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File: 377_1000.jpg (29 KB, 600x449)
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I'm a masc usually top guy but thinking about trying it any advice? and do think it would be better with a top or bottom for my first time?
File: 669_1000.gif (947 KB, 500x472)
947 KB
947 KB GIF
How can you (or anyone for that matter) say you're a top if you've never tried bottoming?

Source? Or at least who is the bottom?
File: 261_1000.gif (1.8 MB, 400x270)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
Op here I've only ever topped and still have a preference for it 95% of the time but that 5% ha
Sorry man don't know it
File: 258_1000.gif (998 KB, 500x212)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
Im Vers. Bottomed like 80%
Its more kinda a psychological thing than a physical orgasm.
I Love beeing dominated and bring Joy to The guy whos fucking me. If hes really horny, then im Too.

My advice:
Try some dildo First. And yea size matters. I really dont like cocks Too big. (Shouldnt be bigger than mine) pic is me.
But its also no Fun if the cock is Too small so youre Not feeling anything after 5minutes of fucking.

Hygiene is mandatory.
Ask me anything
Whatever you're comfortable with. You'll have a first time topping, a first time but I'm in a first time flies fucking, etc. Just don't rape and avoid being stupid around potential rapists. You'll know if it feels bad, just back out, and have an exit strategy
File: IMG-20161019-WA0006.jpg (87 KB, 899x1599)
87 KB
Best way to clean ass out?
File: 051_1000.gif (1.98 MB, 332x187)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
I was thinking about getting a dildo to practice ha
Do you reckon I'd be better off convincing a btm friend to top me for my first time? or a top friend?
nice dick btw ha

Trouble with rapists is they tend to not announce they are rapists.
Screw off your shower head. Water up your bum. Flush out in toilet. (Very very slowly. No hot or Too cold water. Repeat couple of times. Until it feels good. Dont overdo it. You just Need to clean out the last bit of your rectum.

Safer is just a normal douche. You can get it on every erotic online Shop.

As i said before. For best results try a dildo First. (Or before your date)
Yea try to get a lifelike one.

Thats really up to you.
You cant really hurt yourself after the proper Preparation. (Douching, fucking yourself with the dildo. And using lots and lots of lube.
File: 247_1000.gif (2 MB, 540x276)
2 MB
Would a butt plug be alright or just best to go with a straight up dildo? strange as sounds I do a lot filming I rekon I could convince any would be snooper it's equipment rather than a dildo which is obviously what it is ha
Na i dont think a Buttplug would be a good idea.
Its Not about getting loose
Its about getting Used to The feeling of getting fucked.
Best realistic way is one with a suction cup in The shower. So you could move yourself onto it.

File: 902_1000.gif (1.51 MB, 500x255)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
What lube is the best?
Doesnt matter. Try to find a water based
Could probably count the number of times I’ve had anal on my hands. All with the same guy
First time I had anal I met up with an older black guy who was feminine and fatter than the picture looked. I brought movies but he put on hetero porn, said he liked to imagine being the girl. His hand goes for the belt before too long and I get some head. He could take it all in fine (I'm a modest seven inches) but had no real technique other than that. I told him to put his ass in the air and I start fingering him. He was real loose and prelubed, so I didn't warm him up for too long. I wrapped it up and squated over his upended ass and smoothed it in. It felt like he was trying to push me out, but I wasn't getting much out of it other than some amusing moans and it didn't take very long till I realized I picked an exhausting position. I pulled out and asked him if he'd ever eaten ass. He never had, so I layed down and he took like a fish to water. I grinned and asked him if he liked eating my ass and he said very much. He rimmed me for half an hour, the highlight of the night for me. He stopped and started hotdogging my asscheeks. I knew he didn't have condoms so I told him not to stick it in, and he said he wouldn't. He kept rubbing his dick up my crack like I'd warm up to the idea but I got bored and said I had to go. I picked up my bycicle and left. He messaged me the next day and asked for a chance to redeem himself, and I blocked him.
First time anal
>be browsing craigslist
>see ad from guy looking to get fucked
>he's a married nurse
>agree to meet him at his hospital
>it's a psych hospital
>sunday morning. no docs, no visitors
>meets me at front door
>go through three sets of locked doors to his office (he's a supervisor)
>sit and chat for a few
>get down to business
>he drops his pants and bends over his desk
>I lube his ass and wrap up
>slight problem... he's about 6'2" and I'm 5'7"
>on my tip toes but can barely get my cock in his ass
>he lays on floor and I mount him
>fuck him like it's the last time I'll have sex
>he's groaning loudly
>cover his mouth with my hand as I pound him
>cum in about 5 minutes
>get up and see he blew his load while I was fucking him
>say thanks and leave
>three weeks after my first experience
>which was blowing guy
>he calls me up and wants me t meet him again
>meet him at his apartment
>we make out
>I ask him to fuck me
>get on my hands and knees
>he slides in
>he's only 4'5 " but feels great
>I'f used toys but still good
>it's dark but look between my legs
>see stream of precum flowing from my cock
>let him fuck me til he cums
>enjoyed it
>be straight
>watching straight porn
>fascinated by cock
>really want to try it out
>buy a dildo
>it easily slides up my boipussy
>feels amazing
>yep, I'm gay
>want cocks in my mouth and ass
>end up getting a bf
>he's got a thick cock
>tell him I have a rape fetish
>go out for the first time
>he picks me up
>he takes my virginity by driving in some back road, pulling over, grabbing me and tossing me in the bed of his pick up truck and fucking me raw while I try to half-heartedly fight him off
>date for a year
>he's hyper sexual
>fucks me on a daily basis
>my tight boipussy now has a permanent gape
>he bullys me by making fun of my gape and calling me a dirty cumslut whore
Anyone interested?
Let’s see the gape I think it’s hot
>be straight , 19
>hanging out with best friend at the time (lesbian)
>gay friend comes over
>super fem and cute bubble butt
>lesbian friend tells him im holding 8"
>pretty much peer pressures me into fucking his face and eventually plowing him while lesbian friend watches
>now im a bi top
Met a guy on CL a few years ago - my age, attractive, nice guy with a really nice cock. First time together just oral (me going down on him). Few months later we make plans to hook up again. I start sucking him again, he flips me on my back & eats my ass (OMG - best thing ever!!). Ends up fucking me doggie & spanking my ass (I’m loving it & can’t get enough)! End up with me on top, riding his cock, both of us cumming all over each other. Fast forward to me now, went from bi curious to highly preferring gay sex!
Did she record you fucking him?
why do tall bottoms like short guys? im 5'6 and i constantly get messages from guys 6 ft tall or more. my last hookup was with a 6'4 bottom with a beautiful ass and an amazing 8 incher
>Be me
>had been curious for a while
>trying to find a guy to actually do something with
>meet an older 30s-40s guy online
>chat for a few days
>not sketchy, happy to use condoms even though he doesn’t like them, doesn’t mind I’m a virgin
>decide to meet
>heart pounding as he pulls up
>he picks me up in his car and drives to his place
>shows me test papers “in case I change my mind about condoms”
>offers stuff to clean out with, glass of water, weed if I’m nervous
>says it’s all in his bathroom
>go in the bathroom, use enema
>notice I’m shaking from nerves
>I’ve only smoked twice before but I need the calm
>smoke what he left out for me and drink some water
>walk out naked, he’s lying in bed watching tv only wearing a cock ring
>”you ready?”
>answer by lying down in front of him and putting his cock in my mouth
>start awkwardly sucking him
>try to do it like the pornstars
>it works, he likes it more
>can’t take it in my throat
>suddenly, with half of an 8 inch cock in my mouth, the weed hits
>higher than I’ve ever been
>lose awareness of everything but the fact I’m supposed to be having sex
>can deepthroat now
>after a few more minutes I get on my hands and knees
>he lubes his fingers and starts loosening me
>cold lube surprises me when he puts fingers in
>puts a condom on and starts pressing the tip of his cock against my hole
>too high to worry but heart starts racing anyway
>slowly pushes it into me and starts sliding back and forth
>strangest feeling but I like it
>eventually speeds up to full powered fucking
>moan loudly but I’m not fully aware of it
>he grabs my neck and pulls me up so my back is against his chest
>starts dirty talking in my ear
>don’t pay close attention due to the weed and the fucking but I know he said something about owning my ass that made me go wild
>sex-crazed, intoxicated brain decides it needs to escalate
>lean my head back and whimper ”take me raw please daddy”

>still holding me by the throat with one hand, he slides out and takes the rubber off with the other
>pulls me back toward him as he slips his bare cock in
>moan more as he fucks me harder than before
>he chokes, spanks, and slaps me around while he goes for it
>feel him cum in me but he doesn’t stop fucking
>my cock is dripping precum everywhere
>he pulls out and rolls me onto my back
>fucks me lying on my back while he picks up one of my legs and sucks my toes
>usually hate foot fetishes but suddenly don’t mind
>cums in me again and starts to slow down but keeps going
>after a few more minutes I cum and feeling it sets him off.
>he pulls out, kneels over my chest and shoots his last load all over my face and throat with a groan
>he gets off me and lies down on the other side of the bed
>lay there exhausted and out of breath, full of and covered in the cum of a man more than twice my age
>post orgasm shame very high
>stay still, feeling his seed leak out of my ass onto the bedsheets, slowly licking the cum from my face and neck off my fingers while he watches tv 3 feet away
>go back and do it again every chance I get for the rest of high school
because it's fun to toss them around on your dick
>bi, though mostly into guys, 18
>been sucking off and doing stuff with a friend for a couple of weeks but don´t really expect anything else to happen.
>he suddenly says he wants to fuck. I go diamonds and say yeah
>I get lube but couldn´t find a douche so we just decide to risk it, with a condom of course
>he goes in and its like hell. Keep going but it just hurts and gives me the feeling like im about to pee. Tell him to pull out.
>we switch and I try fucking him though we don´t have any more condoms so I go in raw.
>its starting to feel good for me but hes hurting like hell so I can´t really go at it. Start feeling weird and hes not feeling any pleasure so I pull out.
>surprise, surprise, I got shit on my dick
>so yeah, always use condoms, duche, and practice with a dildo a lot before doing it
I think it has more to do with the availability of bottoms and the shortage (no pun intended) of tops. It seems EVERYONE is a bottom looking for a top, so when you find one who is available, height doesn't matter. Plus I think some guys get off being dominated by someone shorter than them.
How small is too small inch wize. girth wise?
>live in big city for college
>like idea of dicks and sex with guys
>don’t like stupid gay stuff
>can’t find anybody to get first anal from cause they’re either creepy or too “fabulous” and it’s a turn off

Anybody else have this problem? I’m out to family but I'll never be open because I don’t want to associate myself with mentally ill flamers and all the public obscenity bullshit that goes with them. I’m a normal person and I just want another normal person to have sex with but the internet is stocked with freaks
>q5 at the time
>friend is also 15
>we hang together in his room watching his brother's porn dvd's (he's at uni)
>talk about what we're watching
>he asks a lot of "I wonder what _____ is like (insert fucking, blow jobs, anal)
>one day he says " want to try it"
>what's "it"?
>we were watching a hetero anal scene and he says "fucking in the ass"
>I'm already hard but not sure what he means... me fucking of me getting fucked
>he says he'll lay on the bed like the girl in the porn (bent over the bed)
>try to go in dry since they never show lubing in porn
>can't get it in
>switch places
>he gets some lotion, lubes me with it and pushes in
>feels pretty nice.after 10 minutes we switch
>I lube up and start fucking him
>run my hands on his back while I fuck him
>cum in his ass
>realize he came while I fucked him
>he tells me touching his back was the best part
Use a dildo/plug alone first until you are 100% sure you want a real cock in there. I still use the manrammer ;)
Totally feel you, anon.
And every time I tried to find a regular dude to hang out with ended up in drama.
Getting tired of this desu...
Just keep it stored in a lockable case along with any lube, etc. And don't shop while you're horny ;)
Non fat, married (to women) guys are best. I felt like you until I had a couple of these guys as regulars. Most are just scratching an itch and happily return to their wives.
Wow I was like in Ecstasy.
He got a big dick (much bigger than mine)
He fucked me well. Anilingus.
I was like WOW
And then I started to switch
Bisexual for real.
Wow. What a story.
And personally.
I always dream of a men can fuck me so well. And then suck mine.
Switch not passivity only
>Im Vers. Bottomed like 80%
Its more kinda a psychological thing than a physical orgasm.
I Love beeing dominated and bring Joy to The guy whos fucking me. If hes really horny, then im Too.

You're basically me here. I do get physical pleasure from getting fucked, but it's mostly a mental thing. Getting feedback that the guy pounding me is really into fucking me is what turns me on. And if it's a guy I actually have some real emotional connection too... THAT'S heaven on Earth.
First time with a guy
> I am 18, I think he was 17 or 18
> recently broke up with my GF, i am bi
> start testing the waters with anon, always figured him to be gay
> found out that was right
> we start texting back and forth
> easing our way in to the sexting
> finally make a day to fuck
> he wanted to fuck me, I would bottom, he would top
> I agreed
> we meet up at a church parking lot
> I get in to his car

He still lives with his parents, they weren't home, so we went to his place

> we stop in an alley close to his house, where we could see the parking lot, to make sure his parents are gone
> while we were waiting he asked if I wanted to start sucking him off
> I was too nervous, ive done absolutely nothing with a guy before
> ended up making it in to the house
> head to his bedroom

Before we did anything, I had him wash his junk, he just got out of the gym

> I was sitting on his bed while he washed his junk
> he finally finished and came in to the room
> he pulled down his pants
> there was his throbbing hard 8" cock in my face, uncircumcised
> he told me to suck it
> as a good bottom, I obeyed
> starting sucking his big dick
> I told him earlier ive never sucked on one before, after I did suck on him, he said I was a natural basically
> i instantly get hard
> he saw my also 8" dick, I am cut
> then he starting sucking me off

Now to the painful part

> he told me to turn around on the bed so I was in the doggy position
> he put a condom on
> no lube.... we both weren't that experienced, so wasn't too pleasant, luckily the condom had some lube on it
> he starts fucking me in the ass
> end up shitting myself just a little
> I tell him sorry lol
> he said "It's okay, its making it easier to fuck you."
> he finishes in his condom
> I get up, go to the bathroom, clean myself
> I left

We ended up doing it one more time, in his car, was a lot better, he brought lube and I didn't shit myself lol

I miss that, wish we could do it again, but he is too far away
I was 19 and went to a gay bar for the first time with a few friends because my buddy's dad was the manager. Had a good time but didn't leave when all my friends did so my friends older father said he would give me a lift home.
When we got in we smoked a few bowls and chatted. He asked how long it had been since I got a blow job. He went down on me for about five minutes until I'm so hard I can't think anymore.
I'm proud of my 6" fairly thick uncut cock but he whipped out a thick 8" monster. He got me to give him a long slow bj before pushing me to my knees.
We didn't have any lube so he ate my ass and made it sloopy, and I spit as much on him as I could. He pushed my face down and slowly pushed all the way in.
Slowly he fucked me for what seemed like an hour (was about ten minutes) and then picked up the pace. He let loose and fucked me so hard I have been a total bottom ever since.
He covered my ass and hole in his cum before bringing me back to his place for the night.
I only had two other encounters so far. And hopefully a few more.
5623075045 give me a call some time waiting to hear from tou
Is putting soap on your finger and fingering yourself in the shower sufficient for cleaning yourself out? I really don't want to use an enema.
I'm 5'4" and tall guys are very into me.
I never really questioned it because I enjoy being picked up and tossed around.
I am pretty sure it's a dominance thing. I'm submissive with guys and they like being in control of my body.
Ooops, I had that backward lol. It's early and I misread that.
I am a bottom.
File: 81ZUMCbY9JL._SY550_.jpg (19 KB, 345x550)
19 KB
That's what I do. Don't use regular soap. I use Cetaphil face cleaner since it's a little gentler and pH balanced.
File: cxn8fN0.jpg (89 KB, 944x1210)
89 KB
Use a dilation kit, I was not given a choice, I was stupid and horny and just let him open me up raw. Hurt like hell for the first few times then it began to feel AMAZING. If I was to prep I would try a kit like this: https://www.healthyandactive.com/black-anal-dilator-kit/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuNPQi9WB3wIVB4FpCh0_rQFIEAkYBSABEgKlnPD_BwE
use LOTS of lube also !
pic is me
my very first time doing any butt stuff was with a dildo a friend had bought me, like i said i hadn't done anything with my ass before so i got home, put some lotion on it, and went to it. it was a pretty large size but it went in real easy. i guess i've always been a natural bottom? however i do love to top and dominate.
File: GlazeBulb.jpg (31 KB, 800x603)
31 KB

Try a bulb applicator - a few washes with like warm water is all you need...
My first time was via a hooker when I was in college...was crazy horny in the summer heat and couldnt stop thinking about getting fucked. Get the nerve to try a hooker...he comes over...he was too fem for my tastes...and his cock was too big...tried sitting on him but it hurt too much and eventually I bled a little so we stopped...was soo disappointed...it would be years before I tried with a real cock again.

Now I know that as beautiful and fun large cocks are to suck that its better/easier to be fucked by smaller (not too small mind you :) cocks


Damn, any more pics?
A good fat cock can have me cumming lick crazy with enough forplay.
File: 20181205_211216.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x2448)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Is it big enough?
File: 40042720024-large.jpg (85 KB, 576x1024)
85 KB
I need help here /hm/.
I wanna do my first time anal, and there's this guy that I've kinda been talking to.
The guy's a lot I want, he's literally 2 meters tall, 9 inches dick, and wants to do it at my place. Pic related.

But he wants to do it bare, no condom, and I kinda want it too, but of course I don't wanna like, get infected or anything. He says he has no aids and shit, but it still gets me pretty nervous.

What the fuck should I do? I wanna take him but well.
Not worth the stress. Have him wear a condom.
He says he doesn't likes them, that he doesn't feel anything when he uses them, and he's been insisting for like a month that if we'd do it it'd be without condom.
He even tried to go for the excuse of him not having money for condoms. Which is the shittiest excuse there can be.
Seems pretty obvious to me. Why would you put yourself at risk of potentially catching something because someone's a little pushy?
I'm kind of a size queen I guess.
>size queen
Just get him to do a test if you're really keen. He clearly is if you've been talking that long
im a 6'2 bear and love a short twink
good advice and very got, any dick pics?
This was my first time
Reverse for me.

I don't really care about the idea of being dominated so much as the feeling of being fucked.

When I was a teenager I got a dildo to fool around with and found it felt pretty great so I tried finding a guy on craigslist to fuck me. I'd practiced with a pretty big dildo so I tried playing up the young white guy wanting BBC angle and actually found a couple blacks guys that were genuinely huge. I could get fucked all night long if it were an option, feels awesome.
It's sort of a fantasy for my first time.
Is it even safe if he gets tested and turns out negative for aids?
How about any other STDs, should I at least tell him to cum outside or something?
I’m like 5’8” and mostly top but feel so weird having sex with guys like 6’2” or taller. It feels awkward and I’m trying to figure out how to make that work lol
I kost my virginity today and with poppers it felt really good.
Not really sure what advice to give. See some guys say they enjoy the mentality of it while others saying they enjoyed the physicality of it but I found I thoroughly enjoy both. First time I had sex the guy ended up coercing me into it and while I mentally did not want it at first it actually felt pretty damn good which allowed me to mentally get into it half way through it. you best bet is to have a guy who is willing to warm you up, play with your butt, touch you, talk dirty, what ever gets you mentally into it and have him finger you or use a toy on you to get you physically ready and of course a lot of lube. No spit, no lotion, get straight up anal lube.
Dude... I was with a guy for six months who said he was clean and exclusive with me. Said he didn't like condoms and felt he was losing his erection when he was wearing them. I said OK to going bare and within a week he gave me an STI. Unless you're living with him 24/7 after long-term "dating", use condoms. Don't be an idiot (like me).
>be straight and 22 at the time
>friend invites me over for a 3 way with him and his wife
>thinking we're just gonna spit roast her and no gay stuff
>we get a little high next thing i know he's blowing me but I dont mind but I think that's as far as it'll go
>he stops i go down on his wife she's on the couch im on my knees on the floor my ass is exposed
>i feel something wet on my tight little asshole (I've played around a bit with my ass but never had cock in it)he's lubing me up
>he's 8 inches and thick as fuck
>I'm nervous but i keep eating his wife fuck it why not i think
>so he most certainly does, i gasp a little when he shoves it in
>he goes slow I can tell the thought of his cock in my ass has him already about to burst
>less than 5 minutes he fills my virgin boipussy
>we fucked around a couple times after that just the two of us
>he said once i give the best head hes ever had
>haven't seen him in years still think about that cock while i fuck my gf though
>bicurious teenager
>had made a couple of dates for hook-ups but backed out because they were sketchy
>see craigslist ad from guy visiting my city
>married, mid-40's, good shape, nice cock
>exchange emails with him
>he asks for a picture so I send one, neck down
>he asks if I'm really 18 (said I was when I responded to him) and I say yes
>arrange to meet at his hotel
>tell my parents I'm staying at friend's house and bike to the hotel
>so nervous I'm almost wetting my pants
>go up to his room and knock
>he opens the door in his boxers
>must have been pre-gaming since he was tenting his boxers pretty hard
>asks if I want some wine and when I say yes he pours two glasses
>chat for a few minutes until he says "want to start?"
>just nod
>he leans over and starts kissing me. day-old scruff scratches my face
>we make out for about 5 minutes and then he says "let's get naked"
>undress while he pours another glass of wine for me
>sip, make out, sip some more
>asks me to suck his cock
>tell him I've never done it (truth) so he guides me down and lets me take my time
>he's moaning and telling me I'm doing a good job
>pulls me back up and kisses me and says "you're not 18, are you"
>tell him no and that if I told the truth he wouldn't have had me over
>he says that's true, but since I'm here we may as well continue
>after sucking on his cock for another 10 minutes he returns the favor
>while blowing me he starts to finger my ass
>I've done that before but this is 100x better>he reaches over and grabs some lube and continues fingering me
>1 then two then I'm not sure how many fingers he has inside me but when he pulled them out I hungered for them to be back inside me
>he came up to kiss me again and told me he wanted to fuck me


>now I'm really nervous and tell him I'm not sure I can fit him in
>he lays on his back and tells me to sit on him and guide it in at my own pace
>climb up, reach back and aim his cock at my hole
>press down and his cockhead slides off the hole due to all the lube
>embarrassed that I can't do it right
>he tells me to take my time
>try a couple more times and suddenly his cockhead pops into my ass
>slide down his pole a little and it seems I can feel every bump and vein on his cock
>lower inch by inch until I feel his pubes on my ass
>he asks how it feels and I tell him I feel good
>he says to start riding him and I do, letting his cock slide almost all the way out and then all the way back in
>slip out all the way a couple of times but slide it in easily
>got a rhythm going and he tells me he's going to cum and not to stop
>keep going until he groans, grabs my hip to hold me still and blows his load in my ass
>tell me to sit there for a minute and then tell me to jerk off on his chest
>I do and it takes all of 15 seconds to cum
>he lets me sit there a few minutes and then tells me to clean off his chest with my mouth
>I lift off his cock and start licking my own cum off his chest and stomach
>he keeps pushing me lower until I'm licking his cum off his cock
>tastes like ass but what the fuck
>lay together and chat for about a half hour until we shower together
>I blow him in the shower, get dressed and bike home
>repeat several times when he comes back to town
Spoiler, not straight.
File: 1544409581267.jpg (97 KB, 422x429)
97 KB
Thanks, I’ve got a lot of good stories with that guy.

I’m total sub, but a little jealous of switch types, seems like more options. I get turned on a lot by submitting and feeling the sex, but the shame and the thought of how dirty it is give me a rush too
Why gamble when there's a guy in your area who will fuck you with a condom? There's not a single man or dick in this world worth a lifetime of popping HIV meds, sweety.

This happened today

>be me, 21, average in every way
>live in post communist shithole
I see everyone saying they found an ad for sex on craigslist.
How do people find ads for sex on craigslist?
>find some half spanish half german bull visiting this place online
>bald, muscular with broad shoulders, maaculine chad jaw
>says he likes dominant kissing and fucking
>he comes over, he is even better looking in real life
>he grabs my head and we start to make out, insta boner
>I love feeling him up, when I touch his arms I can feel he is stronger than me
>we make it to the bed, me on bottom he on top, we make out
>he takes his shirt off, tells me to take my pants off
>tell him "make me"
>he forcibly strips me naked, I try to playfully resist but when I do he holds me down and he is stronger
>me naked now we make out again
>he gently slaps me, I slap him back
>he is like what did you just do boy, manhandles me so that I cant move
>he decides its time I suck him
>he takes his jeans and belt off and rolls over, I go in the position and start throating him like an absolute whore
>tell him I wanna get fucked and stop sucking
>he goes to take a condom
>he comes back, Im on the bed shaking ny ass, teasing him
>he grabs me by my legs and pushes me over
>climbs on top of me
>slowly goes inside me
>it doesnt surprisingly hurt but im like paralised and cant move
>he starts thrusting, i grab whatever part of him i can I wanna feel him up he is so strong
>he starts to thrust faster. I start to moan loud
>cant believe I make those moans, Im a quiet reserved homo
>he puts his hand over my mouth and keeps whispering in my ear good boy you like it dont you
>wanna say yes but can only scream loud moans
>he comes
>he dresses up we talk
>he stands and is clothed I sit on the bed naked
>I start to rub myface in his crotch, he loves it, he grabs my hair
> he is hard again, he unsips his cock and I suck him off again
>we talk some more while I rub and sniff his croch
>time for him to go
>we kiss goodbye
>im in love now. I think.

Just jerked of to this memory while I typex it.Sometimes things go soo right
I had to open the window to get the sex smell out, my entire apartment smells like cum
Anyway we are gonna fuck the whole week so if my story got somebody going I will greentext the future hookups as well
Take pics and show it to us u fag
I don't think you can these days. You could try doublelist.
>second year Uni student
>bi, fuck whatever
>guy a couple of years older than me in my 1st year course I have to repeat
>Big Maori rugby player kinda guy
>do a group project with him and 2 other guys
>fast forward a few weeks, bump into him in town and go for beers
>get to talking about relationships, tell him i'm bi, he's curious, never tried it with a guy, tell him i've never bottomed
>return to my place, crack a beer, tell him i'm gonna have a quick shower
>douche with an empty shampoo bottle, don't want poos in my sheets
>go back out finish beers, bit awkwardly
>go to my room, bit of mutual cock rubbing, no kissing
>pull down my pants and bend over bed
>starts fingering my ass
>feels good man, rubbing my prostate, can feel the precum dribbling out
>crack out a condom and lube kit (like a little cardboard box thing with a condom and a lube sachet) from my bedside cabinet.
>he puts it on, and lubes up my hole
>starts to slide it in
>hop around the room a bit laughing, he's laughing too
>try again, it goes right in this time
>He fucks me doggy, it hurts pretty bad, starts to feel good towards the end, not pleasurable like fucking someone, more the contact and thrusting, etc.
>he finishes, I don't.
>clean up and go back out for some more beers and Xbox.
>Asks me if I want to try again after a couple of hours.
>Go ahead
>More adventurous this time, feels real good.
>He finishes again, I don't.
>We both fall asleep in my bed.
>get woken up by him again, asks me if i wanna go again.
>he's a fuckin animal
>hell yea let's go
>fucks me again, he doesn't finish this time but leaves his cock in while I cum.
>he leaves after that
>saw him 2 years later when he dated my female flatmate briefly.
So you were pressured into doing a sex act under the influence of alcohol that you wouldn't have done on your own accord, sounds kind of like sexual harassment just at the border of rape.
Fucking hot
Never really wrote down an anecdote in greentext before so I hope I'm not bad at this

>be 23
>student in large town
>know I'm bi, dated a guy when I was in highschool but we never went further than handjobs and oral
>try to find guys on apps, be awful at it
>fuck it
>i'm gonna go to a gay bathhouse

>it's a half hour drive away
>somehow not once during this half hour did I turn back to just jerk off in my flat
>go in
>guy at the counter is really casual and chill, kinda takes the pressure off a bit
>lockers, get naked, towel around waist
>take a walk around the place, clearly hear some guys fucking in a room
>down a beer at the bar
>fuck it, let's just find the first relatively hot guy
>there's this tall, muscley Asian guy, around 40 years old
>not usually into Asians but hey he's the hottest guy around
>do the weird-ass slowly-walk-past-him-while-making-eye-contact thing and then kinda put your hand on his chest or something
>i'm feeling awkward as fuck but he's game
>we go in a room and he closes the door behind us

>the room is pretty small, and only has a sort of high bench/table thing with several levels and pillows on it, clearly designed to fuck on
>and mirrors on almost every wall
>I suck his dick for a while, he's a bit larger than average
>he's a bit vocal, really likes it
>he tries sucking me off a bit but I'm so stressed out that I can't get hard
>ask him to just fuck me
>act like I've totally done it before
>lie on my back on the bench/table thing
>he eats my ass for a bit
>he stops and asks me if I'm ready for the rest
>he puts on a condom, puts on lube, some on me
>legs up in the air
>he positions himself against my hole
>starts inserting himself in me

>I'd fingered myself before so I knew that feeling, but it still felt a bit painful and much more overwhelming than I expected
>asks me if Im okay, he can tell I'm not too used to it
>I'm good
>he starts going in and out slowly
>i'm starting to relax and enjoy it
>that's about when I realise that I can see myself getting fucked in the ass on almost every mirror
>there's even a mirror on the ceiling
>I can actually see his dick going in and out of my asshole
>for some reason that really turns me on
>he tries to jerk me off but I'm still half-flaccid
>tell him it's fine, just focus on fucking me
>he obliges
>goes in full assfuck mode
>i'm moaning a lot
>he's getting faster and faster, and pounding harder and harder
>i'm fucking loving it
>still have a full view of me getting fucked in the ceiling mirror
>keep telling him to go harder and oh god fuck me
>that gets him even more excited
>i can tell he's about to finish
>start jerking myself off cause I wanna cum while he's still in me
>I manage to cum at about the same time as he does
>he's doing those slower but reaaally deep thrusts thing when you're finishing right as I"m cumming too
>probably the most intense orgasm I'd ever had at that point

>he pulls out, we both take like 10 seconds to gather our breath
>he's got a huge smile on his face, tells me he had a really good time
>"t-thanks, y-you too"
>"so, what do you do?"
>we talk about work and random stuff for a while
>take a shower
>eventually go to the bar to get beers, he's a pretty interesting dude
>some other guys come up to the bar, socialise a bit
>feel a bit awkward talking to some guys in SM gear or fully naked but eh
>several of them tell me I'm really hot, one compares me to a greek god
>feel really happy and humbled about the compliments but also like maybe I'm setting my standards way too fucking low and shouldn't have been in this bathhouse in the first place
>oh well whatever
>overall have a nice time

>we eventually go back to a room with the Asian dude and he fucks my ass again
>this time I make him lie down on the bed/table thing and I start riding his dick
>try to go kinda power bottom mode
>really hot but also exhausting as fuck
>he just ends up doing me doggystyle
>i keep pushing back against him to get fucked harder
>there are also mirrors in this room so I've got a very good view of myself getting pounded
>he gets more talkative this time, goes a bit into dirty talk territory
>he even (softly) slaps my ass a couple of times
>my dick is diamond
>once again we finish at the same time (turns out I'm pretty good at jerking myself off to cum at about the right moment, still do it)
>this time I tell him I really got to get going, it's getting really late
>tell him I had a great time and all that, bye bye
>shower, lockers, get dressed
>he catches me on the way out
>gives me his phone number on a piece of paper
>tells me, no pressure, to call him if I wanna do stuff again

>end up losing the piece of paper

(3/3 the end)
I think it's better to be topped by a bottom because they are more sensual and generous with giving pleasure. Also they are more gentle and overall more fun to be around.
I recommend taking a shower with the guy and letting things unfold.
>be me, 17, in the "I'm too horny for my own good" period
>arrange to meet a guy for sex at his apartment
>says he's a top, 40-ish, a bit overweight, hairy as a bear
>meet, make out, exchange BJ's, frot
>do this a couple of times
>one night I'm at his place again
>cock is diamonds with all the foreplay
>he pulls out some lube (we used it before for handjobs) and asks if he can hot dog me
>I say OK
>he spreads some on my butt crack and on his cock
>me on my stomach, him on top
>he starts sliding his cock between my ass cheeks
>feels extremely erotic
>meanwhile he's kissing my neck and breathing on my ears
>puts his cock right on my hole, pushes a little and then backs off
>for that one moment I was anticipating/hoping it would go in
>more foreplay, more hotdogging
>cock at my asshole again and he pushes slightly
>feel myself arch my back, almost begging that it goes in
>it does
>catch my breath. I actually have a cock in my ass
>know I should ask him to put a condom on but I'm caught up in the sexual tension/arousal
>he leaves the head on his cock inside me and continues kissing and caressing me
>inch-by-inch he goes further in
>caught between fear of not using a condom, the high of risky sex and the overall horniness of the situation
>before I know it he's balls deep inside me
>doesn't move his cock for about 10 minutes, just awkward kissing (my head is turned about 100 degrees)
>he slowly starts fucking me
>feels great
>picks up speed
>his personality changes from being a gentle lover to someone fucking for their own pleasure, and I'm along for the ride
>pinned to his bed I can do nothing but take it (and I do't mind taking it)
>5 minutes of relentless pounding and he blows his load in my ass
>all I can do is lay there and be his body pillow
>later get up, get dressed and go home
>do this about 20 times over the next 2 months before he loses interest in me
Tfw just got fucked by a tranny who was head and shoulders taller than me.

Am i gay now?

>Be 22, just moved out
>straight for the most part
>Invited cousin over to see my new place
>Start getting drunk with cousin
>We're extremely close, more like siblings, but we rarely meet
>Catching up, talking about the past year
>She tells me she has a friend who is into me
>Ask if she's hot
>She says it's a guy
>Well I'm curious, let's have a look
>She pulls up his instagram
>Very feminine twink guy, 19, seems to live for fashion
>Not really my cup of tea
>At this point I had only been with girls anyway, all though I didn't cringe at the idea of being with a guy
>At least not in my then drunken state
>Tell her I'm good to her disappointment
>Skip ahead a few days
>Just got home from a party
>Slightly buzzed
>My curiosity gets the better of me
>Check out his instagram again
>Scrolling through
>Accidentally like one of his pics without noticing
>Wake up next day and check my phone
>He sent me a message request
>Not sure if I should open it or not
>Decide to go ahead and read it
>"Hi are you (insert name)'s cousin?
>Exchange a few messages back and forth
>Seems like a nice enough guy
>Laughs at my unfunny jokes the same way girls do when they're into you
>This goes on for a few days
>Get a call from my cousin out of the blue


>Tells me I got to make a move because he won't leave it alone
>Laugh and tell her no way, still into girls.
>She's annoyed but accepts my decision.
>Asks if I wanna go out and eat next weekend
>Skip ahead a few days
>meet her at a restaurant downtown
>Immediately realize I've been tricked
>She brought the guy with her
>She's grinning from ear to ear
>Act unfazed by it
>Introduce myself in person and we order food and talk
>Really enjoying the company desu
>Then she acts like something came up and she has to leave
>She's an awful liar, and it was in no way smooth, and very obvious what she was doing.
>She leaves and we keep it going
>No awkward pauses or anything
>Guy is surprisingly easy to talk to
>End up at a bar further down the road
>We're both drinking and having fun
>He ends up with his hand on my thigh
>Dick reacts positively
>Take a cab back to my place
>It's a tall building and I live on the 8th floor
>He's all over me in the elevator
>Dick is very confused, but solid at this point
>He wastes no time
>Pulls my pants off as soon as we get in the door
>Gives me the S U C C
>Realize that girls have no idea what they're doing compared to this guy him
>He brb's into the bathroom
>I get out of all my clothes, turn on the tv LOUD, because of thin walls
>He comes out naked
>RIght back to giving me head
>Puts a condom on me and get on my lap
>This is new to me so I just let him take control
>He gets on and does his thing
>And he knows exactly what he's doing
>Convert me into bisexual right there
>Can't have lasted more than 5 minutes at first
>But we stayed inside, ordered food and fucked for the next 2 days
>Cousin blowing up both our phones asking both of us what ended up happening
>We just laugh at it and blow her off

Skip ahead to the current year and we're still together and live together.
File: 12_1.gif (4.31 MB, 368x656)
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4.31 MB GIF
Closeted Bi guy with girlfriend. Im tall and athletic so I attract allot of girls and guys but never had the balls to get with a guy. I was in London for work staying at a hotel so I went out with my colleague drinking and we get separated about 2am. I walk home very drunk and meet a cute guy. Ask him where his coming from and he says a local gay bar. I ask if he's gay and he says yes. Hormones take over and I grab he's hand and lead him off to make out. He then leads me to where he works he has a key card that gets us to a kind of garden out back and we go to dark corner and continue to make out. Take my chance and get on my knees and pull he's jeans down to find he's hard as fuck and pretty big which really turns me on. First time sucking dick and can tell I'm bad lol so he starts face fucking me and I let him. Pull my trousers down in full slut mode and let him fuck my big ass bare back. He doesn't last long which bums me out as I enjoyed it after the initial pain. Walk back to the hotel with cum dripping out my ass. Never had gay sex since this day and got checked for std at the doctors and was very luckily clean I would never make that mistake again I was shitting myself until the results came. Still makes me super horny to this day
I'm some sort of bisexual with a crazy lust for trannies, had trannies fuck my ass a lot

also had a guy fuck my ass a few times, it was good

however i find it almost impossible to successfully clean my ass, which is why i alost never bottom

i tried douching with the shower hose but it's like a process that never ends and more shit keeps coming out so after a while i say well fuck it and i just dont have sex

tips? i really love it in the ass and i have a great body and and ass, it's a shame really to have an ass like this and not have it fucked
I’d say be picky and be smart with who you bottom with for the first time. Not just because of STDs, but because, even if you don’t end up liking it, it’s going to be a big moment in your life. My first time bottoming was with my boyfriend, that I’m still with. The first time his cock slipped in my ass it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife back there. We had to stop a few times, but eventually it did feel really good. Today (5 years later), he fucks me regularlly bareback, dumping his loads in me whenever he gets the chance. We’re exclusive but we still get tested regularly. When he hits my PSpot it feels like electricity (in the best possible way.) Even though right before I met him I would have let anyone take my cherry, I’m glad it was with him and that we’ll always have that memory together no matter what happens.

My first time topping a guy was a terrible experience and ended with me getting gono which is not fun at all. But I wasn’t being picky at the time.

>hit up craigslist
>chat with an unbelievably hot daddy
>6'3" full beard and fit
>agree to visit him at his job
>Show up and wait for the doorman to let me in
>Doorman looks like a shorter version of Danny Devito, incredibly repulsing
>Yellow brick road song pops into my head
>"Hey anon" -says the dwarf
>Too nice to leave and just tell him he looks even better than his pictures
>"Wait till you see my cock" -he says
>When he takes off his pants it's hard to see it
>Literally the smallest penis I have ever seen, about the size of those old pink erasers
>It smells like medicine and his naked body smells like year old onions


>put my mouth over his dick
>tastes like feta cheese
>he cums within seconds and I can taste bitter coffee and blood
>wants to top me
>I-I don't think that would be possible...
>Doesn't heed my advice and tells me to bend over table in the custodial closet
>he pulls over a step stool to reach me
>tries for minutes but his dick can't even get passed my butt checks
>sneezes during his struggle and I feel globs of mucus hitting my back
>he doesn't try to clean the globs up and I can feel them drying on my back
>imagine clicking my heels three times and appearing home
>can't believe how swindled I got

>21, in college trolling craigslist casual encounters. always been attracted to men and used to ride big 10 inch dildos but never hooked up with a real guy. Meet a guy who works in the same building as me. we message pics and he shows me how big his cock is (he's married too). One day i head into his office and without speaking i strip down on all fours and he starts eating my ass. Tongue feels good in my asshole. I suck off his big cock and choke on it (always had fantasies about huge cocks fucking me) He bends me over and squeezes his big dick inside of me and covers my mouth so his coworkers won't hear him fuck my virgin ass. Start cumming as he pounds me doggystyle. He cums in 5 minutes cause my ass is so tight and i feel it leak out of my ass. I go over to his office and still fuck him, can't lose the taste for his big dick. his wife doesnt know but he says my asshole is way better than her pussy
Not that anon but it depends. Test your hole what parts of it are sensetive? I have almost no sensation in my prostate but my rim and entrance are really sensetive, so I prefer thick short cocks. If you're the opposite way around then you'll need a longer thiner one.
No thanks.
Play with yourself first and see if you enjoy it before you commit to putting a dick in your butt, lol
>Be me 19 stationed in Korea
>been drinking rice wine and soju
>Bar hoping on hooker hill in itaewon
>Go into small place near top of the hill
>start buy a beer and chatting up the juicy girl
>turns out this place is a massage parlour that gives happy ending.
>alright I'm game
>get naked and get on table
>she gets naked and that's when I see the dick
>really small almost cute
>I'm shocked but not discouraged from continuing
>she asks if I like
>I laugh and say it's cute
>she smiles and starts dumping oil all over me
>she start massaging and oil is going EVERYWHERE
>she climbs on table and lays on top of me
>uses her body and small tits to massage my back
>I feel her hard dick on my ass cheeks
>she starts to hotdogs me
>I'm so fucking hornet I don't give a shit
>she slides up to my ear and asks if I'm ready
>when I shake my head she thanks me for it
>shes small and there is so much oil she slides in pretty easy
>some pain but not as much as I expected
>she start slow but by the end she is fucking me pretty decent
>tells me I feel great and she gonna cum
>I say go for it and she dumps her load I to me
>gets off me after getting off in me
>and tells me to flip over
>I do so and she slides my dick into her ass
>rides men pretty good
>see her small dick bouncing around
>realize it's getting me harder
>I start pounding hard into her
>cum with the force of a thousand suns
>gets off me and let's the cum dribbles out her ass onto me
>licks it off and says $40
>with just cumming I start freaking out
>pay her and clean up
>go back to my barracks and go to sleep
>go to the medics next day and get tested for EVERYTHING
>thank fuck I'm clean
>went back to her 6 more times before leaving
>never did ass play again scared next person wont be clean
>Be me 19 stationed in Korea
>been drinking rice wine and soju
>Bar hoping on hooker hill in itaewon
>Go into small place near top of the hill
>start buy a beer and chatting up the juicy girl
>turns out this place is a massage parlour that gives happy ending.
>alright I'm game
>get naked and get on table
>she gets naked and that's when I see the dick
>really small almost cute
>I'm shocked but not discouraged from continuing
>she asks if I like
>I laugh and say it's cute
>she smiles and starts dumping oil all over me
>she start massaging and oil is going EVERYWHERE
>she climbs on table and lays on top of me
>uses her body and small tits to massage my back
>I feel her hard dick on my ass cheeks
>she starts to hotdogs me
>I'm so fucking hornet I don't give a shit
>she slides up to my ear and asks if I'm ready
>when I shake my head she thanks me for it
>shes small and there is so much oil she slides in pretty easy
>some pain but not as much as I expected
>she start slow but by the end she is fucking me pretty decent
>tells me I feel great and she gonna cum
>I say go for it and she dumps her load I to me
>gets off me after getting off in me
>and tells me to flip over
>I do so and she slides my dick into her ass
>rides men pretty good
>see her small dick bouncing around
>realize it's getting me harder
>I start pounding hard into her
>cum with the force of a thousand suns
>gets off me and let's the cum dribbles out her ass onto me
>licks it off and says $40
>with just cumming I start freaking out
>pay her and clean up
>go back to my barracks and go to sleep
>go to the medics next day and get tested for EVERYTHING
>thank fuck I'm clean
>went back to her 6 more times before leaving
>never did ass play again scared next person wont be clean
WTF why did it post twice?
I'd bet that $40 you spent that you still got something.

1) clamydia and gonorrhea take 7-10 days before they show up on a test.
2)you'd need a rectal swab to check for a rectal infection and I bet you did not tell the base doc you took it up the pooper, nor would the doc have even done one because a lot of docs still don't realize people who have anal sex need anal testing.
3) HIV and syphilis would take weeks to 3 months before they would show up on a test.
I will bottom on occasion but the first time I bottomed I was 16 and got fucked by a guy with a huge cock. I didn’t know anything about douching and shit all over him - which he loved and just kept on fucking me.
I got may self tested after every visit. And because its free in the service and some are mandatory, I'd had myself tested every six months and sketchy escapes. I'm 38 now and the only thing I got was HPV and I got that from my wife... go figure
Sketchy Escapades*
god, I wish I were that dyke
I'm thinking about trying anal (receiving) with a long time friend this weekend. We haven't seen each other in years, and the furthest we've gone is him blowing/rimming me and using a small plug on me, and me blowing him for 15 seconds.

I have already prepped hair-wise, ordered an enema bulb on Amazon, condoms and lube. Also I owned a dildo that I rode 3 or 4 times before tossing it because I moved and didn't want to risk anyone seeing it.

Excited but nervous. Really hope I don't back out of it again.
Met guy on Craigslist, smoked meth, instantly a slut, fucked me bare for hours. Didn't feel him cum in me, says to me after " how do you like being positive"? 5 years later still negative. Guess the chances are low if he was poz. Or he was joking Idk. That feeling of my ass being used and going home with cum in your ass. Since then I've been breed the more times, still negative.
If you’ve never done an enema definitely practice at leasg once beforehand, also do it around an hour before the actual play
I'm a pansexual guy (just about 50/50) who just had anal sex for the first time. I'd sucked several hundred miles' worth of cock but just had no luck in finding a partner who knew what the fuck they were doing when it came time to get penetrated. I'd used toys of various sizes and shapes and they did very little for me - either they felt weird or were the wrong size or whatever. Then, at long last, I hooked up with a young man at an ABS and - well, let's just say that I now understand why so many women screech and moan and howl when they're taking a cock. I can't describe the feeling - it was totally different from anything I'd ever experienced. Within like three strokes I slid into some kind of total surrender/acceptance state, apparently I made so much noise people outside were remarking on it but I don't remember anything but that incredible sensation. I didn't touch myself but I shot so much jizz all over the floor I almost slipped in it.
I hope you learned to tell dudes like this to fuck off. That dude knew he was blatantly lying to you, and was just banking on you being polite or horny enough for that pity fuck. Who knows what else he's lying about with his ointment-smelling dick.

Cut your losses, let him jerk off his sad dick with his pinky fingers while you move on to bigger better cock.
Go back there anon, find the asian dude
what's an ABS?
Adult Book Store.
Was it more rough/kinky next time?
Not really. He was certainly dominant and knew what he wanted, and I was more than happy to give it to him. About the most kinky we got was some pee play and some light bondage.
> be 18
> still confused but whatever, mostly been with girls, have tried out bjs with 2 guys but nothing more
> parents and little sis away for weekend
> have place to myself, decide to man up and put two days of privacy to proper use
> met someone cute couple weeks earlier
> messed around a little already, but nothing too extreme
> first day it's going well, walk around house naked, trading bjs
> night we go to backyard and fool around, I'm comfortable with all this
> day 2, more of the same
> wanna try fucking
> am in lounge room resting against sofa while he tries get it in
> takes a while before success
> lean there and get ploughed, so many sensations
> trying to relax and enjoy it but not in that place yet
> keep head down, eyes closed and work through this
> hear car in drive
> wtf?
> disengage, both run to my room
> get dressed, act cool
> door opens it's my big bro and his wife, random visit to make sure I'm ok I suppose
> meet them in the lounge, two sets of clothes lying on the ground
> me all hot and red from being freshly fucked
> feel like I'm walking strange
> my new friend comes out and says hi
> brother looks at me, winces his face
> ok guess it's all out in the open now
It it both psychological and physical for me. I cum very very easily while being fucked - but it doesnt cum in squirts, more like an uncontrollable ooze
my first time anal is not such a great story.....it involved being forced while using a puclic restroom. it was violent at the start, but my erection proved I liked it
alas, that was years ago and i've since moved to a different town
hahaha omg, did he ever say anything?
There was an awkward conversation a year later when he was drunk. Our family is real strict and I denied everything, the only thing that saved me was not long after our talk I started seeing a girl.
I've spoken to his wife openly about it, she is cool af and agrees it's best I keep that to myself. Because she knows as much as I do that he wouldn't handle very well having a bi brother.
For the record that night my friend and I tried again. I was a lot more relaxed and it went well. Very well.
> 21, 5'2", probably still around 115 pounds
> dont go to college, but pick my friend up. im in his classroom.
> im introduced as "the gay friend" i just came out weeks ago so im extremely nervous
> professor is tall, blond hair, kinda messy, glasses, strong though
> prof tells me to come by again.
> i pick up friend a third time. prof hits on me. tells friend to get something. demands number, i say ok because hes making me melt.
> two weeks later, get a text. its his address. he tells me hes hard. tells me to come over
> ok
> get there, he grabs me by the chin, pins me against the wall by his door. we kiss for a while. he eases me down.
> fattest dick ive ever seen desu. ive sucked a few. i go for it.
> tells me hes gonna fuck my cute ass
> ok
> he spends like 15 minutes penetrating me with his fingers and lube while im bent over in his bed. im hard.
> he pushes against me. i cum before hes inside.
> he pushes in. it hurts. i cry. i dont tell him to stop though.
> he rails me and calls me "boy" (insert kratos joke)
> pulls out cums on my ass
> im shellshocked, he gives me a towel. we hold.
> ghosts on me. two weeks later, i get a time and his address again
> i hate him and he ruins me for seven months
not my first time, but i don't do anal often so i'll remember this forever...
>be me; in college, 21 years old and twink body
>meet 30 year old on grindr, have kinky conversation about all the things we'd do to each other.
>i've had a history of not coming through on grindr because id get so nervous
>i talked myself up and said how much i wanted to be fucked, how i wanted multiple loads, etc.
>i guess part of me didn't think id come through on it
fast forward a week
>drinking with friends on a friday night. super horny.
>hit him up. hes home and tells me to come over.
>i ride my bike across town and approach the apartment building.
>im so nervous im practically shaking. i pause once before pressing the buzzer.

cont from >>1815369

>i buzz. moments later i hear the door open and i begin my ascent up the stairs.
>he told me to just walk in so i do and i find him naked on the bed.
>without saying much more than "hey" i begin to undress
>before i finish getting naked, he tells me to grab one of his jockstraps out of his drawer.
>he tells me to put it on.
>i do
> by that time he hands me a pipe with weed and i take a hit.
>he says "why don't you start sucking me?"
>start sucking his flaccid dick
>hes definitely a grower. it gets up to 8"
>he only waited until he was hard and his cock was wet to get me on my knees on the edge of the bed
>without saying anything, he slides his fat cock in me raw
>i maybe would have said something but it went in so easily.
>normally i have a hard time bottoming but his cock was so wet and my hole was so hungry so he was able to start destroying my hole right away.
>he grabs the jockstrap im wearing, wraps it around his hand, and alternates between slow rhythmic fucking and rough fucking.
>10 minutes in and he is dripping sweat.
>he tells me to start fucking myself on his cock
>work his cock with my hole until hes had enough and fucks me harder than ive ever been fucked.
>he unloads a monster load in my ass and slides his cock out
>he makes me clean his cock with my mouth
>he takes a break to smoke more but makes me stay on on the bed
>hes smoking while im still on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed.
>he tells me to get on my back on the edge of the bed and keep my legs up and back, exposing my gaping hole to him.
>he takes a couple puffs and orders me to start to push his cum out of my hole and into my hand then shove it back in my hole.
>i obey and the im overtaken by the sluttiest feeling in my life.
>there i lay, still havent cum, pushing his load out of my ass and then fingering it back in as he smoked and watched me like the whore i was.

cont from >>1815377

>when he was finished, he fucked me again, using his previous load as lube.
>the rough fucking made my hole and his cum all messy.
>hes still fucking me on my back and he pulls out and sprays all over my chest.
>he then starts to rub his cum all over my chest, lathering it all over my body.
>he takes another break while i continue to put on a show for him, fingering my hole with my ass up in the air.
>i cant see it but i can feel my hole is absolutely destroyed by it doesnt hurt at all.
>by now his cock easily slides in and out considering all the cum and my loose hole
>hes fucking me a third time to finally get me to cum for the first time.
>im rubbing his cum on my chest and using it to jerk off.
>i feel like im on the edge. i tell him im about to cum.
>he quickly cups his hand under my cock and gets all my cum in his hand.
>then, i remember what i said weeks ago on grindr.....
>im on my back and he tells me to bring my feet back further, with my feet basically behind my head
>with my hole positioned perfectly upwards, he dumps my cum on my gaping hole, stands up, and uses his cock to push my own load in my ass.
>by now my ass is basically overflowing with cum.
>usually im having post sex regret right now but i have just completely let go.
>in that position, he finishes for the final time
>while standing, he drops his load on my face.

>we shower and I leave.
>continued to fool around for a couple months
Fucking hot
Iv have hooked up with a few guys befor and nevered bottomed untill i found my self a nice daddy type fuck buddy, i alwasy go around to his place and suck him off untill one day i was really in the mood and clean and i let him be the first person to fuck me, now i cant get enough of it.
>just starting to explore my sexuality
>had met a younger black guy three weeks before and exchanged blow jobs
>he called and wanted to meet up again
>go to his place
>get naked on his bed and suck each other's cocks
>he's 4'5" so not very big
>after a lot of fooling around I ask him if he'd fuck me
>he's reluctant but says OK
>gets behind me and puts on a condom as I lube myself
>slides in. he's small enough that there's no pain
>really feels nice. good size for a beginner like me
>while he'd fucking me I look between my legs
>long stream of pre-cum flowing out of my cock, lit up by the glow of the street light outside his dark bedroom
>enjoy him fucking me
>he finally cums and lays back on the bed
>I take the condom off his cock and suck him clean while I jerk myself off
>all-in-all a nice experience
eat more fiber. Psyllium husk is good source
> be me 20years old. Gf makes me try anal with strapon
> Love it
> I became a bit submitted to her while doing it
> Fast forward she leaves me
> We stay in good terms
> Tell her I miss anal
> She tells me to try with men but I didn't wanted
> Later she went black and told me how he is dominative
> I felt kinda excited
> Went on Grindr
> I get tones of offer
> one black guy talked to me
> We talked for days
> I went to see him
> He makes me go naked
> I was so excited
> He put his dick out
> Biggest dick ever seen
> Suck it deep in his living room
> He later fucked my ass like I was never fucked by my ex gf.
> Cum on my face
> Feel like a slut
> Went out and told my ex.
> "You understand why I like blacks"
> "Yes"
> We both went black and never went back
Kik dosiland if you want to talk
>be me 16 sophmore in highschool
>Horny as fuck always
>Search craigslist looking for a daddy
>Find 50+ guy looking for a young boy
>Drive to hotel a couple of blocks from my school
>knock on door
>He answers in just his pants
>I walk in and close the door and drop to my knees
>Without saying anything I pull down his pants and take his 6' soft cock in my mouth
>Suck the fuck out of it till its 8'
>He picks up my tiny body and throws me on the bed
>Proceeds to rim me
>Im moaning, begging for him to fuck me
>Pours lube all over my ass and his cock
>Slaps my hole with the tip, then slowly starts pushing
>Too horny to ask for condoms, plus he showed me his papers beforehand
>As he gets deeper inside me im screaming in pain, he doesnt stop
>Fucks me for 20 minutes,
>Im begging for his cum
>Feel him get fast and faster
>Finally grabs my hips and bottoms out in me
>Feel his cock pulse and empty his balls inside me
>Slowly pulls out and makes me clean his cock
>After a while i get dressed, take the money off the dresser to be quite(he knew I was underage)
>Havnt seen him since
>best fuck every
>he showed me his papers beforehand
about 5 years ago someone used that line in craigslist rants & raves. in 15 minutes i made a fictitious std test result showing i was clean. don't be stupid/naive.
>start meeting up with older guy
>I'm more of a bottom, he's more top
>he has ED so doesn't get fully hard
>firm enough to fuck my mouth but can't fuck me
>we try but it's like pushing a rope into a small hole
>we joke about it but I really wanted him to fuck me
>we've been meeting for a few months and I'm at his apartment
>sitting on the floor with my back to his bed
>he's standing in front of me fucking my mouth
>his balls are slapping my chin
>I have drool dripping on to my chest
>after about 10 minutes of this he cums in my mouth
>drool and cum flowing down my chin
>sit there to gather myself and there's a knock on the door
>I sit there while he answers
>he walks back in and he's got a friend with him
>not sure about this. never met the guy
>my friend explains his friend is a long time buddy and he's been telling him about us and asks if he takes over
>I haven't cum so still horny so I say OK
>guy strips down and I realize he has a prosthetic leg
>he takes his leg off and stretches out on the bed
>by now my friend has given me a towel to clean up with
>get up on the bed and make out with new guy for a while
>do down on him and suck his cock. it's nice and hard, long but not too thick
>my friend comes over with a condom and says "you always wanted to get fucked, right?"
>ask new guy if he wants to fuck me
>he says yes but I have to be on top since without a leg it's hard for him to thrust
>wrap him up, lube my ass and squat over him
>slowly lower myself on his cock
>a little pain but I ease into it gently
>start riding his cock
>I'm in heaven. first cock in my ass
>still riding him and my friend stands on the bed and lets me suck his cock for a while
>too awkward so he gets down and let's me ride the other guy hard
>few minutes later guy cum
>get off him, remove condom and slurp the cum off his cock
>while he recovers I get back into my original position on the floor and my friend face fucks me again
met up with both several times. same scenario
no wonder she left you
I wouldn't agree?
I'm personally a bottom only, like to be used, and get probably around 10 different tops a day sending me a message from my area, and I don't even have a pic up (grindr).
I've only encountered 3 or 4 other bottoms around here, maybe I live in the promise lands for slut bottoms like me
Enema kits on amazon are like 10 bucks( the bag one) ,unless you are planning on getting rammed daily this is the method that best works (personally) just takes a little while,however if you plan on getting rammed daily you shouldn’t be eating much anyway so a bulb should work
Yes I agree.... don't douche right before the fun...
>First ever meet up, used toys but not real dick
>douche lots before getting in my car to go get fucked by someone almost triple my age
>Extremely nervous, pull up at his house, he's standing there in dressing gown
>my ass decides this is the time to tell me that all of the water did in fact not come out
>Underwear now wet, I can't just drive away, decide to go in and go to toilet to check the damage
>nope I need to leave
>made an excuse about being too nervous and ended up going home
>cleaned up and got fucked by someone else 2 hours later though so day was still good
My first and only time anal was with a guy I hooked up on yahoo messenger. I had been wanting to try anal prior to this so I practiced with dildos and butt plug. When we met it he loved and fingered my ass. When he tried entering me it hurt to much. It was not until he had me sit on his cock that I his cock went all the way in me. What a great fucking feeling. I rode his cock for a bit just enjoying it. Once I was nice and loose he fucked me in every postion. I ended up cumming hard wothout my cock being touched. It was a great first time for me.
I'm a bottom slut and don't want whoever is pounding me to have any dirty so If I know it's happening the next night, I don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner that day, then douche a couple hours before, then again about an hour before, using alot of water, it's a lot of dedication for the dick but it gets them wanting more
and where is this promised land?
Pretty much most towns in the UK are like this
My first and only time bottoming
>super horny after work
>hit up Grindr
>decide today’s the day I get fucked
>buy a bulb and clean out in a McDonald’s bathroom
>put plug in to stretch me out as I walk it to guys place
>meet up
>shorter than I thought but okay still cute
>we get in the shower, naked fun
>dick smaller than I thought but okay still not bad especially for first time
>tell him be gentle since I couldn’t get a full clean out
>says okay and proceeds to finger fuck the hell out of me
>can feel my insides shifting a little but proceed
>suck him for a bit and then get condoms
>height differences make many positions awkward. Only good one is me standing and bent over at a weird angle
>proceeds to fuck me like jackhammer with no rhythm
>tell him to slow down
>does not listen
>it happened
>pooped on dick
>oh no
>removed condom and take a break
>hit showers again
>suck him off but I hate him at this point
>knock knock
>who the fuck
>”anon, my roommates are home”
>kill me now

We spent like half and hour in his room until I decided fuck this I’m going home. He wasn’t out to his roommates so I imagine that was probably awkward.
My first experience hurt like hell... He wasnt that big as in length but he made up with girth. Tried doggy and just the head made me want to stop but once he got the whole thing in and loosen me up i actually loved it. I love being came inside too and beating off while feeling cum ooze out my ass. In my opinion you should only do it with someone who your comfortable with. Someone who will stop when you need and be okay with it. If its forced your not going to have a great time. Lots of lube is also a pluss too
My first time was back in college. I met a guy and we were just hanging out in my dorm room. Somehow the topic of masturbation came up. We chatted about that and he mentioned how he liked to do it. He pulled down his shorts and showed me. I did the same. He reached over and started giving me a hand job, so I started giving him one. Next thing I knew I leaned over and started giving him a blow job. I don't know why, I just did.
After a few minutes he came. He then gave me a blow job, and that only took about two minutes. As we were both about 18 or 19, it didn't take long to get hard again. He said he wanted to fuck me. He used spit for lube. He slid it in slowly, and then started pumping. I was dripping like crazy, but I didn't come from his fucking. He came after a few minutes, and then it was my turn. I was in him for maybe three minutes before I came. It was quite an experience. We got together once or twice a week after that. Great times!
I like you anon :')

Anyone else notice that once you break a guy in, he becomes a lot more willing to take it? It's been really funny watching my boyfriend go from 'hey dude I really like you too but I'm just not comfortable with another guy topping me' to moaning as I bend him over and fuck him as if he were a bitch in heat nearly every weekend now. Recently bought him a few jockstraps to start wearing too.
irst time but hey, an anal virgin had his card taken.
>Be about 19 or 20 years old
>Bored as hell, stuck in a rural town in South West England
>Surrounded by normies or straight people into the same stuff as me
>Moved here recently so my only friends are co-workers, no nightlife in town whatsoever
>Turn to Craigslist and Grindr to try and find someone cool
>One day grindr finally answers my prayers, I meet with this cute sub a year younger than me who is a big ol degenerate into weebshit and vidaya
>There's a catch, being that he's almost never free and neither of us can host
>Nonetheless we still chat when we can talking about Nintendo shit, Jojo and kinks
>Eventually we say fuck it, we'll just do it in public, on a day we're both free we sneak off to a park, it's pretty out of the way from the rest of the town
>Get behind a tree and start hugging, making out, getting really handsy
>I get out a buttplug and lube it up, then put it in him
>Continue making out for a bit then he gives me head while I play with the plugs vibration settings
>I'm fucking diamonds and can't wait anymore, take out the plug and slowly enter him
>He's got his hands on the tree to stay balanced while I'm pounding him
>He's taking it really well for his first time, cock is dribbling as I'm pounding away
>Eventually manage ot build up to me thrusting really fast, then I cum inside of him
>I pull out, we get dressed gather our things etc
>Then notice some dog walkers are entering the park (there's a long path way so there's a fair amount of distance between us)
>We walk past them while trying to act normal
>Once we're done, hold hands and walk til we're back in town then go our separate ways
Easily the best guy I've been with, but it sucks because other than one other meet up we were never free at the same time due to work and I've since moved out of that place.
Not MY first time but hey, an anal virgin had his card taken.*

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