned cursive that night and I don't think my teacher accepted the cursive anyways.

So how are you still alive? I got into CM3D2 but stopped the moment I had to torrent more gigabytes of holiday DLC then seasonal DLC then collab DLC then personality DLC's and some of them weren't torrented all the way so some folders were empty. I spent more time torrenting and finding characters than playing the game.
File: img20211126233905.png (3.65 MB, 1920x1080)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
>Can't think of a good design for the Kuudere, Tsundere and Muku
>Just use their default designs while thinking up something
>Now I'm too bonded to their default looks and can't bring myself to change them
Scouting or hiring?
Depends on the personality, bookworm definitely makes more sense to be scouted
If I scout but dont go straight to fucking them do I lose out on any affection events?
No, if anything you lose out on the unique scene that plays for taking their virginity after you start dating if you fuck them while scouting
File: fuckingnerd.png (1.32 MB, 825x1162)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Scout and rape Osananajimi.
Turn her story arc into an I CAN FIX HIM shoujo manga story >>7523005
Shrine, Ski Resort or Tavern?
No real point to them. Building one unlocks (Non-H) events associated with them and once you view them, might as well just demolish them and build something else.
how many brown maids is too many if I have 1 maid of each personality
File: brown.png (733 KB, 719x987)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
does your empire club have racial quotas?
Anyone got a link to the discord invite?
Hi, does anyone have an idea of the password for this? THANKS

It's her "Legendary Sucker" title in Japanese
>Big Sis
Do any of the other personalities work well as hags?
File: img20211012221713.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
Secretary. There are many interactions with her implying her mature age. If "Big Sis" is Ladylike, then her too.
What personally works best for the scolding / femdom positions?
The one that's literally labeled as a sadist
I remember playing years ago and her voice wasn't great in those positions.
Try Ladylike or Haraguro
cm3d2 innocent, sadist personalities a shit.
Anyone have luck with the password here?

The hint is that it's in 8 digits and the release date of the game which upon googling is October 20 2022.
But I tried various combinations of "10202022" "20102022" and whatnot and I still can't get the password right.
The game released on February 23, 2018
Innocent and Ladylike, they're normally very sweet so the gap between that and them mercilessly rebuking you is just fantastic.
Kisaku is also great for mocking play. Shame that like Ladylike she doesn't have that many positions
new thread: >>7580954

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