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File: 1604820254429.jpg (78 KB, 711x1067)
78 KB
QT normal looking girl who did a brief 6 month porn career in 2003. With an internet full of gorgeous women she's somehow very memorable.

Her filmography:

>Bookworm Bitches - Nico
>Bookworm Bitches - Nico and May
>Filthy Fucking Coeds
>Filthy Fucking Coeds 2
>Inside Naughty America 1 (BTS)
>Inside Naughty America 2 (BTS) (lost media?)
>Caliteens -photo shoot
>Not Another 18 Movie 3 (short striptease and separate HC scene)
>Lick em and Stick Em
>Dallas Spanks Hard 1
>Dallas Spanks Hard 2
>Matt's Models (photoshoot and interview vid)

File: nico gal.png (925 KB, 711x1037)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
She was the queen of cute, to the point where it felt like watching her porn felt wrong.
File: 1468416419964[1].png (490 KB, 864x1565)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
She's not just a porn girl, but a hipster who has to tell you her taste in music is superior.
File: 1646835140902[1].jpg (92 KB, 711x1067)
92 KB
File: 1468610023769.jpg (730 KB, 1382x2610)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
>>Inside Naughty America 2 (BTS) (lost media?)

This one has pretty much vanished, to the point where it's likely it's lost. Naughty America released 2 BTS videos with her. One for her Nico and May BWB shoot, and the other for the Filthy Fucking Coeds video. The FFC BTS has been missing for years.

I remember it was a party, with her looking uncomfortable.Thumbnails exist.

File: 1474198060146.jpg (1.34 MB, 1877x1252)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Not Another 8Teen Movie 3 was her last HC video. She's noticeably thinner here and she looks dreadful in pornwhore makeup.
It co-starred Nautica Thorn, meaning she was just about to break into the "big time" of porn.

That site had some vids and pics I can't find anywhre else, but they're all dead. Tried registering, but they forbid new members from posting in the main porn forum. Sigh.
I remember her. Adorable.
File: 1673234945804094.png (1.62 MB, 1215x766)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
>I remember her. Adorable.

Yes, very. And the more I think about it the more angry I get. She did something very stupid. She could have made it in Hollywood. If she made a youtube channel a few years later she'd also be huge. Two avenues to millions. Instead she shoots a handful of porno scenes for what 1200 a shoot? She made like 5-7K max, ie basically min-wage tier.

Plus 20 years later she's got weirdos talking about her and videos of her getting fucked. It's unreal how stupid young women are, we really need to assume they'll make the worst decisions and try to prevent that. Too much freedom is a bad thing.
she was into drugs and needed money
tale as old as time
I know, I read her LJ where she is open about her meth addiction as well as her lifelong dream of being a famous. She even writes about how excited she is for her new career. The story I heard from her high school friends is she was a nerdy shy kid who took drama classes, and some boys over the summer got her hooked on meth. Then she ran off to LA for a few years, did porn, and even auditioned for regular tv roles, then came back and got clean. It ruined any chance of stardom, but at the very least she leads a normal middle class life.

I think the lesson is don't get hooked on meth because you'll do objectively stupid things, especially if you combine it with youthful energy and nativity.
File: 149191-nico-01[1].jpg (33 KB, 588x784)
33 KB
File: 149192-nico-05[1].jpg (58 KB, 800x600)
58 KB
Yeah she was quite particular and memorable. Also nipple puffy!
What’s her name, I was having trouble with just “Nico,” going by the replies?
I don't usually post on /hc/ but she is from so long ago I can remember /b/ having "where is she now" threads in the late 00s.

They actually dug up her real name, FB and things and she was dating some nerdy looking Vietnamese cuck. God. It has literally been nearly 20 years since her last scene. She must be 40 by now. It's kinda sad. I've completely forgotten what her real name is too.
>I don't usually post on /hc/ but she is from so long ago I can remember /b/ having "where is she now" threads in the late 00s.

I didn't know since I didn't use /b/ at that point but I was doing my own digging at the same time period. I heard one of her buddies dropped by for a Q and A and dropped some msn chat transcripts. Supposedly asian boy couldn't keep it up or something.

She definitely had a mystique to her, which is why guys kept thinking and asking about her. Every report about her is that she's this why/quiet person and males just seem to immediately be drawn to her.

Good news is she's 38, married, and otherwise normal. She just went crazy on meth for a few years in LA.

Yeah, sadly just "Nico".
She's stupidly consistent with her eyebrows - but I wonder if she has hypothyroidism. It causes a thinning of the eyebrows especially the outer 1/3.
She's married? How do you know this? What's her husband like, is he a fairly normal guy?
I watched that clip - at the end when she’s riding cowgirl I definitely saw why she’s so popular. Good lord. A woman who knows how to use her hips. I bet the actors were lining up to perform with her.
Her popularity is the combo of her being very young and sweet/innocent looking by also being into sex. She works best looking like a scene girl or nerdy girl - later scenes didn't play this up at all and had her in standard whore makeup.

Married her high school sweetheart that she mentions here: >>2267626
File: 1473977827845[1].jpg (84 KB, 711x1067)
84 KB
>15 minutes into Livejournal and chill and she gives you this look
Shit she's got barely anything out there on torrent sites. Was going to try and ai upscale it for you anon but there's serious lack of content to work with.
File: atoMNX[1].jpg (112 KB, 1280x960)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
There's ai upscale attempts in the last year for her two bookworm bitches scenes. I don't like them and think they look too plastic.

This mega should have most of it.


Her two DVD's could get better rips. The streaming sites don't include the 8teen Movie 3 striptease and most versions have broken audio. Sadly, none of her Bookworm bitches scenes were included on any DVD (I checked).

For outright missing: one of the Inside Naughty America vids has been not spotted since 2009. Could be lost media.
Wow, nice thread
Her high school buddies say she just became a druggie and then pornstar. Her LJ gives more reasoning.

>i have this inner beast. it's like this raving powerful demon...no kidding, I've actually had people refer to me as a demon. anyway, it's like I'm this boring person in actuality... i mean not really but i mean like i can sit around at home and watch tv and just veg and be happy and do the same things over and over and go to the movies and never do anything too exciting. but, this demon can't do that. it has to be doing things larger than life. it was like brainwashed by the whole fame and fortune dream. it gets antsy. it goes wild thinking about what might be going on without it or the thought of missing out on something big. it dreams of sex drugs and rock n roll. i don't know what the point of me saying any of this is. it's just what's on my mind right now and i can't think of anything else.

huge need to party and a need to be famous. This has been her dream to go to LA for 18 years.

>i mean i was just watching this thing on national geographic channel about taboos and this episode was about death. like different cultures and how they view death and dead bodies and shit. and there is this small very very small sect of people in India called the ... oh fuck the name is escaping me...it starts with an a. i'll remember and update when i do... but anyway they are like these people who don't believe in the distinction between good and bad that had been socially accepted by the world. like what is wrong or right or dirty or pretty. and it's all the same to them. they don't like the idea of purity by today's standards. it was all just made up you know. it's how i think. it's why i can't be candid. it's why some people don't talk to me or hate me.

This is pretty common for the "smart" porn girls - a kind of post-modern nihilism where taboos and norms are social constructions. You add meth and youth and it's a bad combo.
>and there is this small very very small sect of people in India called the ... oh fuck the name is escaping me...it starts with an a.

haha thanks! 20 years later and someone comes forward to explain what she's talking about.
>whew. so i feel good right now. i'm pretty happy about things... where i've been, where i'm going, myself in general.
>Oct 17th, 2003

That is the date of her first bookworm bitches scene released and it can't be a coincidence. According to her everything is going well and according to plan.

>Nov 8th, 2003
>so. my life is rediculous. thats about the perfect word for it. i got home at 7 am today and i was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and thinking about this. thinking about live journal of all things. and thinking about how i really wanted to be candid on here and realizing that unless i want to alienate myself from just about everyone, i can't do that. because i'm simply nuts. last night i realized just how unaccepting people are of the abnormal. i mean jeeze oh man. i couldn't belive how easy it was to freak these people out at this party. it made me very greatful to have found the friends that i have that are understanding of at least most of the stuff i find amusing or ok.

>i was thinking about my life and what i've been doing for the past year and it's insane. shit sorta hit the fan a few days ago and my double lives clashed and it wasn't good. and it made me feel very distant from everyone and everything.

Context: she went to a party in Fresno a month after her bookworm bitches scene, and all her high school buddies had seen her scene and gave her shit. She gets home and posts that existentialist freakout wall of text. It can only be read as cope. She was fine doing porn until people gave her shit for it basically and describes it merely as being "abnormal".

The only reason she stopped doing porn is because her boyfriend found out and told her not to. Her most serious meth usage occuerd after her porn career ended or was nearly over. Thus meth is not sufficient. It's something she wanted to do.

This was great work anon, many internets to you.

I found 8teen Movie 3 on a streaming site with audio, let me know.


I found BWB but the size is small so I want to do some upscaling
File: 1510351800109.jpg (101 KB, 1000x750)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Oh thanks. The broken audio was such a pain. I checked and Nico does not appear in the BTS feature for 8teen Movie 3. But they did have an extended photoshoot and a striptease video. The striptease video is exclusive to the physical DVD.

Naughty America never released higher resolution videos of her scenes and only has her two BWB scenes. I checked and sadly they were never re-released on DVD.

There are HD versions of her Dallas Spanks Hard scenes. These were made after Dec 2004 and when she went full tweaker.
Good to know on the DVD content. And you are right when I started to watrch 8teem Movie I was convinced I had the wrong girl. I liked her initial look.

I can't seem to find a solid dump of matts models anywhere, so will probably drop a few coins to slurp everything down.

short timers from this era are ones I try to find and keep the torrents working.

if you are sharing the livejournal many thanks it's pretty great read.

of course her boyfriend made her stop - young and stupid.
There was a few collections from the past threads, but the downloads seem dead. The Matts Models interview is only like a few megabites and like 3 minutes. But she's cute and bubbly in it.


>of course her boyfriend made her stop - young and stupid.

Trevor is the guy who dumped her that she's moping about in the blog post. The next guy is some drummer named Daren. She did her entire porn career behind his back and once he found out he put a stop to it. He's a hero or villain depending on your perspective.

>if you are sharing the livejournal many thanks it's pretty great read.

Only alludes to her porn career in a single post and the rest is just bopping around LA. Other than meth and neuroticism, she comes off as pretty normal and relatable. I can't drop the whole thing, but if you drop a disposable email or dischord I can share it.
working mail third time is a charm when decoding

what's that?

decode it three times
or this paste
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (85 KB, 800x534)
85 KB
The preview clips are 800x534, which is likely the resolution it was filmed at. It's DVD resolution but not HD.
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (82 KB, 800x534)
82 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (79 KB, 800x534)
79 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (76 KB, 800x534)
76 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (79 KB, 800x534)
79 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (89 KB, 800x534)
89 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (64 KB, 800x534)
64 KB
File: 800x534c[1].jpg (94 KB, 800x534)
94 KB
Meh. She’s pretty but she doesn’t seem worthy of a post. Move on, many many porn actresses to choose from.
>" i remember a specific time i was walking to or from the quick stop by my apartment and i was like where am i going? why am i going there? and it was late afternoon/evening and i was standing in the street looking at the sky and thinking... what the fuck should i think? and i was blank and the world was blank. and everything was nothing and i just stood there for a very long time because there was no reason for me to do anything other than that. and once this became typical fare i got real scared and i realized i needed to make up something in my head. i really needed to make up a life in my head just so that i could do something and pretend that that was my life and forget about the nothing. and i think that's why i came home. i was going to dream up a life in my head and then just do it. i had to like dream up a whole life to keep me occupied. even if i knew it was pointless."

Wow that’s intense

Sounds like “derealization”. Anxiety and recreational drug use can cause it.

I used a normal video package, no ai

File: snapshot.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
what's a video package?

I just think she's neat.
File: mpv-shot0061.jpg (145 KB, 1280x959)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Looks like wrong aspect ratio. It's probably originally 4:3 or close to it.
Based retard faceblind anon. Relive their past glory of their porn career. Please don't e-stalk these girls and let them live their lives and respect their privacy. .
yea I cropped sides and no doubt F'ed
That’s pretty fucked up. And sad, that’s very sad. Sad for you, that you have no one in your life to fill an obvious gaping hole for affection and love. Watching 20 year-old pornos because of a crush on the actress… Welp, I’m gonna go play Switch. Ciao!
File: nico-16[1].jpg (92 KB, 711x1067)
92 KB
No one's ever posted proper Caliteens set. In fact people only discvered it after her career since she was credited as "Niko". A few preview galleries are all anyone's ever found.

Entirely possible it's not even on their site anymore and it's lost media.

>As many know, I worked on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' for six seasons. I saw Nico daily as a returning extra. She was super-cute! I didn't think she would be interested in working for me., So, I approached another blond near her and asked her discreetly if she would be interested in knowing more about being a spanking model. The blond politely refused. Nico came up to me sheepishly and said ' I want to work for you getting spanked'. I was kind of taken aback, as I didn't see that coming. I arranged a shoot and told her ' I am currently shooting for a film called 'WET''. It is all bare bottomed wet spankings'. She replied ' I will try to get turned on then'. I laughed and said 'No, I mean I will apply water to your bottom'. She blushed bright red ' Oh! and laughed nervously. I laughed out loud and soon she did too. Since she was a 'potential slayer' on season 7, we had to keep it on the down-low. All the stars already knew about my spanking business, so it was better that way. It starts with Nico showing up and being put in the corner for some bare bottomed corner time. She is taken into the other room and put over my knee as I used a mister to wet her bottom. My hand delivers fast and stinging slaps to her perfect bottom. She had no idea how much spankings hurt! If you like young and beautiful girls, crying real tears, as their alabaster bottoms are marked for the first time... YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

Dallas has repeated this story several times consistently, so I think it's true. I'm curious if this means she's somehow an extra in the show for season 7?
File: thumbs20180321132839[1].jpg (210 KB, 1024x838)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
File: n01main[1].jpg (81 KB, 900x700)
81 KB
Can't lie. she's really quite gorgeous
>Nico- She heard about my site in passing on the set of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer" She came up to me and asked point blank " Can I get spanked?" She was cute and one of the potential slayers. I said " sure, it is hard spanking though" She acted like that was NOT a problem. I really think 19 year old Nico thought this was cool ( am sure she wanted t brag to her friends). She suffered and cried during our shoot. I mean she was in serious spankin pain. Yet when I asked her a year later to work again. "Yes, I'd love to" was her answer. She wanted to work for me so bad.. ( her boyfriend was NOT keen on the idea) she agreed to a spanking from him that night when she got home. Poor things bottom was SO sore before she left. Bet it was more sore later.


Tells a similar story, and fits the boyfriend didn't like her doing porn. I'm not sure when these were shot. One site says December 22, 2004 but there were two shoots, so I'm not sure which is which. The latter is the yellow shirt shoot, and she's much thinner and tweakier looking there.
Nico was a proper hipster, druggy femanon type. The sort who probably went on /b/.

No idea what she's doing now but me and another anon from here occasionally e-stalk her.

I get that vibe too. So many 4chan girls at least back then had this sort of trashy, slutty vibe to them.
>we have no idea what she's doing.
>we e-stalk her.
Evelyn True reminds me a lot of Nico. Similar petite young too cute for porn type. Only did a handful of scenes then vanished.



And yeah, she shot wit Ed Powers. Thank god Nico didn't do that. That's probably a bridge too far for me. Here's one of the cutest girls I've ever seen, who could probably get a loyal boyfriend and she's fucking Ed Powers for her first scene. And I can't find any photoshoots so I think she only did 3 hardcore scenes then that's it.

The Nico phenotype typically is a lot of MENA and Latina girls. Not too common with British girls.
it's no longer on the site. I was willing to drop a few $$ for that.
File: 70916[1].jpg (257 KB, 800x1132)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Thanks for going that extra mile. No one's ever found the full set, just the preview clips. I don't think they ever leaked. Even the othrwise mostly complete planet suzy thread didn't have anything other than the mq preview pics.

What's available in 2023: (asterisk for missing right now)

>Naughty Bookworms 253
>Naughty Bookworms 261
>Lick em and Stick em
>Not Another 8Teen Movie 3
>Matts Models - photoshoot and interview *
>Dallas - Nico*
>Dallas - Nico 2*

>Lick em and Stick Em
>Not Another 8Teen movie 3
>Dallas Spanks Hard - Wet
>Dallas Spanks Hard - Punishment parade

Not available:
>Filthy Fucking Coeds - Nico
>Filthy Fucking Coeds - Nico 2
>Inside Naughty America - Nico and May
>Inside Naughty America - Nico Filthy Fucking Coeds *
>Caliteens Photoshoot

Lick em and Stick em DVD doesn't have much more than the streaming site, but it might have bts pics if you're a completionist.

I know 8Teen movie 3 has a nice striptease video and it was on xhamster for a while befor being taken down. It's in 640x480, and one of the better vids she did. One of the few that zooms out to give some sense of scale (she's really tiny).

The Dallas spank scene dvds have leaked, I used to have them. Those download links I got them from are dead though. I have the low quality versions rather than the 640x480 dvd versions. I don't think the dvds which are pretty pricey have anything extra.

The two filthy fucking coeds scenes are on spanktube and I can't find any other versions.
I'm going to drop some on mattsmodels if i can confirm they are in there
Thanks. I'm not too concerned about those being lost. They were posted in the planet suzy and 2016 hc thread. I even have the damn thing somewhere on an SD Card that I lost. I thought it would be "weird" to have a porn colleciton on my HDD so I had the bright idea of dropping my Nico collection on a tiny SD card. Which I then lost.

Calteens set is probably lost to time. Someone somehwere probably has it on an old HDD but they wouldn't be aware anyone is looking for it. The only reason people found out is because some preview galleries popped up. Makes me wonder if she did some other photoshoots at the time and they were just not advertized so we don't know aobut them.
File: 1470973385487[1].jpg (289 KB, 1067x1553)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Another arty hippie girl who did porn.

Nah. She's a nihilist but not the edgy type. Definitely not one of the cool kids but too artistic and pretentious. Definitely a myspace, AIM, and livejournal kid. Maye some kind of film/tv forum from back then.
Also 4channers of that era were uni kids or anime fans and she seems to be neither. myspace was where all the scene kids and music fans were staying.
File: 1471368831678[1].jpg (130 KB, 730x822)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
found a complete set of all in a zip file... just checking now if everything is here
She’s in my city lmao

not all videos are here though.
yeah that's my old Nico folder, which was woefully incomplete. It was then replaced by the much more complete folder that someone else provided in 2016, which now is a 404 link. Suuuucks.
probably long since moved away.

File: 1472881639233.jpg (56 KB, 741x576)
56 KB
this bitch shows all the signs of autism spectrum. they're often sluts.
she probably ugly now, if it makes you feel any better.
i remember the dude in this. ah, old time porn memories.
>i remember the dude in this.

Killed himself a few years back. Funny, he got to do something I'd kill for yet offed himself.
Evelyn True is a super qt, and as far as I know never did any modelling shoots so I don't even have any HD pics of her. Just like 3-4 porn scenes and that's it.

Even the official uploads are in very low res because no one was backing up any of this stuff, not especially the creators.

They used to have a more or less complete set. Not anymore though. Not since 2009.
how to download?


>get close to completing my waifu collection
>it consists of her crying in pain

Thanks.... I hate it.

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