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Any sex story that you would like to share.

Miss these types of threads.
> be me 27
> Curious about few years
> Download grinder and talk to a guy i chated before
> one day horny we decided to meet on his home
> nervous af on the elevator
> go inside, sit on the soufa, and ligth a joint
> the tv is playing gay porn
> he starts touching herself over pants
> fuck its happening
>i start touching him and he undress and sit again
> now im doing a handjob and can feel all the precum
> he starts to blow my dick for a while when he stop i go for his dick
> not to big but my first dick and i try to deepthroat it, and he starts to facefuck me
> during a while he lands me over the bed put my legs over her shoulders and start to put his dick in my ass
> feels amazing, fuck me during 40 min till i start to regret
> talk to him and go to my house
> regret transform to horny again
> 2 hours later talk to him and date for other day

> next day again to his house
> nudes on the sofa, stroking and smoking
> i lay over the bed with my ass up
> puts dick in
> feels amazing
> he fucks me over a while
> moaning like a bitch
> he lays down and tell me to blow him
> i blow him until i feel he is near to cum
> sit over his dick and start riding him during a while
> he said me to blow him again a bit and laid on four
> he fucks me faster and faster while i moan
> he puts his dick out and cum over my ass and balls
> hot af
> feels warm and amazing
> dress up and go to home
>hanging out with my mate
>he asks if he can sleep over
>parents agree. awesome, we can just hang out and shoot the shit all night
>later on we end up talking about porn and girls and shit teens usually talk about
>eventually we whip out a laptop and start watching porn
>he starts tubbing his dick through his trousers, I really want to jerk off but dont want to make it awkward so I wait for him
>few mins pass and were both jerking off
>he says his hanf is tired and asks if I can do it for him, I agree
>big and thick, bigger than me for sure. feelsgoodman
>he grabs my dick and we jerk each other off for a bit
>we both cum
>never did anything with him again and we eventually lost contact
>was pretty cool though
My first experience started when i was cery Young, year older coleuge asked me if i want to touch diks with each other. I agreed, it was very nice but after few minutes i resigned becouse it felt funny and someone could sea US (we ware in a park). No i would love to go on, mayby he would ask me to suck his dick :p anothwr story i like is from gay club i went to few Times. Goy made me go down on him, came in my mouth, i loved it :) watxhing gay porn and pissing together is also great
I went on a solo trip to Portland. I was single and wanted to get some action. I kind of really hit up the apps. Ended up meeting this dude for a hook up.

I get to his place which is an old home with multiple rented rooms. His room is adjacent to the kitchen. So he wants to hide me as he has room mates. We sneak in and he turns on the TV to HBO as white noise to muffle our sounds.

We make out and he pulls out my dick. I’m an uncut white dude in the US, so a rarity. He’s fucking in love with it and starts giving me an OK blow job.

I look up and realize what’s on the TV. It’s the revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio, specifically the scene where he guts the horse and climbs inside to stay warm.

Stayed and still came.

TLDR; got a blowjob to Leonardo DiCaprio climbing into a gutted horse.
Shit story but it’s my first.
>Horny over cocks and men since 15
>Create accounts on loads of meet-up sites
>Finally at 17 one morning super horny to get a guy over
>54 year old guy great chubby body and average cock
>Says he’s a top and I’m a bottom
>cock is diamonds but anxiety super high as I’m waiting naked for him
>Opens door naked to him
>Goes upstairs and he has me lie down and sticks dildo in me
>Not sure how I feel about just a dildo, rather it be his cock
>Begins sucking and edging me
>Think to myself shouldn’t this be the other way round?
>I cum prematurely
>Licks it up and leaves
>Finds out he’s a teacher at my college
>Was also a bottom not a top
>Haven’t met anyone since :(
My first and only time

>be me 32 last year
>jacking off to gay porn for years
>have tried CL in the past. No hits
>download Grindr
>find a top roughly my age
>exchange nudes
>talk for a few months but don't actually meet
>nervous af
>finally too horny and he invites me over
>I accept, put on thong and head out
>get to his door, visibily nervous
>invites me in. bearded dude. short and chub. super nice.
>sit on couch with him. still nervous.
>he sees it. tells me it's alright
>kisses me
>start making out and take off our shirts
>relax a little. invites me to his room.
>lay on his bed. strips me and himself.
>mounts me and makes out more
>still nervous but really horny
>tell him to lay down next to me
>flip over and make my way to his cock


>slowly licks his 6 in cock all over
>finally puts whole thing in my mouth
>licking and sucking all over
>he seems to be enjoying it
>tells me to go on all fours
>i oblige
>he starts eating my ass
>feels REALLY good but start to tense up
>tell him to keep going
>notices I was tensing up and not feeling it
>tell him to lay back down again
>suck his dick some more, trying to deepthroat this time
>he pushes my head down as far as he could
>omg yes
>he tries one more time to eat my ass
>still tense up. not sure why.
>he tells me to lay back down
>sucks me off to completion like a champ
>ended up leaving afterward. he was probably disappointed
>haven't seen him since

I was supposed to hook up with another guy back in March but rona hit. Still talk to this other guy though so I'm hoping if we hook up we'll have better results.
I once accidentally touched hand of my work colleague, 30++ now and that is my only sex story
>Back in the days of Yahoo chat, cruising local m4m rooms.
>Be 28 or so straight guy in need of some relief
>met a married guy a little older than me
>his wife is out of town for the weekend and he want to get fucked
>exchange pics, he is twinky and I am not, this will work
>he gives me directions to his house and says he'll be wearing his wife's panties lubed and ready
>stop at convenience store and grab two beers and some rubbers
>slam the beers on the way over (20 mins)
>nice neighborhood and nice house, park outside the garage and the porch light is on
>he meets me at the door and lets me in...tight ass and sexy panties
>takes me straight back to the bedroom and starts take my clothes off
>lay on the bed he starts sucking me cock and it feels great
>I start suck his too...we are laying on our sides 69
>he asked me to stop because I'm going to make him cum
>begs me to fuck him
>lays on his back, spreads his legs and pulls panties to the side
>jimmy up and put my hard cock inside his hot asshole
>fuck him hard and deep, he moans like a little bitch
>stroke his cock and says he's going to cum...
>shoots his load on his belly
>I came soon after
>he asked for condom full of cum and sent me to the bathroom to clean up
>told him thanks and split
>never saw him again
Don’t let this thread die anons bump
>Be me
>Always fantasized about sucking dick
>Never really have, try out m4m on Craigslist
>Meet mexican dude, twinkish, nice cock
>First time and doing it at a park late night
>Suck him to completion eat his cum
>Realize cum isn't that good
>Reflect on situation
>Realize I like the fantasy more than the actual deed
>Haven't done it since just beat my meat to the thought of gay shit
>be me
>always been more feminine
>hit puberty at 11 and shit hits the fan
>develop huge boobs, thick thighs and a dump truck ass
>no belly
>parents took me to doctors
>had to take some weird testerone shit
>decide to fake taking it
>wasnt into men
>one day decide to play with my nips
>from that day everytime I would play with my nipples, would go slut mode
>large puffy nips too
>slowly start experimenting
>by age 12 every night or everytime I was home alone, would look at solo cock vids
>put on my mom's clothes and lingere
>put on whore make up
>go to the old bike machine
>flip the seat around and let it tear my ass
>hit age 14
>decide to download grindr
>find BBC in my area
>meet up when my parents are out of town
>he opens the door and says I look a little young
>I say it's just the make up
>get in his house
>he sits on the couch
>gets his cock out
>not as big as he said but easy 8 inches
>hes already hard
>pulls me by my wig
>I'm scared and stumble around
>he gets on my knees
>tells me to open up
>he rams his cock and it hits the back of my throat
>been practicing so didnt have much of an urge to gag
>he faces fucks me for about 5 mins
>at this point my eyes are tearing up
>drooling all over myself
>he finally flips me around
>practically ripping my mom's panties off
>his cock lubes up from my spit
>I tell him if he could play with my tits and nips
>he puts his big fingers in my mouth
>the uses my own spit to play with my soft puffy nips
>at this point I'm leaking
>then I feel a hard slap on my ass
>then boom
>its in
Tell me if u want me to finish
yes, tell us more -also pics now?
Continue story and you have pics of now?
>Bisexual, always had a submissive streak
>Try Grindr
>Post no pic and say I'm inexperienced in bio
>Dudes opening the convo asking to suck my cock or to bareback me
>Get weirded out and delete app
>Try Tinder
>Match with some cute guys, get excited
>They open the convo by offering to have me come over for pnp
>Delete app
>Try Hinge
>Match with a cute guy, have an actual conversation
>Go on a date, have a fun time
>We have some drinks and out of nowhere he offers to suck my dick in the bathroom
>Decline and pretend that didn't happen for the rest of the date

Holy shit, can we hang out at least once, maybe order a pizza and play Smash Bros. before you try sucking my cock? I'm sticking with girls and will just jerk off to fantasies from afar.
>Was 15
>Downloaded Grindr cos horny
>Started to become interested in the idea of fucking older guys
>Sucked a guy off Grindr previously
>Chat with a guy in his 30s close to me (I pretend I'm 18, don't know how I did it honestly)
>Home alone, decide to invite him over
>Guy comes over, slightly thinning buzz cut, white, and an average body type.
>Suck his dick, smelled so musky
>Turn around and get on all fours on my bed
>He lubes my ass with his spit
>Shoves it in and takes my virginity
>Fucks me hard straight away. Doesn't even give me a chance to get used to it
>Grips my shoulders hard and thrusts harder, can hear the 'plap's from his hips meeting my ass
>About three minutes later he cums in me. Big fat load.
>Smacks my ass and makes me clean up his dick
>He leaves
>Later jerk off about it constantly

Met up with a few more guys since then
My first green story so I hope it works
>was questioning as a teen
>uncle from across the country comes and meets me for first time when I was 15
>he's burly, hairy. what my fantasies had been
>as soon as he hugged me I got hard ad knew his type was the type for me
>fast forward to me at 19 (about 3 months ago)
>been browsing doublelist but too chickenshit to ever pull the trigger
>see ad from guy. 50, burly, hairy, top
>checks every box
>contact him and chat
>funny how it used to be "are you ddf?" to "have you been quarantining and wearing a mask?"
>he says he hasn't been with anyone for months
>says he's 6'4", 270#, 6" and thick
>more checkboxes checked
>yeah, I'd like to meet
>drive to his place
>we chat, share some wine
>start making out on his couch
>he feels nice, smells nice
>he takes my hand and puts it on the front of his shorts
>feel a hard shaft in his pants
>think I may have bitten off more than I can chew
>he gently pulls my head down and I start sucking on his cockhead (all I can fit in my mouth)
>pulls me up to kiss me again, then back to his cock
>this goes on for a while until he whispers that he wants to fuck me
>express my hesitancy since I'm a virgin and he's pretty thick
>reassures me and has me lay on my stomach
>starts fingering me with lube
>have to admit it feels nice but it's only a finger, not a thick cock
>more fingering, comes up and makes out with me, back to fingering
>literally 30 minutes of this and he tells me he thinks I'm ready
>don't think so but he tells me I've been taking three of his fingers for 10 minutes
>tell him OK but beg him to take it easy
>he climbs on me, his weight pinning me to the mattress
>feel his cock at my hole and tense up
>he tells me to push like I'm taking a shit and I do
>he slides into me
>literally takes my breath away
>lets it sit inside me for a few minutes while he nibbles on my ear and neck
>starts fucking me
>I hope everyone's first time is like this. sensual, pleasurable, erotic
>he fucks me for about 10 minutes, sometimes slowly, sometimes hard and fast
>during that 10 minutes I blew my load while he was fucking me
>he cums, lays on top of me
>something about a body laying on you, a cock inside you, having just cum that you can't describe
>pulls out and cuddles with me for a few
>makes me a sandwich and sends me home
Cant post pics because still in closet and know people who are on 4chan
>he put his cock in me hard
>It felt like an uneasy feeling in my gut
>I told him to stop and that it doesnt feel good
>so he pushed my face against the couch and said
>shut the fuck up bitch
>i obliged since he was way bigger than me and i wasnt exactly in a position of power with him balls deep in me
>he kept going deeper and harder
>each time he went in, I'd feel a jolt
>then it started feeling good
>I started to touch my dick a little
>and quickly came
>he didnt tho
>I already wanted to leave because I felt dirty after I came
>but he kept going
>then I feel a thrust deeper than the others
>he came
>I was a bit worried, in pain and by this point practically sobbing
>he pushed me off the couch
>told me he's gonna go shower and when hes done my "bitch ass" should have left
>I went home
>my ass was gaped
>I couldn't sit
That's the story of how I lost my virginity at 14 to a middle aged black man who ended up raping me
ngl that's fucked up but pretty hot

did you ever go back to him?
please explain this to me ive seen similar stories and wondered the same thing every time. If its your first time and you are inexperienced and shit, how do you let a guy fuck you raw and then suck his dick after he was in your ass? you cant tell me every guy that had gay experiences as a kid knew how to flush their ass or had a fibre based diet to keep their ass clean
I was pretty dumb, and I don't think I was entirely clean, I there was a bit there (which is probably why he made me clean it up. I just looked up at him so I didn't notice by sight. I think I kinda noticed the taste but didn't really think about it)
Second this!
So many older bottoms pretend to be tops. I hate it.
>be me 22
>only been with girls but watch gay porn consistently
>decide to look around on grindr, scruff
>older daddy type hits chats me up, normal dude isnt a creep or anything
>6'7 and 8", im 5'8 and small, super intimidated but he is so hot and has the perfect cock
>talk for a bit and exchange pictures, hes into younger guys and wants me to come over
>finally cave, shave and take a shot or two to relax before i head over
> he opens the door and i walk in, he's crazy tall with a huge dick and is standing there full nude
>say hi and cant stop staring at his cock
>he laughs and just hugs me
>presses his dick into my chest
>omg im already hard, so horny, so i just immediately get naked too
> go and sit on the couch, talk for a bit while watching tv but slowly getting closer and closer
> my dick has been a sundial since minute 1, start playing with his cock and he gets hard so fast
>jerking each other off now and can't help myself, get on my knees and start blowing him
>can only suck on the head its so big but i make it work
>he reaches down and starts playing with my ass, asks if i want to go upstairs
>walk up the stairs in front of him and he grabs my asson the top steps and tells me to bend over
>starts tounging my ass while hes behind me on the stairs
>unexpected but it feels so good
>get to his bed and he picks me up like im nothing and sits me on the bed and starts kissing me
>tells me to finger myself to relax and goes into the bathroom for lube/condom
>im sitting there legs up with my finger in my ass realizing im about to get fucked
>he comes back and grabs my legs and slides me to the edge of the bed, hes kinda dom, even better
>starts fingering me and goes deep in my ass, his hands are huge so it already hurts
>slowly tries to slide his massive cock in
>ow ow ow more lube dude
>finally loosen up after a few minutes/poppers and he slides in
>holy fuck this hurts so good
>slowly ramps up his thrusts and now hes bottoming out in me
>im in heaven
>pulls out and climbs on the bed, wants me to ride him
>get on top of him and my dick is slapping his stomach as i ride
>hitting my spot perfect, hes moaning and saying "yes boy"
>turned me on more than it should
> he starts jerking me off and I cum almost immediately all over his chest and some gets on his face
> licks it and grabs my hips and fucks me even harder as he cums in me
>take condom off his dick and suck him off to clean up, lay there for a few minutes
>get up, get dressed, hug him goodbye and drive home
> ending up hooking up with him again a few months later and it was even better the second time
>haven't been fucked since, considering trying to hit him up
Sounds like guys think you’re hot, unclear what you have to complain about
Recently met up with an old friend of mine from summer camp, we got a hotel room for a night because of our schedules I arrived later in the night and he opened the door completely naked, I walked in and started grabbing his dick telling him I needed to shower then the fun would start, but that was a lie I knew he was comin into the shower with me, and as I guess as the water turned on the bathroom door opens and he’s rock hard, so I get in my knees outside the shower and start sucking his dick for a little then we hop in the shower, I’ve never had someone else wash me but it was awesome having him soap up my entire body the feeling of his hands running all over my body gave me goosebumps, as he was always hung my legs he started sucking my dick and groping my ass running his fingers over my hole, we didn’t last much longer in the shower, we got out dried off and immediately went to the bed where we took shots and fucked like we were back at camp if I remember right I’m he came in me like 3 times and I swallowed one of his loads, I had my first hands free orgasm with a little help from him grinding against me while he fucked me, he took my cum and covered his dick in it and stuck it back in me, just talked to him and he said he’s gunna get another room next week I’m super excited
Audibly laughed thank you friend
>tfw this is probably the most realistic story in the thread
burn the coal pay the toll

sorry though I wish you had a strong positive male influence in your life.
How old are you guys now?
Well, if this isn't me thinking I had enough with my first experience with a man. Oh boy is the warmth we feel during sex addictive.
>be me, just turned 16
>have been thinking about cock for a couple of years now
>browsing m4m on craigslist regularly and messaged a few guys
>never followed through with any until one night a slightly chubby guy with a good cock messages (my fantasy)
>say I'm interested and he drives over to pick me up same night
>don't say much in the car
>get to his place
>he takes my clothes off, starts sucking my dick
>its great
>he then picks me up and wraps me, kinda like a bear hug
>puts me into a 69
>first time sucking cock and it tastes amazing, much better than anticipated
>he then starts rimming my hole, his tongue is going deep into my ass
>fuck yes
>he wants me to fuck him, and I did for a bit but i'm not really into that
>he then fucks me, bareback but I was a bit too nervous to tell him to put a condom on
>feels amazing
> he doesn't finish inside, thank god
>takes me back home and then my interest in cock truly took hold for a couple of years
>HIV negative, but was panicked for a few months afterwards
>Be curious for a long time
>Tried m4m and grinder several times but I'd always chicken out
>Turn 30, fuck it I'm gonna do it this time
>Meet guy on Grindr, He's a older bear type.52, bald, goatee, has a gut but looks strong.
>Big uncut cock
>Invites me to his place, he opens the door in his bathrobe
>Let's me in and tells me to get comfortable
>I sit on his couch In his living room, he already has porn playing on the TV he sits down next to me and we chat for a bit.
>He runs his hand over my thigh to my crotch, caressing me through my pants.
>He unties his robe, hes rock hard and dripping pre cum.
>"So you never seen another cock before huh? Go on give it a feel."
>Take it In my hand and start stroking him.
>It feels huge I'm my hands, start to think I bit off more than I could chew.
>I take off my clothes and kneel down in front of him.
>I try mimicking some shit I've seen in porn
>I lick the length of his shaft up and down and run my tongue around the head.
Part 2
>He asks "You like the taste of my cock"
>"It's yes Daddy from here on out. Hm bet it taste better than pussy"
>" Yes Daddy"
>I take him into my mouth and start to suck while I stroke him. It's awkward at first but he helps me find the rhythm.
>He's groaning and saying good boy over and over
>He's starting to twitch and I can feel his warm cum pulsing into my mouth
>It tastes weird but not nasty
>He tells me not to swallow and to let him see the load
>I open my mouth and he lets the last of it drip on my tongue "Ok now you can swallow"
>I struggle but I get it down. I'm so hard now I'm aching.
>He says it's my turn so I lay on the coach and he starts to suck me off.
>So worked up that I bust instantly
Part 3
>we go out separate ways after that
>Three days later I get a text
>"Tomorrow night playtime with daddy 7pm"
>At his house were in the bedroom this time. In the 69 position
>Hes on top thrusting into my throat. >Gagging a bit but I'm loving it.
>He pulls out and spreads my legs
>He's running his hands over my chest and stroking me
>He grabs my cock and holds it against his and starts thrusting.
>He thim puts his whole body against me and starts grinding his pelvis against mine.
>Oh fuck this is hot
>He's kissing me deeply the whole time
>"You want daddy's cum"
"Oh yes"
"Beg for it"
>Holy shit what the hell am I saying
>He gets up and blows his load over my face.
>I finish my self off and cum like a freight train.
We have a few more meetings like this over a few weeks. Meeting him again tomorrow.
> age 28, fat and unhappy with myself
> joined equinox gym in 2018
> met the hottest massage therapist there when he subbed-taught the treadmill running class
> I think this guy is wicked cute
> he’s flirting with me. Maybe to score a booking?
> I decide I could use one anyway, especially with him
> he spends an hour on my ass, hips and legs, just balls deep in the danger zone but not actually crossing the line
> I’m getting turned on and he knows
> next time he says he’s going to massage my psoas muscles. It makes me climax on the table, he seems surprised and I’m feeling a little worried
> fuck did I do something wrong?
> at the end of the session he embraces me, I can feel his cock pressing into my body
> damn he’s tall
> he says he knows how I feel about him
> we sneak out of the gym and make out in the parking garage
> meet up with him again for coffee and we make out in my car. We do this on and off for months
> before one session I’m horny af, tell him to show me his sick
> huge, cut, irresistible
> I’m giving him a blowjob in the massage room until he stops me
> Covid happens, now the gym is closed, I regularly book him for “massages” at half his usual rate at a nearby hotel
> he says working w me is the best part of his job :)
>20 years old
>curious about cock for a while after accidentally stumbling on shemale porn
>one night go out clubbing with a buddy
>we both don't pull any girls
>decide to watch porn and fap together before going to bed at 3 in the morning (he is sleeping over)
>sit next to eachother on 2 chairs fapping to the same laptop
>his cock is fucking massive and thick as a can of deodorant
>he takes extremely long to cum
>i just want to drop to my knees and blow him
>i tell him that he's taking very long and if he wants me to do it for him
>he laughs it off and declines

10 years later now still full of regrets, I am quite positive he was at least also curious, but I just went about it the wrong way. I should have just grabbed it probably or something like that.
Make sure to report back
That's a prostitute, pal. You fell right into the trap.

>download Grindr because horny and want to look at cute guys
>get pinged from some guy 3000 ft away from me
>shit myself and delete the app

How the fuck do you anons just find random people to fuck like wow.
By not being a schizoid sperg like you.
>be me
>bi and in the closet, don't want to deal with the family drama
>never done anything with a guy but fantasized for years
>Meet 18-year old on Grindr in town where I work
>Pick him up from his hotel and find discreet parking spot. He's cute. Kind of has a late 2000s emo vibe
>He crawls onto my lap and we make out for awhile. He's a great kisser.
>Undoes my pants and sucks me till I'm on the verge of nutting
>I stop him because my gay side turns off as soon as I cum
>Ask if I can suck his dick, never done it before
>He whips out a cock that makes mine look tiny
>Fuck it
>Inhale his dick
>Feels kind of good
>Let him face fuck me for a bit
>Sit up and stark stroking each other
>Hot as fuck for me, start to cum
>He slams his face onto my cock again and sucks me dry
>Top 5 Orgasms
>Drop him back off at hotel

Still regret finishing so quick. Should have stuck around and tried to fuck his cute little ass.
>jerking to sissy threads and gay porn
>"fuck it" get on grindr
>find a guy with a nice enough body and cock, no face pics
>meet in public
>like early 40s, latino (eh), okay looking
>go to his studio arpartment
>talk a bit, no kissing, he whips it out
>7.5" thickish
>i pull mine out and start jerking and then suck him
>practiced on like soft carrots and hot dogs (let a carrot sit like two days) so i can deepthroat okay
>losing my mind with how good everything feels
>he pulls out a condom and lotion, dumps me on the ground and lubes me up
>lotion is actually shit as a lube but don't care
>goes in hard and starts fucking pounding
>i feel like i'm going to cum in five seconds
>another guys shows up, i'm thinking spitroast and about to go full faggot cumslut
>other guys pussies out
>first guy doesn't want to fuck me, just get sucked
>disappointed but suck him for maybe twenty minutes
>he cums on my chest, i lick and suck as i cum
>talk for a bit, go home, want to do it again asap

never met up again oh well

another story a few months later, didn't meet with many guys

>afternoon, day off from work
>horny as fuck, open grindr
>another latino (i swear i hooked up with mostly white guys, oh well)
>no dick pics no face pic but nice body
>shows up, short like 5'6" but nice body lol
>face is decent, we make out a bit
>pulls off tight short shorts, dude has like hot pink trunks
>don't know why but they were so fucking sexy
>slowly pull out his cock, it's like 8" and thick as hell
>holy shit this guy was a manlet but packing
>swap head for a bit, suck him for like half an hour
>fucks my throat
>ends up on top of me in bed basically riding my mouth
>deepthroating him and i can feel him swelling
>desperately trying not to cum before he does
>he starts railing my throat and grunting and groaning like a fucking caveman
>I just want this man to fuck me like there's no tomorrow
>can't hold it, start cumming
>he starts cumming in my mouth and down my throat
>i blow like ten solid fucking ropes all over his ass and my stomach and chest
>swallow his load, give him a few more minutes of light sucking and kissing on that magnificent cock
>he kisses me on the fucking cheek lol and shows himself out

another guy i really wish i had met up with again
Wow even though he’s probably a prostitute part time, good for you. Especially since you got half price
>(I pretend I'm 18, don't know how I did it honestly)
You didn't, he knew and he was happy as fuck about it. Every top who's into twinks/femboys has at least a light pedo streak. The whole twink/femboy aesthetic is built around youth and some level of gender ambiguity which 15-18 year old boys naturally have. You don't just stop developing when you stop growing in height and reach legal age, a 25 year old guy is a lot more masculine than a 18 year old barely legal boy. Your physique gets more manly even if you don't work out, your face still changes, your voice becomes more "seasoned", facial and body hair gets thicker, skin gets "rougher", etc. Of course a 25 year old can still be a good femboy, but it takes a lot of work and decent genetics, and to the majority of prison gay tops the same person would have looked a lot more attractive with the same amount of skincare, dieting, etc. 7-10 years earlier.
just say you're a bottom on your grindr profile
I used to get fucked by my sister's ex boyfriend after the broke up. He asked if I wanted to help a brother out, so I helped him out. I snorted lines of cocaine off his erection, he used to call me "fucking faggot" over and over when he fucked me (especially when he was close to orgasm) and he let me take one of his dirty briefs back home with me so I could lick and sniff them when I wank
came back hoping somebody had responded. gutted
Sure he wasn't calling himself a faggot?
Just get out and do it man, it gets easier each time
I miss craigslist. So many stories from meeting guys off there.

>put in ad in m4m looking to get serviced. BJ, fuck, whatever
>20-year old college student answers
>his fantasy is older, dom guys. also fantasizes about totally anon sex
>most he's done is a couple of BJ's
>we chat back and forth and I mention I ride a motorcycle
>"like boots, leather, gloves, helmet?" yeah
>he says that would be a great anon scene
>asks what I'm doing Saturday night as his roommates have all gone for the weekend
>looks like I'm coming over
>tell him to be naked when I get there
>ride over there with leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves and a full face helmet with reflective visor
>walk up to his door and knock. helmet on, visor down
>he opens the door, naked
>I step inside, grab his hair and push him down to his knees
>I just stand there, not saying a word. he gets the message
>opens my pants, pulls my cock out and starts sucking
>I let him get me hard and then start fucking his mouth
>I'm not huge but big enough to gag him
>spit flowing out of his mouth and all over my cock
>this goes on for about 20 minutes
>finally grab his hair and lead him to the couch
>bend him over the end
>pull out lube and condom I brought
>lube his hole, finger him so he's nice and loose
>he's moaning during all of this
>I start fucking him and he's holding on to the couch tight
>fuck him for about 10 minutes and feel my cum start to boil up
>pull him off the couch and back on his knees just in time for me to pull the condom off and drop my load on his face
>pull my pants up, turn around and walk out the door, still haven't said a word to him
Hot, wanna give any more details?
Happened a few months ago, I'm in my early twenties, slim n sporty, living in a certain country in Europe

>late september
>get a face and ass pic from some avg looking 42yo Italian guy in a place where there's no Italians
>ask him what he wants to which he says "sex" but I can' follow through cause no car available atm
>next day ask him if he found somebody and he says yea, but it sucked
>tell him I have a drop-off at 3am the next morning and can come see him at abt 4 cause CAR :3
>send him my cock pix and ask him if he plays safe
>tries to be like "wbu??" but finally concedes n tells me he wants it raw
>warn him I'm not pulling out
>this sonofabitch draws me a fucking map on how to get to his hotel room so that no one sees me cause he's trying to be super discreet and I'm cool with that lol
>he's also a bit bitchy abt why I can't get there earlier than 4am but I just tell him that he should just tell me if he's not down for the cock
>next morning, shower, get lube n all, do the drop-off, tell him I'm coming and I get there
>I'm in my tracksuit, we make out, I strip and have him suck my cock
>or actually I'm fucking his throat and make him suck my balls
>he gets on all fours on the bed, I lube his asshole and my cock and get inside him
>he feels nice and tight, feel his asshole clenching around my dick
>then I do him missionary, I hit the spot and hear his asshole make that funny sound like a balloon releasing the air
>I tell him to ride me and he sits on my cock and jumps up and down on it
>feel the tension building up in my body and I moan as I unload inside his pussy
>sit for a sec but then take a quick shower, kiss him goodbye and I'm on my way lol
>took less than half an hour but was pretty good

there's another story involving him, yall want?
Shit I just got back to this we’re both 25 we first met when we were 13 though
>finally comfortable enough at 28 to start exploring my fetishes
>start chatting online with a guy as into wrestling as I am
>somehow, he's just a few minutes across town from me
>nervous as hell, but he's got a sexy swimmer build and I want him
>he arrives at my apartment and actually turns out to be a decent human capable of conversation
>eventually strip down for a bit of wrestling
>just playing around, but getting crazy horny feeling our cocks rubbing together through our underwear
>he eventually has me pinned on my belly
>starts taunting me as he spreads me and starts to insert his cock
>pretend to hate it even as he has me moaning over how slow and deep he's fucking me
>we traded roles back and forth a few times, but I'm more inclined to bottom so the first was always my fav
>in college, known as sort of a playboy in the dorms
>Am 6'0", fit, white dude with a dark beard so go figure
>Have grindr, have mostly done oral/hj type of stuff with guys
>Guy from my building hits me up
>"I didn't even know you liked guys haha"
>Tell him I like everyone
>Been horny as hell all day, thought I might cum just from a naked body being pressed against mine
>Guy says I should be naked when I answer the door
>Time ticks by, eventually time to meet
>He gets out of the shower across the hall, walks in my room in only a towel
>Average body, nothing special but handsome face
>I'm nude as he asked
>Almost immediately kiss him, run my hand down his back to squeeze his ass under the towel and it falls
>Beautiful cock, perfect proportions and size. Fills my mouth satisfyingly but only gags me a little to throat it
>I'm sucking, swirling my tongue around the head, kissing his inner thighs while jerking him, licking his balls
>He's moaning and calling me a good boy, keeps me hard as a rock
>I'm taller and more muscular than him, but I tend to be submissive with men anyway
>He pulls me up, kisses me again, so deep and passionate. At one point my leg is around his waist, my hand on the back of his head, and our chests pressed together, while our tongues explore each other's mouths
>Precum leaking out of my dick
>He tells me to get on the bed, and I lay on my back for him
>He sucks my cock for a bit, feels incredible (I'm so hard that he could have done anything and I'd have loved it)
>He comes up for a break, suckling my nipples along the way, kissing my neck while his body eases down on mine
>I eagerly wrap my legs around him and taste his lips some more
>His cockhead presses against my asshole, and I let out a moan
>He notices and nibbles my earlobe, and his warm breath sends tingles down my spine
>"Tell me you want it," he whispers
>I nod furiously and lick my lips
>He quickly lubes up while I finger myself
>He kisses me again, and his dick starts to press harder against my ass
>There's so much skin contact, our bodies are entwined
>My hole starts to give way, allowing him inside me
>We moan at the same time, and he kisses me deeply once more
>He softly thrusts and slowly works his hips almost side-to-side, loosening me up
>All the while telling me how good it feels and that I'm taking it like a good boy
>Finally he's able to thrust a bit faster, feels incredible
>Each time his cock slides in me to the hilt, I get a wave of pleasure starting from my prostate and spreading up to tickle the back of my head
>Not long after he stops, asks for doggy
>He slides it in faster this time, less comfortable for me but I can take it
>His hands rove over my ass cheeks and hips, and he moans that I was "built for this position"
>I hear him start to grunt rhythmically, and he begins panting heavily
>My anticipation grows again and the discomfort fades in excitement of feeling him cum
>He lets out a louder moan than most female partners I've had, squeezing my asscheeks and thrusting deep
>Feel his dick pulsing against my tight ring
>He pulls out and collapses back on the bed to recover
>After a couple minutes he blows me (very) quickly to completion and swallows my load
>We cuddle for a while, then I have to get studying again
>Last message from him "we need to do that again. I love hairy muscle bottoms like you"
Having that kind of dude hug you must have been a great feeling.
>started hooking up with an older guy
>up front he told me he really wasn't into anal
>that's fine. I had only done it once before
>start meeting him on a weekly basis
>basically go over his house, drop to my knees, blow him
>end up in bed, naked, making out, fondling each other
>I love it when he tweaks my nipples. gets me horny as hell
>end up letting him face fuck me, which he says he likes cumming by thrusting
>six months of meeting and still just oral, but but I starting to wish he'd fuck me
>one night we're standing in his hallway making out
>I've already gone down on him and we've frotted so pants are down
>he's leaking precum like a hose
>I turn around and slide his cock between my legs
>tell him to play with my nipples
>he's got his hands on my chest, playing with my nipples and thrusting his cock between my thighs
>I'm reaching down to his cock and aiming it to my asshole but it's so slippery from pre it just slides around
>turn around put my mouth up to his ear and say "I want you inside me"
>hoping he takes me into his bedroom
>he spins me around, pins me against the wall and pushes his cock inside me
>between the precum and saliva it goes in but it kind of hurts
>pins me against the wall and fucks the shit out of me
>cums in my ass and just holds me against the wall
>realize I had cum on the wall while he was fucking me
>fucks me every time I go over then from then on
is bottoming really as good as it sounds from these?
File: daddyisthebest.jpg (1.23 MB, 4000x3000)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
>be me early 20s
>live with parents
>been meeting a daddy since my late teens
>parents are out, its go time
>message him telling him to come over
>he comes over as soon as hes finished work
>hes wearing his work clothes, so hot
>immediately start kissing in the hallway
>I lead him upstairs to my room
>get on my knees to serve daddy
>inhale his scent and start sucking on his balls
>make my way up to his gorgeous cock
>I take off all his clothes and get him into doggy
>start ravishing his hole with my mouth and tongue
>daddy is moaning in pleasure, arching his back and spreading his hole
>he turns around and I sit on his face
>hes eating my ass as I eat his
>oh shit im gonna blow, stop daddy, I want you to cum first
>ask daddy to tease my hole and cum on it as I spread em (see photo)
>looking forward to meeting my daddy again soon
Anyone know of any sites or places to chat with other people about experiences? I find it really hot to swap stories and experiences but no idea where to do that since most people just want to snap or whatever.
here. in this thread.
Question from an aspiring fag, made it my NY resolution to try sucking cock and getting fucked, figured this was the best thread to ask because really it's a story I'm after as well. I see a few hits for Grindr itt, is this still what you use for gay hookups? And with the celestial plague going around? I gather Clist dies fucking ages ago, but what other alternatives are there?
You'll find no better than grindr. It's got the largest userbase by far, if you're just looking for a hookup you'll find it in a heartbeat.
When I was single I liked scruff better, you could get more info and photos.
Grindr is the best. You just have to filter out the crazy or too pushy guys. I’ve been meeting older guys from there since I turned 18.
Thanks guys, will check out Grindr, not really looking for pics or sexting or stuff, just looking to bang and ideally try some poppers, looks like a great time
This is my first experience.

>be me be 21 during my last year of college living on campus during the summer
>good friend from my program is gay and definitely into me
>I'm closeted and just broke up with my girlfriend, he definitely knew I was gayer than I let on
>I'm staying at his apartment one weekend and he keeps feeding my alcohol every night
>he gets bold and starts asking me questions - how big is my dick, cut or uncut and what kind of porn I like
>I tell him I'm 7 in cut and that I watch gay porn sometimes, I'm curious might be bi etc etc
>his eyes light up he says he's horny and we should watch porn together
>I'm drunk and horny say fuck it
>he gets naked and takes out his 5.5 inch Asian cock
>it's not huge, but he's uncut, hairless and has flawless brown skin
>I'm diamonds I take it out and start jerking with him
>he's impressed with my size and says he loves hairy white cock
>I'm leaking and he takes me into his mouth and starts sucking
>eventually I start playing with his tip retracting his foreskin and jerking him at the same time
>finally, I'm getting closer and I start sucking him off
>never sucked cock before but he tells me what he likes and I get the hang of it
>he takes me over to his bed and he wants me to cum on his face
>I cum on his face and he busts on his stomach
>we clean up and that was it
>I graduated and he moved out of the area, we talk a few times a year
>we both have boyfriends now and I still think about this experience now and how hot it was
>regret not doing more with him when I had the chance
Post about my first time.

>asian twink been curious since 15
>jerking off with sharpies in my ass, eventually work up to a claves set
>fyi claves are dildo shaped instruments
>ffw to 18 senior year
>horny and curious browsing cl
>see 32yo white guy, average body and face
>but his dick
>8.5" and girthy
>set up a date to meet him, tell him what i want
>bicurious, want to experiment and take cock
>fated day arrives
>shave what little hair i have, completely hairless from neckdown
>show up, he leads to his bed and we talk
>super jittery from excitement and nerves
>he says we should shower to relax
>take my clothes off, rock hard and leaking already from excitement
>takes my hand and gives me a rubdown in the shower
>feels good, relaxes me
>dry off and cuddle in bed
>he slowly starts touching me all over, grazing my dick and giving me quick pumps keeping me on edge
>meanwhile i explore his beautiful cock
>slight downward curve, nice girth, head, everything
>start to suck him, doing the best i can
>he likes it, gives me pointers
>flips me around into 69
>gently sucking my dick am in heaven
>then licks his way from my tip to my asshole
>feels amazing
>hips jerking around with every lick
>beg him to fuck me with his dick in my mouth

Unfortunately he came in my mouth and couldn't get it up again. Promised to meet up again with lube and properly lose my v card.
>be me age 20, 2010
>read story of MMF threesome, something awakens in me
>start exploring my bi side
>decide I need to suck a cock
>roommate goes out of town for a few days, golden opportunity
>post ad on CL
>find a guy to come over
>hes older than he said but I'm too horny to care and hes not ugly
>put on porn and whip our dicks out
>hes about 6in but FUCKING THICK
>take turns sucking each others cocks
>rub our dicks together
>suck some more cock
>cum on each others chests
Overall not a bad experience. I've had one MMF since then and those are my only two bi experiences. I'm dying for a guy to fuck my ass
>been hooking up difficult
>browse craigslist but everyone is "hung", looking for hung, "VGL" or looking for VGL
>I'm just an average guy with an average cock
>post saying that's all I'm looking for... an average guy with an average cock. Don't have to be hung or VGL
>hispanic guy answers and can sympathize. asks if I'm really average and say yes. he says he is too
>arrange to meet
>go to his apartment
>third floor of a walk-up. fuck I'm out of shape
>get there and he greets me. looks average
>walk into his bedroom, lay on the bed and start making out
>he eventually slides down to my crotch, opens my pants and pulls my average cock out
>starts sucking me. nice
>comes back up to make out and I start rubbing the front of his sweatpants
>wait... what...? what are you hiding under there?
>reach into his sweatpants and grab at least 8 inches of cock
>this I have to see
>go down and look... yep 8 inches but just average length
>this my be what "average" looks like in quatamala
>suck on him for a while, then he returns the favor
>I'm so into this great BJ he's giving me that I peak without warning and cum in his mouth (yeah, my bad)
>he gets up and runs to the bathroom to spit it out
>he comes back, we make out more
>I'm stroking his cock and when he's hard I tell him I want him to fuck me
>I get on top but as soon as I do he goes soft
>blow him to get him hard but he's just not into it anymore (surprise mouthful of cum will do that to you)
>says maybe another time
>pull my pants up and leave, stealing a last look at that long, thin cock
>never see him again
gay guys are so fucking horny my dude its annoying. noone seems to want to take it slow
Daw she wants to be courted
do people still post on CL? and where do you live
I'm in Boston and the hook up sections are gone. But if you go to Missed Connection you can pretty much tell who is looking.

>after he left we chat once in a while
>he tells me he'd come again in a few weeks
>I tell him to bring some italian cookies lol
>fast forward sometime in october, he came back
>late evening, cold as fuck, I borrow a car and drive to see him
>this time I have to go a little deeper into the hotel, so I'm trying to be careful af
>get to his room
>there's literally a big back of treats for me on the bed lol
>me make out a bit, I undress and force him down to his knees
>he sucks my dick and balls but somehow grinds his teeth a bit too much
>I have him laying on the bed with his head on the edge
>I force my drooling cock down his throat
>hearing his body reacting and trying to get rid of "the indruder" gets me much harder and more aggressive
>I go on like that for a few minutes with him forcing me out to catch a breath now and then
>I lay down on the bed, he sits on me and we make out more
>I lube him and myself up and he mounts my cock
>silent hill's playing on tv and I sometimes get distracted lol
>he's jumping up and down on my dick and it feels good
>then I fuck him from behind and I feel his sphincter clenching around my cock, I'm fucking diamonds
>his asshole makes that funny noise again lol
>then I fuck him missionary and start doing push-ups on his asshole
>I let him touch his cock and wank cause I was getting close
>at first I planned to pull out and cum on his face
>but he came on himself and sent me over the edge
>so I unloaded like 7 spurts of my hot cum inside his tight asshole
>take a shower and leave
>on my way out see a few guys speaking Italian, figure those are the guy's coworkers but I don't say a word
>get in the car and text the guy "I saw some of your colleagues, I told them how tight ur ass was"
>he texts me "noooooo"
>I leave with a bag of treats and a smile on my face
>be me 20 been watching gay/shemale porn for a while and sometimes playing with my ass
>always had a fantasy of getting fucked by a man
>been making accounts on gay websites and chatting with guys for the thrill
>one day did some xtc and became really fucking horny
>was home alone that day
>asked a guy I've been chatting with for a while if he wanted to come over
>became really nervous
>he arrived
>talked for a bit, had a drink
>he began touching me and rubbing on my dick
>start doing the same with him
>he pulls his dick out of his pants
>I knew it was big but it was bigger than I thought
>start stroking his cock
>he told me to suck it
>awkwardly put it in my mouth and started sucking
>began to like it
>started licking up and down his cock
>told him to put his pants off all the way
>sat between his legs and began to suck on his balls while stroking him
>he started to fuck my throat
>started to get really fucking horny
>swallowd all of his precum
>felt like such a slut
>started craving to be fucked
>brought him to my bedroom
>stripped down naked and sat on all fours on my bed
>face down, ass up
>felt him get behing me
>felt his warm wet dick rubbing over my ass and asshole
>tried to relax as he enterd slowly
>felt soo good
>started to fuck me faster
>began leaking precum like a waterfall
>he forced me to drink my precum
>changed position
>wanted to ride his dick
>squated above him and slowly let his cock down my boy pussy
>felt amazing
>suddenly he grabbed my tight
>started fucking me hard
>ass felt sooo wet
>suddenly I orgasmed, sprayed my cum all over his body
>he started fucking me even harder and told me he had to cum
>begged him to cum in my ass
>the feeling of warm cum all inside my boypussy felt so good
>when I went of his dick his cum dripped all over his body
>wanted to be a dirty slut so I licked my cum and his cum from his body
>he immediately left
>felt like such a whore
>definitely want to get fucked again
I've told this story on another thread but I'll repost anyway.

>Decide to download grindr to figure out what all the fuss was about
>A little bit before my 15th birthday.
>Go through profiles looking for guys
>Lots of old men
>Find hot guy about 22
>Chat and meet a couple of days later
>When we met I told him my age but he was cool with it
>Go to his room and start making out
>slowly strip whilst kissing
>he starts playing with my dick, First blowjob, felt odd but cool
>he pulls out his dick and makes me suck it, about 6''
>try to suck, probably bad idk
>wee kiss for a bit in his bed before he reaches in to his drawer and gets live and a condom
>tries to fuck me for a bit
>gets it in after about 10 mins
>really hurt but eventually good
>he fucks me for like 10 mins
>he cums in me
>After he seems weirded out and apologizes
>get my clothes and leave
>shower for like 30 mins when I got home.
>he messaged me a couple of days later for another meet but I never replied, deleted the app soon after.
>didn't have sex again till I was 19
>don't regret it but probably shouldn't have done it idk.
>be me, 14, long hair, small build, pretty feminine for a guy
>never been with a girl
>best friend spends the weekend at my cottage with me, we both sleep in my sisters room (I used to sleep on the couch but my sister wasn't there that weekend)
>saturday night, parents are asleep, fridge is full of beer so we start drinking and watching porn on satellite tv
>start to play a game of truth or dare, he's constantly daring me to put on my sisters clothes while I play the game normally
>feel horny as fuck as I dress as my sister, black thong, skin tight jeans, black bra and tight green top, look at myself in the mirror, heart is pounding, I fucking look passable and I have a little tight bubble butt in those jeans
>friend compliments my look and starts joking about me being a girl and liking boys, I kinda get mad and we start wrestling on my sisters bed
>he's on top of me and has me pinned down, asks for truth or dare, he dares me to strip for him
>I do, tells me to keep the underwear, get back on the bed he chooses dare and I tell him to remove his shirt
>friend is a farmers son, works on his family farm, he was taller than me by about 4 inches and much more muscular
>my tiny cock gets hard when he does, he can see it pushing on the fabric of the thong and says I have a small one
>dares me to give him a blowjob, I hesitated for a few minutes then decided it wasn't the end of the world and he promised to give me one afterwards
>mfw 8 inch cock at least and pretty thick and I realize how small I am
>Starts sucking him, I feel so fucking horny, had troubles at first because of his size but I figured it out and he started to moan
>Start worrying about him cumming in my mouth so I stop blowing him
>Lay next to him, telling him I'm sorry, he kisses me and we start to make out
>He finds my sisters condoms and gets naked, then tells me he wants to fuck me
>I had already played with my ass a bit with my fingers so drunk me said yes

> be 23
> curious af
> move to capital of Peru -> Lima
> do research. find there's a bathhouse just for my curiosity
> get drunk, 6 beers in
> go to the place
> shower, already a bunch of naked guys around. getting hard
> step into steam room. couple guys getting bjs. get horny af
> buy some condoms, go to the second floor, hot tub there.
> cont'd
> hot tub two older men, mid 40's maybe 50
> I got a fake twitter where I prowl, start talking about it and mention my online flirting (never actually done it)
> dudes scoff. say it's bad taste to catfish people just to get my rocks off
> I say it's not malicious, just gets me hard and gets me to jerk off
> make out with one man. the older one
> other guy moves my hand to his cock
> stroke younger guy (~45 maybe) while making out with 50 y/o
> 50 y/o puts hand on top of my head, guides me down to his cock
> first time sucking dick. feels great and get great feedback
> cont'd
> apparently I'm a natural at sucking cock
> put other guy's cock in my mouth while stroking 50 y/o
> people gather round to catch the show. I don't mind. feel like an absolute slut and love it.
> switch back and fortch between cocks
> put condom on 45 y/o, ask to be pegged
> puts it in gently. hurts but I'm too horny and sucking off the other guy
> cont'd
> ultimate fantasy. I'm horny as never before. being fucked and suckiing a cock of people 20 years my senior
> lock eyes with guy closest to the tub. he's jerking off and watching but he must be around my age or even younger. motion him to jump in
> dick up my ass, in my mouth and in one hand
> next thing I know my other hand is in some other guy's outside the thub
> never been fucked like this
> put another condom on 50 y/o. beg to be fucked. guy complies
> younger guy cums in my mouth. I spit cause I'm scared and guy has no condom.
> still feel horny af
> not sure if 50 y/o came but he pulled out and sat back
> still jerking off two other guys but things cool down so we go back to chilling
> just the start of my first visit to the bathhouse
> resume talking about flirting w/ men on fake twitter
> exchange numbers but I don't have where to write down since I'm naked at the bathhouse|
> ask 50 y/o to repeat several times while kissing and stroking him
> I did memorize it

>He gets some lube and tells me to get in 69 position
>sucking his cock while he's stretching my ass with his fingers
>after a few minutes he tells me I'm ready, get into doggy position, tries to get it in but it's too big
>took him a while to get his cock in my ass, added lube a few times, now it's in
>hurts like a motherfucker at first, then becomes intense pleasure
>mfw I'm getting fucked by my best friend on my sisters bed while I'm wearing her undies
>flips me on my back and starts fucking me in missionary, kissing me and playing with my nipples
>I melted, it felt so wrong but so good at the same time
>after a while, I feel him get tense and he moans, dropping his body on mine, he came
>while we cuddle, can't believe what just happened
>we decide to go take a shower together to clean up, end up on my knees sucking his cock in the bathtub, I haven't cum so I guess I'm still horny af
>go back to my sisters room and continue to blow him, cums in my mouth but I spit it out
>fall asleep with his cock in my hand
>wake up next day, feeling good even with the alcohol, ass hurts a bit but it's fine
>parents leave for the day so we have the cottage to ourselves
>me and friend know my step brother smokes weed and has a bag hidden in the garage, we find it and we smoke some
>friend gets horny, telling me I looked good dressed like a girl, that I was a good cocksucker
>spent the day dressed in my sisters clothes, changing clothes often, I end up in my sisters bikini
>watching tv in living room, I put my hand in his pants and grabbed his cock and started stroking him
>we go back to my sisters room and grab some beers
>we drink while we cuddle and I play with his dick
>friend wants to fuck me again but my ass hurts so I blow him instead
>he wants to 69, this time sucking me, it's my first time getting a blowjob
>friend tells me I should get used to this, no girl will want me with my little cock


>I cum on his chest, he cums in my month but this time I swallow
>hear noise outside, parents are back
>just put on my regular clothes on top of the bikini in a hurry
>my father isn't happy we drank that much when he realizes all his beers are missing
>we need to start packing our stuff because we're leaving, friend puts a bunch of my sisters clothes in my bag telling me I'll have to dress for him back home
>we get to the city, drop my friend at his place and we go home
>I slept in my sisters bikini that night

I saw my friend a couples of times afterwards, but no sleepover, so only blowjobs. My parents got separated and I moved away with my father a few months after. Never saw him again though I have him on Facebook. Still have my sisters clothes that I stole, I crossdress sometimes though I don't look as much as a girl nowadays and probably wouldn't pass. I've been with girls since then and live my life as a straight guy. Though my biggest fantasy is to be feminized by a man with a big cock.
Meet someone :)
Hello, I'm looking for someone to chat about morbid, my kik is: luxasv
I'm Argentinean My English is not very good
>Don't be me
>20yr old man with fit body
>Been fucking with girls
>Wanted to try something new - some dick
>Found grindr
>Made profile and uploaded some great pics (ass etc.)
>Got at least 80 msgs for 1 hour
>Met up with a 55yr old guy
>Had great sex and did him a bj
>Met up with several other dudes over 50yrs each
>I liked it a lot
>Now I am addicted to sex with older men
>I fucked with 9 men in a day one time
>If you think you are a heterosexual, definately give it a shot
I’d love to but nerves always get the better of me now. I’ve always wanted to meet a big daddy bear that would have his way but they’re hard to find near me :(
>be me, vers
>15, but had had lots of sex by now and tried basically everything
>one day I talk to a guy in his middle 20s on grindr, and he confesses to be nervous because it's his first time (total virgin, didn't even do stuff with women)
>convince him to give it a try and meet up with me
>he is a bit weirded out by my age, but I manage to convince him that I'm actually 18
>he said he wanted to top, but he's to nervous to get hard
>after a bit of sucking his flaccid dick, I get him to suck mine
>he seems to be into it, and he says he's amazed that I can have such a big dick at that age (lol)
>he's embarrased he wasn't able to get hard and have sex
>convinced him to try bottoming for a bit just to lose his virginity
>he really gets into it, and soon is moaning like a little bitch
>feeling powerful, I take total control and he starts calling me daddy
>cum buckets inside his ass, he tried cumming but wasn't able to because of being nervous
>tells me how hot it was, asks to meet again
But unfortunately, I had to cancel the second meeting a few times because of personal issues and he got tired and we never met for a 2nd time
kinda hetero mind, you know, 65 dates and after that torture maybe a blowjob
> meet random dude on grindr near me
> he agrees to be blindfolded and i'll jerk him off
> arrive at his place, let myself in
> lying on the bed naked and blindfolded as agreed
> start jerking him off
> keep jerking him off
> like, still jerking him off
> guy says his head is all over the place

obv both our first time, no cum, was disappoint.
Tell us the MMF
One of the hottest threads. Plus RIP Xhamsters story page. This is all we have now.
I am unreasonably angry that I'm only now learning I've missed out on a gold mine of smut.
Well I just tried bottom for the first time sober.

First time trying bottom
>Talking to couple on grindr after a few beers and some speed
>Decide fuck it let them use me like a piece of meat
>Get there, smoke some weed, take a bit of GHB
>The top is a gorgeous twink with a long not too fat cock, as soon as the GHB kicked in I went from feeling a little uncomfortable to deep throating this guy like a fucking pro
>He gets his boyfriend on the bed and just starts pummeling his hole
>The boyfriend gets ahold of me and starts sucking my cock
>I get under him sucking his cock at the same time
>Decide it's time I lost my anal virginity
>They both coach me, give me amyl and I'm nice and relaxed.
>The twink puts his tip in and it's like a barrier he broke through where it went from pain to having me moan and by the end having to stop because it was too intense, felt absolutely satisfied without coming

Round 2
>It's another couple (I like being used and Dommed by guys hence the amount of threesomes I was getting into when I first started fucking guys
>One of the couple is an older guy, probably mid 50s-early 60s but the most beautiful cock I've ever seen
>We're drinking and sucking, he plays with my ass, eats it, I'm nearly cumming hands free by that point
>Decide to let him fuck me
>As soon as he puts his cock in I didn't notice the same pain I had last time, so I get really into it, we're making out getting really sensual
>His boyfriend gets jealous (he would have been mid 30s) and starts getting mad at me
>Old guy tells me not to worry and we go back to the most incredible sexual experience I've ever had
>When I get a bit tender and let him know he gets on his knees
>I put my cock in his ass and I don't know how but his ass hole felt better than anything I've ever put my dick in
>Oh shit I might actually be gay not bi if this is what sex is meant to be like
Okay so now I have a daddy fetish. Can't quite quench it in the 6 or so awkward mutual BJ's/everything but penetrating hook ups I've had.
>Start talking to this Dom 50 year old with a huge cock that I am absolutely obsessed with, he can tell me to do anything at any time of day and send him videos and I will because the submission feels so good, completely letting him take over
>He is about an hour's drive away so we haven't had the chance to meet yet
>Now I need to be fucked and dominated
>Can't find anyone that scratches the same itch until today
>Talking to a random guy on Grindr, tell him about my love for being Dommed and wanting to explore it
>Turns out the guy is a business owner in the regional town I live in and my parents know him/I've known of him
>He brings me to his office as one of his shops were closed today
>Goes all out, throat fucking me and telling me where to get on all fours
>He has a coke can like cock
>Tell him to record it so I can send it to the Snapchat daddy that I'm obsessed with, get a nice deep-throat video to send to the guy
>He starts putting it in with me up on the couch
>Feel that same point of pain but it didn't go away
>He wouldn't stop he would push me towards him and tell me to relax
>He sits on a stool and I sit on his cock, now we are getting somewhere
>Start bouncing on his cock
>He tells me to get on all fours on the floor and just started pummeling me, I kept telling him to slow down but he wouldn't
>He says gross blood
>Finally pulls out, I'm still on all fours feeling almost raped
>Give him a handjob into the sink and leave
>Get into the car
>Sob, feel violated
>Get home and look at video
>Instantly hard and I lose any feeling of shame, just feel dominated which hit the spot
Wtf is wrong with me lol
how disgustingly vulgar of you
There is a suggestion form people are protesting on
check out r/gaystoriesgonewild
Wats ur contact info? I want to violate u as well
My first experience
>be about 14/15
>chat to guys on gaydar for esteem boost, never though about meeting anyone
>feel super low, talking to local guy who desperate to meet
>thought fuck it and went to his
>huge fat guy in his 50s answers door, neck beard and everything
>thinking 'wtf am I doing'
>Auto pilot went in
>Sat at his computer desk infront of bookcase with all seasons of star trek voyagur on VHS
>He talks about how he got the local ISP to install the first broadband cables in the area and how cool is 4k TV is.
>he called me over to where he was sitting
>standing in front of him, hes sat down.
>he hugs me, strokes my back and gropes my ass
>Super nervous and panicking in my head but don't do anything
>he feels my dick while hes moaning loudly
>he pulls my jeans down and starts to blow me
>not sure what to do so just stand there.
>He stops, takes my hand and takes me upstairs
>We sat on bed, kiss a bit.
>he explains how he has a hernia
>drops his trousers and his balls are HUGE
>he fondles me, can't get it up
>I try and find his penis but can't
>Explain I can't get it up due to nervs
>we deside to call it a day and talk about doing more stuff next time
>never met again
Post the video?
Would you please provide links to stories sites anon?

Straight/gay/lezzie/crossdressers/others I do not care.
Disgusting. You should be jailed.
Here's my first time with an older man
>be me, 28yo fit asian twink
>it's the holidays, just moved into a place, time to get a taste of the gayborhood
>open up Grindr, let the messages start coming in
>first message comes quick
>guy is 48, almost old enough to be my dad
>degenerate thoughts.exe
>It's Christmas season
>degenerate thoughts intensify
>time to sin in the eyes of God
>message the guy some
>he's a hot Puerto Rican guy, tall, fit,
>tells me his husband is out of state running an errand, won't be back for like two days
>my immediate thought "well, fuck it, if this situation is going to be running on porn logic, time to play pizza boy"
>asks if I smoke
>offer to come over with a joint
>he accepts
>my dad told me once "a friend with weed in a time of need is a friend indeed"
>my dad was also a closeted homophobe with a drinking problem, time to make him proud by fucking his doppleganger
>agree to go over
>my pubes are porno trimmed and my fuckhole waxed and washed in anticipation
>go over around 6PM
>he's super chill, huge relief
>we chat on his couch while smoking
>after I put the joint out, he smiles and we move in close, kissing and groping at each other's bulges through our sweatpants
>only thing that turns me on more than a hearty fondle of my cock is a man's boner doing that between my legs
>I move in to straddle him to make that happen, but I'm a bad kisser
>I end up rubbing his chest as he feels me up
>only a little awkward, but he motions for me to get off him
>I do and he takes off his pants, I do the same
>he's got a nice 7 inches, uncut, thick, thick, but not too thick
>first time playing with an uncut cock, I've always wanted to
>every bit as fun as I imagined it would be
Fucking horrendous. I feel for you.
>stroking his cock is super fun
>his wimpers are a bit feminine, never thought I'd hear these kinds of noises out of a man old enough to be my dad
>he's stroking my cock at the same time
>it feels good, but god if being high isn't interfering with my wood
>I move in to suck, figuring if I turn him on I'd get turned on more
>I suck until I taste precum
>my jaw is hella sore, anymore and he's gonna get teeth
>time to put the asian massage parlor skills to use
>take his dick in my left hand, the head in my mouth, my tongue like a helicopter, and my right hand starting on his thighs working downward
>goes according to keikaku, he's putty in my hands
>right hand reaches his taint, and I find my target and press
>ever find your prostate while jerking off fingering right above your asshole? I don't think he had until now.
>he moans extra loud, right above my ear
>wood definitely not doing so good. Must've been higher than I thought.
>don't care, making this oji-san moan like a girl
>he signals to switch
>I lean back, flaccid AF, and he gets between my legs
>quite the passionate blowjob, gotta say, right shame I'm definitely too high for this
>I can tell he's a little disappointed, but I won't give him time to think about it
>make a beeline for that sexy cock again
>he's still sensitive, and still on the verge of coming
>succ and stroke intensifies
>I'm not using protection or PreP
>no paper towels, don't want to make him come on the carpet
>looks like I'm taking his load in my mouth, I guess
>do so, tastes like cum, but somehow also good despite still having that bitter cum taste
>I spit it in the glass of water I put the joint out in
>casual clean up, rinse the glass in the sink, small talk, and I split for the night
>he's so close I consider sneaking over in the middle of the night for a spoon
I didn't go back over that same night, but the next day. Apologies if this is a little weird, I've never done one of these and I'm rushing it. Want me to continue?
>I go home with a pep in my step and a need to rinse my mouth out with some rum
>wake up the next day super horny, fap to the memory, then load up Grindr for the lulz
>get back from a shower to some messages from last night's "daddy"
>he asks me if I ever top
>I'm listed "vers bottom"
>I tell him I can top even though I've never topped before
>I'd add when I lost my anal virginity, but that'd ruin the credulity of an otherwise 100% accurate story
>asks my favorite position
>tell him doggy style, mostly because it's the position I wanted to get fucked in
>I've pretty much accepted the fact that his sexy cock isn't going to be breeding my ass
>little bit sad, but I'm getting it in, so does it matter?
>flash forward, like, most of the day later
>after some messaging back and forth, he's finally ready midway through me making dinner with my roommates
>drop a youtube recipe I was ripping off on them and leave the weebs behind cooking while daddy goes and gets laid
>go over, meet him, things start getting heavy in a hurry
>like, too much of a hurry
>he offered porn as an implied erectile aid, it was of limited help when we went into the guest room to fuck
>it's dark and he gets in the bed in the far corner, bent over
>I start working on his ass
>200% flaccid, and I'm really gonna have to work to get it up
>get knuckles deep in his fuckhole, and he's moaning
>start getting a half chub and I go to insert
>go flaccid, and redouble my effort on finger-fucking him
>this is starting to feel like a lesbian porn, ngl
>I fingerblast him as he moans
>this is the most pussy-like ass I've ever fingered
>start thinking I wouldn't have hardness problems if he were a twink
>focus frustration into fingerbanging, make him come in moments
>rubbing his cock with my other hand, I feel his hot load and rub my cock against his
>my cock touches his hot load and immediately I know what I need to do
>I start rubbing his hot cum on my cock
>instant diamond cock
>like my manhood just absorbed his manhood and made me more of a man
>no trouble inserting it now
>he's glad I finally got my cock in him
>holy fuck, this is what I was missing out on this whole time!?
>actually feels kinda meh along most of my shaft
>plunging his depths got some nice reactions
>pulling back and stroking the end of my cock with his hole got even better reactions
>and felt way too fucking good on my end, too
>he groans, begging me to seed his ass
>I seed his ass a bit quicker than I meant to
>I stay inside him and on top of him for a few minutes
>feel close felt really good, even if it was awkward in that corner of the bed
>end up in the shower, I invite him in with me
>jerk him off in the shower
>end up with a mouthful of shower water on accident trying to kiss his collarbone
>back in the living room we touch close and he says "I want more"
>I tell him about my roommate dinner situation, definitely a moodkiller in hindsight
>we both agree to something later and I dip
>come back to find my female roommate trying to cook pasta in a pot of water not yet boiling
>end up finishing the chicken parm, dinner was 7/10 worse than I expected, but it didn't matter, had sex
>he goes offline after dinner, not on for hours later
>by this point I'm already super tired and so is he
>agree to some morning fun
>turns out his husband is coming back early that morning, as luck would have it
>also turns out he's not on grindr when his husband is around (probably smart), but hey, he's in my neighborhood
Passed by him the other day. I was smoking a joint and him and his husband walked by walking their dog. His husband seemed nice. Hot, too.
>be me, 27 year old average body, 1.88m tall, 80kg, 19x14cm cock
>fuck buddy messages me Saturday morning
>"I'm alone at work today"
>get ready to head out
>its like a 30 minute drive but I'm horny so fuck it
>head over, text him when I arrive
>no reply
>decide fuck it, I'm going in, walk right past the security guard and up the stairs
>fuck buddy walks up to me
>25, swimmers build super slim, 1.65m tall, giant dick like 20x15.5cm
>hes tenting, it's like the rudder of a ship
>need to find a place the guard won't notice
>fucking glass office so the street has a clear view of inside
>can't keep our hands off each other
>the auditorium
>pitch dark inside, making out as we enter and lock the door behind us
>as soon as the doors locked, he's on his knees
>takes it slow but not for long
>I'm diamonds
>slides my dick slowly down his throat
>I take a handful of his hair and hold him there
>count to ten
>he comes back up for air
>I push him down again, count to fifteen this time
>he looks up at me and takes over
>can feel the softness of his deep throat around my cock
>he's bobbing up and down
>I reach down to his ass
>it's lubed and ready
>slip a finger inside him as he goes to town on my cock
>work up to two and three fingers as he moans around my dick
>can barely keep concentrated on what I'm doing
>can feel the pressure build, so I push him off and stand him up again
>he takes direction so well
>turn him around and bend him over the desk
>he's panting heavily and pushing back into me
>line my dick up with his hole
>he pushes back onto it
>start sliding into him
>perfect hole, stretched but not loose
>his moaning is getting to me
>start fucking him
>deep dicking his hole
>pulling it all the way out and pushing back in to the hilt
>can feel his hole clench around my shaft as I pull back
>he's moaning like crazy
>pull out and flip him over
>he's on his back on the desk, legs over my shoulders
>push back into him again
>start setting up a steady rhythm
>he's playing with his dick with both hands
>push his legs back and fuck him deep
>feel a pop and can suddenly get the last inch inside him
>he's got his head thrown back panting and moaning like crazy
>can see he's getting close
>every time I thrust into him, it forces a bit of his breath out in a pant
>every time I pull out I feel his asshole gripping on my cock
>keep up a steady rhythm, pounding against his prostate
>he looks up ay me and I know he's going to cum
>he starts shooting thick ropes all over his chest
>huge cum load drips in the table and floor
>he's finished
>I start to cum
>slow my pace right down and give a few very deep strokes
>can feel my cum pumping into his body
>he's done by now but I'm not
>still cumming and fucking him as I do
>spend several seconds holding him down as he tries to wriggle away and I just keep cumming inside him
>finally calming down
>still got my dick in his ass
>slowly pull out as his hole closes again
>not one drop spilled
>we clean up and get dressed
>get a strange look from security on the way out
God I want a man like that
You should reach out to your friend again. He probably misses you
Bottoms don't deserve rights
No sex but thought I'd share

>me and friend hang out, both 23
>Finding out I'm bi, but never been with a man
>friend lives along just broke up with his gf
>watching tv and gaming
>after a few drinks we decide to cuddle because we figure it'll be cozy and funny
>I'm under his arm, feel myself getting hard
>slide my hand over his cock and can feel the outline
>says he has to piss, he heads to his bathroom by his bedroom and i follow
>I lay on his bed, trying to make it obvious I'm hard
>he climbs into bed and cuddle more, I try pressing my cock on his body
>realize his bed is really uncomfortable...like it really hurts my back
>I gotta go sleep on the couch this bed fucks my back up to much
>go the living room and jerk off, next morning we spoke nothing of what happened

Gotta try my luck again sometime
Really hot story.

Cute. Do more with him.
Thanks for the effort but I'm totally flaccid
>start chatting with a guy
>he's a married bottom
>can't get away much
>lives in big apartment complex
>he tells me to come over after work and text him from the parking lot
>get there and text him. he tells me to wait at a side door
>do so and he opens the door. it leads into the mechanical room of the building
>he tells me e have to be quiet and he leads me through a couple of rooms and into what looks like a control room
>he drops to his knees, opens my pants and starts sucking my cock
>I moan and he tells me I need to be quiet
>more sucking
>he drops his shorts, kneels of the floor and hands me lube and a condom
>lube him up, wrap up and slide into him
>he's really tight and he starts to moan
>he bites his fist to suppress his moans
>I'm all the way in and start fucking him
>at this point he's groaning, I'm groaning and the skin-to-skin slapping is pretty noticeable
>this goes on for about 10 minutes until I grunt and cum
>rest for a minute and then pull out
>he hands me a roll of paper towels he had brought and I clean up
>see that he blew his load on the floor and he cleans that up
>shows me the way out and I slip out the side door
met him twice more... once in his apartment and once where he works
File: 624235234.jpg (126 KB, 691x1024)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I lost my virginity to a family friend back in high school. I posted part of my tale a few months ago, but life got a little zany, and I never finished. Anybody interested in reading it?
File: 1612065833696m.jpg (98 KB, 454x1024)
98 KB

> be me
> spring of '06
> friday night, parents out
> just turned 30/2 the previous month
> in-the-closet, virgin, but not totally inexperienced (vacation bible school, lol)
> smoking a joint w/ a couple of friends in backyard
> back-porch on 1/4 ac w/ gazebo & in-ground hot tub; neighbors' yards on 3 sides
> neighbors Left & Right are both retired couples from out-of-state; casual family aquaintences
> neighbor 3 has been friends with my dad since '82
> cool guy, people call him SARGE
> green-eyed; very hairy; ex football player bod; balding; steel-grey/black; walrus moustache
> he's bought beers for us before
> smells our weed, tells us he's jealous from over the fence, à la Wilson
> tells us stories about smoking back in the '60s
> drones on for what felt like hours
> he eventually comes over with a boom box and a handful of music he'd been talking about
File: 1612065490019.jpg (71 KB, 501x636)
71 KB

> plays the usual
> friend A leaves half way through Side 1 of AFTER BATHING AT BAXTER'S
> Sarge pull a Zip-Loc out of this shirt pocket and has a joint of his own bud rolled before he flips the tape over
> friend B coughs his brains out and needs to go inside and lay down after two hits
> i'm out-of-my-mind stoned
> we decide to check on friend after the tape stops
> just walking back to the house feels like I'm in a video game
> Sarge tells me he's going to grab a couple of my dad's beers from the fridge, I venture upstairs to friend
> wake him up, he's embarrassed & has his older brother pick him up; is gone in literally 5 mins
> meet Sarge back outside
> it's about 9:00 at this point
> he offers me a beer
> i'm still wrecked, but accept it
File: 1220091309.jpg (94 KB, 584x1024)
94 KB

> take 2 sips & am instantly even higher
> every movement feels like stop-motion
> the music (AOXOMOXOA) sounds like a heavenly chorus
> Sarge tells more tales from the '60s & '70s
> stories start to become more & more sexual
> gets to one another a threesome w/ another dude and some hippie chick
> my cock is stiffening
> little pink nipples are getting hard
> said the other grabbed his cock
> blows him
> tells me he lets him do his thing
> my face is red as a lobster; probably sweating a bit too
> Sarge finished his story (and in the guy's mouth, btw)
> music stops
> awkward silence
File: 489185076.jpg (162 KB, 685x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

> Sarge suddenly gets up
> stretches his thick, beefy, hairy limbs
> almost as if he's putting on a show for me
> maybe I'm just high
> he points to the hot tub suggests we take a dip
> I agree
> trudge back to my room to change
>trying to hide my boner the whole way there
> Sarge says he's going to stay outside to roll another jay; just going to wear his boxers in the tub
> decide to feel sexy & shimmy into a pair of trunks that are just a tad small
> modest bulge plainly visible

At this point I should note that I was a late-bloomer and had pretty much just hit puberty.

> only hair on my body is under my arms & a small tuft of golden brown above my weiner
> fuzzy-smooth everywhere else
> splash some cold water on my face in an attempt to get my bearings straight; brush the blond mop on my head a bit
> realize I'm making myself look fuckable for my "uncle"
>my butthole twitches with that realization
> take a breath & prepare to bathe with a total hunk
> once I reach the jacuzzi, I get the first big (hehe) surprise of the evening

>>> CONT??
Yeah, continue
yes please
File: 849463321.jpg (89 KB, 768x825)
89 KB

> make it back to the tub
> Sarge has his back to me, obviously changing up the music
> something looks a little off about him
> eyes eventually adjust to the dim yard lights
> jesus fuckin' christ
> he's butt-fucking-naked
> all I can do is stare at the sexiest, hariest, manliest ass I've ever seen
> still to this day one of the hottest sights I've ever beheld
> he's squatting over the boom box, popping in a new tape
> big, bearish man-ass & an enormously round, pendulous ballsack swaying with his movements
> all I can do is stare
> I can feel my little prick swell to its full 5", straining my too-tight trunks
> wet-spot slowly forming
> cold sweats
> breathing is shallow
> butthole puckering & pulsating
> I'm totally fucking stunned
> felt like I stood there for millennia
> after what seemed like a lifetime, I hear the familiar *click* of a lighter
> a whispy yet heavy cloud of smoke rises above his head
> in the slowest of motion, he stands up to his full 6'3"
> swear to god time slowed as he turned around & IT came into view
> cannot pull my eyes away from what lies between his tree trunk thighs
> my heart skips a beat . . .
Continue plz
lol I remember this story, he’s posted it on a similar thread before. Actually have some shitty screenshots of it
File: 1360314731.jpg (108 KB, 768x1009)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

> there it is
> the biggest cock I'd ever seen in-person
> first uncut dick too
> even in the chill of the night, he's easily an inch bigger than me soft
> at least twice as girthy
> beautifully veiny
> heavy, rugged foreskin
> big purple head
> truly a work of art
> indy said it best
> itbelongsinamuseum.jpg
> my view is suddenly obscured by a haze of heavy white smoke
> Sarge clears his throat
> sounds like a bear's growl
> lethargically adjust my gaze to meet his
> still entranced
> all he's wearing is a fucking smirk
> at that moment, I knew he knew I was his
> I was, and still totally am, okay with that
> a little faggot piglet in the maw of the big bad wolf
> he passes me the joint
> take a big boy hit; am down for the count
> Sarge hands me another beer
> chug that fucker half-way down
> before I know it, I'm stepping into the jacuzzi with him
> blatantly cupping my buttcheeks
> kneading my boy-rump
> guides me down
> his giant man-dick is an inch away from my face at most
6'4" 270 and hairy? I'm going to need pics :D
Was he older?
File: 1612070648712.jpg (146 KB, 768x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

> I have never been so turned on in my entire life
> I'm so hard it hurts
> my little prick is weeping pre-cum
> eyes as wide as saucers, never leaving the level of his package
> Sarge later told me I looked like a scared puppy
> still calls me PUPPYDOG as of this posting
> "It's okay, kid."
> reach out to it
> arms are tembling
> fingers tingling
> his flesh feels unreal
> so alive and warm
> hair rough as bristles
> skin like leather
> honest-to-god, it was like the time I petted a baby elephant's trunk on a field trip in the first grade
> dart my face upwards
> he's staring at me like a savage beast
> can't tell if it's bloody murder or twenty-four carat lust in his eyes
> I'm scared
> I can't think straight
> instinct possesses me
> my fist wraps itself around his cock & pulls back the forskin
> I can feel it start to grow
> it gets warmer and warmer too
> my mouth opens without the slightest thought
I doubt any of your MF are having sex
Making a Grindr account, horny as fuck just looking to suck some cock and get fucked, never tried my hand at Grindr or any dating/hook-up service for that matter.
Any tips, dos and don'ts?
They're all whores. Don't get attached. Don't catch aids.
yeah that's true :D damn I'm getting too old already cuz I'm 19 :(
Not gonna, don't you worry about a thing. Got a hook-up this Thursday, gonna clean myself up but the guy isn't actually picky either way, problem is I don't actually have a bathroom, only a niche in my bedroom and a separate toilet. Any way of working this issue out, or should I just watch what I eat on the day and the day before?
First time green text story so if i fuck up oh well.
>one day decide to download grindr
>start talking with older guy who 38 and in good shape.
>talk about how i wanna suck a dick and be sucked by a man
>we swap pics and talk for a bit
>he asked me if i wanted to come over that he lived alone.
>i said yes and went over.
>go in and we sit in chairs across from each other and talk a bit
>our talk get sexual and he ask if i wanna see his dick
>ofc i say yes and he stands up and pulls his shorts down
>6" semi thick cock really nice and soft
>get on my knees and start playing with it for a couple minuites
>he sugest i taste it so i do
(just taste like skin)
>when his cock touched my mouth i became a cocksuckin machine
>started putting it all in my mouth and sucking on his balls.
>he ask to go to the bedroom so he can lay down
>go into his room and i strip and continue to go to town
>as im doing this he starts to play with my cock with his feet and im in heaven
>he tells me hes about to cum
>start jerking him off till he cums all over my hand
>watch cum run down my hand and onto his balls
>he helps me finish and i leave soon after

we meet a few more times after that and done way more ill share if more want. hope to do it again soon.
Share more pls
Finish the story plz
Post moar
That's like 80% fiction though
Wait, so you fucked at summer camp?
Same reason basically all het men are closer pedos too.
First time on this board and I'm not gay ,but this is written very well. Good job anon
>Curious for years
>Meet guy on grindr
>The sex happens
You read one Grindr story, you’ve read them all
It's 99% fiction.

I was a top-tier writer on there and I was on private discord with the mods and other popular writers. It's all just fan-fiction.

Granted, all my stories were inspired by a tiny fraction of real-life events. But just a tiny bit that I extenuated into 1000+ words.

I got permabanned by Reddit after mentioning I was 16 in one story. I never bother to return or pursue the idea of selling gay erotica ebooks. It was for the best.
Sorry. Responded to the wrong post.
>I got permabanned by Reddit after mentioning I was 16 in one story.
What the fuck. That’s so retarded.
Is there a webpage where xhamster's stories are archived?
Not much of a story, but I used to regularly meet up with a guy while I lived in a different City for university and I can't lie, I'd probably still be hooking up with him if I was still there. The sex we had was amazing and even though I have a boyfriend now, I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on some good dick. He was rough but still very sensual and it just felt good on all levels.
I highly doubt he'll see this (I'm not even sure if he uses 4chan) but I wish he does, if I ever break up with my boyfriend I'll be in touch to come visit for the night.
Give us a story with him
Yeah. I was pretty gutted. I also used that account for karmawhoring with my pics on a couple gay subreddits.
I'm not much of a story teller. We hooked up multiple times because he was just so good. I'd walk into his apartment and within 5 minutes I'd be on my knees servicing him. I'd feel his hand playing with my hair while I'm playing with his cock. I was inexperienced with being on top and riding but would try it every time, but I knew how disappointing I was so once I was comfortable with his cock inside me I'd let him switch position and take over. His favourite position was having me lying flat on my stomach, with him directly on top. His chest pressing down on my back and his arms wrapped around my head and neck and to be honest it was his best position. Feeling so powerless underneath his weight yet somehow still feeling comforted by how close he was and how much body contact was happening. I let him finish inside every time, even when we first started hooking up we didn't use condoms. It was a brave move but I don't regret being unsafe. It just made the experience all the more better.
Even after I moved away, we stayed in slight contact (a few messages a month) and always tried to organise more meetups but unfortunately they never happened.

If I could visit him now with the experience I have, I'd be able to give him the dick ride of a lifetime, but I'm stuck in a relationship so I can't just jump onto a train to be a whore someplace else.
I still have his friend request unanswered on snapchat. If, for whatever reason, this relationship doesn't last, I can guarantee you that the friend request will be getting accepted and I will be getting to his place.
Only really have 2 interesting ones. Had a friend that I hung with a lot. He eventually convinced me to try bottoming and I got hooked. One of my bosses would give me rides and we'd hookup after work for a while
Post some here if you’re inclined
> Feeling so powerless underneath his weight yet somehow still feeling comforted by how close he was and how much body contact was happening.
Fuck yes. That’s one of the hottest feelings ever. Thanks anon.
This is me more than i want to admit, I met up with a guy twice and the sexual experiences we had were amazing. If it wasn't for covid and him moving in with his GF I'd probably still be doing things with him and honestly wouldn't mind being more of a slut for him to use.

Sadly he only ever came on me, if we kept doing stuff I'd love to have him cum in my mouth or ass, or facialize me.
Part 1 finding the stash
>be me
>14 and hanging out with my friend at his place
>listening to his older brothers new metal cd he stole from his room.
>he says look what else I got out of his room! An old hustler mag and a joint.
>We go outside and try to smoke the joint, but it is so dry we are coughing hard. My friend gets me a glass of water
>I started pawing through the hustler and come across a gorgeous woman with a light red muff above her pussy.
>My friend came back down and sat beside me. He notices the woman and gawks for a second.
>we continue flipping through when we come one lady getting fucked from behind in the ass.
>he remarks "i wonder how it feels?"
>I dont know why in that moment I assumed he was talking about the girl
>"probably like taking a shit in reverse". I said jokingly
>"no you idiot, to fuck a in the ass?"
>I was lightly embarrassed but played it off as a joke and we finished the joint and went to my place.

>when we got there, magazine in tow, I decided to up the ante and introduce my friend to my older brothers well curated porn stash while he wasn't home.
>into the camper we went parked in the backyard, and proceeded to crack into dads stash of liquor.
>on went the tv in the upper bunk, with full intentions of laughing and getting a buzz on before meeting up with our friends later.

>first few sips are gross, no matter what you drink at that age
>i can see my friend wince it down too, but we catch eyes while drinking >it turns to a chug, one I win by the way.
>the first few scenes play by, not much to joke about
>good looking men and women fucking
>but as the fourth one set up, the mood began to shift

>my friend noticed the guy playing with the woman's ass hole
>once again, I noticed him transfixed on the situation.
>he is eating her out when he begins to finger her asshole, moaningbharder and harder
>my friend looks at me
>"she seems to like it"
Continued below
Part 2 finding the stash

>the porn star starts getting up to put his cock in her ass when my friend suddenly pauses the video.
>he gets up to fill up his drink and holds up another joint motioning for me to go outside.
>I oblige
>as he lights it in his lap, I notice his pants are stiff.
>he smokes and passes it to me.
>as I inhale, he starts up again, pushing the subject
>"I want to feel a tight sexy ass hole like that. I wonder how tight it is?"
>"have you ever fingered your asshole?"
>out of shock at his bluntness, I immediately joked
>"i mean yes, but just a finger"
>he looked puzzled, trying to figure it out
>truth is of course I have, so the booze forced me to say it out loud for the first time.
>it felt great.
>y...yes I said sheepishly the second time.
>"how does it feel?"
>I wanted to say like heaven, but I didn't want him to think I was gay, so I just said "interesting"

>we finish smoking and he immediately runs back into the trailer, and I follow.
>hes already up on the bed, remote in hand
>I grab more booze and sit beside him. He hits play

>the man now pressing his cock on her asshole slowly pushes in toying with her.
>i notice my friend is biting his lip
>the girl pushes back and takes his whole cock In her ass
>my friend audibly moans
> the girl is taking it in ecstacy
>my friend is clearly hard and now starts rubbing his cock through his pants

>as I notice this, the friend in me says ew, but then for some reason, I just kept watching out of the corner of my eye.
>his thumb slowly rubbing across his clearly erect head
>I turn away to grab my drink, take a sip and when I turn back, he's staring right at me.

>he puts his arm around my back and waist and started leaning in on me.
>"I would love to know what a finger in an ass feels like."
>"you need some lube or something if you are going to", i suggest.
>"how about some spit?" He says while quickly jamming a finger in my plumbers crack
Continued below
part 3 finding the stash
>suddenly it dawned on me, he wasn't talking about fingerings his asshole. He wanted to know what it felt like to do the fingering.
>I jumped and he pulled back.
>laufhing he looked me dead in the eyes and stuck his whole finger in his mouth, slowly pulling it out.

>not going to lie, that really turned me on, and now I could feel myself getting hard.
>"only if you eat my asshole like he ate hers" joking and laughing
>"only if you have a shower!" He continued the joke and went to the bathroom, and threw a towel at me.
>at this point I knew, I keep upping this, it is going to go somewhere, and being tipsy, high and horny now, I was not making the decisions.

>I get up and start getting naked, but before the boxers come off, I close him out of the bathroom.
>I start washing and I hear the bathroom door open.
>he opens the shower curtain quickly
>we are both standing their naked, and hard.
>he immediately gets in before I can question him and starts soaping up, especially his balls and cock
>I turn away from him to the shower head and start washing off when I feel a light tickle at my butt
> I let it happen again to see what it is curiously.
>next time a little more pressure, but still foreign
Finally I feel something slip between my cheeks right up to my asshole, and I feel him lean up on my back really close
>"sorry just trying to get some water" giggling, and backs away
>I can only assume that was one of two things, his finger or more.
>I turn around facing right at him Anna s we do the tips of our cock touch
>I back aways slowly and he laughs
>"swordfight" and he start slapping his cock against mine
>I grab his cock right at the base, stunning him
>"stop slapping me with it or it's mine now"

Continued below
Part 4 finding the stash

>I let go. We both look and can see it as hard as rock.
>"grab it like that again and you can have it whenever you like"
>I laugh, turn around and shake my little ass at him to see his reaction just staring like it is meat
>I get out and dry off, scramble out of the bathroom and up into the bed, still wet and naked.

>I have no idea why this is happening but I feel so excited, I get under the sheets, and pretend to hide
>suddenly I hear the bathroom door close, feel my friend come up and get under the covers with me
>im shivering. He tells me to turn around
>he begins spooning me, which actually feels amazing and warm
>then there is that pressure again tickling my butt cheeks.
>he snuggles in and puts his chin on my back, and I notice that pressure get harder again, till it is touching my asshole.
>I reach back and feel his hips pressed right up against me, and I end up grabbing his naked ass
>"you are so warm" he said breath blowing on my neck
>well thats because you are practically inside me.
>he sheepishly pulls back, but I press him back up against my hole.
>"can I try something?" He says softly
>sure what?"
>without any more warning then that, he stuck his finger in my mouth.
>suprised i let it stay, and begin sucking it.
>he pulls it out slowly and reaches under the blankets.
>he begins rubbing my asshole with his wet finger.
>I start moaning
>"its too dry"
>he dissapears under the covers and before I know it he grabs my legs and flips me on my stomach.
>I feel my cheeks spread and suddenly the most intense pleasure I have ever felt.
>I lift up the covers and look back
>he is licking my hole. At first gently, but when he sees how much I'm moaning he really digs in
>suggest I feel this intense pressure inside me as he slips his finger in my wet ass
>I moan as he slowly feels around
I can feel his finger inside rubbing on my and he hits my g spot.
>I drop and scream in pleasure

Part 5 finding the stash

>He pulls his finger out and gets on top of me, pressing me into the pillow.
>He comes up sliding his hard cock past my hole teasing me.
>"put it in me" I wince still feeling pleasure
>"are you sure?" The smile creeping up his face
>before I could even second guess it, that familiar feeling of his cock on my ass, but then pressure, more and more
>i start to whine, but suddenly he gets his head in.
>he moans, and I feel my tight hole stretch
>he starts to slowly tease me back and fourth like the porn, till it feels so good, i want more.
>I start backing into him
>"come on, please give me more" i joke feeling like a porn star
>"I don't know, it may hurt"
> I stop him. Get him off me and throw him to the bed
>i start to act girly and sexy for him. I start to come up between his legs, and grab his cock again
>I stare at him, as I slowly begin to lick his shaft like I've seen in porn before
>then I take it in my mouth and start to suck my first cock.
>he moans, as I start playing with his really nice balls
>I come up I start to get on top of him cowgirl style.
>he helps me, and spreads my cheeks searching for my asshole with his cock when he suddenly finds it
>I start to sit, determined to take it all
>he moans and begs for me to take it
>I slowly atart riding him getting deeper each time as I notice him looking up at me
>he pulls me in and starts to make out with me. So passionate for two boys
> our tongues sliding all over each other as i take a deep breath, sit up and take his full cock in my ass
>I ride him for a few minutes, feeling his rock hard cock pressing my tummy
>he starts getting close, so he pulls me in again kissing me. I start sucking his neck and licking his ear
>Suddenly I feel him shudder, and my insides get warm.
>a few more pumps, and I knew he was done
>I sat on him for a minute or two, basking in the sex we just had.
>"well, did it feel like you expected?" I asked
>be me 12 friend 15
>Talking shit playing video games
>Talk about dares you wouldn't do
>I say there isnt a dare I wont do (wanna be Chad)
> Replies "really I dare j to touch my dick"
> I grab his dick through his pants BC "that's gay" then dare him to do the same
>But says " pussy and puts his hands down my pants grabs my like 3 inch cock
> The says " I did it now u do it"
> So he takes off his pants and I do it now he is laying there naked
> Then he says "I dare you to give me a hand job"
> Think we'll I have already touched it so why not.
> Rub is cock for like 5 min can see he is enjoying it
>then dare him to and he does the same and does it for 5 min
> He then dares me to kiss his knob and I say "nah" he goes "I will kiss yours if u kiss mine"
> He kisses my knob and gives it a little suck.
>I kiss his then go to give it a suck but then I say fuck it I'm gonna win then begin to suck his cock
> He begins to moan and I do this for like 10min and desu to this day I still think cock tastes better then pussy
> 5 min to go home so we stop and just jerk of till we but then go home
That was hot.
>Be me, 24 years old
>I used to have a crush on a friend in high school. He was a really awesome, humble, handsome and fit guy. I will refer to him as A.
>Two years ago I was in a very YOLO mood and texted A and told him that I always had a crush and that I always wanted to suck his dick
>A told me that he might have been keen if I had told him that when we were in highschool together but he has a gf now and he's not interested.
>Two years later (this past Christmas) I get a message from A while I was visiting my family in my hometown. I hadn't heard from him in ages.
>I asked him if he wanted to hang out and we end up meeting in a pub and talking like old mates, but we both knew what I said two years ago. Eventually we went to another pub and met up with some friends of his and then we went to someones house and played pool and did skids down the street on a drift trike. Later on we went back into town and went to another pub, played more pool, and I think I kissed him in the bathroom but I can't quite remember if that actually happened or not. It was a bender of a day but it was really awesome.
>I told A about a music festival I was going to. He seemed pretty interested and asked if he could come up with me. I said sure, but we were kind of drunk and everything sounds like a good idea when you're drunk.
>The next day A came and knocked on my van window (I slept in my camper van on the street outside his house) and asked when we were leaving. I was surprised but said we should leave at 12pm - I went inside and took a shower while he got all his shit together.
>We get on the road and head North. That night we met up with my sister and my brother and we did a tramp up a mountain and stayed in a hut. That night A and I shared a sleeping bag because we only had one between us. We didn't get that close but I remember touching hand.
>We came back down the mountain and got back on the road heading to this music festival. We decided not to drive the whole way that day because it was like a 6 or 7 hour drive, so we found a nice camping spot by a river
>We lit a fire and heated up a can of beans to make some shitty nachos. When it got dark we got in the van to go to sleep. A made a joke about being the little spoon which I thought was kind of cute. It felt amazing to be there in that moment cuddling with him.
>I had a massive boner lying there with A and he would have been able to feel it on his ass (I have a pretty big dick). I wasn't going to push my luck but I wanted to give him a kiss goodnight at least. So I said 'hey A' and he said 'what' and I said 'come here' and he turned around and I gave him a kiss, but it wasn't a great one. Oh well. We said goodnight and went back to spooning.
>About 10 minutes goes by and then A suddenly turns around, pins me down by the shoulders and starts kissing my neck. He moves down my body, kissing my chest, my nipples, my stomach, before grabbing my cock with his hands. "Wow" he said. I was so so hard in that moment. He pulled my cock out my undies and then put it in his mouth. Holy shit. It felt so good. He was so gentle and sucked my dick so lovingly. Fuck it was hot. I came in his mouth after a while and he ate my cum. I lay back down, recovering and tying to comprehend what just happened.
>Once I regained some energy I started feeling him up and then I did the same thing to him. His dick was really salty but it still tasted so good. A had a really nice cock, it wasn't huge, but it was thick with a nice head and nice foreskin. I sucked and milked his cock until he came in my mouth as well.
>That night was really amazing and we went on to spend a whole 5 day long music festival together, where we had a lot of good times together. My highlight was New Years - he was grinding on me on the dancefloor and it felt so good to be there with him. We ended up going down to the river and stroking each others cocks and making out. He was stayed so so hard the whole time. He ate my ass and I could tell he wanted to fuck me, but I was high as fuck and it didn't feel like the right time. I want to be sober when we fuck for the first time.
>After the festival we part ways. It was the best new years ever. We have stayed in touch but I don't really know where his head is at. He says he wanted to move up to the city that I live in this year but he doesn't know when. I'm going back down to my hometown in a months time so I will see him again then and hopefully we can get on the same page. I fucking love that man and want to share my life with him so, so bad.
Super DL early 20s. I met some guy one of the only guys I know who’s openly gay around my city. We talk I don’t let on that I’m curious though he keeps asking me if I’ve ever done anything with a guy or I’d be interested in trying something. I keep saying know but he keeps telling how he shaves his ass and it’s soo smooth. I kind of give in and ask him to send me a picture. He does and it’s so smooth and I can see his balls it al looks so good. He keeps trying to get me to go over but I keep telling him I don’t trust him to keep it between us. He gets mad and starts saying he’s going to expose me with just the talks we had and asking him for nudes. So I agree to see him and for my first time sucking cock it was amazing. I still jerk it to the thought of his dick I look for cocks that look like his all the time and cum to it. Haven’t seen him since though kinda sucks kinda glad I don’t have to deal with the threats
>He keeps trying to get me to go over but I keep telling him I don’t trust him to keep it between us.
That’s annoying as fuck honestly. He was right to threaten to expose you.
> I have a new neighbour, 19 yo bi curious teen.
> his parents were out
> i invited him to drink some beers
> he starts talking about pussy
> i ask if he wants to watch some porn
> he watched it
> he starts jerking off
> i grab his cock and suck it
> he cums fast in my mouth
That's why I can't even fuck with any young straight guys. I keep hearing "Are you sure nobody will find out?" and "You're not gonna tell anyone, right?" and my dick instantly goes limp.
Pic related?
It’s so immature and pathetic.
yes, its him
Amy more
men are gross

ban me u cowards
Why? What is the problem? Isn't normal to be careful?
Not him; but I'm kind of a newbie on the gay dating scene myself

Isn't it a bit over the top? Like, I get that he was somewhat teasing anon and didn't get "rewarded", but why act upon anon's fears of being exposed?
I literally sucked my friends cock when we were 8 yrs old. It started off by him mooning me as a joke and I told him my dicks hard. He freaked out but had a massive smile. We sucked each other's cocks and played with marvel toys til one day I said this shits weird let's stop. Fast forward I'm 30 and I fucked my gay friend of 12 yrs recently. My dicks never been so hard in my life. I have a pretty big uncut cock, he has a small cut cock. A lot of lube and slow fucking I let him rail me. We flip suck and fuck for atleast 90 mins once a week behind my gfs back.
There’s a difference between being reasonably careful and being unreasonably paranoid. Maybe you haven’t experienced it yet because you’re new, but the “dl” closet cases are nearly always the latter, and it gets pretty annoying. Just work on your personal shit and stop unloading your baggage on other people if that’s what you’re gonna be like.
How did you guys start fucking? Story?

Depends exactly what you mean by this.

Most men feel a strong attraction to adolescent girls but prefer young adult women. Then there's a sizeable minority who prefer adolescents but are also into adults. Actual pedos (as in primarily into prepubescent kids) are uncommon but hardly rare.

This is all obvious to everyone but for various sociopolitical reasons we pretend otherwise.
Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I have a few stories about creeping on my college roommate. Can't believe what I got away with sometimes.
I'm interested, carry on
We'll entertain your stories, but don't embellish them to the point of fan fiction.
>23 just started dating guys a year ago
>install Grindr for the first time and not much luck
>I go in to delete the app
>see a message from a guy I find pretty hot
>20 5’7” 120 pounds big fat ass
>we go on a date and get along well
>just fuck buddies but we have chemistry
>always fuck with a condom
>suddenly we are spending whole weekends together
>he’s moving back home soon so we try not to get attached
>one day the emotion becomes too much
>he’s laying on the ground while I’m doing dishes
>”I wish one day you’d fuck me without a condom”
>I stopped right then went over and fucked him raw on the floor
>it felt so much different and I came in 3 minutes
>next weekend we start using the “love” word
>he moves away
>stay in touch
>visit occasionally but on opposite coasts
>decide to move in together
>non stop sex for 2 years
>find out he’s cheating on me
>relationship falls apart
>moves back home

Upgraded to a much hotter much more stable relationship with even more sex
Based and cute, you better make him your bf, anon.

I met him at a gay bar when I was actually banging an x friends wife when he was away for work. He said give me your number I said give me free shots and he did so I did. We texted for literally 10 yrs and would send nudes but I never jumped on it being nervous. One time my gf was out of state and I watched gay porn and said fuck it. I texted him and said I'm finally cumming over. I drove 20 mins away and he answered the door naked. We started violently making out and my dick was so hard it actually hurt. When I felt his mouth around my cock it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. I was mad I waited to long to do this. I fuck him bareback raw and hard as fuck. I do everything except eat ass. But I will suck his dick some days and just jack off while doing it bc it makes my body tingle I get so fucken horny. Like I said he has a small dick maybe 4.5 inches. Kinda thick head and thin shaft. After the head was in with lube and it took a few mins I said just rail me bro. We just flip fucked and sucked this morning.
fucking hot bro. hope my first is this sensual
Until 2008, I never knew I was bi....
Thought about it a lot though.
Then one day a friend and his wife invite to "play".. we get high, have some drinks.. now we're naked.
I start on his wife, (she's got olive skin, long brown hair, a nice, lickable pussy) I go down on her, and next thing, I'm getting one of the best sloppy blow jobs I've ever had! It was long after I blew my load all his face, his throat, his tongue... You get the point.
I decided to suck his cock, after a couple minutes, I got past the first time "heebie jeebies"....
I sucked his cock like a porn star!
I loved it!
We met up a few times after that, but have since lost contact..
Fast forward to now, I still think about those nights, still get a throbbing hard on, and still cum like a volcano.
I haven't sucked a cock since...
Married, my wife has no idea..
I want to suck another friend's cock.
He knows, and he's down, but we haven't had the right time.
Without craigslist, I don't like grindr, what are my best options? How does one approach it? I don't want to get punched, if ask some random dude if I can suck his cock. All I know,, is that lately, I think about it all the time, it's like a craving,
I want to suck some cock!
I now know why women & men love giving head!
as a fellow former jail bait twink to daddy for young i truly second this, I don't consider it pedophilia because these boys are on apps showing hole
>Most men feel a strong attraction to adolescent girls
Exactly, that’s a pedo.
>Upgraded to a much hotter much more stable relationship with even more sex
>when I was actually banging an x friends wife when he was away for work.
Why are you like this
Just do grindr.
Just Grindr and a burner, both to protect from your wife but also because some of those people on the app can get really fucking weirdly clingy
>Used to go to summer camp as a kid (13)
>camp trip to the pool
>got a boner in the locker room from all the undressed hairy men
>being a hormonal teen I stared like a retard at a man’s cock and followed him around with my hard on
>asks me what the hell I was doing
>asked where the urinals where
>we were in front on the urinals with no partitions
>apologized for the trouble and I started to piss
>he watches me piss then he starts to piss
>when I finish I scurry away embarrassed

Now I’m addicted to those urinal pissing and locker room videos
>be 22
>have a gf who is 2.5 hours away at school
>used to see her every other weekend, then she was too busy so it was once a month, now it's been two months
>always been bicurious but never did anything
>look at craigslist and see an older guy offering massages and "whatever"
>I work out and run, not buff but a tight body
>been pushing myself because of the gf thing an a little sore
>figure a massage and "whatever" would be nice
>arrange to meet the guy
>go to his apartment
>he's stocky, muscular, looks maybe early 50's
>has a massage table opened up and tells me to climb on
>asks if I mind being naked or do I want a towel. naked is good for me
>starts working on me
>turns out we have some things in common... he was married and in the closet, I have a gf but in the closet
>we both lost someone close to us from cancer in the past year
>he tells me my body is nice... tight muscles, nice bubble butt (thanks squats)
>eventually starts playing with my ass
>asks if I'm OK with it and say yes, even arching my ass up since it feels so good
>after a while he turns me over, has a couple of fingers up my ass and blows me
>best BJ ever
>hands me a towel, lets me shower, I get dressed and he says he hopes I'll come back
>week later back and the same thing happens
>becomes a regular thing Saturday mornings
>one day he asks if I'd like him to use some toys on my ass
>I say sure and he says he'll get his bag
>I expect a paper bag with a few toys
>he brings out a gym bag and opens it up
>dildos, vibes, masks, handcuffs, vibrating eggs, anal beads
>over the next few weeks he gradually uses them all on me
>one day he asks if I have extra time and I do
>he works on my ass for an hour... lube, fingers, more lube, bigger toys
>finally puts something in my ass and I feel really stuffed, in a good way
>gently turns me over onto my back with the toy still in my ass
>sort of sitting/laying on the toy and it's pressed up against my prostate
>can't help but to grind on it
>he wraps his hand around my cock and grinding makes me fuck his fist
>I tell him I need to cum real bad but he says not yet and moves his hand to the base of my cock so he's not letting me fuck his fist
>I'm fucking dying. I want to cum so bad but I also love how the toy feels up against my prostate
>finally he wraps his fist around my cock again, I start grinding and I have a huge orgasm
>I wasn't looking but he says my cum shot about four feet in the air
>he tells me to lay there for a minute and he gets a wash cloth and towel and cleans me
>it's been about 10 minutes since I came and he tells me to pull my legs over my head so he can take the toy out
>I do and he starts taking it out, but also saws it back into me a couple of times
>it's raking across my prostate and suddenly I have another orgasm out of my soft cock
>he pulls to toy out and I'm amazed how big it was and that monster was inside my ass
>cleans me up again, lets me shower and sends me on my way
>met him plenty more times
hot as fuck. Did he ever use anything more than toys with you?
Be 20something, bisexual, dating a girl me.

Gf stuck at work. Smoke some bud, get horny to suck cock, download Grindr.

Faceless profile. About me says I want to deepthroat a big one.

Forget to turn distance off.

Guy sends me a picture of his cock. It’s huge. I’m rock hard in my sweatpants in my gf’s bed.

He’s less than 100 feet away.

He’s her roommate.

He tells me to come upstairs.

I freak out. But I’m also still throbbing. Figure it’s too late and say fuck it.

I back another bowl and go upstairs. He’s laying in his bed, naked. His cock is way bigger than I would have thought.

He points at his crotch and reaches for my bong.

I proceed to worship his fat twink cock while he smokes my weed, laughs at me for being smaller, a faggot, etc.

Girlfriend comes home. He grabs my head and holds it down on his cock as he unloads in my throat.

Winks and says “let’s smoke together again, man.”

I go back downstairs with my cock and a belly full of his sperm. Fuck my girl that night loud so he can hear.

Wake up next morning. Girlfriend still asleep. I get up and make coffee, he comes up behind me, pushes his daddy dick into my back and ass crack and says “next time you get laid it’s my cock in your pussy”

I'd shudder too if some fucker did that to me.
how long ago did this happen? Did his cock in you happen already?
best i can do is 5'11 300
wholesome kek
I did the same, but luckily he didn't notice me. I too love urinal vids, especially when one strokes the other and they reciprocate
He had ED but once he surprised my. He took viagra and ended up fucking me. But it only happened once.
>I was 14 and moved to a new town in Florida.
>Was new in school, of course, and met a few new friends in the first few days at school.
>One invited me to his house. Told me to bring my swimming suit as they had their own pool.
>We played some video games then went to the pool to swim.
>Started talking about girls and sex.
>He asked me if I ever had a blowjob. I hadn't and I told him so.
>He said he had and it was the best feeling ever. He said it was better than masturbating.
>I was a little embarrassed by this as I didn't want to admit that I masturbated (and I did a lot).
>He could tell I was embarrassed and he pulled out his penis and began to rub it in front of me.
>I watched and decided to do the same.
>We watched each other masturbate, and then he said we should get out of the pool so we wouldn't cum in it.
>We sat in deck chairs and continued to jerk off. Then he stopped and reached over and touched my cock.
>I let him stroke it a few times. He go closer and said he was going to let me know how good a blow job feels.
>Before I knew what was happening he leaned over and started sucking me.
>I didn't know what to do, but before I realized it I started thrusting my hips and I came in his mouth.
>He was right, it was fantastic.
>He asked me if I would suck him. I really didn't want to, but I thought I owed it to him. So I did.
>I didn't really know how to do it, but I pretty quickly figured it out, and he came in my mouth. I started gagging on his cum and spit most of it out.
>We gave each other blowjobs all through the rest of high school. We also fucked once in a while, but we both preferred sucking to fucking.
>We are both married now, but we only live about an hour apart, so we get together "for a beer" every month or so. It's funny how the beer is creamy, white, and very tasty!
>this guy ive been infatuated for the past 3 years
>weird relationship, we always talked for a while and eventually Id scare him away when I asked if he wanted to hang
>out of nowhere, he starts talking to me (he never started a conversation before, I was always the first one to talk)
>he comes over, we chit chat for like a while, its awkward
>he has nothing to say to me and Im trying too hard
>my heart is in my throat, im freaking out, I cant stand the situation anymore. We are not clicking and im losing him
>I ask if I can kiss him
>its awkward but now at least I know
>he is playing vidya on my pc while I play the keyboard on the opposite side of the room
>he turns around, he touches my shoulder and kisses me
>we start making out
>I turn on colored lights, he puts on some lo-fi romantic trash
>he sits in my bed and nods me to come over
>my room looks trippy af
>im tripping
>ive never been more pleased in my life, I caress him everywhere and he is loving it
>he lays on my shoulder for like a little while and sorta dozes off
>I am tripping, brush his beard and hair with my fingers and kiss him on his neck
>im happy, I keep caressing him for like a couple minutes until I sorta let go and let him lay in my bed
>we cuddle until he falls asleep
File: Feels Good.png (56 KB, 457x723)
56 KB
>anyway, its the next day
>I slept like shit, he moves too much but I still couldnt be happier
>we sorta start kissing
>I havent brushed my teeth so we just kiss while he lays on top of my armpit
>he said he likes the way I smell, I can feel his dick against my thigh
>he starts rubbing my chest while "unintentionally" rubbing his arm and elbow against my dick
>im diamonds
>he sorta jokes about it, im turned on
>I turn him around and lay on top, so he feels my hard dick against his
>slowly I start going down on him, kissing him on his neck, around his chest when he stops me and forcibly turns me around
>he does the same, before I realize hes is there rubbing his mouth around my dick through my pants
>Im horny as fuck, im wet and my heart is pounding like crazy
>the moment he puts it in his mouth I feel this warmth, its so good
>he does it so lovely, so tenderly, its fucking good. I never felt like that from a bj. He made my dick twitch like crazy, something that usually happens when im sensitive and they are being rough but when he is doing it I love it
>I wont cum cus im on anti depressants, besides im horny af, so I turn him around and start blowing him
>he was about to shoot his load, it doesnt take a minute before he is cumming in my mouth
>Im about to get up to spit it out but he smiles and sorta pulls me in closer to his face
>we start making out, I feed him his load. I swallow like half of it
>it felt like sunshine or a part of his soul. Im fucking into it (I dont usually get turned on by giving bjs, let alone swallowing. I do it to be polite, I like being a top exclusively)

afterthat we spent the entire day making out and cuddling, I felt high the whole time. I couldnt believe you could feel this happy without doing any drugs. I was good

im sorry if you read any of this. I just wanted to relive that night. It was definetely the best sex ive ever had. It wasnt even sex tho, I didnt even cum
That was wonderful
Different guys have different tasting cum. I'm still trying to find a feeder that tastes as good as my ex. I've had a few that were really bitter but a lot of them tasted great.
>Me, 25, dead of winter, probably January
>on Grindr get a message from a blank profile
>says he wants to suck me off, sends pics
>i knew he had a bf because i followed him on instagram cuz he was hot
>I’m down for free head so whatever
>tells me to meet him in a local park district porta-potty
>that’s kinda sketch, says his parent track him and he said he was golfing
>whatever, i can at least play Pokémon go
>get there, he’s there ready to go.
>he whips out my cock and goes to town
>did i mention its the winter and were in a cold porta-potty
>leg starts shivering, shake it out, still getting sucked off
>I’m about to cum, tell him
>leg shaking, tell him again, he doesn’t care
>cum in his mouth and end up kneeing him in the nose
>Candy canned
>apologize and leave

He still hits me up and occasionally get head
>22, have given 1 blowjob before, but want to try again
>find 45 hairy bear on CL, 260 dad bod with a 7in
>wants to meet outside first time, knows a spot down a trail
>we meet at night and walk and talk down the trail, end up under a bridge
>he says here is good and i get on my knees with my back against a stone wall, he takes my head and rubs my face in his groin
>pulls out his dick, tells me "smell it, lick it"
>sucking his cock while he's running his hands through my hair, telling me to move my tongue around a lot
>telling me to relax my throat while he tries to push it down as far as he can
>eventually end up with his balls on my chin and his pubes in my face
>he holds me like this a few times, plugs my nose, and i then realize i can't back up as my head is against a wall
>after a few more minutes i hear him moaning and start feeling his cock pulsing in my mouth followed by his cum coating the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat
>forces his cock all the way down my throat again, holds it while pinching my nose, pulls it out and i need to breathe so bad i just swallow whats in my mouth
>makes me lick the rest off his cock, tells me there's more tomorrow if i want it
have more stories of him and a couple of his friends if wanted
sure get the stories going brother
>after a month he tells me about his friend who is going through a divorce
>i feel bad and jokingly say well maybe you should let me blow you both, he says he could make that happen
>a few nights later he tells me to come over, i walk in and am greeted by him and his friend
>we have a few beers and then he whips his cock out, i start licking it and blowing him and then he tells me to suck his friend
>i unzip his pants and start sucking his cock, he can barely hold it, he's much smaller and my tongue is all over the underside of it
>go back to blowing the bear, tells me to open up and jerks his load into my mouth which i swallow
>back to his friend, after a couple of minutes tells me he's gonna cum, i just keep going
>pumps the biggest load i've ever had in my mouth, tastes absolutely terrible and my mouth is completely full, do my best to swallow
>a couple of nights later i get a text from his friend, saying the bear gave him my number and his soon to be ex wife never let him cum in her mouth
>end up swallowing his nasty gunk again that night, there was always so much and it was always so bad, but i kind of liked it
Do these people ever give you anything except sore mouths and bitter cum? Like they aren’t doing favors for you or passing you some money? Like are you just doing it because you like it?
>there was always so much and it was always so bad, but i kind of liked it
This got me rock hard
Sucking dick is fun dude, leave him be.
I've taken money to suck cock. Ironically they weren't the bad tasting ones.
All the loads I've swallowed tasted the same luckily
>at bar with friends one night, moving bars and i pass him in the street
>get a text later that night, asking me to grab a beer with him, break away from friends group
>already drunk, go to his bar and he's with a friend, a bit reluctant but I join them anyways
>friend is probably 5'10 240, beard and around 40ish
>drinking a beer and having a good time when he just blurts out he hasn't cum in 4 days, his friend says it's been a week
>we leave the bar and head to another on the other side of town, a walk through a quiet area
>they turn in between some buildings and i follow, he says "get to work" and starts unzipping his pants
>his friend does the same and pulls out a 6in coke can, they both make me lick their balls for a bit before i start licking and sucking their cocks
>tears are rolling down my cheeks from choking on 2 cocks, bear starts cumming in my mouth and pulls out and shoots a few streams on my face
>his friend then gets in front of me and holds my head while going in and out, he pulls out and sprays my face with about 10 ropes
>it's covering my eyes and I can't open them, they say thanks for that and take off, i'm sitting in an alley drunk with my face covered in sperm
>do my best to clean myself off, send him a text calling him a jerk with a winky face
>get a text about 4 days later from his friend saying he hasn't cum again since that night, end up in his car with my face buried in his pubes, he holds my head down while he unloads down my throat

if what you're looking for is a sore mouth and bitter cum then yes they are doing you a favor, people get turned on by weird shit. mine is older thick guys with a belly spray goop in my mouth
So hot
Cum flavor has alot to do with diet, drinks sodas, smokes, etc.
It’s ok, but to get abused for it for no reason? I mean if it was so fun, why dont women do it to men like a handshake
yup. they wanna fuck
Sometimes they do.
>be me
>18 yo akward and virgin
>on a club doing track and field and other athletic sports
>after my group finishes the rugby team comes to do some practice so I always stay on the changing rooms for 30 minutes longer so that I can see them enter and change before their practice
>do the same as usual
>one of the rugby players comes early and we are alone
>probably in his late 30, black long hair and a beard, really buff but with a beer belly and his whole body is hairy
>he starts talking to me, your average akward small talk
>eventually he says that he knows what I'm doing
>I try to play dumb but he says he noticed how I'm always peeking at him and the other players
>threatens to tell everyone at the club, that they would tell my parents and that i would be in big trouble
>says that he won't tell anyone if i do what he says
>I'm scared shitless so i try to run away but he grabs me down
> takes out his dick and forces me to suck him off while calling me a fag and saying that I deserve this
>I'm crying and gaging but he forces me to do it for a while
> eventually he says that we should go to one of the bathroom stalls, that the other rugby players are about to arrive
> he then starts fucking my ass inside the stall, with no condom foreplayer or fingering, just forces his dick right in
> it hurts like hell and I can't help but cry and scream
> he puts his underwear on my mouth to gag me and slaps me until I'm quiet
> eventually the rest of the team comes in
> he tells them to not come into the bathroom, that he is taking his biggest shit ever
> rest of the team laugh and stay out of the bathroom while he keeps fucking me
> he finally cums inside my ass
> he then tells me to stay on the stall and warns me that if i tell anybody he'll kill me
> he leaves the stall and changes with the rest of the team, when they all leave I exit the stall crying
> eventually I dress up and go home

Never told anyone I was too ashamed. At the time it traumatized but now I can only have sex with dudes like him who force me around.
I want to hug you
God I wish that was me
Hope that rapist ends up in prison.
Jesus... I'm so sorry, anon.
Hope his ass gets stretched by a lunch tray, the fucker.
Damn anon, that’s awful. Hope you’re doing better these days
Maybe don’t watch people get dressed like a perv
Maybe don't normalize raping people you piece of shit
File: mikey_screenshot.jpg (6 KB, 100x200)
6 KB
Posted this before but here goes.

>be me 19 closeted faggot
>about 6'10 140lbs
>live in a crappy small town and cant get laid
>move to vig city for UNI
>still cant get laid
>decides to try a gay dating site
>after a few days of chating around I find a guy
>skinny, nice body, big cock
>we get to chatting he wants to come over
>je wants to come over because 16 and living with parrents, whatever I dont mind, his cock looks more than that
>I buy some booze and he comes over to my dorm
>he comes over we have a few drunks and talk abou som BS
> am nervous as fuck, hes not says hes does this a lot
>"so anon, will you suck my cock already?"
>the way he said that made me instand diamonds
>get on my knees and pull his pants down
>start slowly licking the whole shaft and playing with his balls
>he tells me to suck it so I put my lips around the tip of his cock l, suck and swirl my tongue aroun the head
> pelrecumtastesok.jpeg
>slowly start sucking and bobing my head on his cock as he moans quietly
>I try to deepthroat him but I choke toi much just before hes balls deep
>after a gew minutes if me sucking and choking on his cock he tells me to stop
>I stop and undress
>we het on the bed and I go on all four
>he lubes me up and fingers my hole a little
>then he pop his cock in
>too fast.jpeg
>I gasp from the pain and he asks me If he should stop
>nah, I say just slow down a little
>he continues slowly fucking me untill I relax
>after a while the pain subsides and I moan a little
>he picks up speed and start to push my head down
>after a while hes basicaly fucking me ass up face down
>he pulls out and tells me to get on my back
>I do and he fucks me with my legs in his shoulders
>he keeps fucking me an I am loving it
>finaly he rams it in and pumps my ass full of cum
>he finishes me off with his hans with his cock still in my ass and I cum buckets all over myself.
>we clean up and he says he needs to go home but wants to meet again

Mfw now got a young guy fetish.
I was 13 and a 14 made me suck his dick in truth or dare
Really hot
Witnessed digits

Also been with him a bunch of times and he did a lot of hot things to me...
> 18 year old college student
>living in dorms
>roommates gone for the weekend
>horny, decide to make a Craigslist add, get a reply from a guy at my university
> we meet in the lobby of my dorm, he’s short but fit, matches his pics.
>go to my dorm, put on a movie, he brought vodka
>both of us are discreet and inexperienced, so it’s kinda awkward at first
> he starts feeling up my cock, pulls it out
>I’m rock hard, start feeling up his, he’s small but fuck it
> we strip down, start grinding on each other
> he asks me to blow him, I start going down on him
> he’s moaning super loud and then just cums in like 1 minute
> tastes terrible
> proceed to guzzle vodka
>he goes down on me
>feels fucking great
>cum buckets in his mouth
>try fucking him he won’t let me, so we swap head again and pass out
>next morning I ended up trying to bottom for him, he couldn’t get it in

Overall it was ok
Someone peeps you, you smack them and tell them to fuck off. Don't fucking rape people, you savage.
I wish I had a story....still can't even find a guy to even dirty text with....
>str8 cousin
>i always wanted to suck him
>i spent my summer vacation at his place
>one night we got drunk
>i ask him if he ever let a guy suck his dick
> he denied
>starts playing video games
>i grab his cock
>i sucked but he didn't cum
>next morning he wakes up horny
>i sucked him again but this time he cums a lot
i sucked my neighbour again, most delicious cum i ever swallow
Rape his hole.
He probably fucks your gf
Go to hell
Part 1 of 2

>be me 24
>Always think about gay sex but never do it
>Not really into guys but the sex looks hot
>Finally get on grindr
>Have a weird fetish for older guys (no idea why)
>Send a few messages out
>Start talking to a 48 year old
>Convo is very brief
>I say I'm an anal virgin and wanna suck his dick
>Sends me his dick pic, it's 8inches, thick and cut
>Get super horny and head over
>Get in and he's easily 6'4, dad bod, normal looking guy
>I'm only 5'9
>Go to his bedroom, tell him I'm nervous
>He's says it's okay
>He's lying in bed and I cuddle up to him, putting my face on his chest
>I start grinding my crotch on him and he's got his arm round me
>We kiss a little but no tongue as I start rubbing his crotch
>He's not hard but helps me undo his belt buckle
>Kinda weird holding another dick, especially one so much bigger
>He's hard almost instantly
>He undoes my trouser and plays with my cock a little
>I ask if he wants his dick sucked and he starting fully undressing and I do the same
>He's lying on his back and I'm also on the bed in between his legs on all fours
>Literally no hesitation to get his dick in my mouth
>Start sucking his big bellend first and slowly start going deeper
>Lock from the bottom of his shaft to the tick and then flick my tongue against his head
>As I'm sucking I'm rock hard and start wanking myself off
>Wanna try deepthroat so I stick my tongue out and go as deep as I can
>This turns me on most
>Love Kelly Divine BJ's and follow a lot of her techniques
>The guy notices I like deep throating so he grabs my head and holds there for a few seconds every and then
>I'm fucking love it
>I need hair so I kiss him gently on the lips
>Naturally start frotting with him
>Really hot cos we're both moaning and it feels really naughty to be doing this with some who's old enough to be my dad
>We repeat this cycle a few times all while he lies there and doesn't even attempt to touch my cock
Part 2 of 2

>He says he wants me to cum over his body
>I essentially let his face fuck me
>His pubes are right in my face
>My tongue is hanging out and there's spit and drool everywhere
>I'm jacking off harder and faster whilst also imagining someone fucking me
>Im gonna cum
>Get up and Jack off and he does the same
>We both cum instantly at the same time
>Cos I came I wasn't horny anymore so I didn't eat his cum regrettably
>He says that was really good and gets a towel to clean up
>We both get dressed and I leave without saying much to him (it didn't feel awkward tho)
>I got in my car and deleted my grindr account thinking it's out my system now
>Literally 1 week later and it's all I was fapping with
>Get back on grindr to try find him
>Never found him again sadly
>After him I was only interested in older daddy dick
>Tried it with a 33 year old but it wasn't the same
>33 year old even had a bigger dick but also sucked me off
>Come to learn I just wanna suck a dick and submit to older men like that again
>be me
>18 year old husky looking guy with barely any chest hair and bush.
>I played football in HS and was growing curious about gay sex.
>My type seamed to grow from this as big strong and musky guys became the hottest thing to me. I became friends with a guy on the team i came most in contact with.
>I played center and the guy that would play middle linebacker ( the person dead in-front of me) was this guy.. lets call him Jack.
>Jack was about two inches taller than me at about 6ft 1 or two. Barrel chested, darker skinned and all around a monster. Fucker probably weighed around 230 of muscle, i should know as we showered often. >Anyways we started hanging out at his place, a trailer home with trim around the wheels to make it look more like a house.
>He wore jockstraps more than most, people would give him shit for it but they couldn't do it for long as talking about a guys ass docent bode well in the mid west.
>One day he and i were playing cod at his house when he got up and went to the bathroom, i decided rather than steal a kill or two id stand and look around his room.
>He was untidy and had cloths everywhere including his pads and other sports wear just lying around.
>I start looking around and found one of his jocks lying at the side of his bed, i reached for it as i was tempted to snag one sense i entered the place and found a well used bottle of lube under his bed.

To be continued...
>I just thought it was for when he had a girl over and later i teased him about it when he came back from his piss.
“Dude you bought bad dragon lube just for a girl? Shits fucking expensive”
“ Uh no thats not why i have it” Jack said as he didnt unpause the game.
>He looked worried and walked to his closet and pulled a large caucasian dildo from his closet.
“ I was trying it out, i saw a bi porno a while back and i liked it”
>This guy was a fucking teddy bear at this point, so i told him i had thoughts about gay sex.
“ For real? I mean if you want to try i wouldn't mind”
>He wanted it, so i agreed and asked what his kinks were.
“ I mean i just started so i dont know yet, but i dont like skinny guys”
“ I dont like them either, i perfer bigger hairy guys” i said to his smirk.
“Well anon im not a twink and i got hair” he says showing me his pubes.
>After that i pull down my jeans and briefs to show my cock.
>He sucked me, i sucked him and we both thought it was odd but good.
>We lost out cloths and he pulled out the lube, it felt amazing to bareback him, im glad he cleaned himself a hour before.
>The room was filled with host musk and grunting and crys of..
“ Fuck thats good..” and
“ Fuck fuck me like a slut”
>Im adding dialogue as i dont remember the entire conversation.
>He took my cock well and even my load after 30min’s. He came so hard it was on his growing beard, thinking back i wish i licked it off.
>We stopped because his dad came home a little while after that.
>Soon we fucked every so often, once after practice in a stall and again in the bed of my truck. I made this 6,2 Goliath my dumb cum slut, it was the hottest thing.. but it ended when christmas came around and football was over.
>We hung out but not as much, he blew his load into a girl and 9 months later he had a kid.
>Bi and proud, Hairy bears wanted
Kik: BoredKing211
>meet a guy online cause I want to get fucked for the first time. He says he dom/large
>meet up at his dick is like less than 2 inches and cant even fuck.
>worst experience
More, he’s so hot
Tell us more
Started to meet up pretty regularly, at my place or at a bar, usually ending up with his cock up my ass, been fwb for a few months. I toped him a few times but he wasnt too into it.

Also I double teamed a friend of his with him during a music festival which was fun
> in college, tell my best bud (who’s gay) I think I might like guys, but nervous to try it
> tell me about this house off campus that hosts anonymous sex parties that’s pretty discrete
> he goes with me for moral support. We get there and it’s just some dudes in the living room having a regular party. My friend whispers something to some guy and he tells me to come with him
> tells me not to worry everything’s super discrete and super dark so no one will even no I was in there
> we go to the second floor and there’s like 3 or 4 doors marked off, he takes me to one and says this will a good room for someone just trying things, sets ground rules about consent etc
>opens the door, in some low lit antechamber where I get undressed and put my clothes in a cubbie
> walk in the room, it’s so dark I can barely see anything. Stumble around until I find a bed to sit on
> just hear stuff for a while, too shy to explore around. There’s brief glimpses of light as guys come in and out
> my bed starts to get other guys in it and I’m getting occasionally groped, I’m letting my hand grab people back
> feeling some guys chest when he grabs my hand and takes it to his cock, the first time I’m feeling another guys erection. I started jacking him and he starts jacking me in return
> we lay down on the bed to make out while jacking each other. Suddenly my cock is in someone’s mouth
> he pulls my fingers to his ass and has me fingering the entrance of his hole. He pulls away from the kiss to ask me if I top
> I say I don’t this is my first time (desu I wasn’t 100% sure what too meant)
He turns around and guides my dick into his asshole. It’s so warm and tight and it’s only the tip.
> I awkwardly push to get it all in and it’s feels great. He’s moaning which has attracted another guy who’s feeling up my ass.
> I pull out because I’m about to cum and not sure if I’m supposed to do that in his ass
>he climbs on me and kisses me, the third guy moves and starts fucking him over me
> I crawl out to the floor where I’m sitting next to some guy. He starts to grab my dick but I tell him I’m too close to coming which he laughs at and says that’s the point
> I say can we just make out first an bit which he is happy to do. He asks me to blow him and I suck my first dick. He starts plsting with my hole and asks if he can fuck me
> I say I’ve never done that before and he says well this isn’t the best atmosphere to try it in
> he pulls over another guy to sit on his dick and then he has him sit on mine. I pull out to prevent myself cumming again still unsure of the etiquette.
> I move to leave so I don’t have to figure it our but then I stumble into another bed and it’s just two guys napping. I decide to lay with them to cool down the one senses me and pulls me into a cuddle.
> after a bit of that I go back to the floor ask him if he can try fucking me
> he says it’s really not a good idea with me not preparing
> then asks me if I’m still unsure where to cum and he lifts my hand up and says “who wants to be this straight guys first cun dump”
> some guy from the bed grabs my hand and I go up and I start fucking his ass and almost immediately cum
> I wade over to the exit and get dressed again to leave
> rejoin main party
Is this in the US? Sounds like Germany. Closest we have to something like this in the us was bathhouses
This got lengthy but who cares
> My family goes camping every summer holiday and sometimes the extended family join too
> Aunt and her new husband, step-son, step-sister come along
> Forced to share a tent with the step-son, Josh, because there's not enough tents
> Given the "it'll bring us closer together as a family" bullshit excuse
> Neither of us are happy about it but whatever
> Few days pass and Josh has nothing in common with me
> Might have been the age difference, I was 21, he was early 30s
> Those few nights of sharing a tent meant I couldn't jack it
> Progressively getting hornier and starting to see Josh in a new light
> Obvs don't try anything because that would be weird
> One night I head to the communal shower blocks
> Notice Josh's towel over a cubical
> Sudden rush of horniness triggers in me and I peer through the door crack
> See him lathering his body in soap
> His body is stocky and hairy and not my type at all but I'm mesmerised
> Look down at his cock and it's risen half mast
> No more than five inches, thick, cut, bending down slightly with a full bush
> He soaps down to his cock and starts stroking
> Now he's fully hard and stroking himself
> He looks up from his cock at the door
> His face goes from pleasure to horror
> Fuck, he's caught me perving
> Run into another stall and quickly turn the water on
> Hear Josh come out of cubicle and leave the building
> Head back to our campsite and he won't look at me
> When he does, it looks like he wants to confront me but not cause a scene
> Tell everyone I'm going to bed early
> Fall asleep desperately afraid of Josh bashing my head in during the night
> Wake up the next morning not dead
> Dad suggests us men should all go fishing
> Me, dad, Josh and his dad head to a secluded river spot
> Find myself looking at Josh differently now
> Can't keep the image of him jerking in the showers out of my head
> Have to keep pushing my boners down/into the waistband
> Josh won't even look at me today and it's making me feel sick
> Later that day the two dads suggest we head back to camp
> Josh says he's going to stay
> Dad says I have to stay too because of safety in numbers
> Fuck this couldn't get worse
> Half an hour passes and Josh says he's getting hot and takes off his shirt
> I notice the waistband of his shorts dips below his pubes
> He catches me looking
> Josh says he saw someone looking at him in the showers last night
> I get nervous and say that's crazy
> He laughs and steps over to the rock I'm sitting on
> He tells me he knows it was me watching
> I don't say anything, looking to the river instead trying to plan an escape
> He stands behind me and places his hands on my shoulders
> He rubs my neck a little
> My cock is now diamonds but I know I can't touch it because he'll see I’m into this
> Josh takes his hands off my shoulders and I hear his pants slide down
> Before I can say anything he's back to rubbing my shoulders
> Now I feel his hard cock prodding me from behind
> I'm in shock and don't know what's going on so I just look at the river
> Josh bends over and lifts my shirt over my head
> Then he rubs hands down my body and places his hand on my cock
> He says that's a good sign and moves me with his hands
> I twist around and see he's sitting naked behind me
> Cock fully hard begging to be touched
> Josh gently pushes my head from behind forcing me onto his cock
> I take it and feel his thickness fill my mouth with his meat
> I start bobbing my head and bring my hands up to cup his small hairy balls
> He never takes his hand off the back of my head
> Sometimes he pulls me in close to 'deepthroat' but he's not that big
> Feel his cock punch the back of my throat when it's done right
> After a while he pulls my head back and tells me to lay down on my front
> Do as he says and lay on the warm rock
> He pulls my pants down just below the ass cheeks
> Tells me not to make too much noise
> I'm an idiot and think he's going to rim
> Feel a cold liquid on my asshole
> He mounts me and starts sliding in
> It hurts like hell being caught between him, his thickness and this rock
> Start to resist and ask him to stop
> He pulls out, says nothing and puts more lube on
> Ask him again to stop because it's so uncomfortable
> He pushes through a second time ignoring me
> He slips in the head and I shout loudly
> Josh whips his hand around my mouth and tells me to shut it
> He takes his cock out saying he loves it tight
> Again, ask him to stop but he ignores
> He's opened me up now and slides in with less difficulty
> His thick cock is busting my asshole
> But once I get over the pain I start liking it
> Or maybe that was oxygen deprivation because his hand is tight around my mouth
> He pounds me breathing heavily into my ear
> Feel him shoot his load inside after a minute or two and he takes himself off me
> I'm dazed and he rolls me over pulling out my cock
> Before I can ask what he's doing, he lubed up my dick and slipped his fingers inside my hole
> Now he's jerking me off and rubbing my prostate
> I cum so hard it hits him in the face
> He scoops up my jizz and puts his fingers in my mouth
> I can't believe I'm lying on a rock, fingers in my ass, sucking my cum off Josh's fingers
> We clean up and head back to camp
> Josh forced himself on me several times after, but it was never as good as the first time
Who brings lube to a fishing trip?
Horney fishermen?
I was just as confused. He had it in his pocket, so I guess he brought it for the week
It was the US, just at a college party, not like a formal establishment.
>be me
>20yo faggot college student
>get invited to a friends parrents cabin for a 3 days to celebrate his birthday
>just a group of friends
>the second night his little brother also came
>evening proceeds quite normaly everyone gets drunk
>lil bro being kinda flirty droping innuendos and stuff, thinknothing of it jus being a brat
>at about 2am its just me and the lil bro awake
>hes now openly flirting with me, puts his hand on my crotch and straight up asks me to fuck him
>im drunk and horny and he is skinny and kinda cute so I agree
>tell him he has to suck me first because vodka dick
>he does and defdinetly knows what he is doing
>he gets me hard, we move to a bedroom and he goes on all four
>i pop my cock in his ass
>im not too gentle because Im drunk and horny
>i push his face down into the bed so he stays quiet
>he squirms a lot at first and I slow down untill he stops
>when I feel him relax, I go to town on his ass and just pound away untill I cum
>i pull out and leave him there with an ass full of cum
>go to bed and when I get up he is gon back home

>mfw when I find out he was 15 and not 17 as I thought

>mfw when he texts me "thanks for the fun daddy, lets do it again"

never do it again tho, been a couple of uears and from what I hear he is still a brat that fucks around conatantly.
Story of the double teaming please
Nice. Where was your friend during all that?
How do you get in that position without being extremely uncomfortabl or having your nuts or the base of your cock hurt like hell?
You never know if you're gonna want to fuck a fish.
>is summer 2 years back
>me, fwb and a bunch of other friends went to a dnb festival
>go there, meet up with another group of friends and set up our thents
>in the group of friends there is one cute guy, lets call him M
>blonde, skinny kinda fem
>so anyways first night nothing much happened, drugs, alcohol and dnb, standard fest fare
>second day we are at the main stage and it starts to rain kinda unexpectedly
>emost people say fuck it and go hide in their tents because rain and mud
>me, fwb and M end up in my tent
>anyhow we are not gonna let a little rain spoil all the fun so we each have some molly and listen to some music
>we are all rolling and talking shit as you do and me and fwb are kinda getting handsy but we dont want to make M uncomfortable
>talk turns to sex and M fesses up that hes been curious for a long time
>we ask him if he wants to watch us make out and he does
>we make out and grope each other in front of him and he likes it
>me and fwb both thake 10mg cialis because pill dick and he asks if he could suck us off
>of course we agree and takenour pants off
>he grabs our cocks one in each hand and starts giving a meh blowjob, but gets better as we coach him
>after a while Im fully hard and move to his ass, he is still sucking fwb's big cock and doesnt seem to mind when I oil up my fingers and thart working his ass
>he moans squietly as I work more and more fingers in his ass and play with and stretch his hole
>after a while I oil up and slowly work my cock in his ass
>he says it hurts but tells me to keep going
>I slowly push all the way in and start to slowly fuck him
>he is on all four sucking fwb's cock and me slowly picking up speed
>soon im just going to town on his ass and pushing his head on fwb's cock as he is moaning.
>after a while I have to pull out and we switch places, he starts sucking me off and fwb starts fucking his ass
>fwb is a bit over 8 inches so its tougher going but he takes it quite well

>Hes gotten a lot better at sucking cock in those few minutes and im trying to choke him a little woth my cock
>it goes on like thos for a while
>we switch positions a few times
>I suck him off for a bit
>we try to DP him but we cant fit both and he says it hurts too much
>We switch positions a few times untill finaly fwb cums in his ass and I in his mouth (he swallowed the champ)
>after that we end up curdling untill morning we wake up in the morning and I suck M and fwb off and swallow the loads.

All in all pretty awesome, he took it like a champ
Isn't combining molly and cialis really dangerous? Like causes your blood pressure to drop really low or something like that?

Uh....I'm a bi man who's 32 and I almost certainly prefer partners of both sexes in the late 20s and older. Even young 20's look like children to me and doesn't do much for me.
Ah yes combat hyperbole with anecdotes, great stuff internet
Not really
Drugs are for losers, I’m not some straight edge freak but anyone that thinks you need drugs to have a good time or enjoy an activity is mentally unstable
Is that you or him in the pic
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