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Haven't seen a Story thread in a while.
Post your first time stories or any experince for that matter. Bonus points for bathhouses or gangbangs
OP here, first time.
>Be horny and 19 wanting to bottom
>Get on Grindr and swear to follow through this time
>Chatting up a few guys
>Most seem kinda sketchy
>Find a guy not too far that seems to be nice
>Hes 30+ Hikes and looks like a bulky bearish type
>Says he can't really host
>Please cos I can't
>Says ok and come on over
>Get Uber there
>Looks like his pic but older and fatter
>Don't care
>Get inside
>Oh god now I see why he didn't want to host
>Horder and dirty ass fucking house
>Standing in lounge room
>comes up real close and starts rubbing me through my pants
>Tell him its my first time so no idea what im doing
>Actually respects that and says we can just wank each other or chill
>Agree to the wank
>Go to his room
>Upstairs is really fucking dirty
>mold on walls and the bathroom looks like no ones cleaned it in a decade
>Sit on his bed
>He sits next to me and pulls his pants down
>I pull off mine
>We both lie back and start slowly stroking eachother
>Hes smaller than me
>Tells me I wank really good
>Speed up a bit for him
>Hes panting
>I'm kinda leaking and not too into it cos nerves
>He gets a better grip on my cock and it starts to feel good
>Go on for about 5 minutes
>I'm about to cum
>Grabs old shirt he uses as a cum rag off the floor
>I cum a pretty decent amount
>I clean myself up and continue wanking him
>I can't get him to cum though
>He asks me to piss on him
>Uh nah sorry mate don't need to piss rn
>Keep tugging and eventually he cums
>I get my stuff ready and he puts pants back on
>Head home after feeling kinda filthy
Wished I got on my knees and sucked him till he busted down my throat.
>be me
>at high school party
>playing in 7 minutes in heaven
>pretty much 50/50 boys and girls
>my turn
>I get guy from higher grade, its also first time when 2 guys were locked
>Me - skinny, nerdy, blonde. Not anti-social, noone likes him kid. Just quiet, having few close friends kid.
>He - jocky, tall, black, cute hair.
>in any other situation I wouldn't be able to talk to him or even initiate conversation
>neither could I now, so it's great that he did.
>we start making out. He was touching my butt, I kept my hand under his shirt
>he felt that. Ask me if I want to show it
>I'm horny and EXTREMELY HARD. Guess what I did
>he kneel and start blowing me. That's not only my first kiss bit also my first blowjob
>time out. Doors open
>He quickly stand up and walked of the closet (lol)
>everyone saw my DIAMOND HARD COCK
>Weirdly I never been bullying for that. But that guy had to change school next semester.

I posted that first on seduction threat. But that's better place for my story.
>be me
>post on Craigslist a few years back looking to be used
>random 38 yr old black guy gets back too me he has a huge thick 8.5” cock
>we have nowhere to hose so he picks me up & we drive around in his car while I just suck him off
>I wanted his cock in me & he wanted my ass so bad I rode him in the drive seat in a Walmart parking lot for 5 mins or so & we both got paranoid but fuck it felt good sitting on that huge thick cock & taking it fully that I wanted more
>we continue to drive he’s facefucking me while he’s driving & I puke a little bit all over his cock & pubic region
>I felt really bad & stupid & he forced me to lick it all up which I of course had to & did only thing I regrets having to do here lol

>we find someone’s business industrial lot where no traffic could see us
>I hope out the car with shorts down to my ankles & as well as him
>I get bent over the car hood & he practically went to work on my hole for a good 6 mins I was also extremely paranoid someone would pull up like a cop or that the business had cams that could see us
>I’m getting railed harder & harder I love it & feel my ass completely getting gaped he goes so hard at one point I start telling him to stop but he said he was about to blow
>proceeds to blow load right up my ass we quickly get in the car & I just feel his load leaking out of my butthole

9/10 one of the best experiences ever & I really want another huge thick black cock in my tight white ass I fucking loved being used like that
>Freshman year of college
>Kind of drunk
>Horny as fuck, I just need a cock in my mouth
>Post on craigslist m4m section
>Include my phone number in my post
>Bombarded with calls from older men
>Fuck yeah, I love this
>Respond to a random one
>Tell him my address
>Some sort of middle eastern man
>Picks me up in his car
>I rub his cock while he drives to a secluded place
>He parks
>Takes his cock out
>Average length, thick girth, uncut
>Slide his cock into my mouth, tasting his precum
>Super sloppy deepthroating
>Too drunk to care, my slobber is dripping down his balls
>He doesn't care either, he's pushing my head down on his cock
>He reaches into my loose shorts and rubs my asshole
>Pushes my head all the way down, cums right into my throat
>Drives me back to my dorm and drops me off
>I go back to my room feeling like a piece of meat

God damn I love being a slut
>Wished I got on my knees and sucked him till he busted down my throat.
no his cock would have probably been disgusting, desu dirty people like that arent worth the experience
>be me, senior year high school
>skinny, 5'8 twinky build
>be gay but also autistic so no BF
>at a party having OK time
>this hunky looking guy might be flirting with me but might just be being nice, again am clieless so IDK
>at one point am playing beer pong, am shit at it because drunk
>hunk guy comes behind me and grqbs me by my hips
>no anon you have to stand like this he sorta moves me into a "better" position
>can feel him grope my ass as he does this
>I guess he was flirting then
>I lose the game despite the "help"
>flirt with the hunk a bit more
>hey anon I wanna show you something
>I hope I know where this is going so yeah
>we go to an empty room
>he just pulls his pants down
>I stare for a bit at the comicaly large penis that pops out
>"umm anon, you want to. . ."
>yes I do
>get on my knees and go to work
>can put both my hands on it and the head still pokes out
>its just about as thick as I could fit in my mouth
>good thing I liked to suck on my toys a lot
>go down on him, sucking and gagging myself, taking as much of him as I can
>Im on my knees , hom sitting on a chair, one hand on my head, the other playing with my ass
>hes making encouraging noises, pushing my head down a bit
>my jaw hurts but I dont care, enjoying this too much
>after a while I can feel him tense up
>"anon im gonna . . ."
>I pull him out of my mouth and stick out my tongue
>I pump his long shaft like twice with my hand and he sprays a big, warm sticky load all over my face
>I swallow what I can and lick his cock clean
>after that we cuddle a bit and he jerks me off

Ive been his personal cocksleeve for a few years after that.
Please post more
How do you find old greentext stories? There's one in particular I'm looking for but Google hasn't turned up anything.
describe it and either someone saved it or the writer can post it again.
File: 1591034432766.webm (2.92 MB, 720x1272)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
>be me 18
>at a party
>the girls at this party know im bi and invited a gay guy
>practically trying to get us to hook up all night
>play 7 minutes in heaven
>i land on the gay guy
>it's akward for a minute
>decide to break the silence with a joke
>pretned to undo my belt
>he rushes over and unbuckles my belt and takes it out
>become rockhard
>he starts sucking
>feel his teeth a bit but otherwise feels good
>the girls knock on the door
>quickly do up my belt
>the girls laugh and shout "oh my god"
>later that night everyone is about to get too sleep
>whisper in the guys ear "go to the toilet when everone is asleep"
>i reach into his pants a jerk him off a bit
>we go to the toilet, and start other again
>this time we get completely naked
>i then say "want to have sex"
>he nods
>i look around the toilet for something to use as lube
>find vasoline
>cover my dick in vasoline
>slide a blob of vasoline in his asshole and spread it around
>slide my dick in
>pump once
>"OW OW stop!"
>i exit him
>"i think im bleeding" he says
>"no you're not" i reply
>"ah ok, i think im gonna go bed now"
>he leaves and i finish my self off
god that night pissed me off so much
It was a story about a bi guy who went out to a bar with his sister. They got picked up by 2 black guys, who took them back to a hotel room and fucked them side-by-side. The sister reaches out to grab her brother's hand while her man cums in her, and then the other guy cums in the bro's ass.
That sounds hot.
Sure, but idk, what you wanna hear about?
>be 18 living in suburbs
>Never done anything with a guy
>Make Grindr late at night
>Chat with a couple guys
>Find a chill guy in his mid 20's and agree to meet up
>Neither can host so we agree to go to park in town
>Show up and greet each other awkwardly, slowly start walking in direction of wooded area while chatting
>He stops and pulls down his track pants
>Out pops a really long uncircumcised cock
>Get down on me knees in front of him and start stroking him
>starts getting a little hard so I put the tip in my mouth
>Get more comfortable so I start bobbing back and forth a bit as I'm stroking
>He's now fully hard and probably 9" but not too thick
>Get more into it and start trying to do a bunch of stuff, lick his balls, deepthroat him
>No idea if I'm doing a good job but he doesn't seem to mind
>Keep at it for a few minutes and hear him whisper that he's close
>Keep sucking until I feel the first shot of cum shoot into my mouth
>Slow down and slowly jerk him as he blows the rest of his load
>be me
>23 year old bi male
>loves to fuck married bi males
Dont get after me for that, its fun
>gets on grindr and gets a message from a guy.
” wifes gone, wanna come over!”
”fuck yea, 20 minutes”
>pulls up fhe driveway
>gets told to meet in trailer
>goes inside and finds a muscular hairy ass
>begins to eat his ass and stroke his dick
“ fuck, fuck me please”
>lubes up and goes at it
>cums deep in his ass
“ flip over”
>he flips over, i suck him
“Fuck im gonna cum!”
>has him shoot in my mouth
>snowballs load
>drives by next day and see’s the state trooper car outside and the guy i rammed getting out of it

If i could do it again… fuck yea i would
College senior tired of not getting laid decides to hop on grindr.
Find a bbc at a hotel looking for a bj
i remember being horny/nervous as hell knocking on a hotel door
Nerdy black guy with long dreads answers
We makeout in the dark for a minute and next thing i know he's fucking my face

Remember him saying "OH YOU LOVE IT " while his dick was in my throat
So fucking hot. I think about it every day

Met my girlfriend the next weekend lmao
Fuck yeah a story thread they're the best
Be patient, English is not my native language
> Be me, 19, average build, slim, not much muscels, attending university, rooming with a buddy
> We've been pretty open to each other, knew about each others sex life and had seen each other nude.
> This happened about 4 months ago
> No parties due to covid
> One evening just roomie and me, a bit 420, a bit beer
> We played some card games
> Don't know how it happened, but eventually we were playing for a forfeit:
> Loser had to join menchats.com with cam and had to perform what others online tell him
> Yeah, I lost.
> So I joined the site. Roomie, too, but without cam and of course out of sight of my cam, but still able to read my monitor
> Turned off the mic
> Roomie told me to stay in the main room, so more guys could watch
> After just a minute he asked in public if I was following orders, which I answered with "yes"
> A guy named Master9999 or such approached me, a guy in his late 30th.
> A small conversation, so he knew I was rooming with a buddy but all alone this evening and not into too kinky stuff.
> Asked if I fantazise about roomie (roomie was laughing and told me to say "yes" so I did)
> M then told me to start stripping.
> T-shirt first, present my body, flexing
> Got me attention in the main room, but roomie told me just to listen to M
> M made me pinch and twist my nipples til they were hard.
> By that time my dick went diamonds already
> Then M ordered me to drop my pants.
> I did slowly: unbuckling the belt, opening the buttons, then turned around to reveal my undie-cladded ass, dropping my pants, stepping out and turning again to present my tented front
> Now just in white crew socks, a blue checkered boxer brief and mask and cap to protect my face
> M told me to grab a used undie or sock of my roomie and sniff it.
> Roomie was chuckling, he thought this fucking funny.
> He took of a sock and tossed it in the room, so I could "go an and find one".
> I had about 35 watchers, guess that's a lot on this site.
> So I was groping my boner inside my undies while sniffing roomie's still warm sock (actually smelling not too bad)
> Eventually M told me to drop my undies.
> I turned again, slowly pulled my undies down, presenting my ass, then puuled it completly off.
> Turned again, but pressed the undie into my crotch
> M wanted me to reveal my junk, to which I obeyed
> A lot of "Yessir!"s all the time
> Next I had to show my hole, bending over, spreading my cheeks
> Then I gave a close view of my dick. I'm uncut and can pull my foreskin over my dickhead even when fully hard.
> So I covered and uncovered my cockhead a few times.
> M made me sit on my chair, raising my legs with my socked feet and show my hole in a really humiliating fuck-me-position.
> I did.
> He ordered me to finger myself.
> I did.
> One, two, three fingers, just lubed with spit
> M asked me about toys.
> Told him I did not have any.
> Roomie told me I should mention the handle of the airpump of my bike.
> M appreciated my offer.
> So I got some vaseline, lubed up the handle, got back in position (feet on the table, hole spread), and started to fuck myself.
> By this time, roomie had dropped his pants, too, and had a wank.
> I was taking turns in
> ... wanking ...
> ... pinching my nipps ...
> ... squeezing my balls ...
> ... sniffing roomies sock ...
> ... sniffing my own socked feet ...
> ... fucking myself ...
> ... just as M ordered.
> I leaked precum like a faucet.
> M told me to put roomie's sock over my cock.
> I did, making it all wet with my precum, then pulled it off again.
> Eventually I was so close I needed to cum.
> So I asked M for permission, which he granted.
> One of the most intense orgasms I've ever had, shooting several loads of cum over my body, even hit the cap and my masked face.
> Pulled the handle out of my butt.
> (Roomie came buckets, too.)
> M said I was a good boy and I should contact him again (which I never did).
> We left the site, cleaned up, and I dressed again ... well just t-shirt and undies.
> Roomie said he had been impressed on how I did perform all tasks.
> He asked me how it felt with that handle up my butt and I told him to give it a try himself ;-)
> Bonus: He had recorded the whole session for me.
I'd recently moved to a new city, been broken up with my ex girl friend and wanted to try hooking up with guys.

So I went to a well known bath house a couple times. First off, highly recommend, I had a good time.

I really had a blast with hot sex with a Latino guy and having an audience. plus sauna fun
>be me 23, completely average apart from being young with juicy lips
>been watching more and more gay porn after having my first prostate orgasm a few months ago
>getting horny thinking about sucking a fat dick
>really horny one night, download grindr, orgasm looking at pics then uninstall grindr
>install/uninstall grindr multiple times over the span of a couple weeks
>finally get super duper horny but stop myself from cumming
>download grindr, find a fat daddy (kinda my type) with a very thick 6.5 inch dick
>ask him to come over
>he arrives and we start making out
>i feel his bulge and immediately get down on my knees
>very nervous, not good at opening pant from this angle
>he opens them and pulls out a smallish flaccid dick
>i think to myself 'shit, i've just been bamboozled. this fat fuck is now going to force me to suck his tiny dick'
>start sucking it, it starts getting bigger in my mouth
>start getting excited, it might actually be big
>gets difficult to fully fit in my mouth so I pull it out of my mouth
>fully erect fat daddy dick
>I instantly cream my pants and moan 'daddy' as I go back to sucking him off.
>he moves to the couch (more comfortable) and starts holding the back of my head
>get a bit nervous as I've never throat fucked a guy before.
>he starts getting more horny/confident, pulls my head into his dick
>im gagging and unable to breathe (not breathing through my nose because I'm an amateur)
>lets go of my head and I come up for air, his dick is completely coated with my saliva
>so fucking hot
>he calls me 'good boy' as I go down to suck his balls
>not big balls but I still licked them a bit
>started back on his dick and he stand up again, this time fully grabs my head and holds me in place as he fucks my mouth
>i start creaming my pants again as he ejaculates in my mouth
>I don't know what to do with it (again amateur and not wanting to swallow it)
>he leaves, then I spit out in sink.
Been wanting to suck another daddy ever since.
what makes this more fucked up is that my actual dad died a year ago, so this fantasy is really weird.
Hot story. Any chance to get to see that vid?
Haha, sorry, that's now exclusively on my computer. Even roomie did delete (and erase) it from his laptop.
>Married , closeted bi bottom
>Too paranoid to get fucked

Pure suffering
This happened about 10 years ago, when I lived in Brooklyn. I was a little drunk and very horny. I had been hit on by gay guys in the past, and although I didn’t consider myself gay there was something flattering about how forward/direct they could get. I was - and am - in very good shape.

I walked into an adult book store. I go in the back and there are several guys just standing around. I enter a video booth and the one next to me is immediately entered as well. I look through the glory hole and the guy - who is younger than me, in good shape and handsome - already has his mouth up near the hole. He’s licking his lips. I stick my dick through and he devours it. I cum in about 5 minutes and quickly leave.

I haven’t done anything like that since then, but I think about it obviously- hence me being here. I just love how cock hungry gay guys can get. If I were single and had less hangups Id experiment some more.
Used to post in the last story thread live updates of a guy who I went on a Grindr date with that turned into a serious relationship if anyone wants an update
Story of first bottoming experience
>be 22
>tall, thin, attractive. Roommate in college came out as gay and warped my whole perception on it
>start wanting to experiment
>chicken out on Craigslist multiple times
>one day I'm home from work, make a post and get a response from a huge black cock
>instantly hard, he sends me his address and I head over
>knock on the door, no answer, go back to my car
>about to leave but I go knock again
>large attractive daddy answers, immediately smiles and invites me in
>go downstairs to a dark room
>he drops his pants
>I saw I've never done this before
>he laughs and says, "well this isn't going to suck itself."
>I get rock hard and drop to my knees
>blowing the fuck out of him, it's big and it's my first time but I think he likes it
>after 10 minutes I ask if he's ready to do some work
>I bend over the bed, he puts a condom and lubes me up
>slips right in and fuck it hurt
>I'm not enjoying it but after 5 minutes of him pumping it feels great
>I get on top and ride him
>he gets on top and fucks me
>turns me around and get and really starts pumping
>as he blows his a load he goes balls deep and let's out a "fuck yeah, take it bitch"
>we clean up, tells me to come back anytime
>head home and furiously masterbate
>be 20
>Third year at U of I Chicago
>Had a few gay experiences (handjobs many times, a couple of blowjobs given & received)
>Met a guy at an afternoon party and ended up going back to his apartment for a beer.
>One thing led to another and we were both naked.
>He was sitting on the couch and I was kneeling and giving him a nice blowjob.
>He was really enjoying it and moaning.
>Hear a voice. One of his roommates came home.
>He asked if he could join, and the guy I was blowing said OK. I agreed.
>Next thing I knew I was getting fingered and then he disappeared and came back with some lube and a condom.
>Slid his dick into my ass (I had never been fucked before).
>Guy I was sucking said he was going to cum and then shot his load into my mouth.
>I started dripping precum.
>Came hands free. The guy fucking me pulled out, and ripped off the condom. I quickly turned around and got most his his load in my mouth.
>He asked if his friend could come over for a quickie. I agreed.
>The friend fucked me and the first guy sucked my dick at the same time. Was in heaven and came hard.
>The four of us got together quite often that year. I was the main bottom and cum slut, and I was OK with that.
>I get hard every time I think back on those sessions.
>Weirdly I never been bullying for that. But that guy had to change school next semester.
Yeah, I guess it's "less gay" to GET a blowjob than to GIVE one. Or maybe you just owned it better.

>be 19, tall, thin
>in Nola for 4th of July with some college buds
>5'10" blond, muscular guy gets high with one of the girls and they fuck all night
>Next morning wake up hungover in bed alone
>Guy walks out completely naked, has one of the nicest asses I've seen
>Notices me awake
>"Hey, crazy night huh?"
>"Yeah, just sorry I ended up alone"
>Offers to console me
>Comes into my room, closes the door behind himself
>I'm still laying in bed, his cock comes right up to my face
>Take him slow at first, then build up intensity
>Still jerk to the moans he made
>Eventually feel him pulse
>Not a huge load, so I swallow it all
>Gives me a kiss and walks back to his girl
Talk about the 2nd time you did stuff with him. Also I'd be interested in knowing when you two decided to regularly see each other and know what you two do to spend time.
i'll post my first time with my favorite fuck buddy/pretty sure soul mate if one day he realizes it

>be me, 21 and in college 300 miles from my hometown
>at the bar, it's closing time, not going home with anyone, not out at all yet so was trolling for girls
>guy from my home town comes up and sits next to me, has a drink for me in his hand
>asks if i'm leaving alone too
>we've really only hung out once or twice, not really friends in high school but friendly with each other
>joke around that yeah i struck out
>he invites me back to his place to play video games and keep drinking with his roommates
>agree, glad i have something to do, finish my drink and we start walking to his apartment
>along the way both roommates text and say they're not coming home
>to this day not sure if this was planned or not
>get there and start having a couple drinks and playing some games
>having a really good time, wondering why we didn't hang out in high school, decide to just ask him
>he says i was a jock and he was "too nervous and gay to approach him"
>we laugh about that, did not know he was gay
>play for a little longer
>he says that the loser of the next race has to get naked
>i have had some occasional gay thoughts but really have done a lot to repress them to that point, never tried anything with a guy, etc.
>that and the drinks make me stammer out some non-response
>he jokes and says "aw cmon anon i knew you were straight but didn't know you were square"
>he loses the next race
>he had changed into shorts and a t shirt when we got home and before i know it they're off
>not sure what to do because my immediate thought is fuck he's hot
>kind of slim but with a tiny bit of stomach, enough to look soft
>incredibly hips, thick ass, nice thighs
>must have stared for too long because he starts laughing and sits down
>first thought about his cock is that it's smaller than mine, pretty sure that's the straight brain working

>realize he's chuckling at me and looking for a response
>brain has melted so choke something out that i'm pretty sure was like "i uhh..i wasn't looking i was...i..."
>he laughs again and stops me, can't remember exactly what he said but something along the lines of it's ok if i'm looking and even if i'm interested, he wouldn't tell anyone, but if i'm not, he was just doing it as a joke and would put his clothes back on
>pause for a few seconds
>tell him to leave them off
>he smirks and sits on my lap
>i don't stop him
>play 2 more races before i'm like fuck it he's here, he's naked, my dick is about to bust through my pants, nobody's going to know, and if i don't like it i'll never do it again
>put the controller down and start rubbing my hands along his thighs
>after a little of me rubbing on him he spins so that his ass is in between my legs and pointing toward me
>i grap it, slap it, jiggle it, generally play with it for a little while
>he asks if i've ever done anything with a guy
>i tell him no and he says we'll start with something easy
>he turns around and gets on his knees between my legs
>soon pants are off and my dick is diamonds, harder than it's ever been
>suddenly dawns on me why being with women has been so difficult and awkward
>his lips get around the head of my dick and i'm in heaven
>he has since told me that by this point he was pretty experience and i could tell, i had only had a few blowjobs up to that point but this was easily the best
>he's paying attention to my balls, stroking me while he sucks, it's incredible
>have no idea how long he's sucking me but it's the best however many minutes of my life so far
>tells me briefly while it's out of his mouth to tell him when i'm going to cum and he has a surprise
>not long after that i tell him and he quickly stands up and turns around, thrusts his ass toward me so i'm erupting all over it
>a spank bank moment for me to this day
>he says i should stay the night
>i'm exhausted and it's 4 am and i'm drunk so i say sure
>he wears these tiny little underwear to bed after he cleans himself up
>we sleep, i wake up big spooning him, dick is hard
>just feels right, even though the shame/awkwardness of a first gay experience after thinking i'm straight for so long is still there, a weird feeling
>he makes a quick breakfast, i go home

that was 10 years ago. he was my first for everything in the book that you can think of. i'm out and gay now. we still meet up frequently to hang out and also to hook up. someday i will convince him to marry me.
Why do women act like that around gay bros
Because girls are just as rapey and horny as guys, they're just raised to be more devious and shitty about it
OC from tonight
>be me, 25 white slim hairy twink
>on grindr talking to headless torso
>he wants a bj but is at work.
>asks to meet me in a nearby parking lot
>get to the destination, text him
>2 minutes later a fucking cop car pulls up.
>cop gets out. Its the guy
>taller than i expected and hot af in uniform
>puts me in the back of the cop car
>drives back to a tiny station, just us there
>parks the car in the garage, we get out
>go to a really dark room, I can barely see
>he pulls down his pants, hes already hard
>i go to town on it. Start jerking myself too
>he came quick, i swallow it like the whore i am
>quickly zips up, brings me back to my car
>kinda hope I see him again

Let me know if i end up on xtube
>be me, early 20s, "str8", curious about sucking cock
>respond to a CL post after just learning about it
>found a not-fat guy, pretty important to me.
>says he's visiting from north of the city
>Arrange to meet him in a parking lot at night, and we drive to a quiet park I know.
>kinda hot because there are lots of houses in sight, but we find a secluded area.
>I get on my knees and he pulls out his cock
>kinda stunned like it's really happening, but start sucking.
>probably 7+" but really thin. Deepthroating is harder than the gifs make it look lol.
>he asks for a turn, and I get my cock out
>feels good but I'm not really into seeing a guys head around my groin that much. But feels good.
>switch a few times.
>ask him if he wants me to cum in his mouth, and he kind of stammers like "oh no...not.. I don't..."
>tell him it's cool, he can still finish in my mouth if he wants
>resume sucking him and pick up the pace
>his cock is really thin lol it just pokes the back of my throat, but not in a good way.
>feel him start cumming, new experience. Try really hard not to gag
>Not down to swallow at all - spit it in the bushes.
>He sucks me a bit more, and I jerk off in the bushes too lol.
>he asks me if I came, and I say "yeah"
>he responds "that's hot" or something. Don't care for that.
>we part ways and I walk home
>glad I got it done, but not like the best guy or best cock. Felt certain he was clean at least because he was so inexperienced.

Since then still "str8ish", had more meets, but much more selective, and more willing and able to deepthroat and swallow a large thick cock from time to time.

This seems like a really wholesome first time. Why haven't you ever opened up the possibility of getting into a relationship with him?
I did pretty early on, and he said that I’m great in a maybe someday type of way, but said he wasn’t really looking for that at the moment. I kind of left it alone because I like being his friend (even minus the sexual aspect we’ve become very close friends), and also frankly because I like the sexual aspect a lot. I will say it seems like that tide has turned a little lately. He’s been more touchy/cuddly even in non-sexual situations. Maybe I’ll test the waters again soon.

Well, I only know you two from what you've written but know there's someone from the other side of the world shipping you both.
Any more stories with your roomie?
Maybe him losing the cards game and performing on cam?
The second time we did things together was like 2 days afer the first time. We cjatted a bit and he asked me over to his place. I knew things were going to happen so I cleaned up and put a plug in.
I got to his place and wasnt long before I was on my knees trying to put as much of his cock down my throat as I could.
He sat on a couch and I kneeld in front of him, slowlu pushing my head down to the point where I would gag (which turned out to be on like inch 5 out of 9), hold ot there as long as I could and then pull out. He was really cute sorta groaning and helping me to deepthroat him (i.e pushing my head down and acting like he didn't). Felt really hot. After a while he told me to stop and we both got umdressed properly.

I got on all 4 with my legs spread wide on the couch and he chuckled and called me a slut when he saw the plug. He took it out and played with my ass a bit, fingering me and popping the plug in qnd out which just made me horny as fuck.
He grabbed some lube and smeared it on my ass, got behind me. I could feel the tip of his cock prod and press against my hole.
>"do you want this anon?"
I was losing my mind from horny at the point so obviously say yes
>"say please"
Fucker made me beg for his cock, after he did he pushed it in, hurt a little since he was pretty thick but only for a little while since I was pretty readied up.
He fucked me slow for a little while, could take just about his whole length apart from the last inch or so which hurt like hell. Hes fucking me with long even strokes and it feels incredible. He slowly picks up the pace untill he's jsut going to town on my ass, it hurts a fair bit since he's basically slamming me balls deep but I dont care, and he doesnt care it jsut feels right. He pushes me down so I have my face pressed down into the sofa while my ass is up. Hes hoing real hard, grunting and calling me a slut and that hes gonna cum in me, Idk what Im even saying at the point if anything.

Im just loving being manhandled and just fucked like a toy. A while later I cum the hardest I ever had in my life, shooting a big load all over the sofa and my face, he keeps going for a little while and then slams it in one last time and pumps a load deep in my ass. He stays like that for a bit and after he pulls out I can feel my ass gaping and cum leaking out.
After I take a quick shower and have to go to class.

We never really dated per se but we did fuck regularly for a few years. Thinking back I think he might have wanted to but it never was much more than a physical relationship which suited me fine. I enjoyed being dommed, shared and being a general slut and he deffinetly satisfied that. We still chat sometimes but he lives in the US now so not much stuffing going on.
Lol thank you!! Reading your comment and reliving and reminiscing on that first experience (among others that started floating around my head once I typed the story out) is giving me some serious courage. We’re supposed to go to bar trivia tonight and maybe I’ll work up the courage to ask about it.
tell us about it anon!
there are now many people shipping you two, the story has to continue
>be the story-teller
>15 at the time
>transfer to new high school
>sitting in the office with a 16-year old guy who also just transferred in
>chat and we hit it of
>lot in common. both nerds, scrawny, like basketball
>start hanging out a lot
>one day we're inside playing videos
>he mentions rumor that Jake (basketball center) fucked Anna (good looking classmate)
>tell him I'm surprised because I always thought Jake was gay
>he says maybe it's a rumor to cover his gayness
>I say that if I were gay I'd never mention it since back then being gay meant getting beat up in school
>he mentions he's been curious but yeah, he'd never mention it
>long silence
>"yeah, me too."
>we talk about it and decide we should try
>he says he'll go first and for me to drop my shorts
>I do and sit down and he gets between my legs
>takes my cock in his mouth and starts sucking
>feels pretty good as I get harder
>he's holding the chair arms so only his mouth is touching me
>after a while I tell him I'll try
>we exchange places
>his cock is larger than mine (maybe 6")
>I start sucking
>unlike him, I let my hands wander
>touch his thighs, hips, rub his chest under his shirt
>he's moaning softly
>keep sucking him as bust as I can since he's my first
>must be doing OK because he tells me he's going to cum soon
>I keep going
>suddenly he starts humping my face, holding the back of my head
>he groans and shoots in my mouth
>I swallow
>fuck that was nice
>we rest a minute and he starts blowing me again
>I help him by jerking off while he sucks and I cum in his mouth
>he chokes and spits it into a towel nearby
>we swear we'll never tell anyone
very hot... you still have contact with him? how long ago was this?
This was about 30 years ago. We played together for about three years but eventually went our own ways in life. Last saw him at our 10 year graduation party and we fooled around.
It actually went really well and I stayed over at his house (not unusual for us) and just got home. I asked if he wanted to get dinner this weekend and told him I wanted it to be a date and he said yes so we’ll see where it goes!

In the meantime if there’s any other stories you’d want to hear about or questions about us I can answer I’d be happy to!
>Or maybe you just owned it better.
I think it may have something to do with that HUMONGOUS ERECTION
Sorry, anon, that had been the only time we played for a dare doing stuff on cam. But after that we wanked together more often, even mutual. And sometimes I "borrowed" me a sock from him (when he was away ...) ...

hope so
What kind of a relationship did you guys have in high school? Did you become close friends right away or did it take a while? What’s your favorite sexual memory with him?
we didn't really interact in high school. we went to a pretty big school and just ran in completely different circles. we might have had one class together freshman year or something but other than that we just didn't see each other much at all. i was kind of a jock and hung around those kid and he was in that artsy theatre circle and we just didn't have a lot of overlap.

we started hanging out a lot right away but at first it was mostly purely sexual. i'd come over, we'd fuck around and i'd stay the night and leave. but eventually i think we noticed we just had a really good connection and a lot of shared interests in music and games and books and movies, and we just started hanging out based on that.

I can greentext my favorite story in a bit
ok i'm home and all free to tell stories now. I'll tell this one first. so my favorite ever sexual experience with him was about 2 years after our first. we were friends by this point and were sharing a lot about ourselves

>be summer after graduation
>we had both moved back home, which luckily was not far from each other. I got an apartment and he was living at home about 10 minute drive from me
>we were still hanging out a lot then and he was staying over a lot
>whenever we weren't around each other for the most part we would be texting and messaging and stuff
>eventually had the what are some of your fantasies discussion
>by this point i had moved away from my "nah i'm only a top" phase and found i am definitely vers, so then i felt weird having really toppy fantasies
>but, i still shared that i really wanted to top a guy who was fully dressed up in some lingerie
>months go by, nothing is mentioned of it really
>it's october and it's my birthday
>he comes over, brings me a little cake, he's really thoughtful
>he's wearing these baggy sweats and baggy hoodie which is weird because it's not that cold out
>goes into the bathroom
>comes out, full on lingerie outfit. all black lace, thong, garter belt thing, bustier
>he looks incredible, the black is like a perfect contrast to his very white skin, all of it hits him in all the right places, his ass looks just droolworthy
>he smirks, knows from the look on my face that he nailed it
>he says happy birthday in this smug little voice and starts walking toward me
>i meet him in the middle, pick him up by the ass and he wraps his legs around me, we kiss on the way to my bedroom
>i put him on his back on the bed and start stripping down quickly
>by the time i'm naked he's flipped around so that he can slide down off the bed onto his knees
>he starts sucking me and it takes all of about 15 seconds for me to be diamond hard
>i tell him to get up on the bed, he immediately knows i want him on all fours
>hand on each ass cheek and spread him apart, pulling the thong to the side
>bury my face in
>absolute ecstasy
>after a little while i grab the lube from my nightstand, get us ready
>the picture is still so crystal clear in my mind of him in the lingerie, my dick sliding inside of him
>he's throwing it back and doing everything he can to make the sex really great on top of having the outfit on
>it's absolutely working, it's still some of the best sex i've ever had
>one hand pulling the thong to the side still, the other squeezing and slapping his ass
>he's laying the moans on thick, i feel on top of the world
>no idea how long i last but i'm savoring every moment
>bury a load as deep inside him as i could
>collapse on the bed
>"it's like 5 pm, i should have waited until later, now we have to go do birthday stuff with your load in my ass"
>we laugh, go have some drinks with friends a little bit later, he stays the night, we fuck again and he leaves the lingerie on as we cuddle to sleep

he still pulls that out every once in a while but that first time with it on was like nothing else.
ok finally have time to sit down for a second and write about this

>go to bar trivia last night
>he's being very flirty the whole time
>he's usually a flirty person but just more than normal
>lots or touching holding my hand a lot, etc.
>i'm really enjoying it
>his place is right by the bar so we go back
>he tells me he's feeling very toppish tonight so i bottom for him
>it's good as always, pretty standard sex for us
>he's very cuddly when we're done, falling asleep
>half asleep i turn to face him
>"i want to take you to dinner this weekend"
>he says ok
>"i want it to be a date, like a real date"
>he instantly is more awake
>"i....ok, i'd love that" big smirk on his face
>kiss his cheek, jokingly tell him to shut up so i can sleep

very pumped for this date.
>be doing drugs
>be like 22 , short skinny long hair high pitch voice
>at kareoke bar
>this guy ends up buying me drinks says im really cool
>find out later he had thought i was a girl and told his brother he wanted to get with me
>they later find out im a guy after i come out of the bathroom
>he tells me he has blow and we can continue the party at his place
>doing lines in the car theres two other guys there after we drop the girls off at there homes
>one guy is middle aged Polish man who's moving back to poland that week, blowing off steam before he leaves
>and a very fit boxer guy who works with my friends
>we all go back to his house doing blow and stuff
>the big guy from the bar keeps giving me extra
>eventually he wants the other guys to leave
>tells me he just wants them to leave so we can do the rest
>he has alot
>he starts calling me his bitch
>after a while of that he says he's going to fuck his bitch so everyone should leave unless they want to watch
>takes a while for the old polish guy to leave we had to finish his stuff off before he got the hint
>fast forward he puts on Attack on Titan (still havn't watched it since) but he keeps leaving to go the the bathroom
>im wise to what hes doing so i go in to see if i can get more
>hes jerking off to porn on his phone with a bunch of lines busted up (weird af)
>he says he always jerks off when he does blow
>ask if i can have another one and say its ok
>he keeps jerking off but says i can have another one
>go back into the room and keep watching the anime
>he comes back in and says he'll give me more if i suck his dick
>he has watermelon flavoured lube
>gets me to rub it all over his hard dick
>he calls me a good bitch
>is stil watching porn on his phone
>im on my hands and knees on his bed
>im horny at this point arching my back
>he keeps asking if i like his dick i say yes
>he gives me a big line
>asks me if hes bigger
>i say ya alot bigger
>he tells me to take my pants off
>i did shave so i was smooth on my ass and cock
>he keeps ripping his dick out of my mouth
>tells me to try to catch it with my mouth
>do and suck it deep in my mouth until he whips it out and does it again
>tells me to wave my butt like a dog
>im rocking my butt back in forth like the tail of a dog
>Attack on Titan is still playing in Japanese so i have no fucking clue whats going on anymore
>he's slapping my ass and trying to play with it
>im diamonds but im not sure he ever notices
>he busts a few lines on his dick and gets me to snort it off
>whole time calling me his little bitch / slut
>tells me to turn around
>he starts slapping his cock on my hole
>i tell him i don't want him to fuck me there
>he asks if we can do it in the shower
>i tell him no
>He's a little annoyed but he agrees
>starts rubbing his lubed up and wet cock on my face
>getting me to do humiliating stuff like licking his balls while he jerks off
>now that he cant fuck my ass , he starts being really rough and fucking my throat
>i cant breath because my nose is stuffed from the blow
>he gets me to lay on my stomach
>hes much stronger than me (especially than i was skinny)
>he pushes my head into his cock each time i try to get some air
>i try to jerk off but he tells me no if i want more
>obey he gives me alot
>he gets me to catch his dick with my mouth again before pushing me down on my stomach and throat fucking me
>he's pulling my hair
>he cums in my throat i swallow it
>we chill on his bed getting higher until its gone
>he tells me he has a fetish for fucking his sister
>tells me next time maybe i can dress up for him
>he ends up putting the rest in a pipe and smoking it
>realise this guys way more fucked than me
>dont meet up like that again cause he had girlfriends
>and i stopped doing hard drugs almost right after that experience , it was kind of sobering rock bottom
>but was really fun

> he said yes

Great job dude! Go for gold this time around! I'll be sticking around for the love stories
>be me, early 20's bifag
>also be a shutin
>post a few ads on craigslist looking to blow a guy
>90% of the replies are the usual mix of old guys and other undesirables
>after several attempts, get a message from a guy my age
>seems a bit tismy, practically writes a novel with each email
>dick isn't particularly impressive, but not terrible
>decent build
>exchange a few emails with him, try and find a time that works well
>our schedule doesn't match up great, difficult to meet
>give him a message one Friday night
>he says I can come over, but he'll probably be a bit drunk
>head on over
>he meets me at the door to his place
>go to his room
>drops his pants and lies down on his bed
>he's soft, but take him in my mouth and start blowing him
>start alternating motions, sucking, licking, kissing, working his balls, ect
>he's clearly enjoying himself
>but he's still soft
>after another minute or two he cums
>never got hard

Kind of disappointed.
1/1 My first time :
I was in boarding school, teen, hormones going wild as any teen.
We were in rooms of 8 to 10, during the evening most of us just hang around in underwears
Meaning there was always something nice to look at and I was constantly horny
Almost torture honestly
I was in a bunk bed with a guy that was amazingly good looking,
nice body, but particularly intense eyes, really magnetic.
To make things worse, he wore boxers that really fitted him well
he was in the bed above me, meaning that I could catch a glance of interesting parts whenever he went up or down the ladder.
I didn't know him that well though
Anyway, in this contest, I masturbated very frequently as you can imagine
Thinking I was discreet, not shacking the bed.
But one night, I start going at it, and I can feel he is doing the same
I stop
He does too
I hear him moving in his bed, but nothing happens.
It's pitch black, silent, we don't talk.
I go at it again, he starts again.
I stop, he stop, and we go back and forth like this for a while,
I give three strokes, he gives three strokes,
eventually I start copying him instead, so I can be sure he's not just mocking me.
Again, pitch black, just subtle vibrations in the bed and silence, but clearly we were having fun.
Anyway, we do this for a few nights,
and I start staring at him less discreetly when we're queuing for showers,
and notices that he does too, with a grin.

One night, I leave the bed to go to the bathroom
When I get out, he's in front of the door against the wall, staring straight in my eyes

I don't know how to react

He just keeps staring at me
saying and doing nothing, just smirking and looking as good as usual
I have to try hard not to look at his bulge
I think it's the same for him
But the silence and stares are pretty explicit so I decide to walk slowly in the direction opposite to our bedroom
Toward a section of the building that was being renovated and empty
My back is turned to him, but I make sure my pace is slow
He follows
He closes the door behind us
we walk faster to a more remote section
On the way he puts his hand on my back
I put my hand on his but
everything is dusty, smells like paint, the air is warm
We enter a messy room, only the light of the emergency exit
I face him
we put our hands on each other's hips, but our bodys don't touch
just staring at each other's body in silent
Boner appears on both sides
I put my hand on his and he immediatly pulls me closer to him
we just grind against each other for a while
Boners are full on now
He pulls my briefs down, and grabs my dick
I let him but don't react
He grabs his, takes my hand and puts it on it
We start stroking gently, we wanted to last a bit
Tension was high
Nearly cam at that moment but delayed it by kissing his chest, pulling away and start licking his armpits
then his belly
then his balls
he lets me
I'm stressed out of my mind, but in heaven
can't believe my luck
get his cock in my mouth
but he almost immediatly pushes me down,
gets down as well
puts my dick in his mouth and pushes his toward me
we suck each other, it didn't last very long,
both came in each other's mouth in a short time
Not a word exchanged.
After a bit lying down, he gets up and heads to the bedroom area, I follow him a minute after
we both go back to bed
jokingly, we go back to our stroking routine for a minute and then fall silent.
While the renovation was going on, we met quite a few times that way, trying stuff
Never talking about it.
After that, we started hanging out in the woods during the summer until the end of that year
Christ, that sounds dreadful. Sorry your first time was so shitty anon.
>be me, 23
>White male with some dsl
>nice ass
>Fetish for BBC
>Golden years of craiglist
> Find hot post of black guy saying it's a hard party
>Email him phone number, texts me back before I'm goin to bed
>Oh fuck feeling
>Sends me his address
>Shower and drive there
>Black dude, in his 30s, average build, more thug like, didn't think I was coming, found him outside the apartment
>invited me in
>Follow him to the room, let's me in
>Another black man, older daddy type, sitting in kitchen
>Mfw two BBCs to be a bitch for
>Ask if I brought any
>Not sure what their talking about
>Apparently hard party means smoking crack, say I don't have any, and that I've never done it before
>White boy in the hood mode
>Proceed to smoke crack with these two black guys
>Get almost immediately horny
> Suggest we move it to the couch
>Sit between them, heart pounding, high af
>Start massaging their crotches with both hands simultaneously
>Start to feel their hard cocks through their shorts, so hot
>Undo their pants
>Out flops two big black cocks
please continue
Fucking hot story! Diamonds ... did cum a lot. Thanks, anon
so hot
why'd you stop?
Where do you find other stories like these? These turn me on way more than any kind of porn
Drop a junk e-mail you don’t mind posting. I love writing stories like these. You could request whatever you wanted to hear about
>be me
>20 at the time
>water pool broad chest type
>6" dick and thick
>In Berlin, had just broken up with my gf
>know I'm bi and have a gangbang kink
>work in wilmersdorf so know there are a lot of gay clubs but never been
>get drunk at my altbau and decide to try one night at one of the clubs (I think the name was EDM, closed now with the pandemic)
>have to knock on the door
>guy ulatches a peephole and scans me
>opens up the door
>ask me something
>he is speaking a cologne dialect so I don't get it the first time
>says in English to undress
>chub on command, gets undressed
>standing their nude he gets me to fill out a membership card and pay 15 euros, drink included
>ask me if I am up for anything
>I stutter but say yes
>he gives me a green band
>opens the curtain to a pretty normal looking bar with some good looking nude guys
>sheepishly order a drink
>bartender tells me I can make my way down to the basement
>I do so, seeing booths with gay porn
>enter the basement which is a typical German club dark room with guys making out
>Get nervous so I go to a booth where some guys are watching porn but talking about football
>drink until one guy scans me in the booth and asks me where I'm from
>Tell him I'm from outside Dresden
>He tells me he's never fucked an Osi
>I just nod, trying to get into the mood
>scan him and see his cock, uncut and huge
>he notices I'm staring at his cock and asks if I want to suck it
>I finished my drink so I shrugged off any fear and nodded
>he took me by the neck and pulled me down too his dick and I started sucking
>guys he was talking to look and me and I feel nervous and start to back off
>he slams my head down onto to his cock and starts facefucking me
>be me, teenager
>obsessed with daddies, love big cocks
>at ymca gym
>hanging out in showers, admiring the cocks
>super hot bald round daddy eye fucks me
>big uncut cock
>keep showering, eye fucking continues
>showers clear out, just us
>he moves over to the shower next to me
>omg it's happening
>rock hard boy dick
>big hanging daddy cock
>he reaches over and starts giving me a hand
>reach over to him, grab the first man cock I've ever touched
>fucking incredible, he starts growing and pulsing in my hand
>we're both rock hard and leaking pre-cum
>we go to the bathroom together
>he sucks my cock
>he's rock hard and stroking
>I reach down and grab onto daddy's cock as he sucks me
>daddy starts moaning
>I unload into his mouth
>fucking absurd orgasm, balls completely drained
>I get on my knees, get the head of his cock in my mouth
>keep stroking and licking his monster cock
>he tells me he's close
>I already know I'm a cum slut for life
>I get my first epic load of daddy cum
>swallow every drop
>he rubs his cockhead over my face after
>still chasing daddies
me and a buddy busted a mission to a concert once. It was quite a drive back home afterwards. We start talking about girls and if we ever done anything gay. We start opening up to each other. It gets late and I’m driving home past midnight. Bud starts to fall asleep on the passenger seat and reclines the seat all the way. All I see is bulge over his jeans. I go to reach and hover my hand over his bulging jeans lightly placing my hand on his junk. I start to feel the warmth between my hand and him. I’m trying to drive with my knees while feeling his warmth and touching myself with other hand. There was a point where he moved his hand near his pants and he turned his head in his sleep. It looked like he had a little smile. Fuck I wish I was more brave to ask him to me see it and touch it upfront.
I had typed it out last night and then it got deleted so I just called it quits
>dude came down my throat and the other guy got bored but I was horny as hell and wanting to cum
>the club had 3 parts: one for open play, one for booths and private play, and a gangland room
>went around making out with guys and jerking/sucking their dicks
>finally got the horniness/confidence to go to the gangbang room and top someone
>knocked on the door
>door opens, guy immediately slams the door shut again
>guy stuck his disk through the door glory hole that I didn't notice then took it out
>I stick my dice through the glory home and he grabs it but doesn't jerk
>taps on my dick to get out if the glory hole so I move back
>guy opens the door and I see there are 3 circular beds, two empty and one surrounded by guys
>go up to the group of guys and see a beautiful hairy chested dadbod guy railing a twink who is surrounded by coks
>try to work my way in the group and get jerked off a little bit
>start making out with a guy next to me
>the twins eventually free hand cums so I guess I came in at the end of it
>think ends up leaving and I get more passionate with the guy I'm making out with
>older guy but can't remember much beyond that
>as we are making out he leans me back on to the bedding
>try to get up off the bedding whiles still making out and showing I'm interested in him
>not happening, he leans into me
>grabs hold of my dick and moves back to standing with his dick near my hole
>look up to see I'm surrounded by clocks
>my time has come
>guy I was making out with lubes up and sticks his dick in me a bit forcefully and it hurts for a bit
>to take focus off the pain I take a dick and start jerking
>notice the dadbod guy is still here
>holy shit what a nice thick dick he had
>use my other hand to grab his dick but immediately adjust to start sucking his dick
>pain mixing with pleasure as make-up guy speads up
Continuing on
>Now I have two disks in my han, one in my mouth, and one fucking me hard
>other guys are jerking off over me and some guys switch between sucking and jerking off my deck
>fully body sensation, feels incredible
>a couple of quick jackets cum on me
>guy fucking me asks in English if he can cum in me
>garbled face full of dicks sounds and a nod
>shot up with hot cum
>guy pulls out and I fill small drips out my ass
>takes dadbod disk out of my mouth hoping he would try to fuck me
>nope some other guy goes straight in with his had to be 7-8 uncut cock
>this guy was not as fast but did really well at hitting my g-spot
>felt stuffed
>switching between sucking dadbod and sucking other guys
>dadbod takes my head and skull fucks me harder than I have ever felt before
>blasts cum in me to where I am gagging
>still getting fucked and after he takes his dick out I can't lift my head for a moment
>"danke" I say with gulps and gasps
>he said nothing
>I want him to marry me
>whenever someone would leave it felt like they would immediately get filled
>after the 3rd guy had fucked me I tried to get up, still hadn't came yet
>Guys just pulled me back on to someone's dick so now I'm dogging
>getting ducked silly
>now covered in cum
>I just want to come damn it
>finally get to a point where I can stand up off the bed
>Legs are wobbly, fresh cut dripping off of me
>wiping my face
>get gripped by these giant ass hands
>turn around to look
>where the hell did this beast come from??
>pulled close to him and he asks if I'm done here
>I say in the gangland room yes
>he asked if he could join me
>I asked if he would make me cum
>he said yes and I was like hell yes finally a bottom
Last part
>ends up going to a booth with him
>haven't even noticed his cocktail until then
>Absolutely massive and thick
>wasn't German but I couldn't pin where he was from
>had a cut dick so maybe American or Canadian and just a darker skin tone?
>either way, trying to figure out how this guy is wasting all that dick potential by being a bottom
>start playing around with him
>he ends up gripping me and pinning me down
>not to into that but hey at least I'm facing the porn screen
>gets on top of me
>hell yeah, got a bottom and don't have to do anything
>why is he coming closer
>dick in face
>ugh, fine, starts sucking
>dadbod had my throat feeling ruined but powering through
>super thick, difficult to manage
>finally pulls out and goes down on me
>alright finally my cum
>not happening, even with me being rock hard
>God dammit dick
>eventually he let's off and goes to rim me
>haven't been rimmed before and Holy shit it felt amazing
>cleaning up my used hole
>he starts putting lube on his deck
>and this point, don't mind bottoming if the fucking matches the rimming
>but not going to come like this
>he slides his dick into me and fuck did it hit different
>instant turn on and I am begging him to fuck me
>he goes slow then speeds up, each thrust hitting me gspot perfectly and my dick is throbbed
>I try to jerk myself off and he slams my arm back on to the bedding
>damn right he did, fuck me
>after only a few minutes of him fucking me I came so hard and more than I can ever remember doing it was like a water foutain coming on for the first time in a year
>I am in love with this dick
>don't you dare stop fucking me
>a little bit more and he tells me he is going to cum
>breed me
>he cuts in me and does the courtesy of continuing to fuck into he goes soft and has to pull out
>I am melted
>he gets up and says thanks for the hole
>I can't speak but I do an American thumbs up
>end up wobbling home after cleaning myself up
>sad it is closed now
First time poster, apologies for the misspelling. More my phone but some of the more difficult English words I may have also misspelled.
If you have the chance to go to a sex club in Berlin, I recommend it but just keep in mind the culture of each club.
>visit boyfriend in his college dorm
>he’s about 5’7, slim body but with thick feminine thighs and a soft bubble butt, 5 inch dick
>I’m 6’2, 240 pound powerlifter-type build, almost 8 inch dick
>step inside and immediately start making out, I reach into his sweatpants to grab both ass cheeks, he reaches down to play with my balls
>turn him around and put his hands on the wall while I pull down his sweatpants
>he’s wearing a women’s blue lace thong, looks perfect on his pale, soft, plump girly ass
>reach down and caress his smooth hole with my fingers while kissing his neck and whispering to him that I’m going to make sweet love to him
>tell him to take off everything except the thong and get on all fours on the bed
>I eat his perfect asshole for about 20 minutes, neither of us touch his dick
>I lie down on the bed and don’t even need to tell him what to do
>he starts unzipping my pants and pulling them off
>sucks my cock and balls just the way I like without needing any sort of guidance, he always knows what to do
>pull him up and we lie down facing each other, start slowly and romantically kissing
>both of our legs are spread, I play with his hole and he slowly strokes my dick
>during this we go back and forth with cute questions like him: “who’s my daddy?” Me: “I am. who’s my good girl?” Him: “me, daddy”
>me: “are you ready to give daddy what he needs” him: “yes daddy”
>roll him on to his back with his legs in the air and spit on his pink hole while he guides me to it
>gradually get deeper, it takes a while, but the more passionately I kiss him, the easier is it to make his hole open up for me
>eventually it’s all the way in and I can start going back and forth
>he starts moaning, I start feeling ecstatic in his tight hole, the entire time we’re passionately kissing
>start getting faster and into a nice rhythm, this is when it feels best and we both start talking dirty
>me: “you love getting your little pussy fucked, don’t you”
>him: “mmm yes daddy I love it, fuck my pussy”
>at the point where the sound of my hips slamming into his ass is making that addictive clapping sound
>my chest is very sweaty and he starts licking up every drop
>me: “I’m gonna get you pregnant, baby”
>him: “fuck yes, get this pussy pregnant daddy. Make me yours”
>speed up as I’m close and blow my load deep in his hole
>he just lays there moaning and squeezing his hole with his legs wrapped around me
>eventually get out of him, we spoon while I tell him he did such a good job, he just lays there in bliss with my cum in him
Damn I’m in a LT relationship with a girl now and reminiscing on my old stories made me realize I’ll probably never suck a dick again
>>look up to see I'm surrounded by clocks
>>my time has come
Alright, first time posting. Wish me luck, I’ve been thinking about posting this story since forever

>me 17, in high school
>very skinny and tall, huge nerd in dnd club
>last Friday before winter break, decide to hang out a little bit longer at dnd club rather than leaving early
>start talking to this one guy about random shit
>neckbeard type, has this bearish husky body and was just a little taller than me. Has really long dirty blond hair
>is really nice, we both end up having a love for the same music artist
>calls me “pal” or “buddy” and is really touchy, a lot more than usual
>don’t mind it too much, he smells ok at least, thought it was just some straight shit
>starts getting late and librarian kicked us out
>ends up driving me home in his two seater truck after he offered, lived close so it wasn’t that big of a deal
>keep on talking even after he arrived at my house
>somehow got onto the topic of hentai, “jokingly” mentions how he also likes yaoi
>get a little curious
>press him with “it’s ok if ur bisexual, haha! I’m bi.”
>says jokingly, “yeah I guess I like guys too”
>impulsively ask, “haha am I your type then”
>go instantly numb, thought I was so fucking autistic, go through all stages of grief in 2 seconds
>before I could recover he says, “yeah I mean ur pretty cute, anon”
>i look up at him after he turns to me, he then starts belly laughing which startled me a little
>didn’t know if he was joking or not so I just laugh with him
>somehow gather myself and continue talking for a little longer before getting out
>as I’m getting out of his car he says, “alright see you next year pal!”
>he adds me on Instagram later that night
>start texting eachother off and on before he invites me on this Skype alternative called discord
Continue? Not the best writer.
Yes pls
Thanks, should have chosen better haha. I have a GF now but I still get off to the though of having my brains fucked out by a heap of guys. I guess i'm Bi but not into dating guys? idk
Did your roomie ever wanted to fuck you after that?
why'd you stop?

just finish the story
Eh I'll throw some poorly summed up experiences in here. I was about 16 when I first experimented. Was with a moderately attractive friend of mine. He joked about me sucking his dick and I caved in a bit. Fast forward a few weeks a head and I had his dick in my mouth. The thrill of the act was like no other, but he was kinda boring, so the mix of shame and no response made me stop. It wasn't until the third guy I sucked off that I was able to go until completion I think. A more thuggish Mexican guy. Dude used my mouth like it was something he owned. When he came he held me down and pumped his load into my mouth. I think that was the experience that truly hooked me on sucking dick.
>19 years old
>hop on Grindr looking to satisfy curiosity
>find thick black cock about 3 miles away
>he can host
>show up to his 1 bedroom apartment
>super nervous
>tells me to relax and get undressed
>we both lay on his bed and watch TV
>slowly reach over and start stroking his flaccid cock
>it grows to about 6.5in but super thick
>tells be to position myself over him and blow him
>while im blowing him he gives me a rimjob
>scared me at first. Felt weird but kind of liked it
>do this for about 10 minutes
>tells me to get on all four
>use the water based lube I brought
>proceeds to fuck me but have to keep stopping to reapply lube
>feels good
>ask me if he can breed me
>blows his load inside me
>to nervous to continue and leave
>cum still dripping out

Would see him 2 more times but only went as far as blowing him. Is a huge cummer tho and miss that
hot story
enjoy your AIDS
Tell us the story man
same brother
He has mentioned it ... I'm thinking about giving in. But I don't want to ruin our friendship. So I might insist on "you do me, I do you". But not sure.

Become FWB with him
>continue talking to him on discord
>played video games together and chat constantly
>he ripped a lot of flac music files and would send them to me on demand
>ended developing a nice friendship, he would almost always be online and willing to play
>I ended up getting a huge crush on him, thought he felt the same
>started flirting subtly with him, I called him cute a couple times
>he began to do the same, said he liked my curly hair and called me handsome
>escalates a little bit more
>eventually became really obvious we liked eachother
>asks me if I want to come over for New Years, says his parents will be out, offers weed as well
>say sure
>offers to pick me up since I couldn’t drive
>filled with anxiety, excited to see him and not quite sure what to do to prep
>ended up googling how to douche and made myself look good
>tell parents I’m going to friends house for New Years, they don’t care
>picks me up, the whole car ride I was blushing, it was dark so it was hard to tell
>I could tell he probably showered beforehand, his hair was in a mess as always, and he wore sweatpants that emphasized his big thighs
>still able to keep a conversation
>show up at his house, it’s a small condo apartment thing
>living room and living area were messy, except his room
>thought he had cleaned it before I came over, seemed really tidy. Even his bed was made
>shows off his room, has a nice pc for the time, had LED lights under his desk and everything
>end up playing duck game together and get high
>gradually gets more touchy as time goes on
>he leans in my shoulder, shoves me, and at one point give me a hug
>tried my best to hide my boner whenever possible
>having a great time, laughing our asses off high as fuck
>start playing some other games
>get a little confident, tell him I’ll give him a kiss if he wins next round
>purposely let him win, give him a peck on the cheek, starts doing the same to me
>getting really horny, I want this man’s dick
>ask if he can turn on a movie or something, says sure
>turns on some shitty superhero movie, I couldn’t care less about
>both lying on his bed, pillows supporting our heads, basically touching
>had to push my dick down so my boner wasn’t as noticeable
>practically buzzing from the weed, could feel my heart in my throat
>nothing much happens for awhile until I catch a whiff of his musk
>start thinking sexual thoughts, penis becomes diamonds
>try to hide quickly, he notices and says lightheartedly, “do you have a boner?”
>stuttering left and right, tell him it’s a nervous boner
>he asks if he can see it
>I ask if he can show his first since I’m nervous
>sits up a bit and pulls downs his sweatpants, its erect
>i unbuckle my pants and so the same
>comparing were about the same size, mine was a little bit skinnier and longer than his. His was thicker though and was kinda shaped like an upside down bullet.
>we just stare for a second before he asks if he can touch mine, I say yes
>he tugs a little at first before he gets into rhythm
>his thick coarse hands squeeze lightly
>tell him to stop since I was about to burst, ask if I can suck him off instead
>he kinda laughs a bit, and says sure before pulling down his sweatpants even more
>it tastes sweaty and feels huge in my mouth, don’t have much of a gag reflex so I just go at it
>I feel buzzy and can feel everything from the weed
>he pulls down my pants and touches my ass a bit
>he tells me to stop. He sits up a just a little and says to come closer to him
>he tugs me to him and starts kissing me, his saliva tastes a little weird from the snacks we had been eating
>his beard rubs against my mouth and neck as he pushes me into his bed
>he takes my shirt off and pushes both of our pants to the side
>i do the same within the chaos, trying to maneuver between his arms
>he stops and just looks at me and I look at him.
>his body was covered in thick brown hair and his belly sat on top of my petite frame
>his chubbiness and slight muscle fat turned me on, his arms looked huge
>it was almost as if I was dreaming, he looked menacing with the tv light behind him. I felt at his will in missionary position
>I could feel his dick resting on my balls, it was throbbing and it felt hot
>he starts touching me up and down, complimenting my frame and how tiny I am
>starts calling me boy and princess as he felt me up and down my skinny body
>he asks if I cleaned “down there”, I say yes
>he leans over to his nightstand and pulls out lube, starts fingering me
>doesn’t offer for a condom, but don’t really care too much at this point
>ask him to go in slow since I was a virgin and a little scared
>he does that same belly laugh again and says ok
>hurts a lot at first, then it felt like I was being split open
>his thick hands are on my tiny check
>I ask if he can goes slower, it takes him a second before he actually does
>slowly get used to it, felt like I was taking a shit almost
>he starts kissing me again and calls me his boy over and over
>I feel his sweaty body cover me, his musk smells so rancid, it only turns me on more
>I feel up his belly and chest, entranced
>he starts going a little faster
>it starts hurting even more, his cock was a lot thicker than i imaged.
>he starts grunting like a boar and slightly moaning
>I can’t help but start moaning also, his dick starts pounding my prostate, the weed only enhanced it
>I grab onto his back and I taste his dirty saliva
>his bullet shaped dicked worked in his advantage, the sensation like none other against my prostate
>he starts pounding harder it hurts, but it feels so good having his belly rub back and forth on my cock
>start getting close, I moan louder as he creates carnage on my ass, it feels euphoric
>he goes in for a kiss. I feel his sweaty musky crushing me, his belly rubbing back and forth between my cock
>i start cumming from all the sensations, it feels hot and I arch my back like a whore
>a couple seconds later he pulls out and cums all over my arched body, grunting and moaning loudly
>after he finished cumming, he fell to the side of me
>he had some cum on him from when I came, felt kinda bad
>post-nut clarity sets in, start to feel like shit
>he throws a t-shirt on me to clean up
>says he’s gonna go take a shower
>feel to awkward to ask if I could come in with him.
>end up washing off after him, washing off all the lube and cum
>can barely walk at all, he really did a pounding on my ass
>go back out and get redressed, starts talking to me a bit about how cute I was
>offers to drive me home again since his parents will be home soon, I had lost all sense of time and only realized just then it was 2 am
>the drive home wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, mostly talked about bands again before he dropped me off

Our relationship continued for the rest of my high school years until I moved up north for college, still talk but he has a girlfriend now so we can’t fuck anymore.
Yes please
I need this. Big chubby gamer type dudes always know how to fuck.
>be me
>19, fag, skinny used to run
>at a nightclub, some large ish party.
>high on molly dancing
>a handsome guy keeps bumping into me "accidentaly"
>we do that "hey you single" stare a bit and I move in front of him
>we dance a bit, he grinds on my ass a bit and I like what I feel
>we go of the dance floor and fool around a bit in a dark ish corner
>he asks me if I want to go to his place and I do
>lives round 2 corners from the club so we are there in no time, I thext my friends where I went and go upatairs
>hes got a little coke so we do that and I get on my knees
>pull his pants down and gulp
>thick and long, when I grab him with both my hands the head is still clear
>I go full sltut mode sucking his cock
>surprisingly easy to deepthroat him whole with my throat numb
>I bob up qnd down on his thick shaft, his hands in my hair pushing me all the way down as he grunts.
>after a while he pulls me off and I get on all 4 on his couch
>he lubes me up and plays with me a bit and then slowly pushes his cock in
>hes not very careful so it hurts like a bitch but Im to horny and high to care, still feels amazing
>he picks up speed pretty fast and soon im moaning on all 4 while getting railed from behind
>this goes on for a while when suddenly the big light goes on and a second guy walks in from the front door
>hes tall, balck
>he stops and stares at us
>my guy stops mid thrust and stares at him
>im there half a foot of cock up my ass staring
>this goes on a few secconds and the back guy says "oops" and goes quickly to his room
>we laugh awkwardly a bit and continue
>i get railed for a minute or two more when he pulls out, says he needs a moment to cool down, no problem.
>he runs of to the black guys room, and they talk a bit whatever guess he appologised or something
>he comes back

> shared
Any more stories with him? What else did you guys do?
Why ask man obviously cont
fuck the pain away
A 18 yr old virgin I wanna have sex but don’t how and Grindr doesn’t work for me. I’m in closet anons plz give me advice on how to have sex
No worries, that was hot
Well I think the last story I told was my birthday party where he decided he was going to come out to his parents. That happened like a month later. We’ve been happily dating and are very happy with each other. I’m over at his place pretty much 3 or 4 nights a week, and his parents invited me to their Christmas gathering so things seem to be going very well. We’ve been able to experiment a bit and it always seems to work out that we’re into the same things. Just feels right.
find a dick and fuck it
Tell us more stories of what you guys have done, I remember yours were always hot
File: IMG_1207.jpg (1.41 MB, 2448x3264)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
>be me, in NYC, just turned 17
>a few flirtatious moments at high school parties made me realize I'm bicurious
>decide fuck it, I'll give it a try
>give grindr a shot
>after a few days of not being interested/being too shy I find this one guy
>28, handsome, clean-cut professional
>he lives near me and says he's alright with me taking it at whatever pace I want
>go through sketchy neighborhood to get to his place, consider bailing several times
>finally get to his place and get to his apartment door
>he's extremely cute, but way shorter than me (I'm 5'11 he's 5'7
>he greets me and we make small talk while I hang up my jacket
>turn around and suddenly he's right behind me
>oh fuck
>engage makeout
>never kissed a guy before, feeling his stubble is immensely hot
>he pulls me into his room, never breaking the kiss, he tastes so good
>fuck it I'm going for it
>get on my knees, feeling pumped to finally suck some dick
>but there's no way this short dude has anything that impressive-
>pull down his pants to find the most perfect, enormously thick, uncut cock (later found out it was 8.5x6)
>pic related
>felt like such a bitch on my knees in awe, being face to face with this perfect example of manhood
>don't remember much of what happened after, a breaker was flipped in me and I went full slut mode on his cock
>couldn't get more than half of it down my throat
>his dirty talking and the taste of his precum is melting my mind
>after 15 minutes of me worshipping his beautiful cock he grabs my hair and pumps a huge load into my mouth
>realize I might be a little gay as I'm moaning like a slut
>we get cleaned up and he sends me home with some fresh baked cookies he made
>cum 10 times later to the thought of it, still able to taste his cum and smell his cock on my face

tl;dr: My first time doing anything gay was worshipping the most perfect cock I've ever seen. Became his personal fucktoy for the rest of the year 10/10 experience (plus the cookies were great).
Had tu run for my train and was busy so contd.

>he gets back a while later and we make out a bit
>he asks if his friend can watch
>umm OK whatever Im horny enough
>he sits down on the sofa and I get up to ride him revers cowboy
>he slips in pretty easy since im already stretched pretty well
>just about the time I get down on his cock the friend (B) comes back in his shorts and sits down on q sofa opposite us
>Im bouncing on As thick cock really getting into it again, B is watching us and playing with himself
>this goes on for a little while, me sliding my little ass up and down and up and down looking at B stroking his cock as he watches us
>B gets up and makes a motion towars us looking at me and asks me if he can suck my cock
>I say yes and ge gets on his knees and starts to suck my cock
>doesnt work very well with me bouncing up and down so I stop and stay up while A starts thrusting into me
>I am diamonds at RN losing my mind as a big cock is prodding my prostate, B is deepthroating me and A is whispering into my ear what a slut I am
>I dont last much long in this position and blow a big load into Bs mouth which he swallows
>when I do B wants to switch
> I get of of A and get on my back on the sofa
>B takes his shorts of and gets behind me, I put my legs on his shoulders and he pushes in right away
>it hurts a lot the first few moments since he is also pretty big, not as long as A but a bit thicker
>he starts pounding right away
>A walks of for a moment but gets back before I have time to wonder and plops his cock on my face
>he went to rinse his cock lol
>I start sucking him while B is pumping away
>they ate both calling me a good boy as A starts to thrust his cock into my mouth calling me his little slut
>I can feel my brain melting as im getting filled from both sides B almost lifting me of the couch fucking me while A is fucking my throat mqking me gag and choke

Pic related, found one of As old nudes

>I can feel myself getting close again when B grunts, pushes into me, and pupms a big warm load into me
>he stays in for a while and then pulls out
>a few moments later A pulls his cock out of my mouth and blows a load on my face
>I swallow what I can and suck his cock clean

A bit later when I calm down a bit I take a shower so I stop leaking cum and jack of furiously.

In the morning A is gone and its just B, we exchange info and what his name actually is, I give him a good bye blowjob and go back to my dorm.

We kinda made a regular thing out of this later where Id bottom for both of them o lr less often we'd fuck B togetwr with A.

Also, pic related another one of As, he wouldnt mind, he used to post them online all the time to brag basicaly.
File: Aaaa.jpg (80 KB, 577x556)
80 KB

This B's cock I assume?
No, I misclicked, thats someone else.
>be me 19 year old bicurious virgin
>talk to girl on AOL chatroom
>try to meet up with her at her apartment complex pool at night
>she's not there, but a taller black guy is
>talk to him for awhile and she never shows up
>i leave and tell him I'll try to meet her again
>try to meet her again a few nights later
>he's there again and she isn't
>walk around for awhile and he gives me a beer
>asks to give me a massage in his SUV
>he starts rubbing my leg near my cock
>i push his hand away and start rubbing his cock through his pants
>i whip out his bbc
>suck as much of it as i can
>tell him to fuck me
>bends me over the passenger seat
>slides that huge thick cock in me
>tell him to take it out and wait a sec
>he slides back in
>fuck me til he nuts in me
>we fall asleep in his vehicle
>i drive home with nut still dripping out of my ass
>be 17 unsure about sexuality but cock hungry
>go on meet up sites looking for old fat men
>find a guy who promises to top me
>heart beating out of my chest waiting for him
>answer door naked
>starts licking my hole up the stairs
>feels so nice but still nervous
>ties me up and blindfolds me
>starts sucking…my cock?
>licking my ass?
>putting dildos in me?
>gets me to fuck him?
>eventually edges me enough that I cum early
>doesn’t feel right
>showers and goes to college
>sees him
>tifu by being forced to top a college teacher :/
Haven’t met anyone since but I’d still love to. Just got to get over that shitty first experience
>bi guy not into men other than sex, wanted to try something new
>go on grindr, hookup with a guy giving my first ever head
>made me cum though he didnt touch me
now seriously, is it normal? felt really good

>hooked up with a tranny
>went passive all the way for her
>bottomed for the first time
>had my first prostate orgasm, felt like my mind was exploding. best feeling i ever had from sex nothing can compare to that
>go on grindr, hookup with a guy giving my first ever head
>made me cum though he didnt touch me
More on this. No tran stories though
nothing really more than that
>opened a profile
>started talking with some guys
>decided to meet with one of them
>took of his pants and started sucking his cock
>came in my pants while sucking

had more experiences with prostate orgasms after the tran story, that feeling is somewhat addicting so im hooking up with guys from time to time and bottoming (cannot achieve this feel by masturbating)
>be me 26
>on road trip with family, staying at a motel together
>hit up Grindr and check out squirt for public places nearby
>one kinda cute guy 29 bearish hits me up.
>wants an anon thing, I go in lights out suck him and leave door open
>agree and go to his place
>walk into his room, he’s watching porn on his phone and jerking
>I get his average cut fulfil until my mouth and as I suck him he begins thrusting into me
>eventually about to cum and I get a facial
>he points out a towel, I wipe off and leave
Family never suspected anything, washed up in a convinence store bathroom after hit as fuck
I was seduced by my closeted cousin. I was 18 and he was 25 at the time. It started off with him getting touchy-feely over the course of a week.

Holding my shoulders, touching me from behind, etc. He lounged about when I was nearby. Sitting with his legs apart, arms behind his head. Like he wanted me to go down and suck him off right there.

Whilst playing GTA San Andreas on PS3 in my lounge. He went into the strip club as a joke and got a lap dance in the game. I was giggling, like wtf dude, what’s the point of this.

He laughs and said he’s just making sure I’m interested in the pixel tits, because he thinks I like guys.

I get red, flushed and go quiet. He does too. He puts his foot over mine (we were sitting on bean bags) and continues playing. After 20 minutes , I haven’t said a word, he puts his hand on my thigh and starts massaging around.

Autistic me pops a boner instantly. My heart starts racing and my leg starts to tic. I mumble in a broken whisper , “not here. not now. “

I get up and go to my room. He switches off the PS3 and tv, and comes in. I lock the door and sit sheepishly (still shaking) against the headboard.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I thought a kiss and he’d massage my thighs again.

Lol I was wrong.

He takes off his shirt and jeans. Pulls down his boxer briefs enough for his cock to flop out. I suck until he cums in my mouth.

He unlocks the door and leaves. I sit there still fully clothed suffering with my cock rubbing against my pants and icky precum. I jerk off furiously.

This repeats for three days every six months (whenever his family comes to our region to visit). Nothing more. Nothing less. I suck him off and he leaves.

Fast forward to May 2020. He’s getting married to a woman. He doesn’t answer my calls anymore. Fuck you, Jonathan.
You'll be invited to the wedding though won't you? He'll definitely want it either before, during or after.
Thanks to the China Virus lockdown, they never invite anyone out of town. Works out perfectly for him. The wedding is next Monday.

I was so naive thinking we could have something together. Maybe Move in under the pretence roommates. He could kiss me or actually hold my hand. Lmao I was horny and depressed and deluded.

I wonder how many other fags he has on the side…

The best part of all this? He looks just like me. Just a couple inches taller (he’s maybe 6 foot) and slightly more defined muscles.

He’s better off with a woman than I ever would be with a man.
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700 KB GIF
It's Covid, not China Virus
If you were following actual news instead of fake news you would know they found the virus in Spain around March or April in 2019.

If you're not good at maths, that's 9 months before Wuhan.
Also, Fox is literally the most watched network, which literally makes them the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.
Fuck, i need a big daddy bf like u
10/10 good stuff man.
Hot story man. I'm in Berlin too, what club was this? Up for swapping email?
Nobody fucking cares you retard shut the fuck up
Dude, I’m not even from America. Go dilate on Reddit.
> Be me, at camp
> 1am. I really need to pee so I leave my tent and went into woods.
> I went further then I needed but then I saw them
> Two guys from same camp, first was leaning against a tree with pants to his ankles, second was blowing him while kneeling
> I forged about my urge to pee and I watched them from hiding
> And I maked a sound
> They quickly pull up their pants and ran towards me and grab me
> I didn't even run desu
> they tried to convinced me that I didn't saw anything...
> but they was my clearly visible boner
> "oh OP, u seems enjoying the view, we wanna see u too"
> I willingly took off my boxers and show them, they did that too
> without saying anything I kneel down and start blowing them both
> first guy had huge dick, while he came I choke on it and spit all his cum
> Second was my size, he came rather quick. I swallow it all
> they also wanted to see me cumming, they gave me a hand
> "OP, if you want can fit our cock in other places too"
> I never did that before so I declined
> We went back to our tents, after hour I wake up again with great urge to pee with ended up with me jerking off again in woods
This is why these threads are always bad ideas
>be me, at festival
>not a wook, but still a degenerate hippie
>specifically, a degenerate hippie who's just figured out he's bi
>festival has a sex tent
>every time I pass, there's a threesome, foursome, or moresome going on
>men, women, cis, trans
>i'm very curious, but very shy
>engage in the usual hedonism, get faded
>fuck it, let's go
>end up in the tent by myself, stroking myself for an audience
>guy with a buzzcut asks to join
>"do you mind if we just jerk each other off?"
>he's cool, we lay down next to each other, embracing
>oddly intimate
>he's moaning in my ear, i'm moaning in his
>rub my hand over his short hair, feel his almost-bear body against mine
>third guy joins too
>scrawny, jesus-looking guy
>my first circle jerk
Eventually, we all just kinda stopped bc can't really nut while faded. Still great experience
> Be tgirl
> Fresh off a ltr with straight cis woman
> Grindr, couple wants T
> Yolo.gif
> Chill with the coolest couple
> Absolute poly material
> No sexy pretenses
> Guy stars rubbing my leg
> High a f, butterflies and xan
> Get wetter than a schoolgirl in heat
> Can't help it anymore
> Start massaging his cock through his pants
> Already hard
> Play with his pants button
> gets the hint, pants come off.
> First cock. Veiny, slight upward curve to the left.
> Precum leaking as I stroke it awkwardly.
> no clue how to handle a cock, esp. cut cock.
> Cute ass smile on his face
> Can't take it anymore
> Face to cock
> He's definitely bigger than his pics suggested 7in or so
> Come up for air and tell him.
> ego stroke clearly boosted his confidence
> The girl asks for concent to touchy
> Uh duh get over here and help me I'm clueless
> Dude is surprised. Says there's no way it's my first time.
> Make out with chick while sucking and licking him up and down
> They get handsy. My clothes start coming off.
> I'm focusing a lot more on his cock than I am her.
> Chick, come show me how it's done
> She starts showing off.
> I don't get hard because tgirl but I'm soaked through at this point.
> Want to do more but not cleaned out
> Pull down pants they pull my panties off
> Hands all over from both
> Calling me beautiful while she's kissing and playing with my tits
> He calls me beautiful while licking and rubbing me
> Unintentionally moaning like a fucking whore.
> He's never been with another t he mentioned
> Find out that he's telling the truth
> Tries to start blowing my limp clit
> Wayyy too much stim and pressure
> Go back to sucking him after a few minutes.
>He apologizes for the shock
>No worries <3
>She finishes him
>Lol hug, small talk, maybe again with clean so he can plow me
>Stumble out too much weed and xan
>Smiling the whole dangerous ass drive home, wishing he finished in me instead
>Text thru night.
>Next time, he will fuck me while I eat her out
Just insults instead of arguments. Tells a lot about you, anon.
>download Grindr because I want to try sucking a cock
>start chatting with someone, we swap pics, then he blocks me
>start chatting with the next guy, but when I mention it'll be my first time, he blocks me
>repeat several times, interspersed with telling men twice my age I'm not interested in daddies
>give up, jack off while sucking a dildo, and uninstall Grindr
>try again a few months later to the same result
Wait, is this not the right kind of story?
>horny af
>want to fuck a bottom roughly
>put ad on craigslist
>get hit up by a 25 year old bottom
>pull up at his house
>his neighbors are friendly and talkative
>old guy comes out
>its the bottom
>find out the guy is in his 50s
>clearly annoyed I got catfished
>ask if he lied about being able to handle a rough fucking as well
>hes excited at the prospect of dick, stupidly says he didn't lie
>expected me to wear a condom
>expected me to start slow
>have to hold his face into a pillow as I ram it up his ass with only spit for lube
>keeps crying to slow down, but his weak old body can't push me off
>This makes me fuck him even harder
>collapse my body on him and interlock my hands over his
>he digs his nails so deep into the webbing of my fingers that he cuts them leaving what will become permanent scars
>cum inside of him
>pull out to my cock being covered in shit and blood
>normally get turned off but the way he curls up mumbling "too rough too rough" wont let me dick go down
>tell him to clean his mess off my cock
>he refuses
>yank his hips back over the edge of the bed and ram my still hard cock up his shitty, bloody, cum filled hole in a single motion
>yank it back out and tell him to clean it off or this KEEPS happening
>he tries to meekly lick it, so I force it into his mouth
>he tries to hit my balls so I pin his arms to the bed with my knees
>both hands on the back of his head
>for the first time in my life my cock slides into a persons throat
>instantly feel a surge of hot as his body is trembling
>he puked on my cock but it was just light yellow bile
>wipe it off on his bed as he is vomiting on the floor
>walk out before he has the strength to do/say anything
>drive home realizing what I did to an old man

10/10 will probably do again someday if the boner I have remembering this is any indication.
Is it normal for a podiatrist to ask you to undress? I went in thinking he would just check my feet and shit, but he suddenly asked me to undress to check my posture. He made me walk back and forth in my underwear for a while and then asked me to get on a platform. While on the platform he even adjusted my underwear so that it was tighter and could check "the posture of my lower zone" better. I was wearing briefs so idk if that was necessary or the dude just wanted an excuse to touch my ass. Either way it was difficult to go through the whole experience without getting hard, luckily he told me to get dressed before that point. Is this kind of stuff normal or was he trying to take advantage on me since I am younger? Because if it's the latter then I might go for another visit soon lol.
Good stuff, anon. Fuck assholes who think they can catfish and expect you to keep listening to them after that. That'll teach him to lie again
Bruh you just fucking raped someone
story from me, just now
>been wanting dick for a bit and getting more and more desperate
>dont like giving out my address so I cant really host, and apparently everyone around me is homeless
its a rough life being a paranoid slut
>Finally decide fuck it, gonna invite someone over.
>Find a top on grindr, significantly taller and heavier than me, bear type but a good bit of muscle too
>cock looks ok in pictures
>invite him over
>hes there in like 10 minutes but gets really sketched out by my cats cause hes allergic???apparently???
>finally comes inside and insists we fuck on the couch right next to the door
>close the blinds, move my blankets, lube, condom, speakers, poppers
just fuck me already
>finally he starts taking off his clothes
>cock looks average, then I remember hes 6'4
>Lube up, condom on, poppers sniffed and away we go
>hes pretty patient while I open up to him, but then he just starts pounding
>all the way in and out, balls slapping fucking from behind for a while while Im kneeling on the couch
>after a little while he stands me up and
holy shit he picked me up by my waist and is fucking me while holding me in the air
>long-time fantasy, never thought it was possible since im pretty tall myself
>cum buckets all over my floor immediately, he grunts and busts soon after
>overall great fuck, probably my best to date with a man. Cock was perfect to get deep without going too deep.
>he wipes off, gets dressed, and fucks off without a word
told him on the way out "hope I didnt make your allergies too bad"
>24, just got out the military and broke up with my gf because she was starting to get fat plus I need to fuck hot men now instead
>start college
>18/19 year old twinks all around that are all obviously desperate for a daddy
>catch one starring at me all the time, he also caught my eye due to that girly round ass and gorgeous face of his
>get to know him, turns out he was homeschooled, never had a gf/bf or even held hands
>think to myself "goddamn I lucked out, I'm gonna take that virgin asshole for myself"
>he's extremely shy and has a total "bottom" personality, basically acts like a shy teenage girl (but he doesnt have a gay lisp or whatever)
>comes from a really "traditional" family, but instead of looking for a wife he subconsciously acts like he's trying to get wifed by someone
>this is great because I love the dominant husband top vs submissive boy-wife dynamic
>this is NOT great because I basically had to court this motherfucker like an 18th century girl for 6 months
>one time early on we were eating in the cafeteria with some mutual friends(they somewhat knew I was gay before this convo), one girl says "I cant wait to meet a nice boy after college have a baby"
>I say "yeah I cant wait to meet a nice boy and put a baby in him"
>they all laugh, but his laugh was nervous and he starts blushing
>some time later around the 3-5 month mark we start hanging out with just each other
>we would play piano and share a bench
>I used this as an opportunity to keep constant touch such as our legs rubbing together
>eventually we were joking around and he said he was leaving and I grabbed him and forcibly sat him back down but it was on my lap
>his girly ass felt so amazing, and he laughed it off and jokingly resisted it but I held him there and he just stayed there while giggling
>we never said a word about a relationship or sexuality or anything like that, but it was clear where this was headed
Please continue. I love it when vets get the attention they deserve.
Part 2 of romantic and cute story
>after this it became normal for him to sit on my lap when we played piano, I was rock hard every time but it was obvious that for him it wasnt sexual at all
>we played piano together a lot, and each time we did I would gradually get more handsy
>I started reaching around while he sat on my lap and holding his sides right above his hip, eventually started doing that under his shirt and I would pretend I didnt notice I was doing it
>after this he messed up something while we were playing and I would "punish" him with a playful fake bite to his shoulder, and eventually neck
>the bites got longer and longer each time until I was basically just kissing his neck with a semi open mouth, and after this I started letting my tongue rest on his skin
>at some point I basically could just kiss his neck for any reason, I could tell this was driving him wild
>we were at the point where our "playful" shit had gone too far and we needed to have a talk about becoming official
>I was walking with him to my car to drop him off at his dorm like I regularly did, but I said "lets hold hands to cross the street" (this was kinda dumb because the street was empty since it was a college parking lot after peak hours)
>we hold hands, we get to the other side and I dont let go of his hand until we get to my car
>open the door for him like the lady he is, and he gets inside
>I give him a kiss on the neck like usual, but then I say "I have a better kind of kiss" and I kiss him on the lips
>he looked shocked but happy, and I give him another one
>I go to get into the driver's side and step in and give him yet another kiss, but he responds with the most passionate and intense french kiss that you would never expect from a kissless virgin
>30 seconds after our first cute kiss we were making out like longtime lovers in my car
>eventually I drop him off, and before he opens the door I say "you're my boyfriend now, in case you were wondering"
>Part 3
>we were both ecstatic and our post-first kiss texting was so giddy, but he got quieter in text the closer we got to the next day we were going to see each other
>I figured he was just nervous and would get over it
>the day comes and I take him straight to one of the piano rooms (they're small private practice rooms with doors and locks)
>immediately get him up against the wall and start violently making out
>he's very clearly into it, but when we pause for a breath he visibly appears scared
>I ignore it and then spin him around to rub my crotch against that girly ass that i've been desperately wanting
>he's still into it, my dick is hard and making a tent in my pants, I grab his wrist and guide his hand to it
>at this point he's very hesitant
>tell him "dont be scared baby, it's all yours."
>then I grab his ass and say "just like this is all mine"
>this kind of puts him at easy and he goes back to passionately kissing, but his hand is staying still while holding my dick
>im basically fighting the urge to whip out my cock and make him suck it to get him over his shyness, but I figure that its best to go slowly
>we continue kissing, but now instead of grabbing his ass over his jeans, I want to reach inside and feel his bare ass
>I reach into his jeans and he freezes
>his ass is so fucking soft and plump and im in heaven, but I realize I dont feel any underwear
>i move my hands around to confirm but it turns out that this motherfucker is wearing a girl's thong
>I simultaneously find it funny but absolutely hot and a massive turn on knowing his secret, which happens to be something I want my boy to wear
>I start to tell him how fucking turned on I am at this, but he says we need to pause
>he starts telling me "how this is getting out of hand", and he "wants to wait for marriage to have sex"
>dude what the fuck
>this shit makes no sense at all
>this whole time I thought we were 15 minutes away from fucking
Part 4: less romantic edition
>after this our relationship consists of just making out and grabbing each other while clothed
>I ask him why he wears panties
>he says "its just more comfortable"
>I think to myself "lmao just say you're a twink slut on the inside"
>I tell him that I need to fuck NOW but he insists on waiting
>eventually I regain the "right" to feel his bare ass under his jeans, so now my hand is always in there
>one day while making out he lets me lift up his shirt and suck on his nipples and he loves it as much as I love doing it
>the under-the-jeans ass grabbing escalates to me rubbing his asshole, Im going insane from not getting what's rightfully mine
>while making out I would always whip out my dick and he always refused to touch it, but eventually agrees to hold my bare dick
>he wouldnt even stroke it. one day out of nowhere he decides to just go ahead and suck it
>holy shit this was worth the wait. He's not great, but his mouth is heavenly regardless
>I blow my load and he swallows every drop
>I now have post nut clarity and im not even horny anymore, but he clearly is, so I need to take advantage of this
>flip him over, pull down his pants and just start eating his ass
>he's loving it, I realize im seeing his asshole, cock, and balls for the first time
>they're all smooth and hairless, but I'm only focusing on his ass
>he doesnt cum, but he's clearly satisfied in some way and he tells me I can stop now
>after this I take every possible opportunity to have him suck my dick, for a few weeks it was common for him to suck a load out of me 3+ times a day, he loved sucking it
>im constantly asking to fuck, he continues to reject the idea
>one day I take him to the grocery store, tell him that we're not leaving until he picks out a lube and condoms
>he chooses KY and some condoms and says that its "just to shut me up, we're not actually doing it"
Part 5:
>we leave the store and in the parking lot I open up the lube and tell him to rub it all over my cock
>he does it with both hands and my cock is diamonds from watching him do it
>then I tell him to give me the bottle, I put some on my fingers and pull down his pants and start rubbing it all over his hole while we make out
>I start slipping in a finger for the first time, his hole is as tight as you'd expect
>he likes how it feels and starts grinding back and forth
>I tell him "I have something that will feel even better baby"
>he continues playing hard to get, but I realize he's horny and will do what I say, so I drive from the parking lot to another parking lot that is empty
>I get out of the car and go over to the passenger's side, recline the seat all the way back so it's like a bed
>I hop in, take off his pants all the way, pull mine down halfway, and rub more lube on both of us
>I go for the good old "It's just going to be the tip" line
>I gradually get the head in and it is just incredible how good and tight his hole is
>I distract him with kisses and im getting deeper and deeper until im balls deep
>now he basically gives the okay to fuck the shit out of him
>I start slowly fucking his hole, he's not loving it but it feels somewhat good for him
>for me, it was absolute bliss
>a little too much bliss....
>after literally 60 seconds I fucking came
>blunder of the fucking century, I was embarrassed but I hid my orgasm face due to being in awe at how I fucked this up
>he had no idea I was cumming and thought I was just flexing my dick a bit
>meanwhile his ass was full of a fat load of cum
>I got soft and pulled out and said we needed to go to a bed to make this a proper first time, and that that didnt count
>he couldnt tell my nut was leaking out of his ass and thought it was just lube
Last Part:
>I realize that I need to wait until tomorrow to be actually ready to perform
>I come up with some BS about how we can wait a bit just to have a nice hotel room the next day, he doesnt mind since it's not like he was actively trying to fuck
>the next day we get to the room and immediately get naked and start kissing
>he sucks my dick, I eat his ass, and now that foreplay is out of the way we lube up
>I get him to lie down and spread his legs for me so I can enter him missionary
>after the slow entering process, we eventually start fucking
>I start absolutely pounding the shit out of him missionary and we're both loving it
>switch to cowgirl, he's says it kinda hurts so we try doggy and that hurts too, so we go back to missionary
>we continue fucking like animals, he's stroking his dick and cums all over both of us
>I continue fucking him and I eventually cum and shoot my load deep in his ass
>we make out for a while and I hold him lovingly

This long wall of text was us 3 years ago. We're still together and about to graduate soon. I'm going to marry him after graduation (yeah I get it marriage is cringe, whatever).
This greentext from earlier in this thread is about one of our regular visits in his dorm:
As you can see, he became more of a twink slut as our relationship progressed.
>>hes there in like 10 minutes but gets really sketched out by my cats cause hes allergic???apparently???

my "cat" story

>just out of a relationship with a girl
>looking to hook up with an older daddy type
>see ad on doublelist from a guy next town over
>describes himself as a daddy with a 7" cock
>been wanting to get fucked so this sounds good
>go over and meet him outside in his garden
>shorter than I expected but that's fine
>garden is surrounded by hedges so it's private
>tells me I'm good looking and starts making out with me
OK kisser but kissing gets me hard and I was already horny so I'm supercharged
>takes me into his house and the first thing that hits me is the cat smell
>not just the small of a cat, but the ammonia smell of an overused litter box
>"hope you don't mind that I have cats"
>I do but horny and want 7" up my ass so I'll put up with it
>go up to his bedroom and there's a cat sleeping on his pillow
>note to self... don't bite that pillow when he starts fucking me
>strip down and get into bed
>he must be a grower because, well, he's not showing
>make out more reach down and start stroking him
>he's 5" semihard
>figure he just needs more stimulation so tell him to 69 with him on top
>he does and starts fucking my mouth
>I grab the base of his cock hoping to get him harder and longer but it's to no avail
>end up just jerking off together
>later that day I can still smell the cats' odor on my clothes

Hey anon, I am no longer in Berlin (still in Ost, however). I can't remember the exact name but you may know the area where it was before it closed I think in 2019. The name was a three letter acronym and for some reason I am thinking EDM, but I may be wrong. But it was in the same area of Wilmersdorf where there are like 10 gay bars and clubs within a few blocks of each other and I think another gay club has replaced it.

We should plan a meet up and bar hop when I have time off to Bahn to Berlin
I’m a pretty closeted bi, so I haven’t actually had sex with a guy, but I’ve cum hands free just from practicing bj’s on a dildo…
Absolutely amazing, thank u so much for sharing. That went straight into my literotica folder lmao
>be me, 17, gay but a bit autistic
>catch train home from school
>train crowded so have to stand in the bustling crowd, not much personal space
>older, suited man standing next to me
>our bodies touch slightly as the train sways
>funny, he accidentally touched my dick
>train speeds up, he accidentally touches my dick a bit more
>horny me, who jerks of 5 times a day, gets hard
>he stared to full on molest me
>makes eye contact
>i freak out and get off the next station
>20 years later, wish I’d let it play out
Haha thanks, here's a bonus event that I found hot:

>timeframe when we were only did BJs and no anal
>we're in bed making out
>ask him for the millionth time to let me have his hole
>he says "no, how about I just jerk you off or give you a BJ"
>I say "Well unlike you, I'm a real man, and men have a biological need to fuck"
>"well that's too bad"
>I say "Fine, since you wont give me your ass, I'll just have to find another hole to fuck"
>at that point I get naked, aggressively take his clothes off (minus of course his thong, my fetish for that is too strong)
>he sits on the bed with his head against the wall, I get in front of him on my knees
>shove my cock into his mouth and tell him "squeeze your lips tight so it grips my cock like a pussy"
>hold his head in place and proceed to fuck his mouth as hard and deep as I can
>he's deepthroating it and makes a gagging sound every few seconds, when he needs a break to catch his breath, I make him suck my balls and beg for my cock back
>use his mouth like a pussy for 15 minutes
>tell him that I'm close, instruct him to not swallow until I'm fully done cumming so he can really savor every drop and remember the taste
>I start cumming and he's just sucking the cum out of me like it's a baby bottle
>He swallows and I tell him to keep sucking until my dick is fully soft
>I pull out, we lie down together and I tell him "good girl, now take care of all this sweat"
>he proceeds to lick all the sweat off my chest and neck
later he told he that it was one of his favorite memories and he occasionally asks to reenact it
Do you respect him less after he admitted he cherishes this memory?
No, I love that he’s a total bottom bitch
Bro it's honestly the same way that straight dude bros act around lesbian or bi women. It swings both ways so to speak. While I don't think it justifies it in any way, it kinda seems something that hets do in general regardless of their sex.

damn where are you from? like a movie
one of hottest WebM bj vids
>I’ve cum hands free just from practicing bj’s on a dildo…
how is that even possible
Does anyone remember a story about a guy who got fucked in the locker room in high school by a bully and then later hooked up again in the bathroom? I’ve looked for it in the archives but can’t find it.
It’s probably a teenaged femoid typing this
>how is that even possible
The same way busting one to a wet dream is I imagine…
Is this the one you were referring to?

>be HS senior
>be only semi-out, but adopt a very androgynous, somewhat emo-ish style, sometimes wearing eyeliner and nail polish
>be only one left hanging around in the locker room after sports one day
>4 guys from my school walk past the half-open door
>one of them mutters "faggot" at me
>reply by shouting out something about fucking their mothers (don't remember if it involved me or them doing the deed).
>they stop in their tracks
>3 of them come in, telling the 4th to keep watch at the door
>2 end up grabbing hold of me
>think 3rd one (pic related) is going to beat me up
>is probably his original intention, but then has another idea
>tells them to turn me around and bend me over
>they press my hands down onto the bench
>gags me with towel and pulls down my trousers
>takes my hand cream from the bench and smears some on his dick
>tells them to hold me still now and starts entering my ass
>tells me to stop clenching
>says "Good girl" as he gets past the sphincter
>one of the other 2 seems a bit uncomfortable with it all (yet still holds me down), whereas the other one seems to find it funny
>"Yes babe"
>shoots his load inside my ass
>seems to go on for ages, almost as if he 's having 2 orgasms in succession
>is finally done
>pats my ass
>"You were not bad, sweetie - not bad at all"
>takes out a few dollar bills and throws them at my feet
>"Here, buy yourself some new nail polish on me"
>be afraid the other two are going to fuck me as well, but they let me go
>while leaving says I should probably go and wash my ass now
>at first cry with anger and humiliation
>but have always had something of a masochistic streak
>become kind of obsessed with the guy who'd raped me
>always stare at him when I saw him in the halls, and in the one class we have together
>his friends (not the ones involved in the rape) notice
>becomes kind of a running joke among them that I have a "crush" on him (teasing him about going to the prom with me and stuff like that)
>he seems half amused, half bemused
>be alone in the toilets with him a few months later
>take urinal right next to his
>when he's finished pissing, he goes into a stall (leaving the door open), sits down and takes out his dick again
>just look at him
>he says "Well?"
>hate myself for doing so, but go in, close door behind us, kneel down & start sucking his dick
>after a while he tells me to sit down on it
>but first makes me take off one of my socks and put it over my dick as a "shield"
>as I ride him I don't exactly kiss him, but put my closed lips against his closed lips
>ride him to orgasm
>cum in my sock as he cums in my ass
>he says "Man, you're such a slut" and leaves
Nice, get in touch and we can make it happen. skyrocketsinflight23@gmail.com
Start to finish 100% not true
Who cares man, the intent of this thread is to make one horny, why should I give a shit about how true this story is if it gets me rockhard
>broke up with my gf because she was starting to get fat plus I need to fuck hot men now instead
absolute chad
The story of my first boyfriend
>hes a short muscular latino
>im a tall and skinny white dude
>start dating and he immediately starts asking me to suck him
>agree since ive been dying to try
>its really fun because hes uncut
>do the stuff I saw in porn and it goes well, he busts in my mouth and it tastes okay
>our relationship consisted of him just picking me up and taking me somewhere that I can suck his cock
>suck him off just about every single day for 2 months, he never returned the favor
we split up because it was kinda lame having such a shallow relationship, but i absolutely loved blowing him
- true deepthroat/throat fuck story
>be me, late 20s
>bi, but only for oral.
>sucked a number of cocks over the years, worked up to loving deepthroating, to the point that I only seek out big cocks to suck now
>don't wanna install grindr - just hitting up Doublelist, really hard to find someone actually huge who isn't gross or unstable.
>guy responds to my ad claiming to be 8.5". Fit, discreet, can host, not old.
>holy shit
>feel my heart pounding. His cock looks huge in pics. No reverse google hits. Arrange to head over.
>Dark room, he has his cock out, get down between his legs. Barely any small chat.
>holy shit he's actually fucking massive. Probably legit 8.5", and certainly thicker than 6"
>Start sucking his cock slowly and working his shaft with my hands. He's rock hard as well, slight upward curve.
>Start going deeper until the head hits the back of my throat. He's moaning softly and just letting me do my thing.
>try to go deeper, forcing his cock around the bend, and I literally can't. Not even close. First time ever.
>try a few more times making that "glrk glrk glrk noise"
>tell him I have to change position to deepthroat it, and kneel on the couch beside him so I'm close to 180 degrees rotated.
>lube up with spit and go down again, letting his cock fill my whole mouth and more of my throat. He's moaning and saying "yeah" quietly.
>start forcing my throat onto his massive cock again from the better angle until it "pops" past my throat barrier
>it actually stretches my throat a bit and kinda hurts, never felt this before. I take the last inch and I gag and come up.
>usually never gag and can let guys fuck my throat with ease so this is like crazy for me.
>go back down again, trying to relax more, and let him hold my head and fuck my throat a bit, but I can only take it for 10 or 15 seconds.
>having my throat actually stuffed has me rock hard this whole time.
>mix in sucking him normally and try to practice relaxing my throat more when I go deep.
>force myself all the way down to his sack finally, feel his cock brushing something hard deep in my throat, really hard to keep it there.
>do it a few more times, going all the way up, and all the way down, hard as diamonds.
>still can't keep it parked in my throat like I usually can, even with big guys.
>simultaneously turned on and dissapointed because I wanted to fuck my throat with his cock until he came balls-deep, but I literally can't.
>the discomfort kinda jerks me out of the mood a bit.
>try a kinda of 69 position and I still can't take it. Almost puke actually lol despite not eating on purpose.
> tell him I'm kinda worn out, and that''s all for now.
> he asks to suck my cock a bit even though I thought he was only into receiving. Says I really turned him on.
>let him for a bit.
>he jerks himself off, and man it takes him A LOT OF DEATHGRIP JERKING to cum.
>kinda turns me on imagining him fucking my throat like that, if only I could take it.
>head home feeling pretty good actually.
>guy is down to do it again sometime, very chill, respectful.
>not sure if it's bad for my throat lol, and always feel conflicted but also turned on swallowing other guys' cum.
>still really hot when I think about it

Should I buy a dildo and practice?
or Just meet him again and practice on him until I can let him fuck my throat and cum balls deep? Sometimes I feel conflicted afterwards, and I do not know if it's possible with his cock.
>18yrs old
>chubby kid big ass 220 lbs 6ft
>had Craigslist post up looking for top
>bunch of flakes or bad hookups
>found another post someone looking for bottom
>reply to him just send him the link to my post
>likes the pics and info says he can pick me up
> I ask him for pics, he says he doesn't send pics
> nervous but agree to meet him at a fast food place near home
>waiting super nervous, finally a silver suv pulls in looking for someone
>wave him down, he asks if I had a ad on Craigslist
>he's an older Hispanic, kinda stocky
>I get in the car, start driving away
>chat a lil bit before I'm thinking about his cock
>curious about size, want to rub his couch but to nervous.

Anyone interested for more?
>pull up to his house
>walk in, mouth is super dry smoked some weed beforehand
>ask for some water, chilling in his kitchen a sec
>finished the water, buildt up courage to ask if he wants a blow job
>he smiles "sure" leads me over to a couch outside his bedroom
>he stands over the couch, we looked at each other a sec
>I'm like shaking, real nervous
>he's like you want me to? And points at his pants. I nod
>takes off his pants and sits down
>I get on my knees and shimmy up to him.
>cock is cut, still soft.
> reach in and grab his cock, Jerking his soft cock
>he let's out a slight humming breath of pleasure
>still pretty soft I start to lick and put his head in my mouth
>starts getting hard, I'm sucking starting to gag form him getting bigger
>stop to hold his cock and put his balls in my mouth
>I gently suck and pull a bit till his ball pops out my mouth
>he's letting out some louder hums as I suck him
> he asks if I'm ready to move to his room
> I tell him sure
>still have my clothes on hard as a rock, had a hard on since me picked me up
>were in his room, he tells me to undress
>shirt first, next my pants
> noticed my dick hard asf
>he's like "oh you're hard already"
>I'm like I've been hard lol
>he like nice, reached down and grabbed my cock
> I like put my hands up next to my face and stuck my couch as he felt me up
>he's gently jerking me off and feeling my sack
>I'm in heaven
>starts to move to my hips and leans past me to feel up my ass
> I lean forward to present my ass more
>he's like oh yea, letting out little hums as he squeezes and spreads my ass
>I'm moaning a bit as he starts to press on my asshole a bit.
>feels so good, trying not to nut
>says he really like my ass
>ask him how he wants to fuck, he says doggy
>I bend over for him on his carpet
>ask him to finger my ass a bit first, nervous he was pretty thick.
Anyone still here?
juicy poops >:)
>he gets out the lube, squirts some on my hole
>it's cold but feels nice
>takes a finger and starts to rub my hole
> sticks in finger
>mmmm oh fuck
> never had someone feel me up and finger me
> starts to finger faster
> asks if I'm ready, I tell yes
>starts rubbing his warm cock between my cheeks
>pushes his head on my hole
>not in yet, trying to guide it in.
>I reach back and help a lil
>slowly slips in
>oohhhgnn hurting a lil in working on relaxing to take him
>he's going slow to spread the lube at first.
>He's starting to speed up and sqeezing my cheeks
>I'm moaning, my head in getting lower to the carpet as I let him take my ass
>now I'm realizing I'm making some feminint noises
>trying not to sound too much like a chick lol
>suprise he wasn't fully in
>starts going deeper
>oh fuck I haven't felt girth like this!
>can't help it, about to cum
>grab my cock because I dunno if I can just cum on his carpet
>I tell him, he says go ahead
>I let go, hands free Cumming
> he slowed down a bit as I was cumin
> I'm all ahhh fucks and shaking
> he asks if I want to go longer or finish
> I can't really answer besides
>fuck you're thick, cum when you want
> starts to fuck hard again
>face is in the carpet now
>he's slamming into me now.
>I feel his force, my ass rippling up to my chest
>each thrust he's pushing out air out my lungs
> making me moan and grunt can't help making bitch noises with that much force
>he slaps my ass while fuckin
>I raise my head and let out a yelp
>pulls me in, buried that dick deep
> starts letting out pleasurable breathes and moans
>dick is pulsing, feel the warm cum in me.
>pulls out, tells me to push out his cum
>I push a lil out and fart, he's like it's ok do it
>I push out more, he's like fuck yes
>cum running down my balls.

I went home and still had more to push out. I love older guys now. How's my story?
especially the moaning like a bitch part
He literally was using me, each push at the end I was letting out gasps of air. I remember trying not to let anything out which just made it harder to do
>21 years old
>Be in a fraternity at my state college
>Hear rumors one of my brothers has been checking me out
>Initially felt weird but realize this is my chance to experiment
>Know his 21st birthday is coming up so I invite him over since I live with some brothers
>Smoke him out for the first time and take shots with him
>A few hours into the party he's getting real touchy with me
>I'm the only one with a single bedroom so I start flirting back
>He hugs me at one point and I whisper in his ear that if he wants a bday gift he should come to my room once everyone falls asleep
>Skip to 2am
>Everyone is asleep and I'm rock hard thinking he'll take my bait
>Hear footsteps in the living room
>He's doing it
>Pretend to be asleep when he walks in
>He stumbles to my bed and climbs in next to me
>He puts his hands on me and I feel him recoil when he realizes I'm already naked
>He starts moving his hands towards my cock and I feel his rock hard dick poking my ass
>As he's jerking me off I "wake up" and turn around
>He seems to jump back but I pull him close and we start making out
>He's moaning and I can feel him leaking precum all over me
>Suddenly he stops and pulls my arm behind my to start licking and kissing my pits
>I do the same to him and realize what I've been missing out on
>We easily spend 30+ minutes just making out and frotting
>By this point we're both drenched in sweat (summer bday after all) and I rotate to start 69'ing him
>He cums as soon as my tongue touches his cock
>I swallow what I can and lick his cock clean
>He gets super embarrassed and apologizes to me
>Now's my chance
>I grab the back of his head and force him to deepthroat my cock
>Tell him he'll repay me by draining my balls
>He proceeds to worship my cock and balls
>Even flips me over and rims me for the first time
>After rimming me he starts sucking my cock and fingering me
>I cum buckets
>He licks up what he can and leaves
>Still have an armpit fetish to this day
what the actual fuck
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
really hot story, probably one of the few real ones here. got hard reading this, great job

I'd honestly just practice with his dick directly lol
This is why we don't do story threads anymore
All the people here talking about cumming handsfree or without direct repeated stimulation, how????
also are wet dreams even real? Neither my partner nor I have ever had one so I truly can’t imagine what ifs like
thank you lol
yeah I'm really tempted to do it again.
do you think theres risk of damaging my throat or swallow reflex if I do it often and get used to it? his cock is so thick it doesn't feel like other times theres a weird discomfort. Maybe I need to find a perfect angle
go several weeks without cumming at all and you'll find out what a wet dream is like
The funny thing is, i have (about 3 weeks). I was just depressed and angry all the time lol.
You need to have your prostate hit over and ever. I've had about 3 hands free in my life so definitely possible. Helps to smoke a little weed beforehand as well
>are wet dreams real?
Also yes, but I had those a lot in high school. Stopped as an adult unfortunately
I think there could always be risk of throat damage, it's not made of concrete after all. but if you don't rush anything, and he doesn't ram his cock inside, you should feel it when it's just too much, before anything happens. I'm not sure if that discomfort could be your (current) limit already, but if I were you I would still try make it fit ;)

body flesh is quite flexible and can get adapt easily, so trying different angles and getting used to his dick will surely help

don't hesitate to post other meetings with the huge cock guy
appreciate the advice. Yeah I guess there's no way to explain how extreme it is in the greater scheme of things, and I don't have that much experience really.

Have you (or has anyone here) had experience frequently throating a huge cock and did you have any throat/acid reflex problems?

I really wanna feel him cum 8" deep in my throat and will definitely post about it if I get there.
You could have just left. That was horrible.
Hot. Tell us more older man stories
Ever hook up with him again?
File: PXL_20210608_142521179.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x2448)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
>be me 23 y.o. horny as shit but
>Girlfriend is not enough. Years of >4chan has awakened something in >me that has made me wanna suck >a cock so I do the usual. Download >grindr. Easy to find guys because >I'm on a major college campus.. >lurk for many many days before one >night in April I finally can't take it >and gotta go for it. Find a guy a >short drive away (wanted to be able >to get outta there asap after) who >just got back from the bars and >wants his dick sucked.

>So I go over to this guy's house and >we head up to his room, tall skinny >guy. Built like Jim Parsons but more >rugged if that's a thing.

>We keep the light off, he knows it's >my first time. Not into kissing so I >go right for his cock.

>The nicest, like 8 inch and thick >cock I would feel even to this day. I >put it all the way to my throat like a >good little bitch and proceed to >suck this beautifully hard dick like I >was gonna get a promotion. I hear >him moan and he tells me he's >gonna cum. I'm horny as fuck so I >stay down on him and he shoots a >large but nicely sweet load of cum >right into my throat, a little bit mad I >didn't really get to have his dick in >my mouth all that long but still >happy with the results.

>He's still so turned on he asks if he >can return the favor on me, I was a >little hesitant as this is the first time >I did anything with a guy but I agree. >He starts to deep throat me and >slides his finger into my ass. Not >too much of that before I cum, >Soooo hard I remember telling him >"you gotta get outta my >ass"because I couldn't take how >good it felt..

>Anyway after that I left and have >been a bi closeted cock whore >since then.

Pic for tax, a new buddy and me
Learn how to greentext properly before posting
>at uni
>horny af and depressed
>get drunk and decide it’s time to explore
>set up bathroom encounter with older business man
>he hesitates because it requires him to come on campus
>promise of cumming from an under stall blowjob overrides his fear
>go to secluded bathroom, few minutes later another person comes in, and goes into neighboring stall
>he taps foot lightly, I tap back
>hear belt unbuckle and pants hit the floor
>slightly above average (about 6.5”) white cock slips under the bathroom stall
>drop pants and drop to knees to inspect it
>bead of pre-cum on the tip, lick it off
>he moans “suck it slut”
>lose myself, start sucking his cock and balls
>rub his balls while he coats my throat with pre-cum
>gargle his balls while stroking his cock
>completely lose track of time, my own cock is drooling and bouncing free of my pants
>he groans, “I’m going to fucking cum”
>give him one last hard suck, cup his balls and start jerking him fast
>get front row seat for him blowing a massive load all over the floor and wall
>clean up stall and get dressed
>he steps out of stall
>I do too
>King of the Manlets, fuck
>”Next time, we should meet at my place. I want to try your other holes.”
>show him the way out, feel ashamed, close online account, never see him again
Nutted hard later that day but haven’t repeated it since.
When I was a kid, there was a couple in their 60s that lived down the street. I would watch their dog when they went on vacation. I found a playboy stash under the bathroom sink and would look through them for hours at a time.

The guy caught on and confronted me about it one day. Said he wouldn't tell my parents if we had a "talk" about it. Ended up becoming his personal slut for about 4 years until we moved away.

I now have a thing for age gap, power imbalance, and CNC.
File: Didion.jpg (58 KB, 680x453)
58 KB
>Be me, 26 year old bodybuilder, I've got blond hair and blue eyes and love lifting heavy
>Generally a huge person except for my dick, which is only about seven inches
>Desperately need to sub for a femboy idk why
>Finally connect with this femme teen from singapore who sends me some really cute face pictures
>Decide to take the plunge and submit over telegram
>Starts pretty small, just flexing in my jock strap and chastity
>Starts calling me "dummy" and "himbo"
>Has me fuck my smelly shoe on camera, smell and worship smelly shoes while jerking off or fucking my ass with a dildo
>Has me act like a dog on camera with my hard, denied dick just wiggling around in front of me while I wag a tail plug I literally rush-ordered to my house when he ordered me to
>Send him videos of me working out as well
>I feel really fucking good when he tells me how happy he is with me
>This goes on for three or four weeks with my brain turning more and more into jelly, just constantly horny and looking for ways to please my singaporean femboy master who has only sent me like two pictures of his face
>Realize I've basically compromised my privacy and sent a ton of explicit material to a foreigner who probably doesn't give a fuck about me
>Probably isn't even the person who he sent the pictures of, probably just some old guy LARPing
>Not to mention the money I've spent on sex toys and slutty outfits and other shit which he wanted me to get
>Feel really bad, delete the whole convo
>He tries to hit me up for a few days, tells me he's disappointed I flaked but that I'm always welcome back, that I was a good himbo pet for him
>I still feel sick about it but after a good workout I sort of reflexively want to send him pics of my pump, dick, holes
>Longing to behave like his stupid little puppy again but also a lot of pain with all of that longing
Yeah I dunno guys.
You sound like such a good time, even though I prefer dominant muscular men. You should find someone more local who can confirm their ID
Yeah man, I like to think I'm a good time
it's just impossible to find someone like this guy who is local for me.
Lol how do I figure it out unless I post?
He made you his bitch, lanklet
Lurk moar
Meh not really. Need a muscle daddy to get me leaking like that, he had a nice cock though.
My first time was with my best friend in college. We decided to go camping in December, but it was warm out. There were no other people in the whole campground so we spent the whole day drinking and running around the park naked.

My buddy was hard the entire time so back at the fire I made fun of him and said dude just masturbate. He said only I do too, but I couldn’t get hard. Letting someone watch me wasn’t exactly something I did every day.

So we stood there talking for a while, about sex, girls, comparing penises. His curves up so I said girls would like his penis because it will get their G-spot. Both of us were virgins so we had no idea what sex was like, or even blowjobs.

Not really thinking about I said I would give him one if he wanted. That way he would know what it’s like. He said okay so I thought shit, I’m actually going to have to go through with it. So I knelt in front of him laughing and then took his cock in my mouth.

For the next few minutes it was just the sound of cracking fire while I sucked away, thoroughly enjoying it. Suddenly I felt his spurts going down my gullet, so I gulped them down. Then he slipped out of my mouth and I watched him look for his undies with his semi hard cock flopping around, glistening with my saliva.

He pointed to my penis and said look you’re hard now, and sure enough I was. He said sorry he’s just not ready to return the favor. I said that’s fine but if I go to sleep like this I’m going to have an accident. So he watched me awkwardly shoot the biggest load into the fire.

Then I put my undies on too and we crawled into our sleeping bag and went to sleep.
Has he ever returned your favour?
My first time was when I travelled to Bali by myself pre covid. I stayed at a hostel with shared room and bathroom. Lucky me my only roommate was this hot army guy in his early 20s from Switzerland. He had a typical European look with smooth white skin, blue eyes and light brown hair. One night after a night out we were both pretty drunk. He was having a shower but I was busting to pee and the toilet was inside the bathroom. So I begged him to open the door and let me in so I can pee (also so I can lowkey perv on him haha) him being drunk he didnt hesitate to open the door and when he did my jaw literally dropped when I saw him standing there naked and wet with water dripping down his cock and balls :p
I didnt want to make it obvious that i was perving on him so i went straight to the toilet and for some weird reason I had my short and underwear below my knees when i was peeing. Few seconds later I felt this cold hands around my waist then a hand groping my ass. When I turned around I realised he was touching my ass while jerking his cock. At this point I knew this was my chance so I started kissing him on the lips but he obviosly wasnt into it so I started kissing his neck and we started jerking each other off. I got on my knees and started sucking his wet cock and balls. I kept sucking him while he stood there moaning and dripping wet. It was my first time sucking a cock and damnn it was so goood. I kept sucking him till i felt this warm funky bitter tasting fluid in my mouth (which now ive realised is cum) It didnt taste very nice but he kept shoving his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth so I had no choice but swallow :p after that we went to bed and I had to travel to Ubud the next day.
He was super straight and has a girlfriend now. Hes probably the reason why im so into Europeans haha
Also sorry first time posting here and omg that post is long haha

10/10 maximum asshole you win the thread
Giga Based
Been thinking about my first times a lot lately
>was 13 at a sleep over
>watched porn several times with this friend and we'd go to separate rooms and nut
>watching a porn and friend say dam that looks like it feels so good and suggested we trade
>I went first and sucked his dick,, was pretty bad and used a lot of teeth
>he finished himself
>didn't suck me and I jerked off in the bathroom

Had all those stereotypical feelings for my first, his cock smelled so entoxicating. He was bigger than me. I actually still know this guy and we've never talked about what we did.

First planned consensual encounter
>I was getting really curious at 16, sophomore in summer 2010
>single parent works so I was free all day
>cl was cracking in those days
>claimed I was 18yo
>struck gold when I found an older guy in my neighborhood that was fit and chatted with him. He was cheating on his wife looking for discret fun
>during the day his wife was gone and I walked to his house
>he would let me in and I'd suck his cock in his man cave. first time I was really nervous,
>he always had me strip naked for him and hed sit in his recliner while I blew him on my knees
>that was my second dick and I got continually better. Started challenging myself on trying to get him to cut in my mouth
>had a running thing with him for months. Several times a week I'd go and he'd always be so thankful and happy I'd let him cum in me

Next the first time I got fucked
wow it only has to be that way if you want it to anon, i think daddies are pretty hot but LOL I dont associate a dude I fuck with my father
>summer before college 2012
>had experienced the array of sex to this point, spent my junior year exploring with a really trashy hot chick I knew. We did drugs and fucked and was just unhinged toxic relationship. Climaxed when she ran off with a guy to do meth (i wasn't fuckin with meth) and moved out of our town
>gone without getting laid for a while started craving dick
>had a car now but no place to host so I fired up the CL
>got a lot of usual stuff flakes and people that just wanted to chat
>late one night craving and horny start chating with a guy that can host, he's slightly older and his pics he's really hot athletic good dick
>he doesn't flake and gives me his address
>get to his house and his instructions were to park on the street between houses then knock on the window next to the front door then wait
>guy answers door and he's in a cop uniform minus belt and untucked shirt
>mini freakout until he ushers me in and puts his arm around my waist
>told him I was looking for a dom top to take control of me but not rough
>he leads me to a bedroom and starts undressing me puts me naked on my back on the bed
>first time getting rimmed felt like I melted
>has me suck him for a bit but makes me stop cause I got that throat and he was gonna cum early
>flips me over on my knees and he fingers me Starts to stretch me out. I'd already been fucking my ass with a dildo and knew how to prep my hole
>stretched out a few fingers he used lube
>he takes my anal virginity kinda gently. He never got fast but stayed steady
>creams my hole in doggie and the feeling of warm cum dripping down my balls still gets me happy
Freshman year of college I was pretty much out and just suckin and fuckin as much as I wanted
>living in New Orleans first Mardi Gras
>meet up with friends for parades and after the plan was to go downtown after
>met a friend of a friend and we hit it off pretty well
>him a black guy little older only a 2 years, theater student, athletic build and really cool
>his apartment was directly across the street from the parade and all our friends were following the parade and going downtown while we decided to sneak away to his place
>I was anticipating trying to get fucked that night so I prepped myself by shaving and cleaning
>he exused himself to clean himself up and I got naked on his bed
>he comes out of the bathroom and he has the biggest dick I've ever seen. Easily 8" and thick almost as a soda can. Looking back still amazed at that thing
>so I decided to take a challenge and try to get him balls deep in my ass
>asked him for toys and lube. Plugged my ass while I blew him on the bed a few later I took a dildo and fucked myself while I kept blowing him. he toyed my ass with a bigger dildo and stroked me.
>finally his biggest toy was suction cupped to his bed post and I worked it in while keeping him hard
>this whole time we're keeping things relaxed and drinking still
>his cock was still noticeable bigger than his biggest toy
>on his back I get on top and work his cocks head in, still steching my ass using my body weight and using so much lube
>finally get most of it in but I couldn't get all the way down
>switch to getting on all fours. He starts getting into a rhythm fucking me
>this was my second ass fucking and this one was other worldly. When he started fucking my ass my brain turned off and I had trouble breathing it was so amazing
>he flipped me over on my back which wasn't as good but still amazing and still couldn't get balls deep
>he pulled out and finished stroking and covered me in a sprinkler of cum shower then locked it off my body
First orgy
>dated a guy regularly when I was first turned 21
>my usual thing of seeking affection and approval from a dom
>he had a kink that he liked letting others use me. Not a cuck thing more like a pimp fantasy.
>we'd go to a club/bar and he'd tell me some obscure phrase or fact and when a guy I didn't know would come repeat that I'd tell him one thing or another and it would mean if I'd fuck him or just blow him depending on my mood
>this was a fun game cause mostly I'd just blow the guy in the bathroom or my bfs truck
>one night he gets the idea that we're gonna have an orgy and that I'm gonna be the main bottom/get gang banged
>he arranged another couple a top and bottom that we knew to find 4 more tops to our choosing
>we sat at a booth in a bar on grindr while they talked to guys at the bar
>eventually we get everyone that's open to it in agreement
>us original 4 go to one of our houses and ready ourselves
>first guy shows up, now 5. Me and the other bottom get him hard while our tops jerk off watching
>2 more show up at the same time now 7 and us bottoms are swapping dicks to suck
>last guy shows up and our tops rim and finger us while we keep servicing dick
>put in plugs for a while to help stretch
>me and the other bottom are next to each other on the bed me on my knees and him on his back. Both getting double teamed and our tops taking pictures
>the first guy that showed up nuts in my ass then immediately leaves. My top then starts fucking me
>the other start to switch and I change to riding on top of one of the new guys and sucking a dick of the other couple
>a few other positions changed and I at one point had 2 cocks in my mouth
>so now 2 bottoms and 5 tops are ready to cum. We lay back on the bed with our heads near the side. My bf was over me on the bed and starts Cumming on my face with the other 2 trying to cum in my mouth.

One and only orgy thought it was over rated but still had fun. To much work to organize
congrats OP hope this was a shitpost because if it wasnt expect a lovely visit from the feds here in a short while
Why would the feds give a shit about this?
are you retarded? he could very likely turn into a serial rapist.
I mean
as long as they're old geezers
File: 1618566762505.jpg (90 KB, 1188x668)
90 KB
A couple of years ago I finally worked up the courage to act on my rape fetish
>Start browsing various sites for days
>Finally get a good catch on Grindr
>Older guy, former marine
>He's fucking huge in his pfp. Bald, hairy chest, stocky
>He asks me a bunch of stuff like my schedule and phone number and shit.
>I tell him without much of a thought to what I'm doing
>He tells me not to worry and he'll come up with something
>We come up with an initiation and safety word
>Expect it to happen that night
>Days go by and nothing
>Check Grindr
>I've been blocked by him
>Feel cock blocked and sort of loose the will to keep on going
>A month goes by and I haven't spoken to him
>All but forgot about the interaction
>Walking through the park to get back home like I usually do, listening to music
>See a large guy approaching me wearing a brown leather jacket and some jeans
>He accosts me when I get closer, asks me the time
>I reach down into my pocket and grab my phone to look at the time
>Glance back up and there's a knife in my face
>"Do anything stupid and I'll gut you"
>He tells me to turn around and walk over to a nearby wall
>Do as I'm told
>He pushes me into the wall and turns me around, keeping me pinned with his big ass sledgehammer arm with his knife
>He starts groping me, squeezing my pants
>Makes some sort of comment about rewarding me if I'm a good little bitch
>He undoes my belt and takes it off.
>He gives a big tug on my work pants
>They pull against my back
>He gives a second yank and the front sort of breaks apart
>He shifts his knife to his free hand and sticks it into the bottom part of the remnants of the crotch area of my pants
>He moves the knife around and cuts a big part all the way to the back of my pants.
>I'm basically wearing two pieces of fabric held together by a damaged waistband
>He takes the knife and drags it down my underwear, lightly toying with front
>He sticks his hands in and kind of jiggles my cock and balls around
>He suddenly sticks in the knife in the underwear just under the shaft
>I feel the metal graze both my balls and shaft
>Pray to god he doesn't castrate me
>He pulls the knife down
>The cool air of the night hits my genitals
>Instantly start to harden
>He spins me around again and does the same thing he did to my pants
>"Let's loosen you up"
>There's a pause and some sort of rustling noise
>I feel a light jab
>A gloved finger is sliding in my ass now
>He does it slowly in a circular motion
>He stops after a bit, then sticks a second one in.
>This time he goes deeper
>Then a third, even deeper this time
>My asshole betrays me and loosens pretty quick
>Whatever it is that's harder than diamonds is where I'm at. My dick is raging right now
>My mind is clearly disconnected from my dick
>Hear more rustling
>Hear some clinking, like a belt unbuckling
>Sounds like some fabric dropping and some in place footsteps
>He grunts and sticks it in
>I wince and close my eyes
>It fucking hurts
>My eyes water and tears start to run down my face finally
>I can feel the lubed latex rubbing against the walls of my ass
>He pushes in slowly
>Starts to increase pace
>He doesn't get too far in
>He's really moving in now
>I can feel his balls slapping my ass
>He going faster with each second, his breath becoming more intense and ragged
>Finally after what seems to be an hour he grunts
>He sort of leans forward on me
>He gives my ear a nibble
>Spins me around again and holds the knife to my face
>"You call me daddy, got it?"
>I nod
>He asks me if I liked that
>"Yes daddy"
>Asks me if I want more
>"Yes daddy"
>He pushes me to the ground
>I'm face level with his cock
>It's not too long, probably 5 or so inches
>It's fucking wide though, and his testicles are huge
>"Open wide"
>I obey and he rams it in
>I gag
>Start working the shaft, licking off the cum
>He holds the knife to the back of my neck "No teeth"
>Probably ten minutes pass of me working his cock
>He suddenly slaps me as hard as possible and takes his cock out
>My vision is blurred with tears
>He quickly rams it back in and starts face fucking me
>I can barely breathe
>I'm coughing and spluttering up the cum he made me lick off. Globs of saliva and cum fall down my shirt.
>He shoots his load straight down my mouth
>He puts his hand on my hair and grips it as hard as possible
>"Good boy"
>He takes it out and makes me lick off any remaining cum
>He tells me to stand
>I oblige and he pushes me back to the wall again
>"I told you if you were a good boy I'd reward you"
>I nod and give a tearful smile of thanks
>He fully rips off the remains of my underwear
>He uses the remains of my tighty whiteys to jerk me off
>He's actually quite skilled
>I splooge in them
>"Say thank you daddy"
>I nod and repeat the words
>He steps back, places the cum covered underwear in his jacket pocket, puts his pants and underwear back on and leaves wordlessly
>I kind of fall to the ground, crying to myself
>I eventually pick myself up and go home, avoiding main roads and using alleys.
>I get home and everyone is asleep.
>Silently thank god because I didn't want to deal with people at that moment
>I clean up as best I can and go to bed
>Softly cry myself to sleep
>Wake up the next morning
>It's Monday so I'm off
>I remember last night and begin to cry softly again
>I feel like absolute shit
>Start incognito googling tons of shit after like an hour of crying
>Phone rings
>I don't want to deal with anyone but I answer it regardless
>"How was last night?"
>How did he get this number?
>Repeat my thoughts to him
>"Check your grindr"
>I oblige
>I see his profile
>I'm unblocked
>I see the messages
>It all floods back
>A huge ass weight just vanishes from me
>I feel like, a million times better
After we'd talked he basically had began stalking me for about a month to set it up. He saw the times I stopped and jerked off in the park and other things I did on my way home. We later met together for something more consensual and he showed me the remains of my briefs. He kept them in a baggy with my username on them as a trophy. When I told him how I felt, he started apologizing like crazy. Thanks to him I wasn't as afraid of exploring my more "taboo" fetishes.
holy fuck, that's commitment
this is so damn hot
oh so you'd actually forgotten lol

great story, you've been a good boy, he's been a good daddy
It is a little hard to mock a man with a 7+ inch penis
Damn that's intense. Did you keep exploring with him?
if real where?
imagine anon is coming for ur grandparents next, shit is scary dawg
Anyone got stories from Fair Theater in Queens, NYC?
doesn't really apply to me, thay're all dead rip
but yeah, it was sarcastic
That's pretty normal. Posture can tell you a lot about stance and feet.
Describe it more
I don’t know how to green text but here goes my story.

I was 17 hanging out with a friend who sold weed and other drugs. One night we get some beers, Xanax and weed, get completely annihilated. He passes out in my living room. My whole family is home but it’s also 1am on a Wednesday. I always knew I was bi since I was in elementary school. So I start touching him to see if he’ll wake but the dude is out cold. I punch him in the balls hard to get him to wake and nothing. I took advantage and undid his zipper, opened the hole in his boxers. I started to suck his flaccid cock. I licked his balls. His dick and balls smelt like shit desu. Dudes hygiene was terrible. But it was so exciting to suck a dudes dick for the first time and I could’ve been caught by anyone. Next day he woke up and didn’t remember anything.

Never done anything gay since
>I punch him in the balls hard to get him to wake and nothing
fucking kek
>Be me
>Horny, stupid, and 24
>Wanted to experiment with a guy's cock, but not enough to commit to topping, bottoming, etc
>Chat with some guy off internet, he lives in the same city.
>He messages me one day while I'm on my way home, says he is free.
>Have choice between going home and having a normal day or going over and doing sex things with him.
>Go over, we talk for a bit. I'm nervous as fuck.
>Eventually he takes off his pants and asks me to do the same
>Feel his cock, such a great feeling holding an uncut, hard, throbbing penis. Turns me on like crazy.
>He frots and rubs on my cock, eventually he's ready to cum.
>Cum he does, he blows huge stick ropes over my body.

I never was so turned on in my life, and we did this one more time afterwards. To this day some of the best sex I've done. It felt so good and awkward being covered in some dudes cum on his sofa as my own load covered me.
>Horny, stupid, and 24
not stupid, you just gathered the courage to do it

>It felt so good and awkward being covered in some dudes cum
fuck yeah
You were groomed anon, it’s not acceptable. Go to therapy and heal your inner child

>To this day some of the best sex I've done

Sometimes less is more
> be 25 yo twink
> invited by 6’2 200lb rich daddy to his room in one of the nicer hotels in my city
> knock on his door, he opens wearing a nice suit and shakes my hand
> his big daddy hands just completely swallow mine when we shake
> he offers me a glass of wine, and shows me the balcony
> it’s completely over looking the outdoor pool of the hotel, but about 12 floors up
> guy is super handsome, built, and he’d already sent a dick pic so I knew he was packing
> tells me about his well-paying career, open (gay) marriage - smart, interesting, wealthy
> asks politely if we should get naked
> say “I’m not sure yet”
> more wine, more talking
> guy is insanely nice, and cool to talk to
> I’m just not feeling any sexual tension
> guy tries to kiss me but I pull away, and he’s completely respectful
> go to bathroom to regroup
> check phone, message from another guy on Grindr with the hottest dick pic I’ve ever seen, and the message: “come taste this big daddy dick, bitch”
> leave the guy’s hotel room, walk to the other guy’s location, and suck his dick while he calls me a bitch, whore, fag, etc.

Turns out I don’t like nice guys ;)
wow i feel so bad for the poor nice guy xD
he was trying so hard

>Turns out I don’t like nice guys
all’s well that ends well
>could've had a lifetime sugar daddy
>instead went to some retard who probably showers once a week

god you twinks are fucking stupid sometimes.

>long time ago, me in my mid-20s
>yes I'm an old fag
>there's a cruisy wooded area in my town near the riverbank
>everyone calls it the gay beach
>mostly old closeted guys but sometimes a surprise
>about once a year the cops raid so have to be discreet
>park my car and head into the woods
>hoping for some dick to suck
>wander around for a little while, see a few men
>nobody interesting
>start heading back to the parking area
>as the woods thin out see a young guy
>like, he looks too young - 15 or 16?
>get a little closer, he looks like he's intelectually disabled
>i guess nowadays he'd be called autistic
>definitely not as young as he looks but still probably 19 at the most
>skinny, baby-faced, longish blonde hair, pale skin
>really pretty cute if you like young guys
>spoiler alert: I like young guys


>he's just kind of hanging out not far from the parking area
>he sees me, gets a big smile
>says Hi!
>I say hi, how are you?
>he says I'm great. And I'm horny!
>a bit surprised, I say oh yeah?
>he says yeah! then he kinda frowns and thinks for a few seconds
>he says blowjobs sure feel good, huh?
>I say they sure do. do you want one?"
>his big smile comes back. Sure!
>we go into the woods a little ways - he stops next to a tree
>says here's a good spot and drops his shorts
>steps out of them so he's just in his shirt and big sneakers
>has a kind of small pink uncut cock sticking straight up from under his t-shirt
>I drop down and take his cock into his mouth
>he inhales sharply and starts kind of humming/moaning as I go to town
>not the biggest dick I've sucked, but maybe the hardest
>it's like the skin is stretched across a glass dildo
>he pulls off his shirt so now i'm on my knees in the woods sucking off
>a naked retarded boy who looks underaged, but fuck it I'm so into it
>soon - too soon - he's grabbing my head and thrusting into my mouth
>oh oh oh he says and then a gush of cum across my tongue
>I hold onto his ass to keep his dick in my mouth
>slurp up all the cum and nurse on his cock
>he pulls out, must be real sensitive
>wow! he says, that was great!
>I stand up and wipe my mouth as he puts his clothes back on
>you sure suck good!
>i give him my phone number for the next time he's horny
>never see him again
That autisc guy sounds like Yes Man from fallout NV in my head kek
>be drunk and 15
>sleeping at friends who neighbor is a gay teen my age
>see he’s online on MySpace
>ask him what he’s doing
>he says he’s bored and has an open house
>asks me to come over and drink
>he drinks fast
>he starts to laugh and fall into me like a girl would
>falls in my lap
>pick him up
>eyes met
>we start to kiss
>he asks me if he can suck my cock
>tell him sure
>devours my cock and balls
>I get super horny
>offer to suck him
>he says yes
>pulls out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen
>makes no sense as he’s very feminine
>I start sucking his cock
>he cums within seconds
>I swallow it without thinking
>he asks me if I want head again or to fuck his ass
>we go to his moms room
>he grabs lube and spackles his asshole as well as my cock with it
>fuck him for 5 mins doggystyle
>Cum deep in his ass
>we kiss and told him if he can keep a secret, we can do this everytime I’m drunk and sleeping at my pals.
>go back to my pals with a belly full of cum, balls drained

> m
A lot yeah. We really got off on the public shit. But there were times when we did the vanilla stuff as well.
>hey! hi there! good to meet you! what can I do for you today?
you're a fucking genius

>pulls out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen
>makes no sense as he’s very feminine
hate to break it to ya
never posted here, so here's my first post:
>be 24, straight
>bored with friends
>one of them suggets we prank his neighbor
>idea is to message him pretending to be a girl
>then open the cam and show him I'm a guy
>neighbor is an old guy who was recently divorced
>we message him using a fake fb account
>dude's not very thirsty, doesn't reply quickly or anything
>somehow manage to convince him to open cam
>plan is to show myself and tell him he's been talking to a boy
>open cam, dude is surprised but just laughs about it, he looks 60
>"well man at least you're cute"
>not angry or anything just laugh together about it
>friends find it hilarious, make fun of me for being called cute by that man
>later that night, alone in bed
>message the guy to apologize
>he's chill about it
>we talk a bit, ask him if he really thought I was cute
>he's serious
>we talk for the next 2 days
>get horny while talking
>ask him if he's alone
>tells me that he is
>don't know what got into me
>tell him "do you want me to visit ?"
>tells me he wouldn't mind
>go to his house, it's 2 houses away from my friend's
>he tells me that I look too young to be 24, take it as a compliment
>too shy to talk to him, he comforts me
>suck him off while he's sitting on the sofa
>" so you think it's funny to prank old men anon ?"
>get hard
>get fingered while softly getting verbally abused
>ended up losing my virginity

we haven't met again, it was 2 weeks ago
You gotta post body types, but good story
>be 24, straight
>suck him off while he's sitting on the sofa
I'm 170 cm, white, twink body
he's like 190 cm, a bit of a belly and a beard

honestly not really interested in guys or thought about doing it with another one after that
but the sex was good
>honestly not really interested in guys or thought about doing it with another one after that
fair enough, ain't judging

>but the sex was good
pic related
that's funny, but I blame it on the fact that I'm a virgin, I wish I was brave enough to talk to a girl instead of talking to some ugly old man
Can you describe yourself and him some more?
Tell us about other times with him too?
But you're not a virgin.
>be 21, in college. Totally straight appearance. Girlfriend etc
>for years have gotten nude on cam for guys, mainly older daddy types
>would basically be up for anything but would cover my face. Started posting on Craigslist
>plenty of responses for daddies looking to massage me, always pus out and not meet
>get drunk and smoke some weed one night. Fuck I’m horny and weed would make my bi side come out
>daddy I’ve Skyped with and chatted with for weeks in town in a hotel down the road
>offers to suck and rim me, hmm okay let’s do this
>meet at a store just off campus, hop in his car. Nervous as fuck
>pull my cock out start jerking for him. Takes only a minute to get to the hotel
>get to hotel room, strip nude and shower in front of him. He’s drooling watching me
>come out and he starts sucking instantly. Move to the bed, on my back with legs up, his tongue feasting on my hole
>daddy alternates back and forth between my cock and boy hole
>move over by the door, full length mirror. Daddy on his knees worshipping my cock
>fuck gonna cum. Daddy makes me shoot all over his tongue, he gums on the floor as I blow my load
>put clothes back on, he drops me back off.

Met up with him one other time
Lmao best post here
Hot af
as another bifag, i thank you for this story
maybe one day i'll get to fuck a tranny with my gf too
based rapist, fuck those old dudes
> horny one night and want to blow my load somewhere
> can't be arsed with hookup apps
> go to sex club
> expect lots of old dudes, but actually lots of young guys
> hook up with tall, skinny young guy
> he only wants to top so we look a bottom to share
> find cute little asian boy and take turns ploughing his hole
> asian boy worships our cocks while slim guy and I make out
> both asian boy and hot skinny guy cum and leave
> it was hot but I need more
> find manlet otter french boy
> like Jimmy Franz, but more petite
> fuck him in front of some spectators
> run out of breath and retreat to a private gloryhole
> put my cock through the hole and someone is one the other side
> expert cocksuck gives me one of the best blowjobs ever
> edges me, makes me beg for cum, my knees won't hold me up
> can't hold it in and cum buckets down his throat
> amazing because I never cum from head or while standing upright
> never see who or what is on the other side
> fuck using apps, go to a cruise club
Fox is the most-watched *cable news channel*.

Even the smallest of the three network evening news shows (NBC, CBS, ABC) has a bigger audience than Fox.

Try again, innumerate loser.
> go to sex club
> expect lots of old dudes, but actually lots of young guys
how?? where??? TAKE ME WITH YOU

nice and based story
File: 1592913603066.jpg (43 KB, 500x667)
43 KB
I've told this on here before
>be 15 , short skinny long hippy hair
>have older step brother who's 18 or 19
>step bro is a gamer with lots of internet friends
>haves gatherings all the time
>always so many people so not enough beds
>some of his internet friends are border line autistic
>there's one guy who's like 19 or 20 very tall and has jew curls
>some of his friends have been in my life for years and weren't from the internet
>have hot tub at the house with coloured lights
>three of step bros friends are going into the hot tub say i want to go but i forgot my swim shorts at home
>step bro is much bigger than me but offers his swim shorts (happens pretty often actually)
>shorts are so big i have to hold them up with my hands
>get into hot tub with the guys
>everyones chitchatting and there's a fountain so it gives the illusion like no one can here your convo's atleast
>be an annoying teenager and keep launching myself from one end of the hot tub to the other and sometimes sitting in the middle kinda just swimming around
>keep hitting peoples legs and stuff
>as im launching my self i feel someones foot snag my shorts causing them to fall down
>i pull them back up , thinking nothing of it
>keep swimming from side to side being annoying
>happens again but they go right down this time almost off
>pull them back up hitting someone leg with my butt (some people had long legs)
>felt really sorry for getting in peoples way
>decide to sit down and stay put unless were switching spots to get different jets
>i get bored start swimmiing around again
>happens again my shorts get pulled down by someones leg
>this time feel someones foot drag across my dick to my ass
>get embarrassed thinking it was an accident and decide to sit put
>i sit next to the tall guy with jew curls
>i feel his finger start to touch my leg and draw circles on it
>the circles hes rubbing on my leg get bigger and bigger rhythmically
>im starting to get turned on by this now i know he's doing it on purpose
>everyones still talking in the hot tub even the guy whos rubbing me
>i start to get closer to him , sink deeper into the water and kinda put my leg over his leg so he can rub me better
>im diamonds at this point
>the hot tub turns off so i go to swim to turn it back on before the bubbles stop and im exposed
>he pulls my shorts down again with his foot
>brushes his foot against my now hard dick (not very big at all)
>and i say sorry
>everyone in the hottub sees my butt but not my boner as i pull my shorts up
>i hold the shorts up from the front in such a way no one can see it
>turn the jets back on and sit somewhere else
>after boner i start swimming in the middle again talking to everyone
>this time im just staying put in the middle
>Jew fro guys foot slips into my shorts from behind and keeps it under my ass and sack this time
>everyones had enough of the hottub
>everyone decides its my duty to grab the towels from the back door cause im the youngest
>shorts are so big and so heavy with water
>they keep falling off and down
>everyone can see my ass
>keep bending down to pick them up
>they all laugh at me cause i can't keep shorts on
>get to towels rap my towel around me and drop my shorts
>give them all there towels
File: 1614002640581.jpg (1.06 MB, 1481x1125)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>hours later at night , honestly forgotten about it after playing vidya and stuff
>Tall guy Andrew asks if he can stay in my bed cause there isn't any room anywhere else
>agree cause this is what usually happens (we invite so many people that people are sleeping on the floor)
>go to bed
>no pajamas so im just in my briefs and a tshirt
>maybe an hour later he comes in
>i was just falling asleep but when the door opens i move a little bit
>i kinda pretend im asleep
>i hear him taking of his clothes and he climbs in bed
>my back is facing him
>he lays there for a few minutes (prolly like 15)
>start drifting
>he pretends he's moving in his sleep and puts his arm over me so hes spooning me
>still pretending to sleep I adjust
>wiggling my ass a little incrementally bringing me closer to him
>minutes pass and he moves closer to me like someone hugging a pillow in there sleep
>now i can feel his cock on my ass but through underwear
>every once in a while he grinds into me
>and every once in a while i wiggle back
>he adjusts himself off of me for a bit
>hear alot of rustling behind me
>minutes go by and hes no longer on me
>keep my back arched and my ass pushed out incase he comes back
>feel something big poking my ass
>he's doing circles like in the hot tub
>honestly think its just his fingers at first
>keep "sleeping"
File: 1575461244583.jpg (36 KB, 436x434)
36 KB
>he rubs it across my butt and it ends up on my skin
>now i know its his cock
>he adjusts himself again so hes spooning me
>this time hes naked and hard
>adjust to make myself more comfortable and so my ass is pressed against his bare cock
>he starts getting bolder
>eventually gets off me again
>waits a bit
>than starts trying to take my briefs off
>in retrospect theres no way he thought i was asleep at this point
>adjust so he can slide my underwear off
>he tries his best to not "wake" me
>than he starts rubbing his dick across my bare ass
>he starts rubbing it on my hole
>don't want to get fucked
>move so that im on my stomach
>he takes this as an invitation maybe

>puts his leg over me so i cant move
>still spooning me
>he starts grinding on me
>cant pretend anymore
>start to squirm to get him off
>but he just pins me down
>starts whispering naughty talk at me
>says to be quite so i don't wake others
(walls are thin)
>starts playing with my little dick
>his is much bigger
>spits on his fingers while he's rubbing me down
>feels good
>starts fingering my ass
>lift my legs up on my back
>plays with my cock and ass
>im squirming
>grabs both my wrists with one hand
>puts them over my head
>gets me to sit up
>pins my legs down with his legs over top
>rubs his dick all over my face
>tells me to lick it
File: 1610921912531.jpg (936 KB, 1080x1693)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
>calls me a good boy
>gets me to suck his dick
>his other hand is playing with my hole
>he's trying to stretch my ass
>turns me over
>pokes his cock on my hole
>tell him i don't want to do that
>he says ok
>tells me to suck his dick again
>keeps whispering calling me names like a good lil slut and bitch
>holds my head down on his cock
>anytime i need breath he rubs his wet cock all over my face
>cums in my mouth
>say i'm tired
>we lay down and every now and than he keeps touching me or spooning
>try to play with his dick abit every so often
>eventually go to bed
>wake up once that night with him standing over me trying to put his dick in my mouth
>he gives up
>wake up
>all of my step bros friends are in the kitchen were making breakfast (alot of social retards)
>Andrew and this other tall guy from the interwebs Zach are talking loudly
>Andrews telling him how i kept trying to rub my ass on his cock
>and i wouldn't stop trying to play with his dick while he was sleeping
>i couldn't believe these autists were talking this loud
>everyone even my step bro could hear
>talking about how im a little slut who can't stop playing with cock
>i was so embarrassed and mad that he couldn't keep it a secret
leave it up to the autists to ruin everything dawg. honestly if i was you I would've said I didnt know wtf he was talking about and instantly accused him of raping me LMFAOOO
it lead to some of the other guys who were there getting curious tho and having similiar stories, i remember one night i played with three of my step brothers friends in the same night
also i don't consider it to be rape, it really turned me on, and when i asked for him not to put his cock in my ass he respected that.
Who is this and why does he look like an incubus?


Well, I was about 6ft weighing about 155-160. Black hair, dark brown eyes. I had a very urban look. Spiky hair with skin fades and stuff.

He was about 6’3 and probably 160-165
Brown long hair, surfer type look. Brown eyes. Huge nose like Adrien Brody. Very feminine mannerisms.


>a couple of months after we hooked up
>see each other at a party
>we ignore each other because no one even knew we knew each other much less that we hooked up
>cops break the party up around 12am
>girlfriend is with her friends for the night.
>me and my friends cop weed and smoke a blunt
>get McDonald’s
>nothing else to do so friends go home
>I been fantasizing about my first gay experience since that night.
>message the hook up and ask him what he’s doing
>he says he’s at his house alone and he’s not tired
>I ask him if he’s down to fuck
>he says yeahhhh, come over
>get to his house
>we start taking shots and flirting
>he’s rubbing my cock through my shorts
>we start kissing
>I told him I want to be fucked this time
>he cringes and says he doesn’t do that
>he says why don’t we just suck each other and I have a toy you can use on your ass
>disappointed but I agree
>we go to his room
>get naked
>lay on his bed side by side 69
>I can’t get enough of his cock
>love the way his balls smell
>I’m thinking such a big cock, what a waste on a dude who won’t even you it to pound ass
>I ask him if he can fuck me and we can do whatever he wants after
>he says okay fine but I’m not gonna be any good
>I tell him to pump until he cums
>grabs lube from his night stand drawer
>I get on my back legs up for easy access
>he eats my ass and kisses my balls/cock
>lubes up my asshole and his cock
>slides right in, feels good
>only pain is the stretching because he’s thick but more of an ache
>he leans in and we kiss intensely
>he’s pounding away
>I can’t believe how good it feels
>I’m moaning loud
>scratching his back
>gripping his ass

>he moans loudly
>feel a warm sensation deep in my rectum
>steaming hot liquid
>felt like someone was pissing in my ass
>he pulls out and his dick is soaking with semen
>he asks me if I liked it
>tell him I loved it
>we go to the bathroom
>I clean my ass and he cleans his dick
>I ask him what he wanted to do next.
>he said he wanted to suck on my toes and worship my feet, afterward he wanted to cuddle and watch a movie
>told him fine as long as we did it naked.
>we get back to the bed, he sucks my toes and licks my soles
>he asks if I want to fuck him or let him suck me
>I tell him to suck me
>he gives me some great head and I cum in his mouth
>he swallows it and we cuddle while watching tv
>I ask him if anybody is gonna be home tomorrow morning
>his sister is away at college
>his mom won’t be back until Sunday night from vacation with her boyfriend.
>he begs me to sleep over, I accept
>he massages my balls while we watch tv
>we pass out
>next morning, have massive post nut clarity
>tell him I’m gonna get going
>he asks me to hook up again before I leave
>I tell him he can suck my dick only and no kissing
>he looks a little hurt but understands that this is just an experience for me, not a way of life.
>ask him to please never tell anyone about this because it would ruin my social and personal life
>he understands and promises not to say anything
>he leaves the offer on the table to hook up whenever
>graduate high school
>go away for college
>get a job in a new city
>saw him once when I went back home to visit
>was tempted to hook up but got scared because I’m pretty sure he has HIV/AIDS now
>he was actually gay and I was just curious
>never touched another man since him

I hope he’s doing well and is happy
>be me, 19, bi
>twinkish built, but not entirely scrawny
>running errands for a party with ex gf
>still gotta go buy weed
>thier plug atm was just a guy they knew from universtiy that lived kinda nearby
>we get to that guys place and they have a bit of small talk about the party and what not
>hes tall-ish, fit and has mid lenght brown hair, mid 20s
>want to buy 7g of weed
>"well that might not be enough with how many people you invited"
>"yeah maybe, but ive got 70€ for weed so thats what were getting"
>he grins and looks at me and then tells me "if you suck my dick ill make it 10g"
>my ex and i exchange looks
>eh fuck it why not, hes cute
>he throws my ex the bag and gets on the couch and pulls his sweatpants down a bit
>"alright then get to work"
>i get down and grab his bulge, pull down his boxers
>beautiful long cock bounches in front of my face, like 18cm and not too thick, not too thin
>i start going to town, not my first rodeo
>he starts fucking my face after we got going a bit
>im into that shit
>i hear my ex mutter "fuck thats hot" from behind me
>didnt exactly exepct her to stay and watch, i assumed she would have given us privacy
>suck the guys balls to catch my breath a bit and shoot her a quick look
>shes leaning against his desk opposit of us in the room, watching intently
>went to get a better view even
>i pull down my sweatpants and start jerking off
>guy shoots in my mouth without warning after facefucking me again for a few minutes
>swallow his load, since im putting on a show
>we get our shit and leave, on the way back my ex is clearly pretty turned on and keeps saying how hot that was
Tell us those other stories

>there was this nerdy friend of my step bro
>friend not from internet but from the same school as my step bro
>he's spending the night at my dads house with us
>im 15 he might be 18 or 19 honestly
>not overly masculine , red haired, but still a little bigger than me
>have to share beds again because we invited more people than there are beds
>I tell him he can sleep in my bed
>im wearing loose boxers
>I go to bed a little earlier than him
>didn't fall asleep but prettending too as i hear he is going to bed
>he probably called it early in anticaption after hearing about the other night with Andrew
>have my back arched like a girl and my butt sticking toward where he'll lay down
>he comes in i hear him take his clothes off
>i'm pretending to sleep and we lay there for sometime
>he eventually gets brave and starts to spoon me from behind
>i can feel his cock through our underwear on my butt
>we dont really move, but once in a while i move my butt a little
>once in a while we both adjust to rub up
>he pretends to snuggle up a little as if he doesn't know im there and its just reflex's
>feel a rubbery feeling on my bear ass
>he's put his hard dick into my boxers
>just resting it there
>i wiggle around
>rubbing against his warm cock
>sending his dick further into my shorts
>still pretending to be asleep
>he starts dry humping my ass
>cant pretend any more start moving around
>im pushing back , he's grinding into me
>whispering moans saying "oh yeah"
>growling in my ear as he he's thrusting
>reaches around and is playing with my hard dick and sack
>he remarks that i have a lil dick and only one nut
>i'm embaressed but he's making me feel good
>still playing with my cock and grinding on my ass
>he says he only has one testicle too
>asks if i want to see
>i say yes
>now i start playing with his shaved cock and nut
>i end up strattled around him
>legs over each side
>im rubbing my cock into his
>i even start pocking my dick at his ass
>might have popped in can't tell
>he ends up saying we have to stop because he doesn't want to just fuck around with me
>says he's interested romantically in someone
>doesn't want to just do things for pleasure
>feeling guilty that im pretty much his little brother
>im too young and stuff
>in retrospect he might have been awkwardly asking me out
>but little 15 year old brain just felt bad and we stopped that night
>be around the same time
>playing video games with everybody
>maybe like 6 or 7 of us in the same room
>Andrew and His friend Zach who he was talking to about me to the morning after we played around on the couch
>Zach is maybe a year younger than Andrew but more socially awkward
>I sit down but am annoying so i put my feet up ontop of there laps
>everyones just paying attention to the games (playing super smashbros)
>once in a while i feel rubbing on my legs but i don't mind
>i think we have a blanket we are sharing on the couch so no one sees
> Zach is on the far end and stretches his legs out too
>somehow all our legs are kind of entangled and its hard to tell who's who
>my foot finds what i think is somebodys flacid cock (through pajamas)
>i move my feet subtly not to make it obvious and to pretend i dont know its his cock
> all while i keep feeling who i think is Andrew rubbing my legs with gentle circle patterns
>everyone in the room is still carrying on
>no one not on the couch notices and everyone on the couch is pretending not to
>i get alittle more obvious with my foot rubbing someones dick
>Its Zach and he responds weirdly and aggressively without making a scene
>He shoves his foot right into my dick and kind of pins me to my end of the couch with his foot stil in my crotch
>I don't say anything but he's kind of hurting me
>now im pinned down, Andrews feeling me all over subtly rubbing the area around my crotch
> I try to flick Zach's crotch with my toes
>and he starts squishing and moving around my dick with his foot
>they start chuckling with eachother and infront of everyone bring up how i sit down on the couch just to play around with them
>I'm not sure if anyone catches it but i deffinitly stop playing around
>tell them to let me up and i just sit normally on the couch after this
>fast forward everyones all over the house i think some people are just outside the living room in the backyard
>i find Zach laying on the couch alone
>he's very blunt socially and mentions how im so horny all the time and just want people to play with me
>the conversation gets to his sexuality and he says something like he's open to experimenting and he watches alot of hentai or something
> i remember him just sitting there not really doing anything and me trying to get him hard rubbing his cock and him just letting me play with it
>he didn't entice me or move to help me out he just let me play with his cock over his pajamas
>he was much bigger than me
>I put his cock in my mouth but through his pajamas
>im just playing with it with my mouth
>we hear people coming so i stop
Honestly not as vivid in my mind as some other experiences but it was from the same time and place
Here is one from my highschool tho
i felt alot more free to mess around when i was at my dads house because it was in a different town than my highschool so i didn't feel like i would be embarrassed infront of my own friends
>be 15 long hair , short skinny
>used to steal my older sisters pink panties
>wear them at school under my clothes
>one other guy knew
>i knew he was from 4chan first time i met him
>would show him them in changeroom of gym class
>try not to let other guys see
>would sometimes try to be last ones in change room
>he would grope me in my panties before we head out of the changeroom
>would meet in the bathroom and strip
>he would slap my ass and grab it

>one day we both were the only ones who didn't complete our science lab
>counter is big enough it goes to our shoulders when sitting down
>rest of class is reading and writing can't see us from shoulder down
>we're smart so finish the lab early but don't tell teacher
>he puts my hand on his dick
>he's hard
>am rubbing his cock through his pants
>he unzips his catholic school pants
>whips out his 6'' inch dick (bigger than mine)
>and i give him a handjob
>he cums all over his stomach
>no one sees
>his shirt soaks up the cum
>waits till bell rings
>he wears the cum stained shirt for the rest of the day
File: ccc.png (101 KB, 254x342)
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101 KB PNG
>go to his house one day
>he's a gay furry
>has furry gloves and ears
>gets me to put on his gloves and ears and jerk him off
>i wiggle my butt like wagging a tail (not a furry but i kinda like the domination involved with being a pet)
>his dad is home
>awkward not sure if he knew but we stopped

>another time i invite him over to my house
> i tell him to be quite and don't say anything lewd because my sister is the room next door
>he's an autist from 4chan
>doesn't understand social ques
>keeps loudly saying when is he going to get to fuck me in my ass ect.
>tell him to shut up
>end up sucking his dick
>he keeps playing with my ass
>he has a very low barotone voice so it vibrates you can hear it in other rooms
>he's calling me his bitch
>being very vocal with what he wants to do to me
>time goes by
>he's fingering my ass
>im arching my back
>he keeps slapping his dick on my ass
>slaps my ass
>luckily musics playing
>but he wont stop talking dirty to me
>he's not getting it (still in the closet)
>end up kicking him out of my house
>he had to sit on the curb outside and wait for his dad to pick him up
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hot af scene from queer as folk UK version
Need new story thread

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