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Can we get a kink greentext story thread going?

BDSM, cucking, race play, fisting, diapers, piss, scat, leashes, pain, feet, and anything else.
Tell us your dirtiest stories, all welcome!
Nobodies having kinky sex?
I wish
Last night I met with a guy so I could tie his ankles to the bed and tickle his feet for an hour. That was alot of fun. For me just, I don't think he was having much fun.
Nice, it's always been my dream to find a guy willing to do this, but with the addition of foot worshipping
Well I did worship his feet at the end just to close the session down.
Very hot. Tickling is a great fetish that I wish more people were into!
Whole heartedly agree. I find a lot of guys enjoy some aspect of it after it's all done. I have some guys who come back for it every now and then.
I used to know a guy who liked to get fisted. I frequently jacked off inside him.
Story time?
any race play stories?
Not a fan of cickling, but this sounds like fun !
not very dirty but i get hard thinking about it
>18 and openly gay to friends
>i don’t smoke a lot but mate wants me to smoke up with him
>fuck it
>one of his other friends come along
>ripping bongs having good time
>i can’t keep up so i’m zoned out whole time
“boys let’s go to 7-11”
>on walk to sevvy levy
>long walk and i’m wearing sweatpants, ass is on full display
>other friend starts making jokes about my ass and calls me a femboy
>instantly hard
>we get back from 7-11 and we go inside
>i go to rip another cone but i’m way too fucked
>trip and cone piece falls out
>friends friend gets kinda mad
>i apologise heaps
“sorry it just fell out idk idk”
>turns to me and says
“it’s okay, anon, we can just hang bang you for dropping it”
>constant jokes all night about having there way with me and raping me

prolly a shit greentext. idc
>Me: 19-year-old at the time
>Have a major Daddy kink, into BDSM
>Meet a sexy older man online
>Him: 48, husky, furry Dom
>Meet up with him, we click
>In the following days, he asks if he can call me "Casey," the name of his son who is a couple of years older than me
>We begin this casual Daddy/son relationship
>He fucks me talking about how it's his "right to fuck the hole he created"
>Introduces me to watersports, I start getting drenched in and drinking his piss every session
>He was into wrestling singlets and liked to dress me in them and then spank me in the backyard
>We started going out in public roleplaying him being my dad, then he'd kiss me or get physical
>Lasted for 7-8 months

(Just because I'm sure people will ask, it ended because I caught feelings, but he wasn't wiling/able to commit to emotions.)
>get new friends when I go to college in my hometown at 17
>meet a fluffy blond twink with glasses at a Halloween party (5'7 , I'm 6'4")
>learn he had a bf a few months ago from his friends
>I ask him to hang out often and we get along
>start buying his food and opening doors for him
>he doesn't get it at first but he stops fighting it
>we're moving a friend in at the beginning of second semester and he can't lift something
>I say "don't be such a silly little boy" remembering it from that famous greentext
>he gets hard and later during the day he accidentally pushes his ass onto my hips
>we had been making some gay jokes at this point so I grab his hips and grind hard for a second
>we have a talk afterwards and start dating, he's into bdsm but his previous and only bf was very vanilla
>eventually I'm slapping, jabbing, throwing and choking him
>6/10 body, 10/10 attitude
>we do watersports and chastity, but never for more than an hour or two

We're still dating 14 months later, we're moving in together this summer. We do daddy stuff but he's 4 years older than me, we're openly dating and he's too autistic and shy to cheat

We do alot of after care now, he cried one time and I felt like shit.
>Be me, asian twinkish top, 27
>Be sexfriend with a barely legal twink, long blond hair, somehow his voice is still racking
>Glorious long dick
>Absolute foot slut, loves to suck on my toes and lick my soles, begs me to not change socks for days before
>Go on Grindr, set up a threesome with another guy, also a total bottom
>Fancy place
>early 30s and looks younger, nicely toned, has a REALLY big dick
>Like, 22 cm and thick as hell
>Everyone turns into cock-hungry whores, sucking and asslicking intensifies
>At one point, I'm sitting on the couch, host is deepthroating me, my legs on his shoulders, twink is hugging him from behind and licking my toes, prodding his hole
>When I'm close, host takes me by the cock to the bathroom and begs for a golden shower
>Cum all over him and rinse
Felt pretty degenerate, not gonna lie.
We tried to do it again yesterday but schedules didn't line up.
He fucked my face for close to 30 minutes, guiding my throat up, down, up, down on His long, gorgeous monster cock. He loved holding my face all the way down His cock, making me gag repeatedly, and then having me lick up my disgusting fag spit.

After using and abusing my sore esophagus, He graced my bruised throat with His delicious and magical cum. It tasted like heaven, and it reminded me of the truth that my only purpose in life is to be used as a hole, a toy for the pleasure of superior men.
I like how the kinkiest part of this story is not the footplay or pissplay, but it's the fact that 2 hung white dudes were into a twinkish asian "top". Now that's a rare kink.
This was about 10 years ago now, I was 19 and he was 21.
>meet guy just my type, big doe eyes, tall, skinny, etc
>he wants me to do rapeplay with him
>as realistic as possible, beat him, force him down, all that
>he wants me to be so violent it's bananas, there's some shit i won't do and i tell him so
>anyway come to his house at arranged time
>hit him and beat him up, he ends up with a bloody nose
>fuck him on his floor while he looks up at me crying and telling me to stop
>end up fucking him with a baseball bat (his idea) for a few mins before he says safe word and i stop
>apparently that shit hurts (no kidding)
Really enjoyed it, once he got his bearings straight he told me he loved it too. Crazy guy. Have seen him lots and lots of times since but never got that nuts again.
Hot, tell us more stories with him
Ignore the green, not sure how that got in
Tell us more!

Used to meet this older man who would spank me. I entered his apartment, and chilled with him for a bit before he ordered me to go into his office. There I had to keep my hands in the air as he slowly undressed me. "All boys should be naked," he would say. All the time he'd caress my body before putting me in cuffs and enslaving me. Then I was ordered to stand in the corner as he prepared the next stage. He'd set up a chair, put out some spanking toys and then put me over his lap to spank me with his hand. Then I had to kneel on the chair with my ass sticking out so that he could paddle me or hit me with a cane. I had to choose. Then he would either tie me to the couch or the chair - again I had to choose. I had no choice in being blindfolded, fondled, hit with a riding crop, and having nipple clamps put on. After that, it was time to go into the bedroom, where he would tie me to the bed and perform all kind of perverted acts upon me, like rubbing his dick between my cheeks or playing with my hole. Finally, he would tie me in a hogtie position, roll me over and wank me off until I came. It was fantastic, every time. I have another story when we had a threesome if you want to hear.
Please tell
Holy fuck please go on anon
>be me
>19yo skinny fem bottom
>go to huge EDM festival
>get high on molly and GHB which turns me into a huge horny slut
>festival has ots onw chat app
>post my ass and there saying i want to get my holes destroyed
>get dozens of messages
>end yp sucking off like 1 guys and get double teamed 3 times
>ever since then i turn into a horny cumdumpste who meets with like 3 guys a week.
>currently there is this group of 3 blavk guys who run q train on my ass at least once a week, but am thinkingnof finding a second group to use me as their cumtoy.
Go on
Getting rammed by those black guys must have made you an idiot cause you sure type like one
So I always told him I was interested in a threesome, and asked if any of his other boys were interested too. Eventually he found a match. The horny thing about it was our meeting would also be our first (and as of now, last) BDSM encounter. The three of us chilled for a bit, everyone being awkward as hell, before the master ordered us into his office. It was the same set up as before, except I stood in the corner as the other 'boy' was cuffed, stripped and enslaved. He then had to join me as the master took his clothes to another room. There was something so hot about seeing this guy humiliated, someone I had just met, until it was my turn. We were both his slaves now. This time he set up three chairs, and put many toys out. Then he tie would tie one of us up to the chair, gagged, and with clamps on, forced to watch the other get a spanking over master's knee. It was amazing to be restrained as I was rock hard watching his ass go red as he flinched. When it was my turn, I got so turned on by this wild look in his eyes, his dick twitching as he watched my punishment. Then we had to kneel on the chairs and stick our butts out, as before. He left the room and we giggled to each other, both enjoying the horniness and sheer randomness of it. It was fucking great hearing him getting hit with the cane and waiting for my turn. The sadism was another level, especially when I counted wrong, getting an extra punishment hit as he laughed at me. We tied each other to the chairs again, performing edging and blowjobs. I enjoyed it too much and the master had to pull me away because I didn't notice the other 'boy' was about to cum, due to him being gagged. Then because I was the youngest, I was blindfolded, legs chained together, and the two of them led me into the bedroom to be tied to the bed. We both took turns in the hog tie position, performing all sorts of perverted shit on each other, before we came, awkwardly cleaned up and got dressed and never spoke again.
you are responsible for those you domesticate

-lil prince-

>23, subby bottom, crashing with 22 bf for the summer
>blowjobs most mornings, smoke pot and fuck most evenings
>sometimes have no pot
>hurts more without pot
>use more lube so it doesnt hurt, but bf says its not as good for him
>bf uses less lube, start fighting him off until he uses more lube
>starts tying me up so i cant fight, gagging me so i cant say no
>hate it when it happens, but love the feeling when he cums inside me and cuddles and kisses me after
>sex gets kinkier
>more bondage and gags, even when high
>morning blowjobs turn into morning facefucks
>one day am tied to the bed all day while bf is at work
>bf gets home, gets high, fucks my face, cums
>drags me to bathroom, douche, back into bed, tied up, then fucks me
>bf was high, i was sober
>still pretty hot
>bf wants to get rougher
>bf wants to spitroast and dp me
>friday night, we get high, have sex
>go to bedroom, get tied up, have more sex
>doorbell rings, bf leaves
>guy comes in, bf takes him into other room and gets him high
>some time passes, still tied up on bed
>finally comes into bedroom with friend and bong
>hit the bong, feel like im gonna pass out
>friend brought ratchet gag and bucket
>bf pulls me up by hair and friend puts the ratchet gag on me
>friend holds my head over the bucket
>bf fuck my ass and friend fucks my face
>friends dick is bigger than bfs
>can deepthroat bfs, but friends makes me puke
>throw up over friends dick and into bucket
>friend doesn't care
>puking stops after a while
>bf says he needs to stretch me more
>puts thumb in ass while fucking me
>it hurts but feels so good
>keep feeling like im passing in and out of conciousness

>facefuck stops
>ratchet gag taken off
>given bong to hit
>regular gag goes on
>friend slides under me
>bf sits me on friends cock
>friend starts to fuck me
>bf pushes me down onto friend
>slides his cock in
>even weed doesnt numb the pain
>start to cry
>friend jokes to bf that im crying
>bf laughs and says i do it all the time
>goes on for what feels like hours
>bf finally cums and pulls out
>friend then cums and pulls out
>pushed onto my side as friend climbs off the bed
>bf doesnt cuddle me
>leaves with friend to smoke more
>hear them laughing in the other room
>bf and friend keep coming back one at a time and fucking me
>sometimes bring me a bong to hit
>friend stays the night
>wake up a few times to find one of them fucking me
>friend is gone when i finally wake up
>bf makes me coffee
>not sure if i enjoyed the night
>missed the cuddles
>bf stopped cuddling me after sex from then on
>moved back home a few weeks later
>split up a few months after that
>took over 5 years to recover and start dating again
This! Born to please the white man
I am sorry.
I hope you're doing well.
I think safe word are important to avoid those kind of situations.
>bf stopped cuddling me after sex from then on
Maybe he's high again.
Are you me? Lol
Nah, you're just based
I wish you had yelled at him "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING RAPIST!!! ROT IN HELL I DIDN'T CONSENT TO YOUR FRIEND YOU LEFT ME FOR HOURS!!" as soon as he took off the gag and bonds and I would have left and blocked

Real sorry it turned out bad :/

I'm gonna say something really fucking dumb, though: seeing things turned out wrong like this kinda makes it better to read, because then I don't walk away feeling jealous of you, which I was starting to
tell us more stories a out first sex, first sex chating in public, how people reacted? MORE SEX STORIES
I’m 6’7 and I have a thing for little black and asian twinks. Love being called a colonizer as I fuck their little holes. Especially when they tell me to colonize them with my white seed.
Love when they beg to be used as practice before I go on to knock up their sisters daughters and mothers. They beg to take care of my babies. and eventually their brain gets so fried they want to be the ones having my white sons. Usually ends with me telling them I’m going to make their race extinct while calling them slurs and cumming hard enough to make them feel nice and knocked up.
Forgot to reply to you see post>>2217397
That’s funny I love doing the opposite with mostly white femboy and some taller trans women. Some escorts but mostly ones I find on Grindr or wherever.

Love to imagine, me this Mexican guy with an average dick who has probably two bastard kids out there, is fucking this ‘male’ and stuffing my cock in their mouth and using them as my pleasure tool. Imagining their male grandparents and ancestors who worked so hard from England or Germany or wherever 300 years ago. Found and died for this little fucktoy to get abused by some guy for a couple shekels or free weed. When I cum in their ass, or like the last time; I was fucking their face so hard that my dick popped out and huge glob went in their nostril. Love it.
File: 7.jpg (43 KB, 904x600)
43 KB
This is the best thing as a gaysian bottom. When an ultra chad is fucking me raw with his BWC and grabs my hair, spits at my face, and gets up close and whispers that he'll blow his superior seed into my chinese cunt and get me pregnant, my little asian dick immediately dribbles my load out.
Met a guy in college. We ended up at his apartment, and we started messing around. He told me he would give me the best blowjob ever if I would let him fuck me. I agreed and he proceeded to work my cock like a pro. It didn't take too long and I shot all my cum into his willing mouth.

It was now his turn and he had about an 8" cock so he said he wanted to loosen me up a little with his fingers. OK, I thought. He put in one, then another, and next thing I knew he was pushing his whole hand into my ass. It hurt big time! But I let him continue. Once it slipped in he pulled his fist in and out a few times, then he started fucking me with his nice cock.

At the end, he pulled out, ripped off his condom and gave me a facial. We were friends with benefits for two more years, and he fisted me every week or so.

Not sure if that is really kinky, but it makes me hard thinking about it.

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