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File: 12234647.png (151 KB, 394x261)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Have any stories about friends or roommates sleeping? Every see their dicks or bulges outside of the covers?
Yes i have several stories. E-mail?
green text them if feasible
> has to ask how to greentext

Just put the ">" symbol in front of sentences.
I'd like to share photos and videos if you want to share too
Please do. It's sooooo hot
Seen my roommate sleeping naked outside the covers with his girlfriend.

Slender goth guy, used to model. Nice big cock.
C'mon guys start sharing.
once I woke up with my straight roommate's hand around my dick. Felt betrayed and violated but had a sleep fetish ever since.
> back when i was young, not sure what I was yet but straight acting because easier that way
> best friends parents away for weekend
> has sleepover of 5 guys
> we just get shitfaced and watch dvds
> 3am it's just me and one guy sharing a big sofa watching Austin powers, everyone else has flaked out in the bedrooms
> I'm sitting down one end, yes sprawled out feet next to me
> This guys fallen asleep, little snores
> lying on his back I admire his legs, really thick fucking thighs and check out his bulge
> Wearing lose basketball shorts
> idiot me curiousity gets better of me
> Lift up shorts leg a bit, peek in
> He's going commando
> Get a shock because didn't expect to see such a good view of dick lying there
> Don't wanna get sprung and fuck up a friendship so try ignore get back to movie
> Nah doesn't work, take a few more sly peeks, my dick is getting interested
> If I hold shorts leg up real high can see all his junk, it's all there on display
> Suddenly feel this confirms I'm gay

Will continue
> Put my hand on his leg and feet and push them to see if he will react
> Nothing
> fuck it, I'm drunk, I'm gonna mess around
> Turn light off sit back down
> One hand pulls up his shorts, other hand reaches in, touch his dick
> Carefully poke around there, feels all spongy and wet
> Sniff fingers, it's all musty and sweaty smelling
> Get back in there do a manouevre that's hard to explain where I pull shorts right to one side and up so I don't have to hold them anymore
> It's risky, but it works
> His dick and balls are all out now
> Fap myself under my shorts while looking at him lying next to me in the dark
> I don't want to be doing this feels way too wrong
> But I can't help it, hormones going crazy
> wanna step it up a gear
> Slide off the sofa get on my knees next to him waist
> His junk is right there in front of me, my hearts pounding, never been in a situation like this before
> There's a dick inches away from my face
> So nervous and know if I get caught by any of the guys at this time I'm dead
> Ears wide open listening for a change in his breathing or anyone walking down the hall
> Fuck it, yolo
> Lean in tongue out
> Connect with his shaft
> Give it a light lick and sit back
> No change from him, still snoring
> Feel bold now, go back in lick it again and hover my mouth over the end
> Give it a soft kiss
> That's it I'm totally turned on, if I could I would activate bj
> But that can't happen, too dangerous, so just keep myself happy slowly and gently giving him little pecks and licks
> My dicks about to explode just from this alone, tug myself a little but don't wanna make to.many movements in case I wake him
> Now the exploring with my tongue has ramped up, am licking his head, still carefully but enough that it's got me so turned on
> Really enjoying that I've got a dick to play with
> Take my hand off my own dick, reach up and hold his up
> Soft little piece of meat in my hand
> Don't do anything, stay still and look for any movement or reaction from him
> Nothing at all, in fact his breathing is even heavier than before
> Holding him I squeeze it gently, slowly fap it
> Ok, im holding a dick, I've kissed it, I've licked it but I need more, I want to try sucking it
> Keep it still with both hands lean in again and put my mouth on his head
> Kiss it
> open my lips and so very slowly slide down his dick
> mouth is full of cock
> stay perfectly still, don't suck, don't do anything, just take in the moment
> Mind blown, can't believe I've got a dick in my mouth
> Suck softly
> Ok, this is good
> Take one hand off it and get back to fapping myself
> My other hand holding him still I move my lips
> Bring them back up the head, then down again
> He's still soft but idc, it's the real thing and I'm enjoying this
> Officially I'm now sucking dick

One more
> Get some saliva involved and figure out a way to gently suck this thing
> Mouth kinda glides up and down him
> Need to keep that hand on him though because he's still soft
> Even though he's spongy and squishy doesn't matter. This is the first sex I've had, and idgaf it's so bizarre.
> Guilt from taking advantage of him stopped long ago, I just want to do this as long as I can get away with it
> Stop to take a breather and give my mouth a rest
> Look at him lying there in the dark, then down at his crotch. His abs. The whole picture has me so hot.
> I'm really in stupid dangerous territory, tell myself I have to wrap it up.
> Put both hands on my dick
> Face down and latch my mouth back onto his
> Suck the end while looking up towards his face
> Powerfap myself
> Try not to move too much, got hard on my dick while staying firmly attached to his
> Blow my load so fast it surprised me
> Coat the side of the sofa with my cum while sucking his head
> My brain is spinning
> So intense I almost get a headache
> Can hear my heart pounding in my head
> Then the regret kicks in
> I'm on my knees with a sleeping friends dick in my mouth and I've just fapped myself
> I'm an idiot, this is so wrong
> Quickly jump up, wipe up my mess with a tea towel, pull his shorts leg back down.
> For some reason put the movie back on from the start then run to the bed set up for me
> in case anyone asks gonna pretend I've been here for hours

Except no one asked. Next morning, we all got up slowly. Big breakfast. Nursing hangovers. Nothing said, nothing suggested. Everything was cool. Huge sigh of relief
Never did anything like that again. Some guilt doing that to a friend who had no idea, felt uncomfortable around him sometimes. Really wanted to do it to him for real. Never happened though.
Couple months later summoned up the courage to try it on someone awake and willing. Never looked back

Dont recommend anyone do what I did. Yeah its wrong. But he wasnt hurt, he never knew
Hot as fuck though. Definitely worth it to try some more sleep stuff with a BF (?) who's into it...
Yeah I've told all previous partners (m and f) if they wanna fool around with me while I'm sleeping go for it. Had a couple that said I should do it back to them. It isn't the same though
Because this was my first experience it's probably hardwired my brain and is my number one fetish. But only if there's a risk of getting caught doing it to someone who doesn't know
I get that's messed up, but it is what it is. Either way not sure if this thread is going to fly but I just wanted to add my story because its relevant.
Friend stayed over so i took pics of his ass
Moar? What happened?
File: image.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Roommate sleeping
Felt up this guy’s ass and even kissed his lips while he was asleep. I wanted to undress him but was too scared to wake him up
We need more of this!
File: 1507139723198.jpg (52 KB, 368x490)
52 KB
should have gone with it. could have had a great bi roommate situation
File: 1525463956610.jpg (48 KB, 540x393)
48 KB
>be 20, have roommate, living in tiny coastal apartment, single bedroom.
>beds directly apart from each other, kinda like dorm room
>be very heavy sleeper, usually roomie is always up and out before me.
>not so one morning. i awake, and light is shining in on his bed. i think he's still asleep, belly down. all the sudden he gives a couple hip thrusts into the mattress.
>pauses. my heart starts pounding, not sure what i'm seeing, but hoping for a show
>couple more grinds into the mattress, pause, continue on and off for 30-45 seconds.
>then he abruptly stops. i don't think he came. he didn't make any good grunts or moans. i think he just startled himself awake? i was worried he knew i was awake, but i doubt it.
>takes him a minute to fully wake up, and get up. can't glimpse any stains in his shorts. oh well.

pic semi related, that was about his position, although i saw it from his left side. as mentioned, he also had a pair of boxer briefs on unfortunately.
I regret confronting him about it our friendship fell apart soon thereafter which is a shame he was a good friend.
File: 20181130_001606.jpg (761 KB, 836x1856)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
After a night of drink,a friend stayed at my place and when I woke up he was having a little morning wood
File: 20181130_000859.jpg (1.78 MB, 2172x3862)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
File: 20181130_001009.jpg (1.85 MB, 3862x2172)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
>>1804976 #
File: 20160802_072031.jpg (2.54 MB, 4128x2322)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
This is the closer I could get that time! I wanted to touch but it was too risky!
Damn this thread has me hard
My bf said I should do it to him from time to time, he has a big fetish to being woken up by sex already happening, not just being propositioned for sex.

I would but he falls asleep in contorted positions and gets sleep-aggro fussy when I mess with the blankets when I try to do anything. Other times his sleep-self says "no stop", so like, consent issues, and I stop, even though I have permission from his waking self. He gets frustrated at his sleep-self :(
Lool i hav the exact same shirt
Sleeping muslim friend’s ass
I have a cousin who is a heavy sleeper. I've cummed on him so much. Feel very guilty after, but the kink is too strong. He's woken up twice, once when I came on his boxer-covered ass, he asked about it and I told him it was very hot so it was probably his ass was all sweaty and I gave him a new pair. The second time I'm not sure but I was jerking on top of his face and the first rope of cum accidentally hit him in the face and he kinda stirred a bit and cleaned it off and I guess went back to sleep or just reacted but still sleeping.
I've never gone beyond just busting on him though. I've had the urge to fuck him or give him a proper facial but never have/will probably never happen. Well, that's my contribution I guess.
i've done this too to my friends! do u have kik or something so we can chat more?
wouldnt they be farting if there asleep? that seems nasty
The closest thing I ever had was in the sixth grade. I was staying over at a friend's house, asleep on a pull out mattress below his bed. I woke up before him and decided to shake him, and my hand grabs what could only be his erect cock. It was pretty h huge from what I could tell. I freaked out and flew back to my mattress. I wish I could have seen it.
I can still feel him in me
He’s cute af. Any more?

Once I woke up with my hard dick under my step-brother's boxers and resting on his bare ass. We had knocked out with us spooning for warmth. It was weird. I just withdrew my dick, and went back to sleep. He was knocked out cold.
File: 1.png (72 KB, 844x478)
72 KB
>once I went on a cabin trip with some college bros
>shared a bed with a straight bro
>passed out drunk af the second night
>wake up the next morning with legs all entwined with straight bro
>rolls onto my side, not wanting to do cuddly things with straight bro
>straight bro rolls with me, places arm over my body
>"huh he really wants to cuddle"
>scoot my butt back; become little spoon
>straight bro pops a boner right in my ass crack
>he finally rolls away
>when we get up, he apologizes says he thought I was his gf
Continue anon
File: 130718882864_1.jpg (101 KB, 500x669)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: 139399821414.jpg (27 KB, 402x491)
27 KB
File: 6514463486.png (292 KB, 500x351)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
File: 7746642569.jpg (59 KB, 977x664)
59 KB
File: 150900294694.jpg (32 KB, 374x600)
32 KB
File: 156894726425.jpg (144 KB, 1172x964)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Drunk guy sleeping outside my room rn
File: 156980959143.jpg (71 KB, 500x375)
71 KB
My bf said that I could fuck him while he sleeps to prove he is a heavy sleeper, and so I tried it once. Since my dick gets really fucking wet when I'm excited, I was able to easily penetrate him without causing enought pain to wake him up.

File: 157023281610.jpg (58 KB, 488x537)
58 KB
File: 157107010307.jpg (202 KB, 1024x768)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
File: 157150869370.jpg (63 KB, 500x370)
63 KB
File: 885835.jpg (7.52 MB, 2767x3446)
7.52 MB
7.52 MB JPG
File: 168411348449.jpg (62 KB, 650x562)
62 KB
File: 2.png (75 KB, 1098x498)
75 KB
Holy shit. Someone saved this.
This is my OC. Kinda proud to see it here. Do you have the rest? I'd love to read it again.
Honestly that guys dick was amazing. I even got him hard which was incredible. But like I said, I was terrified he would punch me into the wall.
ifap to reading it with a sleeping video in the backgrounds. thanks anon
nutted inbetween cousin's ass while he slept. next day he didn't seem to notice anything. thought a guy would notice if his asscrack hairs were matted with cum. I guess I got lucky.
File: hunterGIF2-3-1.gif (1.16 MB, 279x540)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Bumpity bump bump
File: 3.png (71 KB, 819x513)
71 KB
Man... if i was in that car...
I have a KO fetish and I met a guy on fetlife who wants to knock me out with ambien and have his way with me. Should I do it?
If you want it, go all the fucking way.

Absolutely, What could possibly go wrong?

Aside from him posting a shot of your passed out ass on every app he's got and saying you're a bug-chaser who wants to get pozzed.

Just come on over, pump and dump, breed and seed. All loads welcome, none refused.

Best of all, you won't even know it. You'll just wake up feeling deliciously well-fucked.
That's a good outcome. He could also wake up with a kidney and some liver missing.
No conclusion?
File: sleep.png (67 KB, 991x403)
67 KB
Any more?
So... no homo?

Also: top quality
Thanks again for posting my OC. It's weird someone saved it, I didn't bother too.
It's a trip down memory lane for me lol. I don't spend much time on this board but always check into these sleepy threads.
>15 YO.
>Didn't call it Bi, but loved any/all genitals in my mouth.
>Sleeping over at my theatre friend's house.
>Dude says "hey, I heard you were really good at sucking dick"
>Got crazy nervous.
>SOO wanted to attack him, but didn't know whether he was joking or setting me up for bullying/high school paraiah.
>Jerked off to the fantasy of blowing him for 20+ years
>be me when I was thirteen or fourteen
>have sleepover at best friends birthday
>there are six of us so we are divided two to a room
>get paired with one of my other friends named Kameron
>have to sleep on the floor
>struggle to fall asleep
>feel my friend come over to me and start spooning me from behind
>feel something poking me from behind
>feel his hand push down my pajamas and Hanes tighty-whities and holding onto my little dick
>try hard not to react but am gay so get hard
>fall asleep with his hand there

No mention the next day. He is supposedly straight now with a long-term girlfriend. No clue if it was just something he did unconsciously or if he was just experimenting but I fapped to it for years. So thanks, Kam.
File: DSC_102.jpg (1.2 MB, 1495x2424)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
current status of guest room haha...
File: DSC_112.jpg (288 KB, 1592x3264)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Oh, even better position now. :P
Who is he?
Friend of my older brother's crashing with me, was out all night, crashed when he came in after noon and left the door unlocked.
Nice! Hope he turns and shows some ass
Just DO IT!!! as long permission is given that night.
Before the tumblami
Fuck, he is amazing.
fuck got me diamonds....any more?
have you done something with him?
taken just before he went to sleep
I have a little story that happened right before Christmas.

>go out with a couple of childhood friends visiting our hometown, were in our middle 20's
>one is supposed to crash at my place to avoid taking a cab
>get shitfaced
>get to my apartment
>begin search of bedlinen
>propose sharing the bed with me instead
>"why not I just want to sleep"
>goes to my bed and passes out almost instantly
>he's toned and hot as shit, just got out of UN peace corps
>crawl next to him, quite close and pass out as well, sort of spooning
>wake up early in the morning, hes still snoring quite loudly and were still very close to each other
>touch him a little through his underwear, I know hes huge and seen him naked multiple times before
>feels as good as I supposed
>dont dare to go inside the underwear, fall asleep again
>he wakes up and goes to the bathroom
>I wake up as well but he doesn't notice. I'm getting horny as shit thinking of him coming back and crawling against me to the bed and all the possible outcomes of this
>instead he opts for the couch

Didn't speak about it in the morning.. Hes had a couple girlfriends and im a closeted slutty cocksucker. Maybe it was just the alcohol
File: aT2.jpg (407 KB, 1280x1707)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
When I was in HS 16-17 I used to hang at my friend Gary's house and sleep over on weekends, it was a two family house and he had the second floor as his personal apartment and his dad lived downstairs, his mom had passed away when he was very young. Gary also had a major foot fetish and was bisexual. He always had a gf but when we would drink/smoke and crash out in his bed things got interesting. He would always crash first and I would typically follow a short time later. When I hit the bed (he always pretended he was “asleep”) he would drape an arm across me and usually run his hand up and down my bare chest down to my waistline, a few times slipping his hand down my underwear and rubbing my hard cock. He always slept in boxers and was always hard as a rock....Continued
File: aT1.jpg (394 KB, 1280x1707)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
A few times I awoke from a drunken sleep, socks off and found cum all over my bare feet and it didn't seem as if he tried to clean up at all, I didn't mind his “sleeping” adventures as I knew he had an attraction to my feet and always had an excuse to get me barefoot. During our night-time sleep overs he had jerked me off on many occasions and after a while I had returned the favor multiple times by rubbing his chest the same way and slowly stroking him off as his cock tended to work its way out of the front of his boxers. He was average size, cut and always shot a huge load, I think he held off wanking during the week just to look forward to our Friday and/or Saturday nights. During the summer it was way more often...Continued
File: aT3.jpg (389 KB, 1280x1707)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
He NEVER brought up the subject of our private sleep excursions except once, one night I sucked him off after he groped and felt me up for some time. I had my face buried in his sweaty armpit and was licking his pit as he rubbed my cock (of course he was “asleep”) and his cock was sticking through his boxers, I eventually moved down to his sweaty musty cock and took him in my mouth and sucked him nice and slow allowing him to cum in my mouth. I fell asleep with my head on his stomach. In the morning he was getting up to pee and had to move me out of the way waking me up. He said, “what did we do last night?”, I replied, “we got pretty fucked up, huh?”, he said, “yeah”...Continued..
This behavior carried on for over ten years, we never spoke of it to each other, although he would make a slight reference every now and then like, “stay on your side of the bed if you are gonna sleep over tonight”, stuff like that even though he was the main instigator. I loved getting foot massages from him and he had beautiful feet, small (about a size 6-7), wide, round toes, smooth and I had no problem massaging his feet and sucking his toes during our drunken/stoner escapades. He eventually got married and moved away but recently we are back in contact with each other and I recently met him for drinks at a local bar, I asked him how his feet were doing and he smiled at the inside joke and said “fine”. We promised to get together in the near future and we currently text each other, I recently sent him a pic of my bare feet and asked him if he liked my ankle bracelet, he sent a smiley face back :) END
Holy fuck. You've got to get nudes or at least ass pics of this gem
Oh, Gary was about 5'7, hippie, long hair, average build, brown hair, brown eyes. he did cut his hair shorter about age 21, he looked like Joseph Gordan Levitt in Third Rock (when he had long hair). Pic is not his feet nor mine, just random from net.
Oh wow he’s hot. So lucky to got to take advantage of someone like him. Got more pics?
I bet his face is handsome. That’s a huge fetish of mine and I’ve got so many handsome guys in my life I’d love to do it to
Already posted them check above. Sadly i have no nudes :(
thats pretty cute in it's wildness, thanks for sharing
File: 1.webm (2.14 MB, 320x180)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB WEBM

got a vid; i had a shit camera back then so sorry for the bad quality
So hot tread
The closest thing I have to this: I have a good friend that I've known since college. I've always thought that he would jerk me off whenever I slept over. I could never prove it, but one time I woke up and he was leaning over me. But almost every time I slept over there I would have a wet dream. Now I was like 20-23 at the time, I almost never got them at any other time except when I was staying there. Even during puberty I didn't get them much. I have a boyfriend now and he knows it I've been trying to figure out if I should call him out on it, or see if he'd do it again. I've always wondered.
You lunatic
I was nervous watching that
hmmm I would totally kiss him too
u my hero
A cousin of mine stayed over for a few months and shared my room. We decided to mostly be naked in the house, just because. We even slept naked next to each other.

One time I was jacking off and got the idea to straddle my sleeping cousin while he slept on his stomach and with one hand spread his ass and the other was jackin' and rubbing all over his crack and hole. I came a bunch between his ass. I cleaned off some but left a large amount of cum on him.
He didn't seem to notice anything and life carried on as normal. Good summer.
File: SO GOOD TO BE GORDON.webm (2.99 MB, 497x280)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
always my fav

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