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File: 29.png (886 KB, 1920x931)
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886 KB PNG
this thread is about K site if you don't know what k site is i don't care you are not welcomed in the secret club.

_ first thing first there is nothing else like K site its simply the only one of its kind. this by itself is a crazy achievement and the living proof that the K site owner is a super high iq individual.

_ second thing the UI design..... i mean just look at this!!!! godtier reader now compare it to the 3 most popular site ehentai nhentai and hitomi . do you see how superior k site is? you can't even change the direction ! you can't scale shit properly! you can't hide all of the useless shit that are required to have a decent experience ! you can't do nothing!

and now you have K site.... dude genius got here see how shit all of those site are and fix EVERYTHING with the best reader in the history of hentai !

more importantly every new hentai site have one thing in common they have been copying nhentai dogshit reader.....!!! every single one! its time to stop! just copy k site ui ! but i don't excpet anything from those monkeys anyway!

listen i don't know who the fuck is the mastermind behind k site but holy shit! but we need more people like this dude ! fucking genius
File: 30.png (624 KB, 1920x931)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
look at this abomination HAHAHA
File: lol.png (711 KB, 1920x931)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
HOLY SHIT worst reader of all time
File: 31.png (729 KB, 1920x1080)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
this right there is probably the most retarded UI design you'll ever see an abomination on mobile device no one needs to see a page counter on both tom and bottom side this shit should be hidden by default fucking retarded scum!

fuck nhentai and those braindead copycat
File: 33.png (603 KB, 1920x931)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
the only decent one...
So, I get you want to be a special boy as you probably lacked attention while growing up. But how exactly is this a hentai thread?
A thread died for this.
Meds finished uh
fine by me if you want to act like a retarded schizo, atleast drop some kind of link or source to your praised site so that others can have an opinion on it and discuss it with you
Isn't the UI of this just reskinned from an open-source manga reader? I forgot the exact name but there used to be a number of sites that host Fakku content like this but ksk is only "special" because it's pretty much the only one left (that we know of), not to mention that its tranny dev makes the site unusable when his schizo episodes kicks in.
Can someone explain to me how did K site used to close tabs without the user's direct input?
I think they fixed it and it doesn't do it anymore, but every once in a while I encounter an website that does this and pisses me the fuck off, and I would like to know what it is so I can block this piece of shit behaviour, I don't even understand how browsers have or allow this feature.
On the K site, when it still happened, I think it was when you searched something, clicked to open a gallery in a new tab, and when you switched to the new tab it would close your search tab.
Or something like that, I can't remember anymore.
The dude didn't managed to get banned from tachiyomi because of ban for whoever used an ad-blocker ? Unironically missing nana
>>7572941 meant for >>7571926
ketamine or potassium?
OP is a [Yaoi]
site is kskdotmoe
>i don't care you are not welcomed in the secret club.
Kekw my sides , the owner probably paid theporndude to be more visible since it's being swept away by search results , take your pills
>this thread is about K site if you don't know what k site is i don't care you are not welcomed in the secret club.
Do we at least get to find out what it's got to do with /h/?
A comic reader is inferior until it lets you read images in a long strip

How is Chinese porn drawings not /h/?
It's not a secret club nor was it ever one and the owner renamed it to KSK from Koushoku because he thought you were all being retarded for not being able to spell out its full name
Changing a domain to be sure of having a correct spelling of the name by everyone , god damn...
I think that anon is referring to the schizo takes who happen quite frequently on this board
>search artist:bkyu
no result
>search artist:atage
only 4 results

superior my ass. OP is a faggit as usual.
Yup the search engine kinda cumbersome , another win for nana

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