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File: 2000x2000.c.jpg.jpeg.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
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Has covid killed these wonderfully fun spots?
File: 565_1000.jpg (39 KB, 800x546)
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I'm planning on heading to our local porn shop with an arcade in the back. There are two booths connected by a gloryhole, I've enjoyed sucking and being sucked through it. I just wish the hole was bigger, my dick barely fits and I love having my balls licked/sucked.
File: 1584368375024.jpg (135 KB, 683x1024)
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File: 1588525491162.gif (665 KB, 500x384)
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I really want to go to one, but im too paranoid that I would be filmed, so that cancels the out desire I get each time I want to go.There are so many guys who have hidden cameras, and with every gay having a twitter account for their sex exploits its worse than ever. Even if they didn't show my face, and only had my cock, it still freaks me the fuck out.

While its better being gay now, a part of me wishes I was around 20 years ago when you could go cruising/ go to glory holes without the fear of some fag videoing you.

I like both the anonymous factor of glory holes, the fact most guys who do them will drop everything and suck a dick straight away - always on call pretty much, and that they are only focusing on getting you off; no small talk or having to pretend to be interested in the bottom which is just what you want sometimes.

So yeah, super hot fantasy, but doubt Ill ever actually do it.
Agree, I'm also very worried about diseases that you can come into contact with, but I think that everyone knows about this risk factor
Yeah, see that doesn't factor in it at all for me, but I get how it would for some. A guy with a glory hole probs has a greater chance of being a carrier of STDs (orally) than some random guy who you ask to give you a normal BJ off grindr as they are probably sucking more dicks than them.
File: 1586301650427.jpg (47 KB, 1024x768)
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The cock of my dreams
i can't wait for the vaccine
Yeah, what is the deal with the small holes? There can't be any benefit to the store owner. I also hate the holes that are designed for tall guys.
I'm making my own out of cardboard while my city is closed down. Grindr is bursting with guys who need to empty their nuts and I'm going to drain a thick one
How would I go about getting straight guys online back to my homemade gloryhole?
File: 1584837626813.jpg (820 KB, 1820x1608)
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820 KB JPG
Why would people who actively seek these out despite of aids be afraid of covid?
It’s extreeeeemly unlikely you would get aids from having your dick sucked.

And completely unlikely if you are on prep which most gays in big cities are.
.if you are on prep which most gays in big cities are
Bullshit, they say they are, but in reality most gays can't afford PREP. To hear some of you talk about it, it's like it's falling out of the sky.
Sorry, im in NZ and its free......

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