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Post images with Japanese text and I will translate some of them. Other anons may contribute.
Small requests preferred, ideally 1-3 images or pages. May accept larger requests depending how busy the thread is, how much time I have, and the quality of material being requested.
If the text is not clear/legible, the request will probably be skipped (e.g. very small text or sloppy handwriting)

Beginning with request from previous thread


Man 1: "You're very open-minded, young lady~ Don't you find this embarrassing?"

Woman: "Eh, no, umm..."

Man 2: "No, this must be the way her generation does things."

Man 2: "Right, young lady?"

Woman: "Ah, th-that's right."

Man 1: "I see. That's how things are these days. How wonderful."

Woman: "Ah, ahaha..."

Man 1: "But there's still something I don't quite get."

Man 1: "...which one, which one?"

Woman: "Eh...?"
File: 1698699746229549.jpg (657 KB, 720x1520)
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657 KB JPG

Man 1: "It's not just petite, but perky as well."

Woman (thinking): "U-uwah! He's staring super closely!"

Man 1: "My wife's are like balloons that have had all the air let out! And what's worse, she just leaves them hanging out this time of year!"

Man 2: "My wife is just about the same."

Woman: "Ha...haha..."

Man 1: "Still, young lady, I suppose you put on underpants regardless of how hot it is."

Woman: "Eh!? O-of course..."
File: 1698700101514338.jpg (278 KB, 720x1011)
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278 KB JPG

"Chintarou-san, what you just said is sexual harassment!"

Man 1: "Oh no, excuse my discourtesy."

Woman: "Ah...ahaha..."

*Stares the whole time*

Man 2: "All right..."

Man 2: "The haircut is...done."
File: IMG_3053.jpg (1.1 MB, 1330x1951)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG

"H-hey...! What do you think you're staring at so intently...!"


"You want to know why I'm dressed like this?"

"Th-that's...t-this way, I thought...I could encourage you in your studies..."
File: sensei pretensei.jpg (179 KB, 1330x1951)
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179 KB JPG
This story is super hot
I've been waiting for a hero like you Anon.
File: 1695678686363027.jpg (165 KB, 895x660)
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165 KB JPG
Would be a dream for me if you could translate these 3.
File: 1695666001052783.jpg (169 KB, 660x900)
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169 KB JPG
File: 1695678754456971.jpg (161 KB, 660x900)
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File: 13.jpg (384 KB, 860x1200)
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Context: she is invisible
Been trying to find someone who could translate this book for a while


Len: "R-Rin, I love you."
Len: "I want to get more intimate with you."
Len: "Is it okay if I touch you?"
Rin: "Eh...ehh?"
Rin: "When you say 'touch,' where do you mean?"
Len: "Uh...your b-breasts and stuff."
Len: "Did she really just make me say that out loud!"
Rin: "N-no way! I'm ashamed about how small they are!"
Len: "It doesn't matter to me if they're small! It's totally fine if they're tiny!"
Doesn't know what point he's trying to make anymore!
Len: "What I mean to say is, I like your breasts the way they are!"
Rin: "R...really??"
Rin: "W-well..."
Rin: "Just a little..."
*ba-bump, ba-bump*
Rin: "If it's really just a little bit..."
Rin: "Wai-!"
Rin: "Didn't I just tell you to wait!! D-don't look so closely!!"
Len: "I-I-I-I'm not looking at them like that!"
Rin: "You're totally staring at them!!!"
Rin: "Hyah!?"
Rin: "O-ow! That hurts, Len!"
Len: "Eh!?"
Len: "I hurt you? I'm sorry..."
Rin: "Yeah...you need to be more gentle when you touch them..."
Len: "Then...is it okay to lick?"
Rin: "Lick...?"
Rin: "You mean my breasts!?"
Len: "Obviously!"
*Innocent Rin!!"
Rin: "No...no way, no way, you can't! That's just weird! Wouldn't that be just like a baby?"
Len: "It's not weird!! Everybody does it!!"
Rin: "There's no way!"
Len: "Well...well then, I guess I'll just touch them tenderly..."
Rin: "Y-yeah...that much is fine..."
Rin: "Nnn..."
Len: "A woman's breasts, they seem to have something at the center that's not very soft."
*ba-bump, ba-bump*
*grope grope*
Len: "I wasn't expecting that."
It's because they're still growing.
Len: "Ah, but...the tips of my fingers sink right in...so tender..."
*Tsupu (pushing into something soft)*
Rin: "Aahn!"
Rin: "...!"
*ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump*
Len: "..."
Len: "Is this..."
Rin: "No...!"
Rin: "Len, not there...ah!"
Len: "how it makes Rin feel?"
Len: "Rin..."

"The slimy stuff inside him is so tasty!"


"The head of his penis is sensitive, so it must feel good to get licked here."



"Having me step on your dick feels good, doesn't it?"

"It's fully erect, and it's pulsing and throbbing!"



"It looks like his cock and balls are enjoying this, I can feel how they're quivering through the soles of my feet."

Man: "Fhuーfhuー, mmm, mmm, mmm!"

Woman: "Hold on?! No way, it can't be! Pervy Teach!?"

Woman: "You can't just slurp it! Aiyaaah!"

Man: "Haahaa"

Man: "It'th delithouth, haahaahaa!"

Woman: "Aaahh!"

Woman: "It's too much, nnnaaah!"

Woman: "You caaan't!"


Woman: "Aah!"


*slurp slurp*

I appreciate the context, although funnily enough, something that important didn't affect anything this time. Normally that would be crucial to know; I recall helping with an image from this set before and I was really confused.
I haven't been able to access that website for a little while now. If it's still up, maybe it's an issue with an adblocker or something? Either way, I'm just translating images posted directly in the thread.

No. 1: Coffee Shop
Takeda Konomi (21)
Yorugao (Moonflower?)

Primary Partner: Boyfriend
Favorite Position: Missionary
Specialty: Fellatio
Non-proficiency: Cowgirl position

"Going steady with a part-timer working in the kitchen. However, a handsome customer recently gave her his number, and they have developed a friends-with-benefits relationship."


"Right there!"


*plap plap plap plap plap plap*

Bottom looks like the title, "Working Women Illustrated Field Guide" or something to that effect

Anyway, looks like this is NTR with lackluster art, so I don't think I'm going to attempt the entire set.
File: 63829292.jpg (2.89 MB, 2599x2970)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG

"You must endure it, Yamato-sama. In order to learn the Oden Two Sword Style, your butthole must be disciplined."

Yamato: "I-is that so?"

Yamato: "But is it absolutely necessary to stick your tongue in there...?"

"No matter how much you get licked and sucked, you must not cum. If you cum, we will have to start from the beginning."
That's 皮 in panel one, not 彼
Ah thanks, that makes a lot more sense now. Little bit gross though.
Thanks a lot translation anon!

What does that change?
File: 06-14-721x1024.jpg (127 KB, 721x1024)
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127 KB JPG
File: 07-14-721x1024.jpg (125 KB, 721x1024)
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125 KB JPG
File: 2panelshort1.jpg (92 KB, 721x1024)
92 KB
I gotcha senpai.
File: 2panelshort.jpg (93 KB, 721x1024)
93 KB
Markerholic part 2 by Kiiroi Tamago is it...
Woah there is a translation? Or did you edit the image?
File: Request.jpg (2.35 MB, 6216x4400)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
It changes it to "inside the skin/sheath" so it confirms it as smegma instead of having plausible deniability as precum.

This is already pushing it on the grossness for me, plus I can't decipher some of the kanji. I'll give it a shot anyway since it's the only open request right now.

"Your dick shot out lots of cum, do you feel refreshed?"

"If it gets big again, you can count on me to help anytime."

"xxx-kun, I'm glad you invited me to the beach, but..." (I'm just guessing the kanji here is 嬉, I don't think it quite matches up though)

"Bringing me with my sloppy body here, are you really going to have a good time at the beach?"
you're correct about ureshii, but konna darashinai karada no obasan <- calling herself obasan as in "old lady"
File: F3PouKlbwAAHulc.jpg (280 KB, 860x1214)
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280 KB JPG
none of SCAF's works every got an english version, so i am kindly requesting this page
i can post more of his content if desired.
this is /d/ material

half this thread is actually
Original requester here, thank a lot for still translating it even tho you didn't like it. Appreciate it.
yeah it's 腰を引く

the synopsis is that she hasn't washed in forever and is masturbating while imagining that a kimo ojisan should have the same smell
last text area she's just saying she masturbate and sleeps cyclically without attempting to contribute to society
File: 041_ita.jpg (264 KB, 1057x1500)
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264 KB JPG
Those pages were translated for this tread. I went looking based on what you said and it actually is translated https://exhentai.org/g/2107883/42e646b3fd/ [spoiler]but it's in Italian, sorry to get your hopes up ;)[/spoiler]
File: F1tjCx-aAAA4TJP.jpg (1.42 MB, 2897x4096)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
thank you dearly for the synopsis. as another anon said, this is probably too /d/ for here so i wont proceed.
most of the content i've got is very /d/ since that's the stuff that remains untranslated for years
File: tflikcaa.jpg (3.09 MB, 3027x3101)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
File: 03.png (1.15 MB, 1268x1800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
I have no fucking idea how I'd translate this.
Thanks for the confirmation. I did understand obasan but I left that out because I didn't want to translate it as "saggy old lady body" or whatever.

Yeah...while I don't mind translating some /d/ stuff, I would like board rules to be followed to prevent the thread from getting nuked. If you really want something /d/, it would be better to post it in an appropriate thread over there and direct me to it, or even to open up a similar thread over there. But I would be a lot more selective about what I actually translate.
File: inuyama_aoi.jpg (977 KB, 1032x1457)
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977 KB JPG
inuyama aoi from yuru camp

"Hieeeh...it stinks...this is totally turning me on..."

"If there were a...breeding old man, I'm sure he'd...be just like this. Not having showered even though it's been weeks...the stench of sweat and masturbation. He'd smell like crazy, wouldn't he?"

"Masturbating under the covers...feels gooood...the smell can't escape...I love feeling so immersed in it...if I keep going on like this...I'm gonna cum until I fall asleep again...another slothful day will pass by...If I do nothing but jerk off every day...I'll never find a job...and society...will consider someone like me...worthless."

種付おじさん looks like a portmanteau of "mating" and "ojisan," which I couldn't think of a great way to translate.
thank you anon! much appreciated

Occupation: Temp Office Lady
Living at home with her parents
In the room adjacent to her nephew's, even though she is 28 years old
The young aunt who is staying here
Is currently in the midst of searching for fap material

"Ahh, how annoying. I have to get up early for work tomorrow, but I just can't find any good ones..."

"And the ones that are good...I've already used every last one of them..."

"Why is it that if you jerk off to something once, you can't use it again until some time has gone by...?"

"Sigh...even masturbating has cost:performance ratio...what times we live in!"

"Aaahh, jeez, my fingers just can't reach to my womb!"

"By the time you've reached 28, your womb starts to ache...I have to stimulate all the way back there or else my libido will be left unsatisfied...it's been a while since I've used a dildo...but before that, let's double check that they're sleeping..."

"Ah...is my nephew still awake?"


28にもなると is a little hard for me to decipher, but I found an article on it, so I think I figured it out. Looks like it's N1 level grammar.
The part circled in red? I'll just do the whole thing.

"It's probably...a poison with an aphrodisiac effect."

"It's being injected into my body over and over again..."

"Meanwhile, my genitals and womb continue to be stimulated..."

"I'm being instilled with pleasure...being modified to feel even better...being...broken in."

"It's the first time I've felt sex, mating, like this..."

"Even though I'm an elf...having sex with a monster is bringing me to orgasm..."
This already has translation notes on danbooru.

Woman: "Why do all men love boobs so much? It's really tough when my students are being naughty day in and day out."

Man: "T-That's...the nature of being born a man, or rather...what I should say is, Inuyama-sensei!? Just what kind of naughty things are your students doing!? I'm a little jealous that they get to do naughty things every day...wait no, that's inexcusable!"

Woman: "It is what it is! They really are nothing but horny brats, haha!"

Woman: "Especially a certain someone's son...parents and children are all alike, hailing from the Planet of Boobs, it's such a bother!"

星人 is an interesting word, it essentially means "person from x planet." This is presumably a way of saying that these people are single-mindedly obsessed with something, as I think there is a similar English expression for this.

イタズラ is hard to translate as it can mean mischief, prank, naughty, fooling around, or even sexual misconduct. I think naughty best captures the meaning intended here.
File: 475847389782.png (418 KB, 432x735)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
I've been trying to translate this doujin but I ran into issues with this panel. Sorry for the censor, it was necessary.

Full doujin: https://nhentai.net/g/9694/
File: 005.jpg (1.18 MB, 1050x1492)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I'm personally not great at this, so I can't guarantee success on requests where someone is stumped. There's no problem asking, as it can still make good learning practice, and there's a chance someone else will help out too.

"But it's fine if I have my way with this young lady, right?"

"No...you can't do something so cruel..."

Third line is where it falls apart for me. I think it's like...

"What the hell is the weirdo who can only get erect from young ladies saying?"
If I really had to try to break this down...the parts I'm seeing (assuming じゃねぇ is a colloquial form of じゃない) would look like [young lady][not][with][can't get erect][weirdo][what][saying][dare to]

"The fact that they have tails means they're probably no different from animals."

Hopefully I'm not too far off on the translation.

Woman 1: "We're feeling so refreshed."

Woman 2: "Thank you so much!"

Man: "Eh? Uniforms?"

Woman 2: "The holiday weekend starts tomorrow, so we came here straight from school."


Man: (thinking) "Oohhh...super fresh"

Man: "I see. Your legs must be feeling tired after that. I'll go ahead and give you a massage."

Man: "Well then...I'll start with you first, so sit down in this chair."

Woman 1: "Ah...please, go ahead."

Woman 2: "Onii-san! Would it be okay if I took a hot bath?"

Man: "Eh? Ahh...the bath is inside, but...it uses firewood, so you can't."

Woman 2: "Ah! That's fine, I can do it!!"

Woman 1: "Ahaha, that girl can do anything!"

Man: "Country girls these days are incredible..."

I know it said 山 on the last line there but I think that translates better than "mountain girls."
I also had a similar problem with the 3rd line, thanks a lot
File: 005.jpg (704 KB, 1050x1492)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
Mountain girls is actually correct, that's the term that the anime Yama no Susume uses, which this doujin is based on. Thanks for the help, anon!

Btw, the line about the firewood is pretty confusing to me. He's saying she can't take a bath cause the bath uses firewood? Not your fault that it's confusing though.
Nice job on the typesetting! It looks rather professional! You even did the sound effects that I was too lazy to try. Although there is a small issue with a typo on the firewood line (in inside).

On the mountain girl translation: I meant it more in the sense of localization. I think "mountain girl" doesn't present as accurate an image as "country girl." If you think of something like "mountain man" in North America, the image to me is entirely different.

As for the bath line, I assume he thinks either that she doesn't know what to do, or that she is incapable because she's a woman or something.

Also, something I forgot to mention in my translation: I have no clue what "super fresh" is supposed to mean exactly. It thought it sounded weird, so I'm guessing it could be some kind of slang, or maybe it's just something that doesn't translate well. I know English has similar phrases like "that's so fresh" so it could be like that.
Thanks for the compliments, anon. Already fixed the typo.

I might change the bath line to "The bath is inside, but it uses firewood, so you can’t use it alone." or "The bath is inside, but it uses firewood, so it might be difficult to use."

Also might come up with something else for the fresh line.
File: 5.jpg (288 KB, 1280x1783)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
The other half of this Dokuneko comic still isn't translated. Would be nice if someone whats to give it a try.

Far as I can tell it's less NTR and more just working women getting fucked. Would be nice to see a translation since it's the only work by the artist to not get one yet.
File: 6.jpg (280 KB, 1280x1783)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
File: 77669950_p0_master1200.jpg (699 KB, 849x1200)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
here's one that's several years old if anyone wants to take a crack at it
some serious context missing
if that's the case, never mind then
it's just something i had saved for some time that i was mildly curious about, no clue what the context is. thanks anyway anon
Not sure if the font will be clear enough.

Man 1: "I wonder what you'll do if you get knocked up~"

Man 1: "Your boyfriend is a salaryman, right? Ehh~ He'd be so excited to have a baby."


Woman: "Hey, isn't it about time we moved in together?"

Woman: "I'll drop out of college and we can have a baby."

Salaryman: "Ahh..."

"When she told me "I'm pregnant," I thought I was lucky to be able to fuck her raw, but this is a pain in the ass..."

"I'm gonna fuck her 2 or 3 more times and then it's bye-bye."


Man 1: "Ah."

Man 2: "Eh."

Man 2: "Ah."

Man 2: "No, this is..."

Man 2: "You guys also fucked? Haha!"

Man 1: "No, I was just thinking about how I've wanted to fuck these two for a while."

Man 1: "They're such good friends because they both have huge breasts, do you think that's the case?"

Man 2: "Yeah, I wonder."

Not too confident I got the last few lines correct because it feels a little awkward.

Not sure what you mean, this seems to make enough sense on its own.

Have to guess how the names are meant to be said

Nanase: "Fushida-kun"

Nanase: "Goodbye, see you tomorrow."

Fushida: "Eh?"

Fushida: "Ah...yeah...see you tomorrow..."

Fushida (thinking): "We don't usually interact, and yet she addressed me...well, in any case, Nanase-san is such a beauty..."

Nanase: "I spoke with Fushida-kun. I was awfully nervous... As expected, Fushida-kun was incredibly cool...I wonder what sort of face he would make if I told him that I batter my clitoris with a vibrator while thinking about him..."

Nanase: "I love Fushida-kun!"

Nanase: "Haaah"

Nanase: "Ah!"

Nanase: "I'm gonna cum!"

Nanase: "I'm gonna cum!"

Nanase: "Ahh!!"

Nanase: "Haaah!"

Nanase: "Fushida-kun!"

Nanase: "Look! Watch as my pussy cums non-stop while I shamelessly masturbate with a vibrator!"

虐めてオナニー was difficult to find the right wording for. I think the meaning is "masturbating in a way that's tough on the body." I settled on batter, as I think it better suits the situation than other words like bully, bash, beat, pummel, and pound, although a bit less fun than words like demolish, punish, torment, or torture.
File: 015.jpg (1.13 MB, 1050x1492)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Context: Speech bubbles on the right are for another girl in the next room (Kokona).

full doujin if you need more context https://nhentai.net/g/189868
File: 111983843_p1.jpg (773 KB, 868x1228)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
I think this character is from Girls und Panzer.

Woman: "A bath like this in a mountain cottage..."

Woman: "It's my first time..."

Kokona: "Nnnoooo, don't...onii-san, don't do that!"

Onii-san: "Kokona-chan, we're gonna fuck now, okay?"

Kokona: "You can't...don't put your fingers inside me, don't use them to churn my insides, and not my boobs either!!"

Onii-san: "Kokona-chan, you say that, and yet...your voice sounds like you're turned on..."

Kokona: "That thick thing, don't put it in, don't put in inside me!! My shameful place, stop rubbing against it like that!!"

Kokona: "Onii-san's semen, it's filling up my vagina...onii-chan's dick, I want you to stick it in moooore..."
Thanks, it was a bit unclear who was talking in the bubbles on the left. I thought it was the girl taking a bath (Kaede).

Well, this is pushing it a bit on what I'm comfortable translating, but it's not quite showing anything so I still did it.

"Oh? A boy...what are you doing out here? This place is dangerous, you know? ...Ah. You must have gotten lost, right? I wonder what the guards are doing?"

"Fhu fhu...it's all right. I'm not going to scold you. But this place is dangerous, so...you're welcome in my tank. There's plenty of sweets and delicious tea."

"The other women in the tank are all really kind too. Everybody would really love an adorable boy like you, so...in that case..."

"Why don't you come play with us in the tank?"
No, you're right, I skipped the context on this one and got it wrong. This is especially evident in the last line.

The text bubbles on the left are indeed Kaede speaking. Replace the "onii-san" lines, and the last Kokona line with these.

Kaede: "Kokona-chan is about to get fucked, isn't she!"

Kaede: "Kokona-chan, you're saying all those things, and yet...your voice sounds like you're turned on..."

Kaede: "Onii-san's semen, my vagina is still filled with it...onii-san's dick, I want him to stick it in me some more..."
Ah, good to know! Really hate it when mangaka/doujin artists don't draw speech bubbles that point to who's actually talking
File: 005.jpg (732 KB, 1079x1500)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Shukudai Wasuremashitako-san e no Zenra Kyouiku 3
File: 006.jpg (633 KB, 1079x1500)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
File: 007.jpg (651 KB, 1079x1500)
651 KB
651 KB JPG

Sensei: "I can see you're in good health, so stop acting like that. You're in for some serious punishment!"

Sensei: "Even though you're on the student council, you intentionally neglected to do your homework, thereby dragging the reputation of Mamedaifuku-sensei and the school through the mud, and so this is what it has come to!" (The name appears to be "sweet bean paste")

Sensei: "I heard a rumor in the staff room that you might be in your rebellious phase. What's wrong with you, Mabu-chan!"

Sensei: "Well, in any case...if you try covering your body again this time...you know what will happen, right?"

Mabuchi: "Yes..."
File: 016.jpg (1.06 MB, 1050x1492)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
File: 018.jpg (1.06 MB, 1050x1492)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

"And after saying that, Takatsuki-sensei resumed teaching health class, haha!"

"Sensei, are any of the boys mixed up in this?" (This one is probably wrong)

"It's so deeply moving to see an honors student thoroughly broken in, y'know~"

"It'd be nice if you could just take the day off, but...well, if it were me, there's absolutely no way I could do something like standing in front of these horny boys while stark naked!! That's seriously impossible!!"

"XX-year old woman about to enter college, Mabuchi Michiko's AV debut!"

"But her body really is obscene, isn't it? That girl...(how shameful)"

"Eh...are her nipples sticking up? She seems healthy, haha!"

"Even now, I just can't imagine what Mabuchi-san would look like while pleasuring herself, but...is this for real?"

"The lessons in Takatsuki-sensei's class were very easy for the students to understand, but..."

Takatsuki: "Okay! Mr. H's penis is inserted into Mrs. C's vagina, and then his sperm..."

Takatsuki: "Is released! Do that, and then after some time..."

"She was too straightforward, and her students weren't able to hold back their laughter...however"

Takatsuki: "A baby is born!"

Takatsuki: "In short, the male ejaculates into the female's vagina."

"This time, Michiko's nude body transformed the lesson into something more real."

Takatsuki: "And then a baby grows inside the woman's uterus!"

Takatsuki: "For example..."

Takatsuki: "This here is the illustration..."

Takatsuki: "And this here is what it looks like on a real, live woman."

Mabuchi: "Aahn!!"

Kokona: "No..."

Kokona: "You can't!"

Kokona: "Don't rip through Kokona's virginityyyy!!"

Man: "Oooh, this is..."

Man: "her pussy's..."

Man: "incredible tightness..."

Man: "I'm going to start moving slowly...ooohhh...it's stickily clinging to my dick..."

Kokona: "Higiii...don't start moving...nooo..."

Kokona: "If you move, my pussy will be destroyed..."

Kokona: "You can't!!"


Kokona: "No!"

Kokona: "Noo!"

Kokona: "This position...it's too embarrassing!"

Kokona: "Onii-chan's...it's stiff, but the tip is soft and squishy...Kokona's insides are being churned, you know..."

Man: "Oh crap...Kokona-chan, if you tighten up around me like that..."
File: 023.jpg (1.21 MB, 1050x1492)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Thanks in advance
File: chi21sam03.jpg (359 KB, 645x911)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
File: chi21sam05.jpg (365 KB, 645x911)
365 KB
365 KB JPG

Man: "You're already dribbling so much..."

Man: "from your perverted bottoms."




"Onii-chan's fingers..."

"feel so good!"
I thought this page was requested in another thread. I can just barely discern the kanji if I zoom in on the...source of the sample, since I can't find the original source. Come to think of it, maybe someone else had translated it when it was requested before? Well whatever, I'll go for it, but please be mindful of requests with small text.

"That haunted house..."

"I wonder if it was just a coincidence...or..."

"Let's finish up with some crepes."

"You're eating a lot, aren't you?"

"Rumi, you're gonna pass?"

"I'll eat, but..."

"The way my privates were being touched, and spread open..."

"Chiru, you're gonna come eat too, right?"



"Also, I still don't have any underwear on..."


"Suppose...what if my privates were seen by somebody..."



"Kuu...I want to do that...!"
File: 025.jpg (1.21 MB, 1050x1492)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG


"Today, there are lots of people still preparing for day 2...I guess I'll go get it."

"I just remembered something I have to do, so I'm gonna go to the school for a little while."

"Whaaaat? But you just got back. Can't you do it tomorrow?"

"W-well the thing is, everybody will be busy then."

(can't read background text here)

"If it gets too late, give me a call, okay?"

"Sure. I'm heading out now!"

Background text: "Sorry for lying to you, mom."

"If I had told her that I forgot my cell phone, she would have said "why don't you just get it tomorrow" or something like that."
"What an incredibly erotic smell..."

"So this is how onii-chan tastes."

"Our pussies...they've been quivering in anticipation this whole time, and our love juices won't stop flowing, it's just terrible..."

"Onii-chan, please make sure to use your dick to punish us a whole lot."

"Ahh!! I'm such an idiot!"

"I went through all kinds of trouble getting home, and now I've accidentally returned to school while still forgetting to put underwear on!"

"Your cell phone, kouhai-chan?"


"She's so happy, she's on the verge of tears!!"

"Senpai, thank you so much!"

"It was nothing! Or maybe I should say, we're going to be hosting the cafe again tomorrow, so make sure to come back, okay!"


"My heart is pounding...so let's just...go home now."

"Hm...? Huh!?"

"Chiru, what are you doing here?"

"Miura-san!? Why are you here this late?"
File: boobieplanet.jpg (234 KB, 1032x1457)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
the filename, haha

I think something along the lines of "all they care about is boobs" or "the only thing filling their heads is the thought of boobs" would sound better in English, but I try not to stray too far from the literal translations since this is for practice anyway.


"Yujia-san, you ought to have more confidence in yourself."

"If you say so, Shenlin..."
"Today, there are lots of people still preparing for day 2" -> "Today there'll probably be lots of people still there preparing for day 2"
"Can't you do it tomorrow?" -> "Prep for tomorrow?"
"W-well the thing is, everybody will be busy then." -> "Yeah, pretty much. Everyone's really busy." (more literally "yeah, something like that", but in English that sounds evasive)
background text = 高校って夜も学校行けるのか -> "So in high school, you can go to school at night too?"
Thank you for the corrections! Feedback is invaluable to improving my skills.

Ah, I see, I overlooked the だろう on the first one.
For the second one, I did notice there wasn't a verb. I thought "tomorrow's preparation?" sounded weird and didn't even think of "preparations for tomorrow?" which does sound fine.
On the third one, I don't quite get とこ. I think it is sometimes used similarly to 事? But I just can't quite grasp it based on dictionary entries.
As for the fourth one, amazing job reading that. My kanji comprehension is nowhere near good enough to do that.
she's speaking casually and dropping syllables:
そう -> そ
ところ -> とこ
It's not "parents and children" but specifically "father and son alike" (grammatically Japanese makes no distinction between these, but in context this is not plural).

Also, "oppai seijin" doesn't work literally in English because "alien" doesn't have the necessary connotation. Someone obsessed with something to such an extreme that they're described as an inhuman creature? We actually do do that, but rather than "alien" it's "fiend".

"Boob planet" is funny but also not quite right; the natural inference is that people from there are the boob-havers, not the boob-lovers.
It's prooobably Fujita, but since it's a name you never know.

虐めてオナニー isn't really the way to break this up. て is conjunctive between clauses.
(藤田くんの事考えながら)(クリトリスを虐じめて)(オナニーしてます)(って 言ったら [...])
"[...] if I told him that I masturbate by thinking of him while I (tease/bully/whatever) my clit with a vibrator"

Grammatically speaking, both the first two clauses are optional and the sentence still functions without either or both of them.
Oh, I had assumed that そ そんな was her stuttering. Shortened words are something I'll have to get the hang of. I have already seen だろう shortened to だろ a lot.

That makes sense. I pluralized it because she had previously been talking about all the boys, but it makes more sense in singular form when considering the previous line.
That's a good point, so in this case they would be "boob fiends."

The て form is my arch-nemesis. It seems like it can do many things, making it difficult for me to pin down the exact nuance. Especially when it's used multiple times in a sentence. Naturally, the longer a sentence is, the harder it is for me to parse. I end up getting lost trying to keep all the parts of the sentence in my mind while connecting it together. And the more words I have to look up, the more I lose track of things. But that's a consequence of trying to supplement my studies by translating things above my level.

Thanks for all this excellent feedback!
File: 020.jpg (1007 KB, 1050x1492)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
File: ya01-03TEXT.png (3.08 MB, 2500x1773)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
File: ya01-04TEXT.png (3.18 MB, 2500x1773)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
File: chi21sam07.jpg (331 KB, 645x911)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
File: chi21sam04.jpg (385 KB, 645x911)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
File: chi21sam06.jpg (377 KB, 645x911)
377 KB
377 KB JPG

Kokona: "Fuueeeehhh...my virginity...it's been stolen away by onee-chan..."

Kaede: "Congratulations, Kokona-chan!!"

Kokona: "Kaede-san!?"

Kaede: "I could hear you saying indecent things from over in the bath. Bold, aren't you?"

Kokona: "Noo! You can't just listen in like that!!"

Kaede: "You dummy...this is a step towards fulfillment for a woman, you know?"

Kokona: "Really?"

Kaede: "Please give your love to the two of us together."

Kaede: "Onee-sama."

For エッチな声 , I didn't translate it directly as "lewd/indecent voice" because the wording seemed unnatural. "I could hear your lewd voice" and "No, don't listen to my lewd voice!" don't seem like things you would generally hear someone say in English. It would be more like "I could hear your moans" or "I could hear you saying lewd/indecent things" or something along those lines. As for Kokona's line, I changed it because it was repetitive in a way that's normal in Japanese, but I again think it sounds a bit unnatural in English.

Also, I guessed on Kaede's name since there's no furigana for pronunciation
Great work, the only thing I'd change is that it's actually onii-chan/onii-sama
Excuse my idiocy, I guess I had a bit of a brain-fart today, haha.


Reimu: "Oooh! Not much longer until the baby is born."

Reimu: "Oh! You're pumping even more into my pussy. It's gonna get covered in it!"

Cirno: "Reimu's stomach is rather big."

Cirno: "Reimu's child is in there, huh."

Reimu: "It's okay. Cum in me~"

Reimu: "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummingggg!!"


Cirno: "Whoooooaaa, there's so much coming out!!"

Cirno: "Me too! Let me join in today!!"

Reimu: "Oh!!"

Reimu: "Oooohhhhhhh!!!"

I did translate one line differently on purpose, because it's just gross, while also being biologically inaccurate anyway.
Chiru: "As I expected, there's a lot of people..."
Background text: "Man, I love this [can't read the topic]"
"What's up, kouhai-chan?"
Chiru: "Ah, I think I left my cell phone here when I was changing my clothes."
"Ah, so that was yours! In any case, since I was going to lock the door anyway, I didn't put it in the Lost & Found. And I mean, I was just about to lock the door! What a close call, hahaha!"
Background text: "Here, go ahead."
Chiru: "Th-thanks."
Chiru: "It's here, it's here, thank goodness."
Chiru: "That reminds me, this is where I had realized that my underwear was rip...
Chiru: "...ped."

The dialogue about the locked door...not sure I got it quite right.


"Certainly...that's better than having clumsy-girl Chiru stay behind...and sleeping..."
Chiru: "Eh...ah...hahaha...when you say it that way..."
"Chiru-chan, use my bike."
Chiru: "Thank you!"
"It's nothing urgent, so you can take your time."
Chiru: "All right...I'll buy some underwear too while I'm at it!"
Background text: "That's the plan"
Chiru: "In order to prevent my skirt from flapping in the wind, I'll have to be extra, extra careful..." (this could also mean "riding up," which would also make sense here; it could probably be translated more neutrally as "prevent my skirt from lifting")

"Clumsy girl" is specifically a slang term. Maybe like "airhead."

"Arrived without further incident"
Chiru: "Hahh...hahh..."
Chiru: "Aah, that was nerve-wracking..."
Chiru: "Uwah...! Good thing nobody was behind me..."
Chiru: "Hmm..."
Chiru: "Ah...that's it! This here...!"
Thanks a lot!
File: 75420293_p0TEXT.png (749 KB, 1000x709)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
Thanks a bunch, didn't notice these two had different text at first, would be greatly appreciated if you could translate them as well
File: a01-02TEXT.png (3.15 MB, 2500x1773)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG

Reimu: "Ah! Hold on a minute, I haven't been hypnotized yet, have I?"

Reimu: "Aaahh! I knew you were a fraud! Hypnotism won't work on me..."

Cirno: "Reimu~ I'm here~ ...but what the heck are you doing?"

Reimu: "Do you understand...? If you do understand, then hurry up. Cum inside my pussy, please. I'm gonna cum!"


Cirno: "Whooooooaaa, that's incredible...!!"

Cirno: "Me too! Let me join too!!"

As you can see, the text in this panel is actually referenced in the other one from before.
Ah, I see you've uploaded a full translation. Hopefully I wasn't too far off with that line, but it does feel a little out of place, so I'm not confident in myself.
Yeah it just showed up on nhentai a couple of hours ago. I pretty much MTL'd the whole thing, but I got stuck on that specific 3rd line. It was better to ask for help than to just slap something there, so thanks again.
Eh, seems fine. That line doesn't really translate directly very well. The sentiment is that guy #1 thinks guy #2's objection is ridiculous, since guy #2 is a lolicon and therefore has no moral high ground. There are any number of ways you could express that in a more liberal translation.

"That's rich coming from a perv who can't get hard except with little girls"
"The fuck are you saying, you only get off to little girls"
etc etc
File: 112755842_p0.jpg (362 KB, 2021x2546)
362 KB
362 KB JPG

"Come on, come on! Pump those hips all the way, slut! Aren't you glad that you get to be used like this?"

"Hahaha! This one cums each time I thrust all the way to the back. These bitches are enjoying it more than we expected, aren't they?"

"The blue-haired one is the tightest, so I'll enjoy her while it lasts."

"In that case, we won't let you down. We can modify their minds and bodies to our liking, to an extent that there's no coming back from."

Not sure exactly which order the text bubbles are meant to be read in. The lines in the last couple of bubbles gave me the most trouble. Not certain it's quite right.
File: FK62nEXakAYYPNR.jpg (526 KB, 796x1280)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
Please and thank you
File: file.jpg (245 KB, 645x900)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Is this readable enough? The ones from this author from the last thread had way too dense and scribbled japanese to translate I guess, perhaps this one is more approachable
File: file.jpg (377 KB, 860x1200)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
File: file.jpg (366 KB, 860x1200)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
Thank you very much and sorry if I'm reposting

"Today is Paizuri day, but considering Kanorin's size, it looks like she's capable of normal Paizuri, right?"

"Th-that's not true. The thing is, I probably wouldn't be able to do that very well, I think..."

"Ah, I see~ So Kanorin knew exactly what sort of act Paizuri is."

The particles in the first sentence threw me off somewhat, but this is the best I could come up with.
I found larger versions available on other websites, so it shouldn't be a problem. Although from the ones you posted, only the first one would likely pose a problem. And in this case, the kanji used aren't too complex or hard to recognize, and the text isn't blurry or handwritten, so I probably could have made it through.

"Hello? Ahh, yeah, yeah."

"Right now, I'm hooking up with a MILF at the Aeon."

"We went into the store's bathroom for a quickie, but~"

"This daddy is so sexy, I've gotten wrung dry three times already~"

[Slurred speech, can't make out some of it]

"Ah? Yeah? So that's why. I wasn't planning to hang out with the crew afterwards, but if you're gonna invite me..."

"She was saying some bullshit about how she needs to make dinner preparations, so I took that as an OK to jam it in her pussy."

"How about a gangbang with all of us? Aah, I'll send you a pic of the MILF~ In the place we usually go to fuck~"

The speech is very masculine-aggressive and slangy, so I've probably goofed parts of this up completely. Especially the part about dinner preparations. I don't know what the fuck ノリワリー is supposed to mean. Closest I could find is 乗り (getting in the mood? energy/feeling?) and ワリーワリー (sorry).

As for the slurred speech, she says ダメ (no good/you can't) then こんな (this) then ひゃごいの (???) and lastly ひら...ひらない (probably shiranai for "don't know" "don't care" or potentially even "unknown/strange"). So I can't figure out what she's saying without understanding the "hyagoi" part. It's probably not sugoi as that would be "shugoi" or "hyugoi." Unless that's ひゅ and not ひゃ, but it looks far more like the latter. But if it were, I guess you could look at it as "Th-this is bad...I've never...felt anything...l-like this..."
普通に doesn't mean normal
yeah it's ひゅ and therefore こんな凄いの知らない
"Oooii, slacker~ What are doing, shamelessly taking pictures so early in the morning?"

"Since I have some free time, I thought I'd call over the MILF I hooked yesterday."

Text message: "I'm in the middle of a meal, so don't send me weird stuff out of the blue."

Text Message: "I'm free today, so come have fun with me. Also, did you make sure to do what I asked you to yesterday?"

"They'll say 'I'm doing something, so you'll have to bear with it for today' but then they always end up coming over anyway. What a lewd face she's making right next to her family. Heehee..."

"If you just talk to them a little, you can make instant sex friends. Married woman these days are just too easy."

I get thrown off by words that can have altered meanings with certain particles. I also looked up extra context. Though I couldn't find anything else from this scene, this character does seem to have generally larger breasts compared to what the author normally draws, so in this case, I think they are implying that they are big enough to do it (I originally thought they were implying they were too small, which is why the sentence didn't quite make sense to me).

So it would come out more as:

"Today is Paizuri day, but considering the size of Kanorin's breasts, it doesn't look like she'll have any trouble performing paizuri, isn't that right?"
MILF: "I'm home, sorry I'm late."

Daughter: "Welcome home! I'm starving."

MILF: "I'll start getting dinner ready, so just hold on a little longer."

Daughter: "So tomorrow, how about we go out together to buy a birthday present for dad?"

MILF: "Er...w-well...I just got a call from the neighborhood association...Mommy won't be able to go. I'll go shopping with you next time, okay?"

Don't quite understand the text message. Specifically 待受の. I'm guessing it's a shortened form of 待ち受け? So the closest I can guess is "Looking forward to sharing you with the others. See you tomorrow."
Thank you <3
File: 110446008.jpg (1.37 MB, 848x1200)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
ババア, not パパ.
"I wasn't planning to hang out with the crew afterwards, but if you're gonna invite me..." -> "When I asked her if she wanted to have a good time with some of my crew"
"She was saying some bullshit about how she needs to make dinner preparations, so I took that as an OK to jam it in her pussy." -> "she said some whiny bullshit about needing to get dinner ready, so I gave her pussy a good pounding and got her to agree."
ノリワリー is a contraction of ノリが悪い
The 語尾 in the daughter's question mean they already had plans to go shopping, this is kind of a rhetorical question that's just a reminder before asking her real question (where to go).
待ち受け - I'm not 100% on this either, but I think he's saying basically "here's your share of the pic(s)" or "here's the pic (I owe ya/you were waiting for)"
This one's a little bit longer, hope you don't mind too much
File: image_0000328.jpg (383 KB, 463x752)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
File: IMG_2579.jpg (587 KB, 900x1200)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
File: 76.jpg (483 KB, 849x1200)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
thanks in advance
File: 83.jpg (470 KB, 849x1200)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
File: 78.jpg (591 KB, 849x1200)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Ah, in retrospect, the papa/baba thing was a silly mistake. The dakuon wasn't quite readable, but I should have figured that out from context.
That makes much more sense with the phrase being ノリが悪い. I think it's going to take a while for me to get the hang of abbreviations like that.
I think I didn't quite grasp the usage of たら in the one line. I guess it's using a more colloquial meaning (as for...) that I'm unfamiliar with. So the first one would be like "(as for) when I invited her..." while the second would be a more typical "after." I think.

Ah, so it's like "Tomorrow, we're going out together to buy a present for dad's birthday, right? Where should we go?"
I actually had forgotten to translate the second line originally though.
And yeah, some of the slang like in that text is very hard for me to decipher.

"Today's new talent, Nishikigi Chisato-chan (real name)"

Overall Assessment
Rank A-
Face: 5*
Vagina: 5*
Butthole: 3*
Breasts: 4*
Sexual Proficiency: 1*

First sexual experience: 1 week ago
Number of people she has experience with: 21 people
Erogenous zone: Clitoris
Prohibited types of play: None

"Such a shame I can't see the face of such a transcendentally beautiful young lady."

"Since nothing is off-limits, then why don't I go ahead and try relieving my sexual desires using the best vagina available in this establishment?"

*We anticipate a large volume of usage. We recommend booking appointments in advance.*

Not certain on the line about her face. Might be more like "Her face can't be shown/seen, which is truly regrettable for such a transcendentally beautiful young lady."
I guess the confusion for me is the のが part. I think の is nominalizing the previous phrase, but I can't quite figure out が. Is it acting as a subject marker, a conjunction (but, still)? Or wait, の can be used as a question marker too? So then I could break this up entirely differently. Like "Isn't it a real shame her face can't be seen? She's such a transcendentally beautiful young lady."
In my mind, the last one is the winner because the spacing after の in the middle line could be indicating the end of a sentence. Even though there's no question mark there, but there is one on another sentence. So I'm probably wrong anyway.
It's hard to see that my grasp on particles is still so poor. But I'm practicing here to learn this kind of stuff, since seeing it in a book or video once or twice just isn't enough to hold on to the concepts.

Random note: I translated 膣穴 as simply "vagina" even though it's technically "vaginal opening/hole/orifice" because I just don't think they fit well here. Maybe "vaginal canal" but even that seems like too much. You could similarly translate 尻穴 as "anal cavity" instead of butthole. And I went with "proficiency" instead of "technique."
File: 16998974071541411.jpg (122 KB, 849x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
not sure if i'll do the other pages as they contain kanji and I would need to machine translate some of those.
it's "she's beautiful to the extent that it's regrettable not to be able to show her face"
の - nominalizer
が - subject marker

"Hyahaha! I say, it's irresistible."
Background: Moans and blowjob sounds
"This kunoichi I've captured is a gem, see?"
"I mean really, even the way she uses her tongue is first-rate!"
*cough* *nnggh* *huff*
"C'mon, c'mon, you drink up too~"

*gulp* *nnn*
"Well theeen~ What should I do with you?"
"This lovely woman would be distinguished even amongst prostitutes, eh? I could just jam it down your throat like this...or sandwich it between these huge breasts and spray it all over you..."
"He's not joking around...I need to get out of here, and fast."

"Bufufu...oh? It seems like you're ready for it down here?"
Nami: "Ah...!"
Nami: "Wait..."
Nami: "Aaahh..."
"Jeez, you're really soaked, aren't you? What a lewd kunoichi!"
Nami: "Aahhh! Aaaahhhh...

To be continued later
Both たら are the "after" meaning (i.e. expressing sequence of events, which in the case of the first one is more natural as "when" in English). That first one is, confusingly, structured identically to a conditional たら, so I think you have to intuit from the context in the following line(s) that it's not.

"Such a shame..." would be if the head of the sentence were 残念です, but it's actually JKです, so the subject of the declarative sentence in English should be the girl. "A JK so incredibly beautiful that it's a shame we can't show her face." I'm using "we" for the omitted subject of 見せる because this is an advertisement, so the writer is writing on behalf of the business and the intended readers are potential customers, but "I" is also possible. Likewise, for the next line, it should be addressed to readers in the second person: "why don't you go ahead..."

On the particles, you were on the right track with の nominalizing and が as subject marker. As usual it's easiest to work backwards:
超絶美少女JKです -> An incredibly beautiful JK.
Xなほどの超絶美少女JKです -> A JK so incredibly beautiful that X
Xが残念なほどの超絶美少女JKです -> A JK so incredibly beautiful that it's a shame that X
We're substituting a sentence (can't show face) in for X, so it needs to be nominalized in order to take the subject particle が.
I see. I got really thrown off by the 残念なほどの part. So this part would mean "of such a degree that it's a shame." And I didn't really think about it in an advertising context, so with that, I can see how "we can't show her face" makes sense.

Some of this content is way above my level, but at the same time, there are some images and doujins that I can nearly breeze through. And I suppose you can't get better if you don't make mistakes.

Although this one piece image set is certainly a bit of trouble. I assume this character just has a strange speech pattern and heavily leans into very rough speech and slang.

"Loose entrance, but tight inside. It's out of this world, eh?"
*Aguu!* *Nnn...!* *Nn!*
Nami (thinking): "I need to hang in there...I'll make him cum as fast as I can, and when he dozes off, at that moment I'll...!"

Nami: "Ooooohhh!!"
Nami: "Mmmmm!!"
Nami (thinking): "It's not a big deal...getting creampied once or twice...!"
Nami (thinking): "It's totally fine..."
Nami (thinking): "This much is..."

Nami: "Aahn! Ahn!"
Man: "C'mon c'mon! Where do ya want it?"
Nami: "Aahhh!"
Nami: "Ah! Aahh!"
Nami: "Insiiiide!
Nami: "Ahh! Inside, I beg you!"
Nami: "Aaahhhhhhh!!!"

I'm assuming ちょーらぁい is 頂礼 (ちょうらい), which is the word for prostration, so I take it as meaning 'to beg.'
"Hey...take a good look!"
"It's reaching all the way to the back!"
*lots of kissing noises*

"I'll squeeze it between my boobs for you, okay?"
"Don't hold back, it's fine to go 'pew pew' all over me, you know."
"Aaaaaahn, amaaaazing!!"

Sure, you could translate it as "shoot a lot of it," but sticking with the onomatopoeia seems more fun and cute. And lots of onomatopoeia don't really translate well, so it's not often that I get to keep it in.
Not bad, but missing some flavor.

"You caaaan't!"
"Hah hah!"
"Then how about down here?"
"Hee hee hee, it's Rena-chan's smooth and slick pussy."

Since つるつる can mean slippery, sliding, slick, or smooth, and multiple meanings are applicable, I went with two of them to make it more descriptive. I also chose to translate こっち as "down here" instead of simply "here" because it's technically not clear from the first panel where he's alluding to (as he has his hands in 2 places), and I think the extra detail just makes it better.


"You're so cute, Rena-chan. I get why you're so popular~"

"Hah hah~ and yet, you've got my dick inside you."



"The best!"

"This is the absolute best!"

"Aaaahh, shit, this feels great!"


"Hah hah!"

"Rena-chan is so damn sexy!"

"Getting to do whatever I want with your body is just fantastic!"



"Hah hah, boobies."

"I wanna brag to all the guys who like Rena-chan!"

"Hee hee hee, Rena-chan's pussy is real pretty."


"What a gorgeous view."

I didn't realize this was the ghost one at first.
File: 109862013.jpg (1.14 MB, 848x1200)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: IMG_0857.png (963 KB, 2220x3106)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
File: IMG_0858.png (998 KB, 2220x3106)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
File: IMG_0856.png (603 KB, 1300x1870)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
Notes on the OP set.

#1: Both instances of たまらない in this set are the "intolerable/unendurable" definition, meaning he's struggling to hold back from cumming. Also こりゃあ is a slangy これは, not sure from your TL if that was clear.
みりゃあ is likewise みれば, making that line as a whole something like "I go to catch a gorgeous kunoichi, and turns out even her tongue is first-rate". 上玉 can colloquially mean a very beautiful woman, I very much doubt it's the literal meaning here.

#2:いねぇ is いない (this one you probably know, it's the shitamachi dialect [ai ae ie oi] -> [ei] shift that some standard dialect speakers drop into in low-formality speech). The line is more like "Even among whores you hardly ever see a woman this good". I also would have gone with "Now, what should I do next?" for the first line but not much difference.

#5: ちょーらぁい is a slurred ちょうだい... which actually is pretty close to your TL. More like "please", I guess. Unlike the -れば -> -りゃあ and the shitamachi [ei], this slurring is pretty useless to learn cause you'll only see it in ecchi material.

*Getting Chisato wet under the guise of an examination...*

"Ehh, there is certainly a film coating it, and the tightness is satisfactory, I'd say..."

"The last step is to take a sample of your genital secretions, so in order to do so, we will be stimulating your genitals."

"Please inform us when you are about to cum, okay?"

*This fact is not out in the open, but all of the senior Lycoris agents sacrifice their virginity to DA staff. And now, after this, she too...*

Yeah, the slang is hard because it's usually not well-documented in standard dictionaries. I don't think I would have ever connected みりゃあ with みれば on my own. Understand the slurring will probably just come with better knowledge. As for 上玉, I've come across this before and I am aware of the colloquial meaning. I choose to translate it as "gem of a woman" or such because it adds flavor and I assume it maintains some of that original meaning. In this case, I could have probably extended the translation to "this kunoichi is a gem of a woman!" and I probably would have, but sometimes I run out of time to proofread my work so it was left as-is.
Image source
Yeah this Reikan Kanojo

There is a sequel or more like a "what if" scenario type of stories where more things happen to her on the invisible scenario and the being undressed infront of classmates scenario

*Nurse Higuchi Madoka is cleaning my intimate parts for me, and I want to cum so bad.*

Higuchi: "It doesn't hurt?"

Man: "Yeah"

Man (thinking): "She's a cute nurse, Ms...Higuchi?"

Man (thinking): "...oh crap...it got hard..."

Man (thinking): "She's still going, but what should I do..."


Man: "Ah...ahh!"

Man: "S-sorry..."

Higuchi: "Ah, it's all right."

Higuchi: "With the male patients...it happens all the time, so it's okay."

Higuchi: "It's totally fine to keep letting it all out."


Higuchi: "The fact that you'd make me do this in one of the unit's costumes so you could get off from a medical procedure..."

Higuchi: "Producer is just the worst, you know. I won't even be able to use my precious gloves anymore."

Man: "Ahh!"

Man: "Oooh...Higuchi...I love you..."

Higuchi: "Yeah yeah, since I'll be doing this for you until you're satisfied, please try to let it all out."

*Confidence Level MAX*

Wasn't really sure how to translate 出し切って here. It can mean "do your best" or "use up..." or "exert yourself." Given her attitude on this page, I take it as her telling him to exert himself so that they can finish up as soon as possible. I'm sure there's a better way to translate this but I'm drawing a blank right now.
Thank you!
File: IMG_0815.png (1.18 MB, 988x1432)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
File: IMG_3567.jpg (539 KB, 800x1028)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
File: file.jpg (391 KB, 860x1200)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Thank you so much for everything, the speech is also very appropriate for that kind of character I think!
File: IMG_20231115_110227_265.jpg (312 KB, 860x1200)
312 KB
312 KB JPG

"It's warm...?"

"It's hard...but there's also a squishy part..."

"What could it be~!?"

The sound effect means to rub or to fiddle with something



"There's a delighted look on your face."

"This so-called 'onahole' toy...seems like it's a good way to do it, isn't it?"

"Wanna splurt right inside the toy?"

Woman 1: "That pained look on your face...are you already at your limit?"

Woman 1: "Here, please go ahead and cum at once."

Woman 2: "To think you'd have this sort of kink...you're such a perv, you know."

Woman 1; "Cum!"

Woman 2: "Cum!"

I know 趣味 just means taste/preference (or hobby/pastime), but in this context, I think translating it as 'kink' works great. And of course 'fetish' would also apply.

Wouldn't say I'm proud of my work here, but it took me long enough already and it's kinda slangy again.

Haruno: "As you'd expect for your daughter's birthday party, there are quite a few distinguished guests..."

Haruno: "I wonder if my confections will suit their tastes."

Kaido: "No, no, this is just an ordinary dinner party amongst friends."

Kaido: "And as for Haruno-san's daughter, Minami is looking after her, so you're free to cut loose."

Man 1: "Man oh man, we've been waiting for some nice-bodied MILFs. What about these targets?"

Man 1: "We're looking to pick up some sprightly schoolgirls~"

Man 1: "We'll make sure to give you the best time possible."

Man 1: "First, why don't we go do karaoke or something?"

Haruno: "Umm...What's going on? Are these your daughter's...friends?"

Kaido: "No? Maybe they sent someone to get us because we took too long shopping...but...what rude boys they are...I'll have to tell my husband about this later."

Minami: "Our mothers are...rather late, aren't they?"

Haruka: "They're probably busy chatting it up with each other."

Haruka: "Hold on, I'll try giving her a call."

Man 2: "Damn~ This feels good~ That uggo porno egg-face~ (yeah idk about this one) Ahh...c'mon, get under my balls too~ Shit, I'm gonna cum~"

Man 2: "Hey aunties, are you having sex with your husbands regularly?"

Kaido: [slurred speech, good chance it's wrong] "Sho naish of you to ashk, but pleash jusht cum alreathy! You boysh are sh-sherioushly rude..."

Haruno: "Th-that's...I really have to be on my way...oh...oh no, I'm gonna cum again. Hurry it up, I've got...to go! Haruka! She's waiting..."

Man 1: "What do you think? Do it outside? Let's take some pics." (出とく? is throwing me off. Not sure if he's asking if she wants to leave, take it out, go outside, maybe have him cum on her before taking pictures?)

Man 1: "Oh? Auntie's phone...it's a call from your kid, isn't it?"

Haruno: "You can't! Because I'm about to cum!"

Haruka: "Mom, hurry up and come!"

Man 1: "You'll need to change if you're going now...but you'd forgotten about it until now, so I bet you don't even want to go anymore?"

Best I can interpret slurred speech: そんな事とてもいいけどさっさとイキなさい!ホ...本当に失礼な子で...

"To think we'd be getting sucked off by the two of you from the Orikami family head's protection team"

"Yeah, that's it, look up at me while you're diligently sucking on it."

"Oooh...even though you look pissed off, you're sucking it real well, aren't ya?"

"Ahh...I guess I forgot to buy more rubbers."

"Go buy some drinks too."


"Since we've got this rare opportunity, I guess I should have both of you lick me at the same time."


"Look at the camera..."

"This is wonderful..." [not going to bother translating their names here]

"How about you stop filming, and wrap this up already?"

"Hmm~? I guess the two of you just can't bear to wait any longer?"

"It got even harder...I'm at a loss for words." (呆れる means 'to be shocked/amazed' or 'to be disgusted/fed up.' I tried to capture both meanings here.)


"You made sure to put on the condoms, right!?"

"Don't worry your pretty heads, we'd never go in raw."

"If we got you pregnant, we wouldn't be able to call on you like this, you know."



(thinking) "It's entering me..."

"Well, let's stick it in."

"Ooohh...so this is what the pussy of a swordbearer is like?"

"Thanks to your swordbearer training, your tightness is outstanding!"


First panel is all variations of 'ah!' with a 'yaa' (no!), a 'nnah!' and a 'nn!' thrown in.

(thinking): I can't resist...! Every time he hits the back, it feels like my consciousness is fading."

(thinking): "His dick feels too good..."

(thinking): "Even though I don't want this guy...to make me cum...! I'm cumming...cumming, cumming...!"
File: IMG_2577.jpg (272 KB, 1416x1003)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: 1700042171854932.jpg (409 KB, 860x1200)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Speech bubble order on this set is trickier than usual

In the top left that's 男子学生, not 女子, the dude's talking about themselves. Then the next bubble is the karaoke invitation.
File: 1700042623832391.jpg (447 KB, 860x1200)
447 KB
447 KB JPG

エッグ is えぐい
Beginning of the slurred part is そんな事どうでもいいでしょ
Speech bubble order should help clear up the bottom right - he's saying it after he notices the phone ringing.
"What do you think? Do it outside? Let's take some pics." -> "Well? Should I answer it? With the camera "
In the following bubble it's still Haruno talking, she's just referring to herself as "mommy" in third person.
And in the last bubble the guy is saying with じゃあイったらアイツとチェンジね that after she comes, she should switch places with Kaido.
For some reason, I keep messing up on gendered words even though they should be making things more straightforward.

My problem was searching for the word as it was written with katakana. Now that I search for the same thing in hiragana, it shows up fine.
I had a feeling the speech bubbles were in a weird order, but I didn't expect it to be entirely backwards in places.
Makes sense it's the mother still saying that line, as her daughter would tell her to "come" not to "go," but I was too busy making the double entendre fit that I didn't think about that part (since in Japanese they are technically saying "I'm going" rather than "I'm coming")
For the last line, I did translate it like that originally, but the second part made me rethink it for some reason. Part of what threw me off was using "change" instead of "switch" which is another loanwoard.

I hadn't remembered 出る could mean "to answer the phone." The words with 20 definitions are a lot to handle. I'm still confused about 出とか though. Is it like..."answer, or whatever?"
What is a good guideline for price-per-page if i want to commission a translation?
Don’t want to be ripped off, but also willing to pay for good work since it does take effort.
とく is a casual contraction of ておく

"The female vagina is built to derive pleasure from the stimulus of insertion."

"Otherwise, the refusal of sexual intercourse would have put an end to human history."

"Yes, certainly, it seems that I will climax before long."

Man: "And so? What's your point?"

"Having a vaginal orgasm is completely natural, so your sense of superiority is..."

"I'm cumming!"

"Even though...it's not in my vagina...but my butthole..."

"I'm cummingggg!!!"

The sentence ending with 優位性 was the hard part for me. I found another page with this character from the author, and I think the extra context helped me understand what was being said. She's being fingered and says something along the lines of "Are you really the type that believes you can make people submit with sexual pleasure? You wimp." And then proceeds to have an intense orgasm from it. So I think on this page, she's trying to explain that away by saying it only happened because she's biologically wired for it, and that he shouldn't feel superior...and then she has another orgasm from anal.

I'm not familiar with ておく, so I guess that's why I didn't understand. Although even now, I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around that word. I see it means something like "to do in advance" or "to leave as-is" but I'm not sure how it applies. Is it like "Should I pick it up (while we're still doing this)?" In which case I'd translate it as "What should we do? Answer it while we keep fucking? With video on?" Or maybe it's more like "Should I pick it up like this? Or with the camera on?"

I don't do commissions so I wouldn't know. I think I've seen it advertised for less than a dollar a page, but variable based on the amount and difficulty of the content. I don't bother with it myself since I'm too slow to make any decent amount of money anyway.
"Do in advance" is /mostly/ accurate but imo makes it sound like there's definitely a significant gap in time between X and Y, or some level of planning, which is not necessarily the case for ておく. As long as the sequence of events is X and then Y, and X needs to happen in order for Y to happen (or to go well), then you might see おく.

Interestingly, the examples sentence jisho.org gives for this definition of おく is one such case where "in advance" isn't a very natural translation:
"If we're going to play, make your mind up about the rules!"
The speaker is saying this /after/ play has already started, so "in advance" would imply a greater degree of forethought than is actually going to occur. What the speaker wants to happen is for rules to be decided on and then the game resumed/restarted immediately.

When it comes to 出ておく with phones, you'll mostly see it in the imperative. If I can't come to the phone or I need to leave it somewhere temporarily, then X and Y are Y = me dealing with whatever comes up from a call, and X = actually picking up the call. In English as well, we'd probably only say the first half of this: "If the phone rings, pick it up [so I know who called/can call them back]". That's pretty much what's going on with 出ておいて as you can see here: https://eikaiwa.dmm.com/uknow/questions/2385/. Like, I know you don't /want/ to be answering someone else's phone, but that's a thing that's gotta happen if I'm not gonna miss calls. The おく is basically the speaker acknowledging that they're asking for something to be done that nobody really wants to do for its own sake, so acknowledging it like that while asking is a form of politeness. Therefore, in the case of imperative, I'd translate it as "could you get the phone [for me/please]", which similarly throws in a bit of consideration for the requestee.
So long story short, the typical use of 出ておく with phones is for answering on behalf of someone else. So even though the subject is omitted from the sentence, we know he's not asking if /she/ wants to answer the phone - he's asking her if /he/ should answer her phone.

Now, he could also have accomplished that without おく as well by mentioning himself in the sentence (as the subject of the verb). But he chose to use おく even though, as I mentioned above, it's a mini-politeness-concession that's out of character with his behavior so far. "Should I answer that for you?"
This is because he's asking it mockingly - as is made clear by his immediate followup. He's not trying to be polite and spare her embarrassment by handling the call while she's in an embarrassing position - he's teasing that he'll answer the call but put her on video.
"Should I pick that up for you? With the cam on, of course :)"
Actually, re-reading that example sentence from jisho, I mostly got the vibe that this is a mid-horseplay interjection from the English rendition. The JP sentence could just as well be a mom trying to get the kids organized before turning them loose. I'd still translate that as "first" in that case rather than "in advance" though.
blonde girl is nadeshiko, dark-haired girl is ai

Ai: "Look here, this is what I did after our phone call yesterday."

Ai: "He's simply incredible, you know? He knows all of my weak spots. So big and hard, making a mess of my deepest parts."

Ai: "And of course, we finished off with a creampie. It wasn't a safe day, so I might have accidentally gotten knocked up."

Nadeshiko: "Ah, amazing."

Nadeshiko: "He's cumming deep inside you."

Ai: "Oh, Nadeshiko, might you be getting wet?"

Ai: "Did you get turned on from seeing me get ravished? So cute!"

Ai: "Wow, even though you were just watching a video, you've gotten super wet, eh?"

Ai: "Fhufhu...it just keeps leaking out. Is it possible that Nadeshiko is a perv?"

Ai: "Heyyy, Nadeshiko, he was telling me to bring you with me next time. I've heard that threesomes are really nice. Nadeshiko, would you like to go together with me? It'll feel wonderful!"

Well, at least I've finally learned what んだって means. My dumb ass thought that it was なんだって at first, and that just didn't make sense in context. It's one of those things that doesn't really get explained in dictionaries, and translation tools don't help to understand it either. Sometimes you just gotta google something and maybe watch a video on it. Still, I don't know if she's saying "I've heard it's likeable" or "I heard he likes it." The latter made less sense since you would think that he would have told her directly that he did, whereas the んだって seems to indicate hearsay (heard it from a different party). I suppose it could be that she heard such a thing through gossip, but the fact that he told her to invite her friend seems like it would make it more of a concrete statement. But I guess if they thought they might be taking turns by default, then it could still make sense that way? Ultimately it's way too much thought to put into a line that makes very little difference in either context, but it helped me understand another grammar concept.
You may also notice I tried to use variety in translating すごい.
The small spiky speech bubbles are audio from the recording.

Man: "N-no...! The chance to see it from the front hasn't changed!"

Man: "It's not often that you get to see full-frontal nudity too, hurry!!"

Man 2: "R-right!"

Man 2: "I-is this the front?...


"Club president's boobs!!"

"Her slit!!!"


"Oi, oi...! Typically, to open the vulva, I think you use the labia majora on either side. You don't just spread the vaginal opening."

Woman: "Nnn..."

Woman: "Uuu..."

"What do we do if the club president wakes up..."

"I a-accidentally put it in too deep!!"

"But this is...crazy..."

"We can get a real good look i-inside this way, huh..."

"Kotaka-saaan!" (guessing on name)

くぱぁ is...apparently the "sound of a vulva opening." Wasn't really sure how to work with that. I can only hope that part came out decently. Also not certain on the accuracy of the last line before the name at the end.

Oh, right. Somehow I had realized that on the first panel, and then just went and translated it like that later. I guess because it's kinda pointing towards the character's mouth there, I just didn't think it through.
File: tos colette four leaf.jpg (211 KB, 693x1006)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Well, always wanted to see this doujin translated, and I'm literaaly shocked it never happened...

I don't want to abuse and won't ask the whole doujin to be translated, but I would like the 4 first pages with Raine, I'm curious with Colette's part too, but since Raine's part is very short, I think it's more reasonable for a request. Please.

The pages:

If you're curious about the full doujin, (C65) [Milk Crown (Kazuki Yuu)] Fourleaf (Tales of Symphonia)
Page 1
"Kukuku! It's just as I thought!"
"Finally...I've found it at last! My assumption wasn't wrong."
"Sure enough..."
"A dildo from days yonder was here!"
"I'm going to try it out at once...I have to try out everything!"

Page 2
"This is rather nice..."
"Is this an Exsphere?"

Page 3
"It's stirring up my insides."
"This is bad..."
"Th...this isn't good...I'm already..."
"Losing my mind..."

Page 4
"Hyaa! Ahhh!"
"I'm cumming..."
"Ah! Ah! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!"
"Hmm? This is!?!"
"Welcome home, onee-san. Today's dinner is cabbage roll."
"I'm home, Genis."

Not sure what "koyari" means, and I can't read that middle kanji in that last phrase (probably means something like "sex toy for men").

おかしくな could also be translated as "going crazy" or "becoming weird" etc.

This one was overall quite easy to translate, so I wouldn't mind potentially doing more from the set. Just not all at once, since I only have so much time and I want everyone to have a chance.
Thanks a lot dude!

Yeah of course, i'm already grateful you did those 4 pages.
May you do this one, please?
File: 110848228_p0.jpg (1021 KB, 840x1200)
1021 KB
1021 KB JPG
Would you mind doing this one, please?
File: 113506599_p0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1200x973)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: 113506599_p1.jpg (1.14 MB, 1200x973)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: 113506599_p2.jpg (1.11 MB, 1200x973)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Page 1
Panel 1 missing 素晴らしい -> "Wonderful!"
"My assumption wasn't wrong" -> "My theory is confirmed!"
"A dildo from days yonder was here!" -> "Dildos did exist long ago!"

Page 4
Tricky to recognize since ya and ri are so similar, but this is katakana - ニヤリ
The middle kanji is 性, so you're correct on the meaning.
"Today we tried dressing up together in our magical girl outfits. What do you think, master?"
"We make a beautiful trio together?"
"Yay! I'm so happy to hear you say that!"

"Hmm... Rather than 4th ascension or swimsuits"
sfx: peek
"Choosing your Prism Ilya outfits to make your presence felt"
"You've thought hard about this, Ilya-san"

"Too naive!"

"The Chaldea of today is bursting with massive busts, an ass-wiggling temple of flesh!!"
sfx: stare
"A singularity of strutting thighs thicker than your hips are around!!"
"What are you doing, Ruby-onee-san...?"

"But please don't worry Ilya-san"
"I, Ruby, have thought of an excellent idea!"
"With this, without doubt your master's heart will become yours!"

"Gugugu... Uoooo!" (powering up noises)
sfx: trembling (with effort)
"Here it goes!!! With everything I've got!!!"

"Take this!!!"
sfx: crackle of lightning
I typoed "Prisma Ilya"
Also the beam name maybe is better as the slightly less literal "MAGICAL-GIRL-STRIPPING-BEAM"
The first part is written like a diary entry.
"Month X Day Y
Today, I went to the pool with onee-chan.
It was embarrassing wearing matching swimsuits, but I had fun.
I want to go again.

"Huh? Where's Tarou?"

sfx: squeeze
sfx: swaying
File: IMG_3523.jpg (149 KB, 1416x1003)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
"Month X Day Y
I have a new older sister.

I was very surprised.

She talks to me a lot. I wasn't able to say much to her. I was too nervous.

But actually, I was thinking that I'm happy that she is now my sister.

Thanks again!
Wow I completely missed that word in the first panel, I guess because the color of the text box blends into the background.
While "my theory is confirmed" means basically the same thing, is my translation not correct in a literal sense? Breaking it down even more literally, I think it would look like "(As for) the wrongness with my hypothesis, there wasn't." Of course, what you said makes for a more natural-sounding translation, and it is important to know how things are actually used.

Even if it's not outright explicit, this is still pushing it too far for me, which is why I don't want to translate it personally.

Kojirou: "Musashi's insides are super gooey. I take it you've been having dirty thoughts?"

Musashi: "Y-you're wrong...! Not about doing it with you...!"

Kojirou: "Here you go again~ Well then, care to explain why you've been clamping down on my dick for a while now?"

Musashi: "I don't know anything about that..."

Musashi: "This is too much. You're really pounding deep inside me."

Kojirou: "Don't you love when it grinds against the back?"

Musashi: "Mmm. I love it. I love it so much! Keep digging out the back of my pussy with your dick!"

Kojirou: "Musashi, I'll dig it out for you until you're satisfied."

Kojirou: "Musashi!! I'm going to cum inside again!! I'm gonna keep cumming in your pussy until you get pregnant...!!"

Musashi: "Cum! Pump my insides full!"

Musashi: "Impregnate my pussy with your sperm!! Ah!! Aaahhh~!!!"

Main part I'm not sure on is あんたと一緒にしないで. I'm guessing this might be one of those cases with someone that's implied left unsaid? From what I understand, the first part is "together with you" and the しないで would be along the lines of "without doing" or "without being made to." So my best guess right now would be "[The reason I'm like this is] not from thinking about [doing it] together with you." Or maybe I'm way off base and it's like "Don't lump me in with the likes of you!"
Yeah I should have mentioned that the main thing I think should change is the word "assumption", you're right that keeping it negated like "my hypothesis wasn't wrong!" is closer to the original.
"Not about doing it with you...!" -> "Don't lump me in with you...!"
^This is more literal (completely literal is "don't put me together with you") but more natural to express this as "I'm not like you"
No worries, it’s already translated.

"My Master. Since Yujia-san is weak in the area behind her belly button, please focus your efforts on pulverizing that spot."

"You're quite skilled, Master. Before long, Yujia-san will also become corrupted like myself."

"*smooch* *kiss* Swap spit with me, get fully aroused ..."

"And pour loads of sperm inside Yujia-san, please. Pew. Pew."


"Mmm...Yujia-san, you've been fully warped, haven't you..."

"It can't be helped, as a female, it's only natural to fall in love with a strong male.

"It also can't be helped that you would move on from me to Master. Because I have also...moved on from Yujia-san."

堕ちます (堕ちる)spelled with this kanji implied "falling" in the sense of being degraded/debased etc. To capture the sense of the word, I think it's better use less literal translations. Words like warped, corrupted, twisted.

乗り換え seems to be used in the sense of "moving on to a new love interest." Implying the two of them were lovers (which doesn't appear to be canon to the source material, but they are close friends according to the wiki, so I assume the artist liked to imagine that they did become lovers). I think that also explains better why she describes them as 'falling in a degrading sense' (changing their sexuality, stealing them from their lover) and why she talks about the roles of males and females.

Pulverize was just a flavorful choice. 押し means forcibly/strongly (when it's used as a prefix), and 潰す means to crush, smash, or wreck. To me, those words don't fit as well, so I prefer pulverize or pound here.
File: 112942731_p3.jpg (928 KB, 1920x1080)
928 KB
928 KB JPG

Context added from previous image in the set

"Before you depart, I want to make one last memory."

*sex stuff happens*

"I'm happy...but I'm lonely too."

"I'll be waiting until we see each other again. I'm looking forward to making this a fine shop."

Technically 旅立つ can mean either to depart on a trip, or to depart from life. Without more context, I can't say for sure which is intended, so I just went with the safer option.
Thanks, the last line was confusing cause she says "I'll wait for you" twice, and sometimes it's hard to know if it's all one sentence or when the sentence ends.
Damn the Japanese know any other dialogue than:
>"You like it when I fuck you, don't you?"
>"Noo I don't like being fucked!"
>"Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!"
Anyway, thanks for the translation, I appreciate it.
I'm not sure if I translated it correctly myself, it was a little confusing for me.
File: F_T0_SmbgAA2BoL.jpg (392 KB, 3541x2296)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
"Osafune Girls' Academy"
"Kohagure Eren, 16 years old"
File: 113109504_p3.jpg (581 KB, 849x1200)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
File: 113109504_p4.jpg (733 KB, 849x1200)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
She's saying the same thing in both images, so I'll condense it.

"Oh no~ I was astonished to see this young woman had gone in. Must be a reward for coming here regularly, eh?"

"Eh? Ahh..."

"Well now, since we've met by chance, how about you service us a little bit? I mean, just look at those huge knockers. What's your cup size? It's H, ain't it?"

"U-umm...hold on..."

Took some liberties with translating. "The fruit of my habitual behavior" doesn't quite roll off the tongue. "At any rate, your boobs are huge" also doesn't flow well to me. I don't really understand why he's using これも here, because "this also" doesn't make sense to me. Maybe "This must be another benefit to my habitual behaviors?" But "This is also a chance encounter" doesn't seem right. Also not sure if ending the sentence after that line was correct.
File: 113568890.jpg (776 KB, 692x1200)
776 KB
776 KB JPG
File: 0(1).png (50 KB, 133x190)
50 KB
Just asking for some help.
What sfx is this?
>ムっち<3 (むち/むちむち)
It would be chubby/plump
File: 77234000_p4.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1200)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
File: 77234000_p5.jpg (1.06 MB, 1600x1200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
what's the point of translating stuff like this, the dialogue is literally meaningless she's just saying it feels good
curiosity, and to confirm if my own translation is correct or not
Would anyone be able to translate this video? There isn't much there, but I'm still not very good with moonrunes.
It's spread out over the course of the video, so for your convenience, timestamps are as follows
0:00 Text on top
1:58 Silent speaking from guy (text on right)
3:43 Girl speaks
4:13 Both say something
Sure, the dialogue is rather generic. But without knowing any Japanese, it's not like the requester would know that. And stuff like this is usually super-easy to translate. The vocabulary and grammar is basic enough that I don't need to look anything up, so it only takes a couple minutes to do.


"No...this pose...it's so e-embarrassing..."



"Haauuh...In, inside..."

"That means I made you feel good, right..."

"I'm so glad!"
File: MATIB085.jpg (171 KB, 1504x2096)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
File: MATIB084.jpg (175 KB, 1504x2096)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Where's the best place to go if I want to just commission a translation? I know sadpanda has a bounty board but it's buried behind three layers of pseudocurrencies that require you to either donate crypto to the site or grind their stupid minigame.
File: dsfsd54f654sd65fs.jpg (3.1 MB, 2446x3199)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
can't say, sometimes translated doujins will include a some sort of calling card tucked in somewhere with the translator's contact information and some information on whether they accept commisions.

"Since you've come this far to take your dear Kaguya-chan's place, you must already know what to expect?"


"You will be dismissed once we've had our fill, so try to hang in there."

"For Kaguya-chan's sake, I'll manage somehow..."

"You've turned into a cocksleeve that takes it up the ass while giving sloppy kisses."

"Mmph *kiss* *smooch* Yes...I'm just a cocksleeve for you to pound your dick into..."

"Even though you came to save her, you've fallen to my dick on the first day. How unfortunate that Kaguya was depending on such a slutty woman."

"Kaguya-chan, I'm sorry... *mmph* *kiss* I couldn't win against Mr. Penis."

"But, I'm glad that we both get to spend our time together as cocksleeves."

I changed vulgar to sloppy because I think it fits better.
チンポ様 seems to be Mr. or Lord Penis (penis-sama), unless it's ように in kanji form, but I can't find a way for that to make sense.
I changed onahole to cocksleeve (fuck-toy could work too).
Not really sure what 同じ is accomplishing in the last part. It might be something that doesn't translate well here due to being redundant. I think it would mean "as similar/equal/alike cocksleeves," which would sound unnatural in English. Saying "spend our time together as cocksleeves" already implies that they are both cocksleeves, so it wouldn't be normal to further specify that. Of course, I might also be overlooking or unaware of some other aspect of the word. Hopefully it doesn't affect the meaning.
I'm also not certain on "期待してもいいかな?" I think the も is the main issue (for a particle that seems simple enough, it throws me off a lot). There is an expression してもいい meaning "can do" or "okay to do" (amongst other slight variations). I'm not sure if that's what's being used here. Also, maybe it's just もう in its shortened form. Maybe the meaning is more like "does that mean we can look forward to (doing) more?" or "Can I expect even more (from you)?" I feel stupid and I hope somebody can clear this up for me.
This one might be good

Man 1: "It's been a while since I've seen a young woman's clitoris, so why don't we take a look?"

Man 2: "Good thinking!"

"Hey, Chintarou-san."

"You should take the foot off the step like this..."

"I know, I know."

"Well doesn't that look nice!"

"So Chintarou-san likes it too."

(I don't understand the final line. Toku-san also...what? What the hell is やろがい? Is it a shortened version of やろうがいい, in which case, still what the fuck?)
Second line is actually "good job" but that doesn't seem to fit.

Fun fact: 観音様 is the Buddhiest deity of compassion, but it's also used as slang for a clitoris.
Regardless of the cartoonish style, this is technically shota and not allowed on this board.
My bad because of the artstyle i thought they were all Chibi men
Surprisingly it is not on the sad panda
Could you help with these two sentences too?
I think the first one is supposed to be fucked silly gibberish, right?
File: 111798528_p0.jpg (1.02 MB, 849x1200)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
File: 112190808_p0.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x849)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
So the first text looks like "Michu's Limit Live"
限定 means "limit" or "restriction" so I'm not sure if this specifically refers to her limit, or maybe it's more like "Michu's restricted live (stream)"
Michu appears to be her nickname or streaming name

Next, the guy just says "I'm gonna cum."

Now, this spoken part is the hardest part (well, the ね,パパ at the start is really easy). I think she says "ばれてないよね" followed by "はいしんちゅうにこうびしてのばれてないよね"
It took a great number of listens to comprehend this, and I had to keep modifying things until they made sense. Like I thought she was saying "waretenai" rather than "baretenai." And even worse was that I kept hearing "aishin" instead of "haishin." This is because my knowledge overall sucks, and my listening comprehension is the worst. The whispering didn't help either. But I'm pretty confident I figured it out in the end.
The end result is: "Hey, papa, they haven't found out, have they? They haven't figured out that we're mating during the stream, right?"

Finally, the man says "I'm gonna cummm, Mitsukiii" (this time he uses the more male-typical 出る, whereas the first time he said イク, which, in the world of hentai, seems to be used moreso by women.)
And she replies "Cum. Let it out."
I might actually have a stroke trying to read handwritten katakana. I'll have to skip this one, hopefully someone more experienced with handwriting can help.
It is actual cancer. コ is written like ユ, テ is written like ラ, and ク, ワ, リ are basically indistinguishable.

フゥー ナメトッテ

ふぅー 舐め取って

Not 100% sure on that long desu at the end either
すごい 太い

Only about 50% sure on 与, it's written horribly but there's little else it could be in context. Thankfully this one has more hiragana and kanji, aside from 焦る being written in katakana.
Yeah, you got it. Only one small thing, which doesn't change the interpretation: こうびしてんのばれてない, with してんの being a contraction of しているの.

Grammatically, a verb in て form can only be followed by an attributive の - that is, a の that's modifying a noun, causing the verb phrase to function as an adjective on the noun. See https://nihongonosensei.net/?p=24536. Even if the ん is reduced, as it often is when spoken, the ての followed by a verb will be a red flag to listen closer there, should your listening continue to lag behind grammar.
>I don't understand the final line. Toku-san
also...what? What the hell is やろがい? Is it a shortened version of やろうがいい, in which case, still what the fuck?)
Second line is actually "good job" but that doesn't seem to fit.

couldn't find anything about that either
File: F9r5HmdaEAAqcqG.jpg (224 KB, 1551x896)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
File: b120ahit01438_0212.jpg (698 KB, 1057x1500)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
First one, OP

"Hah.......!! Don't mess with me, I'm...a man!"

"Something like this...won't make me feel good!!"
Ah, that's a nice tip. Although that excludes when it's doing other stuff like connecting clauses, right?


Sensei: "Get back safe, okay!"

Background character: "Goodbye sensei!"

Narration: "In this school..."

(Can't tell which): "Now then..."

Woman 1: "Well, shall we do *that* again today? Sensei!!"

Woman 2: "We're OK to go~"

Narration: "A teacher is soliciting his pupils."

Sensei: "Oi, oi...I think there are still other students outside."

Woman 1: "You say that even though you're getting stiff."

I'm not certain on the last line. Particularly how とか might modify 言って, but also the も particle causes me issues when it doesn't just mean "too/also." バキバキ is listed in most dictionaries as simply "cracking" like cracking your knuckles, but some places also say that it can represent a body stiffening.
File: 112868844_p0.png (1.66 MB, 1211x1771)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
File: 112868844_p1.png (1.96 MB, 1281x1771)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG

Woman: "Haah...what was that just now...?"

Woman: "Please don't step any closer."

Man: "Whoa...they're heavy, and they seem way too huge..."

Woman (thinking): "My body is hot...!?"

Woman (thinking): "Focus...on my magic..."

Man: "Oh, the way these feel..."


Man: "All ready to go, aren't we!!"

Man: "Strutting around with them hanging down like this, I hit an unexpected jackpot!"

Not sure what to make of こんなもんぶら下げて. Maybe it's こんな物ブラ下げて? Which I would assume means something like "hanging out of your bra?"
ぶら下げる is a word
Nah, a clause can't start with a particle like の, so it shouldn't really be possible for conjunctive て to be mistaken for this.
File: 1 (1).jpg (389 KB, 795x1200)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
File: 1 (2).jpg (565 KB, 1200x1192)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
File: 1 (3).jpg (557 KB, 1200x1042)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
File: 4.jpg (481 KB, 1097x1200)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
4/4 Ty
3/3 thanks!
Ah, I see. I get thrown off by words like this where it starts with hiragana but then has a kanji in the middle.

So you're saying specifically when it's followed by a の, it always works that way. But if there isn't a の, then it could still be connecting to other words or ending a clause? I think I need to take a deeper dive into the て form in order to better recognize the differences, unless I'm overlooking a simple trick. Or maybe I need to study clauses more deeply.
"Well then, Sir Yamato, why don't we purify your body before entering the bath today as well?"

"Ah, ahh. But is this really something you do in the men's bathhouse?"

"Of course. In other countries, this is a type of custom for getting along with each other."

"I-is that right...if that's the case...mm, I guess it's fine..."

"H-hey, wait...! As I thought, this is actually something weird, isn't it!? Is there a need to lick even my butthole...nnn!"

"No, no. You see, since it's the place where the odor is strongest, it must be tongued thoroughly until it's soaked."

"Hii...! No, no way!"

"Now, time for the final touches. Your vagina and butthole will be scraped clean with Kaimen's dick."

"T-there's no way...You can't just...do something like this..."

"Ah, that's no good. If you move like that..."

"Hii! Hiiiii!!"

"Ah, see. I accidentally came."

"Since it's bad manners to make someone cum in the bath, we'll need to practice one more time."

"It's all right. My dick can still go another round."

I can find no references to who Kaimen (カイメン) is supposed to be.
Also, finding context about Yamato helped a lot here.
The beginning was rough until I found the context, which is that someone was just there talking to them through the door, and it starts with the sound of the other person leaving the building.

*Slam* (door closing)

Man: "Fhu fhu fhu...that was a close call, wasn't it..."

Woman: "Hurry! Finish up alreadyyy! He might come back!"

Man: "Well then, do your best to make me cum, Misato!"

Woman: "Cum...! Hurryyy! Haaaahh!"

Man: "I'm not gonna cum if you don't thrust your hips harder, you know?"

Woman: "Fhu...nn! Fhua...! Aafhuu!"

Woman: "Haaaah! Hahn! Haaaahnn!"


Woman: "Guuu! Giuuuu! W-why won't you cum! Just cummm! Haaahn!"

Man: "Aahh, that's good. Such intensity..."

Woman: "Fhumuuu! Fhuaaaahn! Fhuaaah!"

Woman: "Haaah! Haauuuuuh!"

Woman: "Hoooooh! Hooguuuu! Gonna cummm! Cumminggg!"

Man: "Ahaha! Seems Misato is the one who's cumming first.


Woman: "Oh, hoooh! Hooguuu!

Man: "I guess it can't be helped...considering you tried so hard..."

Man: "Okay."

Woman: "Aaaaaguuu! Cummingggg! Cum, cumminggg!!"

Woman: "Vaaaaaah! Inside! It's coming inside! Your semen's inside meeee!"

Man: "Fhu fhu fhu fhu...that's right."

Woman: "Hooooooh..."
Wow thanks anon
3/3 please!!

Woman: "It's going in bit by bit...haaah...it's been a while since I had one this big...haahn!"

Woman: "Haahn! This size...is incredible...!"

Woman: "Haa! Haahn...! If you're this hot, I'm sure plenty of women approach you, so why did you come here?"

Man: "Fhu fhu fhu...to kill some free time..."

This dude's monologue is too much for me. Lots of words I don't know (which isn't insurmountable, it just takes a while to look up kanji I'm not familiar with), and things I can't even figure out (like the ケ in 日常のケ and whatever ハレヘ is supposed to mean).

Woman: "Mmhaah...Haahn! I don't really get it, but...haahn! You're saying you really love doing perverted stuff?"

Woman: "I also l-love this dick! Haaahn! T-this dick is fantastic!"

Woman: "Haaaaahn! Hooooaah! This is wonderful! Huge cock is the greatest! Ahaaa! It's been a while since I've felt like this!"

Woman: "Aaaguuah! I'm gonna cum! Cumming cumming! My pussy feels amazing! Hoooooh!"


Man: "Yes...when you're the absolute strongest, everything is so dull...that's why I'm going to turn this world on its head..."

Woman: "Ohoooh! Hoaaah!"

Woman: "Cuminggg! Hooooh!

Man: "If I do that, eventually they'll appear...someone with the power to exact justice on me..."

Man: "Hurry up and get here...before I've destroyed everything in the world...my name is cruelty...my name is chaos..."
here we go again
2/3 already traslated above
Incredible work anon

"O-oi, are you serious...? Oden goes through this too..."

"Yes, of course. Do you think Oden-sama would let his nipples be a weak spot?"

"I...I see. I understand...nn!"


"Here, Yamato-sama, make peace signs in the two-sword style."


"I'm going to cum in your asshole. Oh!"


"There's still much to come. You have another thirty people to pleasure after me, you know."



"Well, Momonosuke! You'll need to get inside my clothes!!"

"Ni...nipples? It's all right! I am no longer ashamed by them! It's just like when I showed them to Oden and everyone else! (The aforementioned naked dancing)"
4/4 pls anon
Woman (thinking): "Enough already...! I can't keep doing this...!"
Woman (thinking): "I have to make him cum right now...!"
Man: "Ah, amazing."
Woman (thinking): "It's no good, the various scents are all mixing together..."
Man: "Morikawa-san, lick my balls too."
Woman (thinking): "My head is starting to feel strange..."
Woman (thinking): "There's no time...! Cum already...!"
Woman (thinking): "Cum! Cum! Cum!!"
Woman (thinking): "Ahh!! Jeez!!"
Woman: "This cock!! Hurry up and let out the semen!!!"

Man: "Okay, that's enough."
Man: "The way you stroked so frantically was great."
Man: "It sure was difficult trying not to cum, haha!"
Man: 'Was that perhaps your first time sucking cock? You didn't think I would be able to hold out until now."
Man: "But what a shame."
Man: "Boyfriend-loving Morishita-san's penalty-game sex determination." (this line is rough, I don't even know who Morishita is, I think the girl is Morikawa)

Man: "Lie down and open your thighs."
Woman: "What do you mean! That's..."
Man: "It's way too late for that."
Man: "Shake your breasts."
Man: "It looks like you got real sweaty just from sucking my cock."
Man: "Weeeeell then..."
Man: "I'm gonna use this honor student's pussy!"

Woman: "Hold on! The promise!"
Man: "That I won't lay a hand on your boyfriend?"
Woman: "But...!"
Man: "But what? You can save him just by having sex, so it's fine."
Man: "More importantly, you're totally wet down there...did you get turned on from sucking my cock?"
Woman: "You're wrong...!"
Woman (thinking): "Wait...!"
Woman (thinking): "Hold on...!! What should I do...!?"
Woman (thinking): "What do I do...! But besides that, this..."
Woman (thinking): "This thing, there's no way it's going to fit!"

It's a little hard without more context, but I don't wanna read through the whole beginning of this to figure it out. I think it's mostly fine, just the parts with 彼氏 and 森下 confused me a bit.
Incredible work
Man: "What a nice view."
Man: "To think I'd be getting fucked by you again."
Man: "And you're still giving me that nasty look."
Woman: "How about you shut up for a bit?"
Woman (thinking): "I'm no longer the toy that I was back then!!"
Man: "C'mon! Quit dawdling and stick it in already."
Woman: "Kuu!"
Woman (thinking): "I have to put up with doing whatever he wants..."

Woman (thinking): "Ka..."
Woman (thinking): No...
Woman (thinking): I can't...
Woman (thinking): I can't...
Woman (thinking): I don't want to remember!!"
Man: "Oi oi, what'd you stop for?"
Woman (thinking): "This..."
Man: "There's no way, you can't be happily cumming from this cock from long ago?"
Woman (thinking): "I definitely shouldn't have let him put it in..."

Woman (thinking): "Is my pussy really this weak?"
Man: "Oi, how long are you going to stay like that? If you don't move, I'll just do as I please."
Woman: "Please wait...if I move now..."
Woman (thinking): "If I don't control the movement myself, I might accidentally cum again."
Woman (thinking): "I have to stimulate the weak spot as slowly as I can."
Woman (thinking): "I'll definitely be able to hold out for longer that way."
Man: "Oi oi, what the hell is this thrusting?"
Woman (thinking): "If I lose focus even a little, I'm gonna cum like crazy."
Man: "Aren't you gonna fuck me?"

Man: "Seriously, quit messing around!"
Woman: "St...stop it, plea...se."
Woman: "Myself, I'll do the moving myself, so!"
Man: "You have gall saying that even though you can't even move properly."
Woman (thinking): "This...bastard, he's really going to...make me cum."
Not sure about the part with アヘヅラ. Seems like very colloquial slang or a portmanteau (maybe stemming from アヘガオ).

The last line from the man on page 2 is also difficult for me to parse.
File: 20.09.24 (2).jpg (2.12 MB, 2012x2888)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
>Not sure about the part with アヘヅラ. Seems like very colloquial slang or a portmanteau (maybe stemming from アヘガオ).
Ahhhh, thank you for clearing that up! So it's つら for face, but since it's a compound word, the つ changes to づ. It just didn't cross my mind for some reason.

"Thanks for waiting~ Let's get started already~"
"Ahhh, holy crap! Ah!"
"Ahhh, jeez! I love it! I love it!"

I arbitrarily picked "holy crap" as the translation for やべ because it seemed to fit well. As for the two 好き at the end, not really certain if she's saying she likes the person or the sex.

"Aha! Crazy, ahaha!"
"You've all got raging boners."
"This blowjob's making my dick feel insanely good!"
"You really filled me up, huh? Now who's next?"

Handwritten text plus sample size image is not great, but I think I was able to figure everything out (or get it close enough to the meaning). Skipped some moans because it would just overcrowd the translation here without adding much.
File: chinatsu (2).jpg (2.44 MB, 3250x3377)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
File: chinatsu (2).png (1.6 MB, 2034x1828)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
File: yamato b.jpg (1.91 MB, 2298x2546)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
I think I put these in the correct order

"To think that you would want to cum while sandwiched by our pregnant bellies, Master's sex drive sure is incredible..."

"So manly and cool..."

"Mmm...so warm..."

"Does it feel good to stick it in between our bellies that you conquered...?

"Fhu fhu...you're pounding real hard. We're accidentally letting out our milk..."

*Not translating this line because it's kinda gross*

No dialogue


"Your semen smells amazing...it makes me totally want to have sex..."

"It's like you're mating with the outside of our bellies too...Once we've given birth, do it inside our vaginas again...okay?"
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