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Not grindr, not Craigslist. Real life stories that weren’t set up in advance.
My first time was with my cousin. We were lying in bed giving each other these light skin touches. Somehow his hand ended up on my penis and I didn’t protest too much. So we started sorta masturbating each other but we didn’t have great technique, we used 2 hands and did this kinda side to side motion rather than up and down. We decided to take turns sucking each other. It was obviously new for both of us so we wouldn’t go down for very long before demanding it’s the other person’a turn. Finally we figured why not just go at the same time so he got on top of my and we 69’d for the first time. He went too deep though and threw up a little. His mom came in a minute later to see what happened, I could tell she knew what we had been up to.

This wasn’t our last time. We did everything over the next ~10 years.
In fifth grade my best friend and I acquired a condom. We went to my room, taking turns trying it on and comparing dicks with it on. We were basically the same size. He said “I want a blowjob so bad…”. I said no at first. “I’ll do you”. “Fine”. Without the condom on he put his lips on my penis and started sucking. After a minute he told me it was my turn. I hesitantly went down and grabbed his penis, putting my tongue on the head, kissing it, and taking the head in my mouth. I didn’t love it at first. We used the clock to time each other and we took turns giving each other head for a minute at a time. I had one of my first orgasms in his mouth, dry though, we were too young to jizz yet.

This was the only time we ever did anything, we drifted away shortly after when he switched schools.
At a sleepover in ninth grade I could hear my neighbor masturbating in his sleeping bag. We had been talking about porn and masturbation a lot recently so I decided to masturbate too. He stopped for a second but then started again. I opened my sleeping bag so he could see my cock and he did the same. His was a bit thicker than mine. I reached over and felt his cock, jerking him until he came all over my hand. He didn’t touch mine so I had to finish myself off.
walking home from a club and there was this dude just standing by himself away from everyone staring at me so i said hey what are you doing and he said he didnt know, we were both pretty drunk it was obv, so i said lets go and grabbed his hand and lead him back to my apt and once he was inside i pushed his shoulders down so he knew exactly what we were dong and he dropped to his knees and sucked my dick for about 10 min before I got bored of him being so bad at it and just pulled him off and stood him up and opened the door for him to leave and that was that.
Nice and to the point anon - I'd be worried there would an incoming brick through the window once I kicked him out
One night I got too drunk and got separated from my friends. A nice group took me in and took care of me. I wasn’t able to tell them where I lived so one guy just took me home and let me use his couch. I was being a bit belligerent, saying I was going to leave so he took my phone. I stopped protesting eventually and he started rubbing my thigh. I had been pretty sure he was gay. I didn’t stop him. He went higher and higher and was rubbing my cock through my jeans. This wasn’t my first time but I didn’t find him especially attractive so I didn’t stop him but I also didn’t show much interest. He went under my pants and was playing with my dick, getting me hard. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, I was still just sitting on the couch as he played with me. He took me in his mouth, sucking me. At some point he had his cock out and I jerked it halfheartedly. It took a while but I came in his mouth without warning and fell asleep. In the morning I found my phone under the couch and left. He was still asleep on the couch next to mine.
I was in college and bi-curious. I finally got the nerve to go into a gay bar near the campus. I walked in a got a beer. About two minutes later a guy came up to me and told me he wanted to suck my dick. We went to a room (more of a booth) in the back, and he sucked me. I came in just a couple of minutes and he swallowed every drop. He got up and left. I went back to the bar and a dozen or so guys applauded as I entered it. The guy had a reputation and I learned he once sucked over 30 guys in one night.
My best friends boyfriend's sucked me off while I was sleeping and it sorta escalated
Me exgf had a tiny gay korean friend
After we broke up , I kept hitting him up to chill.
100% at some point my ex told him im holding 8"
He asks me why I keep asking to hangout and I told him outright "been dying to get my hands on his tight little bubble butt"
We hangout the following friday , he took a bunch of xanax and I took a bunch of viagra and I fucked his little yellow butt till he tapped out
I flew home from Germany by myself, I was seated next to a cute muscular guy. I pretended to be asleep and slowly moved my legs and then arms/hands etc. to be touching his. It escalated very slowly over a four hour period and in the end we had covered with a blanket and were jerking each other under it. It was fun but very awkward once we landed and neither of us knew what to say and we went our separate ways.

Actually this happened to me two times, the second time we didn't go as far but yes I seem to have a knack for hitting on random airplane passenger neighbors.
Wonder how that view would look like
I love that view lol
Hot - the anticipation must have been electric
File: onepumpchump.jpg (242 KB, 642x715)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>Be after work party years ago
>Straight co-worker horny af, hasn't wet his dick in ages
>Picrel from the party
>Convince him to let me suck him
>ffw to his place
>He sits on his bed, unbuttons his shirt, puls his pants down and lay there feet still on the floor
>Uncut, trimmed smooth, nice hanging balls
>Start sucking
>He gets hard in no time
>Barely 4 inch long. Pretty thin. Basically the width of my hand
>Don't even have to control my gag reflex
>Get him balls deep in my mouth, cock head sliding on my tongue
>He nearly knee-strikes me in the chest
>Whatever, go back gently swirling my tongue around his shaft
>Both legs spazing out
>Hips trashing in my face
>Alright big boy calm down
>Start eating his balls to let him relax
>Stroke him slowly too
>Feet fly off the floor when my palm brush on his head
>He stops me because his balls are too sensitive
>I wrap both my arms around his thighs and hold his legs spread
>Just kissing and licking his shaft and head at this point
>Muscles still spasming
>Get him balls deep again and suck him proper
>Hips twisting all over the place
>Legs convulsing between my ams and chest
>Hand pushing my head down hard
>Keep going a short bit
>Hear a faint "it's coming”
>Try to pull back
>He thrusts up and pushes my head down super hard
>I'm stuck there with his balls on my chin
>Dick starts twitching, swallow first rope of cum
>Hips bucking all over the place
>Another tick rope, then another
>His dick is having a seizure in my mouth
>Feels like I'm rodeo-iding a cum fountain
>He's still fucking cumming
>After 5 or 6 mouthfuls it's over
>He just lays there rock fucking hard still oozzing
>Realize the whole thing took 3 minutes
>Leave after a short chat where I learned he cums in a single thrust usually and rarely has sex because of it

And that's how I got a small dick fetish
I was dating a hair stylist sometime ago and I was worried he was cheating on me so I set up an old phone disconnects from everything in the back room to record audio and I caught him with one of his male clients.

>He was already wishing him well and giving him all the farewells but before the guy actually leaves he asked if my ex “do you have time now?”
>didn’t make out the rest of it but my ex laughed and told him yup to follow him to the back room.
>The guy jokingly said he might as well try getting the full salon experience.
>ex ended up blowing the guy for about a few minutes and it was all really quiet, no audible orgasm or moans from either but he clearly did. >The guy kinda shyly apologizes that take him a while(fag lasted a few minutes, calm down)
>ex says he doesn’t mind because he loves sucking dick(even though he wouldn’t do it for me)

So yeah. Fuck both of them. Never date a gay hairstylist unless he only does women. It takes one straight guy to ask for a blowjob and they will say “Yes!” In a heartbeat
Anyways I should I’m pretty lenient and forgiving so normally I’d offer a chance because truth be told if a really hot guy asked me for a blowjob randomly like that and I could I definitely would

>BUT like an hour or so after he blew that client he came into the back room and just hung out there for bit much to my confusion.
>in comes another guy
>he ends up fucking my ex in the back room
>guy apparently couldn’t cum from just the fucking though so my ex has to blow him for a couple of minutes
>right as he’s about to cum my ex desperately says “let me sit on it”
I dunno if my ex actually did because it didn’t sound like there was enough time in between that but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they were fucking bare back

This one also hurt my pride a bit because it really did sound like the dude had a much bigger dick than me. The types of moans he was pulling from my ex were shit I never got out of him. Whenever we had sex it was always missionary because that’s what he preferred but this guy got him in like 3 different positions
In the end i developed some serious trust and jealousy issue that’s carry onto my relationships now. I simply cannot trust someone if they left alone for so long. I set up Ring and Camera’s in my place for “security purposes“ but in truth the real reason is because I want to make sure no one is coming into my place without me. I also don’t like to date someone who lives alone or doesn’t someone who can keep an eye on them like a roommate or family

Yeah I got trust issues now. Though I developed derisory feelings towards a long time friend of mine recently and I know I can trust him. Sadly it won’t happen between us
Every fag you'll ever date will jump on any dick waved in their face, that's a simple fact, get used to it. All men are whores and think they can get away with anything.
When I was like 17 I was walking home from class, it as already dark. I went through this path with lots of trees where people go jogging. There was this guy whose face I couldn't see very well but he looked big, he was just leaning on the railing. He was wearing short shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, basic jogging outfit I guess. I kept staring at him because I was scared I could get mugged or something, and he started back. I passed through him and after I walked a little, I looked back and he was still looking at me, in fact he had started walking behind me after I while.
I was already pretty far from him, so I sat on this little bench and waited a bit, he was still walking towards me. I got nervous and started walking again.
After I left the trail and had to wait for the red light to cross the street, that's when he caught up to me. He just asked very low where I was going. I told him I was going home. He asked me if I wanted to go to his place. Hesitantly, I said yes and let him lead the way. We exchanged a few words, he told me he was 27 and I said I was 18 kek. He looked good, shaved head. His body was very hot and muscular (looking back, maybe that was just my impression at the time).
We arrived at his place, he said he was going to take a quick shower because he'd been running. I waited on his bed. When he came out, he was naked. His dick wasn't much bigger than mine, but it was pretty thick. I just got on my knees and started sucking him. I didn't have much experience and it was my first time with a real man so it was pretty sloppy, I gagged a lot. He laid me on the bed and took off my pants and sucked me a little bit. And then he went up and started kissing me and my neck. I got extremely hard from that. We made a 69 and after some time I stroked his dick until he came in my mouth.
He wanted to continue, but I really had to go. He wrote his number on a piece of paper and told me to call him.
We never saw each other again after that and I lost his number. Also, the chase was probably the most thrilling experience I've ever had.
I've had some decent experiences with this too. The adrenaline is pretty addictive.
be me
be cocksucking freak
be on hangover after 2 days party
want to finish this period with nice cock in mouth hookup
don't expect but match with random guy on grindr inviting you to his place

after getting on your knees you couldn't believe
ipic related

more info priv kamkamkam3365@gmail.com
I never get lucky
Spontaneous anal is the worst literally a shitty experience every time and the smell lol
Had a similar experience in hs sharing a bed on a choir tour. Best sexual experience I've had- you can't just conjure or replicate that type of tension
Not if they fear losing you, you gotta be willing to walk away if they fuck up
>>those shrek fingers
On a stag do, lost the group and didn’t know where I was. Bumped into a group who were going to one more bar so joined them for a drink whilst figuring out what I’d do.
One guy was local and told me I could stay with him. Went back to his and was setting up to sleep on the couch when he said he’s got spce on his king size. I said no to begin but he said it’s much more comfy. Agreed and laying down for 5 mins before he’s rubbing my cock until it’s hard. I grab his and start playing with it. Before I know it I’m sucking his rock hard cock as I rub mine and start deep throating the best my virgin throat can. Gagging and drooling. I get so turned on I ask him to bend me over and fuck me until I cum. I sadly don’t cum but he fills my asshole with warm sticky cum. I finish off on myself as he watches before leaving the next morning and rejoining the stag group. They think I’ve pulled some lass, meanwhile my ass hole is on fire and if I fart too hard I’m worried ill fart out jizz
>I said no to begin
Why were you playing hard to get?
bumpin dis hot thread
Happened recently. Out at a bar. Start chatting with someone about sports. Gets heated but mutual. Both athletic and enjoying our drinks. Having a fun time but I can feel the booze and say I’m going to call it a night. Shake hands and start heading home. 2 minutes into my walk he shouts my name and I turn around. He catches up to me, throws an arm around me and says he’s going the same way. Have to walk passed some woods to go home and he suggests cutting through. Immediately I’m like no. But then he lifts an eye brow, grabs my junk and whispers it’ll only be for a minute. Instant erection and we barely step a few rows into the woods before he’s on his knees and licking from my balls to the tip. Some sloppy sucking later and I’m blowing my load in his throat. He gets up and starts walking back the way he came from. Not seen him since but cannot wait until I do
I don't know if it's really spontaneous when you go out looking to shoot a load, but here is what I did yesterday.

Walked to forest preserve near me where I know that guys hang out looking for a hook-up. Walked by a car that had a good-looking middle-age guy in it and I nodded and smiled at him. He rolled down his window and we talked for a minute. He asked me if he could suck my dick. I got into his car, and he started rubbing my dick. I unzipped and he started giving me a great blowjob. I came hard and he the few drops that dribbled out of his mouth he licked up.

I zipped back up. He said he was there most Saturday afternoons. I'll probably go back.
How come you guys didn't realize you both wanted it the whole time at the bar? Oh wow. I don't think I've ever been approached by sometime that I didn't realize was into me
>be 26 & was away on business for weeks
>was craving dick and super horny
>hop on the old grindr
>lot's of fake and pics collectors
>young 19yo black stud hmu
>chat for a few hours to make sure he's genuine and not crazy and I believe he was clean
>My hotel was a business suite so I had a living room. Put all my money and keys and laptop in the safe.
>let him in and he sits on the couch.
>go to town blowing his cock
>He has a good dick like 7"
>swallow his cum and he leaves happy after about 20 minutes of head

FF next next

>next night he hmu again
>ignore him cause I was tired from staying up so late night before
>knock on my door when I was falling asleep.
>peep hole, holy fuck he's back wtf
>message him and ask why he outside
>says he wants to see me again
>doesn't go away and keeps knocking
>coworkers are in the hotel with me and I was worried they'd see him
>tells me he just wants his dick sucked again and he'll leave
>agree, let him and he start blowing him again
>it was a little sketch this time but he was polite and he came faster than the night before
>as he's getting dressed he says he wants to come back as long as I'm in town
>I agree that if I'm not tired I'll keep blowing him more often
>he comes over once a day for about 3 weeks straight
>he starts hanging out and coming over during the day on weekends
>Not Grindr

Your story is about Grindr.
I mean it’s not bad, but it’s literally the first two words of the OP you replied to.
Fuck that’s hot green text it pls?
>be me, freshman at massive northeast college
>5'8, I do track and swim so I was at peak otterbod at the time
>go to frat party at this huge house with some friends, tons of people there, get absolutely obliterated
>we end up dispersing as we start mingling with everyone else
>I'm getting lots of attention from two tall brick houses of men, chatting me up and encouraging me to keep drinking
>didn't get any attention in HS like this so I'm having a great time
>one of them who's especially touchy and flirtatious says he wants me to meet his friends
>I drunkenly stumble and follow him to an empty bedroom
>uh oh
>before I can respond he's pulled me into him, grabbing my face and kissing me
>too drunk to protest and quickly realize I don't want to, he feels amazing and is a great kisser
>push him on the bed and makeout with him
>he reeks of beer but goddamn his body is a mountain and feels incredible
>speaking of mountains, feel a pretty big bulge rubbing against my ass
>he pushes me off him, undresses me down to my underwear and gets me on my knees
>puts his thumb in my mouth, I instantly start sucking it like a whore
>only fooled around with guys a little bit in HS, nothing that great, this was infinitely better, never this turned on before in my life
>"be a good boy and take that cock out"
>oh my god
>slide his pants down, he's at least 7 inches, uncut and thick, fat balls too
>most mouthwatering cock I've seen at that point
>don't waste any time, start stroking and bobbing my head on his dick
>he laughs and says he loves my enthusiasm
>starts fucking my throat, calling me a good boy/slut/whore/etc.
>in absolute boyslut heaven, his cock tastes amazing
>door opens, oh fuck
>other guy from before sees us and stares for a moment
>"haha nice bro, mind if I tag in?"
>while his cock is pushing at the back of my throat he asks if more people joining in is ok
>still drunk out of my mind, but I'm too horny to think of any reason not to
>fuck it let's do it
>other guy leaves for a minute, brings back at least 7 other guys, possibly more, too drunk to tell
>they lock the door behind them and start getting their cocks out
>holy shit this is really happening
>within the next 10 seconds, find myself surrounded by several cocks, ranging from average to one guy who had an absolute monster cock
>go full slut mode, eagerly sucking and stroking their cocks as best I can
>they get my underwear off, some of them take turns playing with my ass
>my cock is dribbling precum like crazy
>over the course of the next hour, get my mouth fucked by one guy after another
>they're drunk and greedy and can't believe how eager I was for cock
>some of them start to get close, oh boy here we go
>they take turns cumming on my face, in my mouth
>haven't tasted someone else's cum in a while, the taste makes my head spin
>so turned on I nearly cum hands-free when monster cock guy shot shot several ropes on my face
>decide to touch myself for .5 seconds, cum instantly all over the floor
>one of the guys scoops it up and makes me lick it off his fingers
>once they're all finished, sit there naked, out of breath, covered in the loads of several men
>recover, and look in a mirror in the room, I look like a absolute whore
>still in disbelief that that just happened
>clean up, get their numbers, go home
>masturbate another 5 times to the thought of it all while still tasting and smelling their cocks and cum on me

tl;dr: went to a frat party and was the center of attention at an impromptu blowbang. 10/10 one of the hottest things that ever happened to me. Ended up being a booty call for several of the guys I met that guy throughout the rest of my undergrad, was how I learned that I live to be a bottom.
While visiting Cape Cod in Massachusetts last summer, I took a day trip out to Provincetown, which is like a gay mecca in the summer. I ended up at the Boat Slip hotel for the "Tea Dance”, where a bunch of gay guys dance and get drunk throughout the night (picture attached). I had gone by myself and was walking around, boosting up my confidence with booze, when I saw from the corner of my eye an older DILF who was about in his 60s and also alone, checking me out. We made small talk and introduced ourselves; he said he was a local and was waiting for his friends to arrive, which they did, and we had a good time. The DILF asked if I wanted a drink, asked if I knew about the history of the cruising spot below the Boat Slip, and he eventually invited me out to have dinner at his house with another gay couple. I drove over there and could take a hint about where things would go. The DILF and I ended up making out and fondling each other before the other couple arrived; he had been going commando, much to my surprise. We all had a nice dinner together, and after the couple left, the DILF and I went upstairs to his room. We ended up making out and sucking each other off before I had to head back home, but we still keep in touch and are hoping to see each other again soon. 10/10 would do again.
What would you like me to greentext ?
When we fucked ?
How is this the gayest thing I've seen on a gay-centered board?
>made up story
Still gave me a huge raging hardon, so I'm going out cruising now. Really hope I get some group action.
>he took a bunch of xanax and I took a bunch of viagra and I fucked his little yellow butt till he tapped out
and they say romance is dead
Not everyone...
Are you talking about yourself, anon? Are you pure and loyal? Will you marry me?
Bruh. Fuck off with the weird lies and moralism. This is literally a hook up thread filled with slutty unplanned sex. Whaaaaaat are you expecting? Monogamy?
You seem to have a case of ligma
My entire life has been me being approached by someone who was into me and then not realizing it until it was too late
File: skhbviysiyu233bf.png (140 KB, 430x442)
140 KB
140 KB PNG

your experience is not universal
You got your dick sucked by a guy who sucked 30 cocks in one night and yet I'm the one who got gonorrhoea from having my dick sucked by a girl with 2 previous sexual partners. This world is fucking unfair
Lmao, story?
was at a bar horny and drunk and a black guy who seemed like he was really fucked up kept making passes at me, and eventually i just accepted i was going to suck his cock so he'd stop pestering me.

i follow him behind the bar and when i go to get on my knees he tells me to turn around, and he spun me in a circle and put me against the wall, and i remember saying something to the effect of "make it quick" and he just shoved himself inside and started pumping

he wasn't very good and the only thing that was keeping me there was the fantasy of being fucked by a stranger. he started going harder and grunting and i realized he was about to cum, i told him to pull out and he responded with "shut the fuck up bitch" and i felt him unload in my ass while groaning something about "white pussy"

he pulls out and leaves me dripping, and he starts to go somewhere and he reaches into one of the tents that bums had set up behind the bar and comes back with a rag

realize i just got creampied by a homeless man
>realize i just got creampied by a homeless man
how does that make you feel, anon?
honestly it turned me on, something about being treated like fuckmeat by a bum made me feel so slutty, and ive always liked being degraded
I went back yesterday afternoon. He recognized me and told me to hop in his car. I was wearing running shorts, so I pulled them down to my knees and he got to work. He licked and sucked my balls and then moved his attention to the head of my dick. A few minutes later I shot my load, and as before he made sure he got every drop.

He was rubbing himself as he sucked me, and he asked me to stay and watch him jerk off as that excited him. I wasn't in a hurry so I stayed and told him I loved watching him and wanted to see him cum. He finally shot his load and his cum was really thick, probably the thickest I had ever seen.

I'll definitely try to get there next week.
Last weekend I finally did the sissy thing of my dreams.

I went to a gay all dolled up, skirt, fishnets, lipstick and high heels. I went for a drink at the bar, and the guy next to offers to buy it for me. I get real close to thank him, touching my body to his, and he cops a feel under my skirt. That's my curle, and I start making out with him very passionately, guiding his hands to touch me further.

I side-eye the guy next to him, see he's staring, and I grab his hand as well placing it on top of me. He also starts to fondle, and when he gets close I also start making out with him, alternating with them.

After 5 minutes of this, I tell the whisper to the first guy "Let me drink, and then let's go to your place, the 3 of us." I start drinking while the two guys talk it out and refresh my lipstick. 5 minutes later, we are on the fiest guy's car. He drives us, while I'm making out with his buddy on the back, letting him see everything.

When we arive at his home, it's instant. I place them on the sofa, take off my heels, and hand the first guy lube from my bag. I sit between them, ass facing the first while I suck the second. Poor guy was moaning on the ride home, so he cums almsot instantly, nice and thick.
The first guy rips my thong and starts fingering and lubing me up. I always wear crotchless fishnets so I can piss easier, so they got home mostly safe.

I make sure to completely clean of the the second guy, when he starts to get soft, I start striping him a bit. Hairy chest and a bit sweaty. I kiss around for a bit, but then the first guy says he thinks I'm ready.

I get around his dick, remove everything bellow the belt, and suck him a little. Then I get on top of him and slowly put his dick in my ass. He moans while I do this, and when he is fully inside me I start moving and making out with him. He keeps moaning and that really turns me on.

I tell the second guy to suck me so I can cum. He does, and I finish in his mouth, the good slut took it all down. I can se that he is hard again, so I tell them to spitrost me. I lie on my back,second guy on my mouth slowly so he doesnt cum, first guy spreads my legs and starts fucking again.

He seems to really like the view, cause not two minutes later he cums inside me, I feel his hot cum come out as he removes his dick.

He cleans me up a bit, and I tell him to go wash his dick, cause I dont do ass to mouth. Then I tell the other to fuck my ass as well. He lubs up and gets right in it. He fucks me nice and slow, just the way I like it and I cum all over myself. He picks some up and eats it, I then he give me some ot if too. I am still hard from that, and he keeps fucking me. His buddy returns, and I put his wet dick in my mouth.

I am cumdrunk at this point and I need more. The guy that was fucking me cums inside me, and I feel really close as well. I tell them I need to fuck one of them, and the first guy offers his ass. Kinda hairy for me, but I lube him up and he tells me to go in.

I fuck him really quick and cum inside him. At this point I was completely spent. He tells me he is close, and I tell him he can use whatever he likes. He put me on all fours, lubs up my thighs and fucks me there.
disgusting nerd
>be me, 21 and in college
>still telling myself I’m “straight unless I’ve been in a slump for a while”
>was in the middle of a sizable slump
>have a gay friend, it’s his birthday so we go to gay club on campus
>some event going on so it’s packed, we’re all having a good time
>this guy bumps into me but turns and puts his hand on my chest and apologizes. “Omg I’m so sorry!”
>feel myself thinking “well he’s kind of cute” but try to flush it.
>tell him it’s no problem
>he asks if he can buy me a drink since some of my spilled
>say yes, telling myself it’s just for a free drink
>a couple friends go up to the bar too to replenish drinks
>chatting while the drinks get made
>guy asks if I’m straight
>I say yes
>gay birthday friend (who I’ve told about my hooking up with guys occasionally) says sarcastically “yes he is, suuuuper straight”
>guy chuckles
>drink comes
>guy asks “can you do me a favor?”
>I say sure
>he tells me his ex of 3 months or so is at the club. Says he wants to make him jealous and that I’m the perfect guy to do that. Asks if I’ll dance with him a little bit for the ex to see.
>I’m flattered he thinks I’ll make his ex jealous and he’s getting cuter to me with every second so I say sure.
>gay friend smirks because he knows how this will end.
>guy points out ex as he’s leading me to dance floor
>never been a great dancer but just follow his lead
>hadn’t really had an opportunity to check him out from behind but, at least in the lights of the dance floor, he’s got a nice ass. He’s a slim guy but relatively, he’s thick through the thighs and ass
>feel myself getting more and more into the dancing, hands on his hips, pulling him closer, etc
>pretty much as soon as this happens I’ve accepted that I’m going to try to fuck this guy and he probably knows this by how hard I am right against his ass
>turns to face me and we dance like that for a little while
>can see the guys ex over his shoulder and he does keep looking over at us
>we chat a little bit while we dance. Get to know each other. Names, majors, all that
>tell him his ex keeps looking over here
>”to be honest, that is my ex but I don’t really care if he’s jealous. I just thought you were hot and really wanted to dance.”
>brain automatically registers “alright, I’m going to fuck this dude”
>I smirk, “do you want to grab a last drink and get out of here?”
>he says I thought you were straight.
>I laugh
>he asks if we can skip the drink
>we do and go to his place, which is maybe a couple blocks away.
>out of the club lights he’s very handsome and my feelings about his ass were correct
>get to his place
>start making out the second our feet are through the doorway
>his roommate is out of town so we have the whole apartment
>sucks me on the couch for a while
>bend him over the couch
>fuck him on his back in his bed
>he stroked himself til he came all over his stomach
>blow deep inside him
>best sex I’d ever head up to that point
>stay the night and wake up to a bunch of texts from gay birthday friend asking how my night was with plenty of suggestive emojis
This guy and I both graduated a year later but stayed on campus for a bit for jobs so ended up fucking really regularly for a few years. Probably closest I’ve had to a gay relationship. He got into a serious relationship and broke it off.
15 years old, home alone with my best friend playing video games. He was talking about having a hard time getting enough alone time with his girlfriend to get a blowjob and her not being willing to have sex because his dick is too big for her, and it's been a while. I half jokingly said he's full of shit about his dick being so big, and in the same joking manner offered to give him a blowjob right there. Then I said I had to go to the bathroom and he asked if I was going to jerk it, and I said yes and he leaned over and put his over my shorts and kind of felt my dick and I came instantly.. he laughed and said it's small. Then he pulled his out and I started sucking it. I had no idea what I was doing but he quickly came in my mouth. A month later he got a latina girl pregnant, and we're still friends 20 years later, but never did anything gay with him again, although his is still probably the biggest dick I've ever sucked and I would gladly give him head any time he asked.
Saw him again yesterday. He wanted to finger my ass as he sucked my cock, so I let him. He found my prostate and rubbed it as he was working on my cock with his lips and tongue. I came way too quickly, but I couldn't hold back.

Watched him jerk off for a minute, then reached over and did it for him. He let loose another thick load.
gays are mostly like that
you should consider yourself lucky if your relationship lasts more than a week
Was at college.
There was a super gay guy blonde, average looks, but slim, who was in my group for an assignment. We were just engaging in small talk and he then offered to go for a beer.
I said yes, thinking he meant a bar, but he took me back to his apartment for one.
Sat down on the sofa, and he bends over to pick up the remote and I notice he has a really nice ass. I spank it, and before I know it, he is bent over and I am fucking him.
Looking back, he had planned it, cause his ass was clean and he gave me a condom lol.
He then fell in love with me, sending me flowers and shit, and I had to break it off.
>19yo black hmu
>Put all my money and keys and laptop in the safe.
>be me
>meet with guy from grindr
>on the way home my car breaks down

God works in mysterious ways huh?
What a creep, but also cute
Met him again a couple hours ago. He did the prostate rub on me again as he sucked my cock. After a few minutes I told him to stop sucking and just rub my prostate. It took awhile, but I came from the rubbing alone. As I started to cum he did suck me so that he could eat my cum.

He was jerking and I helped. Then I leaned over and sucked him. I didn't plan on sucking him, but I figured I owed him after the blow jobs he had given me. Another thick load. It was so thick in my mouth it kind of felt sticky. It was tasty, so I'll have to suck him again.

Nice thing about meeting up so early today is that I can go out this evening too.
you are a bad quest, not returning the favor.
>go over to a new friends house for the first time
>his 3-4 person friend group of 10+ years is also there
>end up hanging out and talking with the major extrovert of the ground
>hes very funny, tiny bit shorter than me, very touchy feely as the night continues
>ends up taking me to their friend's bathroom just before i was abt to leave
>get the best head of my life
Describe yourself and him a bit more
>be me 17
>on a walk by the lonely promenade
>making eye contact with an older man (maybe 35)
>shorted than me (1.76m) and chubby
>idk what it means
>sitting on a bench close by hoping hill come
>he sits next to me and stars asking questions about the weather
>asking what i do
>”last year of high school”
>asks me if i like men, i say yes
>he asks me if i saw the signals he was making, i tell him i didn’t know
>i ask if i could suck him
>”of course”
>he dirty talks on the way to his house (it’s very close)
>i grab he’s bulge in the middle of the sidewalk
>to be fair, it was empty
>”do you want me to fuck you fag”
>”just a blowjob, im still a virgin”
>we arrive
>kinda ugly but whatever
>we go to his run
>we started making out
>got saliva all over my face
>he pulls down his pants
>pretty average dick
>kinda ugly but i don’t mind
>i stripped down
>my balls are on the floor
>start stroking him and sucking him hard
>he pushes me head down
>i gag and i love it
>”do u want to eat my ass daddy”
>he’s not into it
>swallow his dick to the base
>we kiss some more
>”keep going im gonna cum”
>he licked the cum of my face, hot
>he jerks me until cum is on my stomach
>ask if i can take a quick shower
>the bathroom window has open so potencially someone saw me
>i finish, he spanks me and ask if i wanna do a like of coke
>“no thanks”
>walking home i still had the taste of his dick and balls
I'm 33, 6 feet tall, and my cock is almost exactly 6 inches long & 1 inch across, cut, and perfectly straight.

He is probably mid-50's. He's also cut and his cock and balls are hairless (waxed). His cock is about 4 1/2 inches long, but very fat - about 1 3/4 inches across at the base and 1 1/2 at the head.

I now know how sensitive my prostate is, so I might work up the nerve to have him fuck me sometime. But first I think I'll need to buy a larger butt plug and 'train' my asshole a little.
Body types?
Searching for submissive sub, sissy slut and slave willing to serve me. Text me on kik @ Sophiawilliams9044
>way before grindr, sniffies, phones
>in college, 19, running errands with friends from dorm who are of age
>wait in car while they go to liquor store
>guy stops by on his ten-speed. chats me up
>asks if i want to go to his place
>only been with 1 friend from HS, but figured this was happening
>ask if he has a car to take me back to dorm, he does
>hop on back of bike. See hot ass in shorts pumpiong in front of me while he pedals to his house. hard-on commences
>takes me inside and immediatly goes down on me
>feels good man
>rock hard, he then strips and pushes me on couch, starts playing with my ass. his dick is huge, at least 7
>he lubes up and starts entering, oh wow, bigger than my friend and hurt like a moither
>squirm but hes on top and fucking away, ignoring me struggling
>stands up and really starts pounding as im moaning and starting to enjoy it
>finishes hard into me then strokes me till i cum with him still inside
>we dress and he drives me home

First time cruising and loved every second of it. still jo to that image of his ass in my head
When I was in 6th or 7th grade me and my friend since elementary school were chilling in another friend's gazebo late at night. He had a tv setup and we were watching some horror movie. All of a sudden he whips his cock out and my first instinct was to jack him off lol. We then snuck out to the back yard and gave each other head. We were both 12 or 13. Fast forward a year and we were at another friend's house taking turns giving each other head in the pool. We kinda stopped talking after that. He went on to get girlfriends and such. I wonder if he still thinks about me
>grew up outside Detroit
>large Arab population in certain areas of the city
>as some got better jobs in the auto industry, they migrate to the suburbs where I am
>I’m 14 and I meet Adhi who is 15 at school
>my friends and I play street hockey and Adhi loves it. Calls it stick soccer.
>one late afternoon six of us play
>getting dark so game breaks up and Adhi and I sit in the backyard talking
>we’ve downed bottles of Gatorade and Adhi says he needs to piss so we both walk over to the bushes and pull our cocks out
>I’m immediately fascinated by his
>shower, not a grower, about 5” long soft with a foreskin that he pulled back to reveal a pink head that was a nice contract to the rest of his skin color
>had never seen an uncut cock and stare at it as we pissed
>finish and go back to sitting and chatting
>I come right out and ask why his cock looks that way compared to my 2” soft cut dick
>he explains cut vs uncut, showers vs growers
>tells him none of my friends look like that and that it was interesting
>he just says “go ahead and look at it”, opens his pants and flops it out
>he tells me to pull the foreskin back and I do. Nothing sexual, just boyish curiosity
>he explains that sliding the foreskin back and forth is how he masturbates
>I’m still holding his cock and he explains how he used to go to the spa back in his country and saw many other guys’ and boys’ cocks and they all looked like his
>ask whether he was embarrassed about being naked with all those guys and he explained that sometimes he would stare at the older guys and get hard
>he said he liked looking at their bodies, their thick cocks, dark black, sometimes gray, hair in their chest and pubes
>realize as he’s saying this his cock has hardened in my hand
>he tells me to keep stroking it
>explains sometimes he’s have to drape his towel in front of him to hide his erection
>tells me what I’m doing feels good
>keep stroking him, my eyes glued to the sight of his cockhead peeking out of his foreskin like a hand popping out of a sleeve
>suddenly he says “I’m gonna shoot. Put your mouth on it”
>hesitate since I’ve never done this before
>pulls my head down and the first spurt hits my face
>get my mouth on his cock and take the remaining spurts in my mouth
>he’s not pushing my head all the way down the shaft but does keep his cock in my mouth
>when he releases I pull off and spit out his cum
>says it takes some getting used to, apologizes for not warning me sooner
>it’s a new experience for me and I’m cool with it
>it’s time to split so he leaves and I go inside
>actually forgot I had his jizz on my face and luckily my mother didn’t see me
Nice story anon - thanks for sharing
Thanks. I posted the whole story months ago. Like 5 posts worth.
Where can I find it?
File: IMG_20230519_211027.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x4000)
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1.07 MB JPG
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I don't know if /hm has an archive. If someone starts a story thread, I'll post it. I don't want to hijack this one.
I remember reading your story, it was so hot. Please post it somewhere or make a new thread!
Does anyone can find this 5 posts story?
Why are you don't want post here again?
Didn't want to hijack this thread. Give me a few minutes.
>over the next few weeks Adhi and I get together
>sometimes in my back yard like the first time
>a couple of times he brings me down to the old music room in our school basement
>no talking, just points to a chair, I sit, he pulls his cock out, I suck, he cums in my mouth
>three weeks after the first time I blew him I’m walking home from school and Adhi catches up to me
>shoot the shit for a few minutes like normal
>asks me if I like what we do and tell him yes it’s cool
>tells me he knows a guy he likes… “loving”
>I assume it’s a language thing and that he means doing what we do
>he says the guy, Moz, is older, smart, friendly and has a beautiful body
>says we should visit his sometime
>I say OK in a noncommittal “whatever” way
>we finish our walk his and say good bye
>next day at school Adhi catches up to me again
>”Moz wants to meet you. He wants his to come over tomorrow night after dinner. Interested?”
>I say yes, not sure what I’m getting into but figure Adhi isn’t going to jam me up somehow
>next night I tell my mother that Adhi and I are going up to the park to shoot hoops
>we walk over to Moz’s house and Moz greets us at the door and has us come in
>he’s in his late 50’s stocky, swarthy. He’s wearing a t-shirt and I can see his chest hair above the neckline. Very short hair but a 3-4 day stubble growth
>he holds Adhi gently by the arms and kisses him on the lips, longer than just a friendly kiss
>Adhi seems to like it
>Moz walked over to me, says hello and kisses me with the traditional kiss to each cheek
>then one on the lips, not as long as Adhi’s kiss but not a mom kiss either
>I sit on the couch and Adhi sits on a chair
>Moz brings in some traditional tea that tastes like oranges, puts it on the table and sits right next to me on the couch
>we make small talk and drink tea for about 20 minutes
>finally he says “Adhi told me about you. You are indeed a delicate blossom”
>note sure what he means but Adhi laughs
>Moz says “you be quiet. I mean this as a compliment to your friend”
>his arm goes around my shoulder and pulls me in tight
>”Adhi says you pleasured him. Did you enjoy it?”
>told him it was Ok
>he asks if I disliked it and I tell him no
>he tells me to get comfortable
>not sure what he means but while I sit there he pulls off his t-shirt, puts his arm around my shoulder again and pulls me in tight
>says that I was fascinated by Adhi uncut cock and asks if I’d like to see an adult’s uncut cock
>before I can answer he has his pants open and pulls his cock out
>the difference between his and Adhi’s is striking. His is thick and veiny and maybe 5” soft
>takes my hand in his and wraps it around his cock
>tells me I have a nice, soft touch
>I have to admit that it not only feels nice but I feel turned on even though I wasn’t turned on holding Adhi’s cock
>Moz uses his hand to guide me stroking his cock up and down
>it grows harder and longer in a matter of seconds. Now about 7”
>Moz pulls me to him and buries my face in his chest hair
>he smells like dial soap
>rubs my shoulder and tells me I’m such a beautiful maiden
>not sure what he means but I’m liking this whole thing
>more stroking, more rubbing
>I glance over at Adhi and he’s got his cock out and is masturbating watching Moz and me
>Moz is gradually pulling me towards his cock. Not aggressive. Slide down his chest, over his belly and eventually my face is at the bottom of his cock as we’re stroking it
>”will you please me by taking me in your mouth?”
>I just nod my head
>”will you please me by swallowing my seed?”
>not sure I want to say no so nod again
>a few more minutes of stroking and suddenly he says “now”
>pulls my head back, drops his cock on his belly and slides me back on to it
>he humps a few times, holds my head still and cums in my mouth
>it’s so different from Adhi’s. there’s a lot, it feels thicker, doesn’t taste bad but has a definitely different taste
>he holds my head there for about 30 seconds and then asked if I swallowed his seed. I grunt and nod
>he pulls me back up and kisses me deeply
>”you did wonderful my little maiden”
>he looks over at Adhi who is still stroking his cock
>”you must take care of Adhi too”
>tells me to crawl over to him and I do
>I just open my mouth and let him slide in
>Adhi is too aroused for a “regular” blow job and starts fucking my mouth hard but Moz chimes in
>”Adhi. He’s too delicate for your thrusts. Be gentle”
>Adhi calms down for a minute but starts going harder again and cums within a minute
>”swallow Adhi’s seed, my flower”. I do
>Moz chuckles. “Adhi is a young stallion and doesn’t know how to let a gentle flower take care of him”
>Adhi just laughs
>we sip tea for a few minutes, both Adhi and Moz exposed
>Moz finally says that we should go as it’s getting late
>we get up to go and Moz grabs me
>”my gentle maiden, will you come see me again?”
>I nod and he embraces me, kisses me deeply on the lips and says good night
>I walk home with Adhi and ask him why Moz calls me a maiden
>he explains that where Moz comes from it was not unusual for older men to have sex with girls as young as 12 and marry them when they are 14
>says his country frowned on homosexuality so Moz looked at young boys as maidens
>say good night to Adhi and go up to my room
>not even horny. Just hoping I can see Moz again soon
>over the next few months Adhi and I visit Moz about once a week
>Adhi gets his random BJ’s whenever we can
>pretty much the usual routine
>when at Moz’s house, Moz gets blown first, then Adhi
>I like the attention I get from Moz
>after one time we’re sitting there and Moz’s TV is on
>see women wearing boshiyas (what we call burkas) and ask how they can see out of them
>Moz tells me to follow him and leads me to a room that looks like a spare bedroom
>tells me to take my clothes off
>hadn’t been naked in front of him before so kind of embarrassed
>he takes a burka out of the closet and tells me to put it on
>helps me with putting it on
>hands me long gloves and socks and has me put them on
>leads me out to the living room and Adhi laughs at me
>Moz explains that more traditional women wear these and cover head to toe
>he tells me to sit and not to speak unless spoken to
>they chat for a few minutes completely ignoring me
>Moz finally tells me to sit next to him
>as soon as I do he’s opened his pants, roughly grabs the back of my neck and pulls me down to his cock
>Moz lifted the face veil so my mouth would have access to his cock and then pushes it into my mouth
>kind of awkward with the burka on so I turn and kneel on the couch while I service his cock
>he reached over and starts caressing my ass and stroking my back
>he must have liked what he felt because moments later I feel his cock swell in my mouth and cum floods into my mouth
>swallow and squeeze whatever cum I can out of his cock and lick it up
>minute later Moz tells me to get changed into my regular clothes
>when I come out of the bedroom, Moz says we should leave as it’s getting late
>Adhi and I say good night and start walking home
>get to a section on the road with no houses but there are bushes
>Adhi grabs me and pulls me behind the bushes
>he starts unbuttoning his pants and I know what he wants
>get on my knees and start blowing him
>there’s something different about him
>he’s usually passionate when I blow him but now he’s just mean
>fucks my mouth hard, gags me, slaps my face when I try to pull off
>as he’s about to cum he pulls out and splashes his cum on my face
>zips up and leaves me kneeling behind the bushes

>meet up with Adhi a few days later at school
>he apologizes and says he was pissed that Moz didn’t have me pleasure him while we were at Moz’s house
>tell him I’m OK with that
>immediately leads me to the basement where I suck another load out of him
>get invited back to Moz’s house weekly for a few more months
>one day Adhi and I get there and Moz sends me back into the bedroom to get dressed
>this time he has a hijab for me to wear
>spend longer than usual trying to get the scarf to sit right on my head so Moz comes in and does it for me
>tells me I’m a beautiful maiden
>back out into the living room and Moz tells me to serve the tea from the kitchen
>I do and wait on both of them
>Moz tells me I can speak and we talk about school, soccer, other shit
>he then invites us back into the bedroom, tells me to sit in a chair and has Adhi strip and get on the bed
>Adhi has started to develop… muscled, getting more body hair
>Moz gets some oil out and starts massaging Adhi
>strictly a massage from shoulders to waist
>Moz comments how Adhi is growing into a man
>after about 20 minutes of massage he gets Adhi off the bed
>Adhi’s cock it hard as a rock
>Moz tells me to keep the hijab on and tells me to lay on the bed
>I do and Moz rolls the hijab around my shoulders so I’m naked from the shoulders down
>he starts massaging me with the oil
>feels nice
>after a few minutes concentrating on my back he starts massaging my ass cheeks
>eventually slips a finger between them and runs it over my asshole
>I let out a groan
>he continues and eventually pushes an oily finger into my hole
>another groan
>continues to finger me, adding more oil, then adding another finger
>I feel stuffed and my hole getting stretched out
>feels like a third finger is added and now I’m uncomfortable
>don’t want to say anything so just bite the pillow
>finally Moz pulls his fingers out and I feel empty
>feel him get back on the bed and he used his knees to spread my legs
>feel oil drizzled on my hole
>feel my hole getting stretched again but realize both his hands are on the bed by my head
>bite the pillow again as he sinks his cock balls deep into my ass
>he leans his head down by my ear and whispers “I’ve taken your flower my little girl”
>he lowers his body onto mine and holds himself up by his elbows
>slowly draws his cock out and then just as slowly slides back in
>gradually picks up speed and starts fucking me
>it feels a little better so I open my eyes only to see Adhi sitting in the chair stroking his cock
>after a while I start getting the feeling like I have to pee
>I clench like it would help but it just forces Moz’s cock to push harder against my prostate
>few minutes later I cum from a combination of friction on the bed and Moz’s fucking
>cock gets sensitive so I arch my back to get my cock off the bed
>Moz sees that as a signal and really starts fucking me
>only takes a few minutes before he moans and groans “take my seed my maiden”
>when he’s finished he pulls out and gets off the bed
>I feel like my hole is wide open
>Moz looks over at Adhi and then tells me I’ll now let him use me for his pleasure
>Adhi walks over and says “Moz, you’ve ruined his hole for me”
>Moz just says “use his mouth” and walks out of the room
>Adhi is pissed again and fucks my mouth with a vengeance figuring he’ll finish before Moz gets back and sees him
>he does with a few seconds to spare, shooting his load deep into my throat
>Moz walks over and puts something in my ass (turns out to be a tampon)
I get up, straighten out my hijab and walk into the living room
>I’m told to serve the tea again and I do and end up sitting there with the tampon up my ass
>when it’s time to leave Moz takes me back into the bedroom, pulls the tampon out and tells me to change
>get sent on my way
>It’s been 7-8 moths since I met Moz
>there is a distance growing between him and Adhi
>Moz wouldn’t let Adhi fuck me
>Adhi was becoming more “manly” and less attractive to Moz. I have not become more “manly”.
>Adhi also has a girlfriend so even my one-on-one hook-ups with him have died off
>I go over to Moz’s house by myself
>sometimes I just end up kneeling between his legs and blowing him, sometimes he takes me into the bedroom and fucks me
>one Saturday I go over his house and he tells me we have to go out and see a man he wants a favor from
>says we’re going to an Islamic community center and I have to wear the burka
>find it kind of arousing that I’m going to be outside wearing a burka
>get dressed and we get in his car and pull out of the garage
>he tells me from this point on I can’t speak, no matter what
>says I could be in trouble, maybe danger, if people at the community center know I’m actually a boy dressed as a girl
>now I’m worried
>when we pull up he reminds me not to say anything
>we get out of the car and we walk into the community center
>not a lot of people around. Some women in hijabs, a few in burkas so I don’t look too out of place
>comes to a door, knocks on it, someone answers in a foreign language and we walk in
>Moz points to a chair for me to sit on and I do
>Moz starts talking to a guy sitting at a desk. Sounds like friendly greetings, then some serious talk
>glances to me, back to the guy. Guy glances and me and then back to Moz
>guy gets up and walks through a door into another room
>Moz comes over to me and whispers in my ear
>”this man is going to do me a favor. For this you must pleasure him”
>I’m about to say something and Moz stops me
>”you cannot say no or you will be in danger”
>takes me by the arm and leads me to the door
>”remember… say nothing and stay covered”
>opens the door and basically pushes me into the room
>the other guy Is sitting on a couch, pants off, legs wide open, short soft cock hanging there
>I walk over, get on my knees, head down, lift the burka’s veil and take his cock in my mouth
>It. Tastes. Horrible.
>I gag but push through it
>his cock grows in my mouth to maybe 4.5” long
>not really big enough to stroke while I blow him
>hold the base, play with his hairy balls while he mutters something I don’t understand
>next thing I know my mouth is filling with his cum
>I keep my mouth on his cock until it starts to soften and then he just pushes me off and onto the floor
>says something in his language and Moz comes in
>Moz points to the chair in the other room and I go sit there while they conduct whatever business I just paid for with my mouth
>Moz finishes, walks out and beckons me to follow
>ride home in silence. Not sure if I can talk now but Moz isn’t saying anything
>pull into his garage and the door closes behind us
Sorry for the book.
Holy shit! Thanks dude
Gonna read this all
>Me, 30-something, out walking dog, Florida resort town, pass tall Asian dude, also 30-something.
>Hour later, nearer home, pass same guy again.
>"Hey," he says. "Wondering if you want some company."
>Go to nearby park. Bulgerub.exe
>He wants to give me hand job. OK....
>I blurt LOL. Afterwards he compliments size of until, LOL. Bends over and kisses middle of shaft. OK...
>I reach for his, and find he has already come!
>He says, "Thanks, now we will both sleep better."
>Shake hands, never saw again.
File: 1594919134012.jpg (175 KB, 814x1280)
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175 KB JPG
If you have a healthy diet and religiously take fibre pills everyday, spontaneous anal can go well.
Recent experience from my travels
>in my mid 20s
>visit one of the European capital cities
>go to a gay bar and order a drink
>a guy in his 40s comes up to me and asks if I want to have a drink with his friend
>agree since I’m bored anyway
>we chat away and drink, the guy is obviously captivated by my beauty and talkativeness lol
>he starts leaning towards me and giving me the puppy eyes
>we make out and he moves to my side and starts getting touchy-feely
>I’m hard at this point and feel the guy wants to take things elsewhere
>we leave the friend and go to the dark room and he sucks me off, we make out and realize we didn’t bring any rubbers
>kinda let down but we go back to the friend and decide to visit another bar where we have a beer and chat up the bartender yadda yadda yadda
>we ditch the friend again and go to his hostel
>he shares bed with the friend, we start making out and sucking each other there
>he gets on top of me and we make out some more, my dick is leaking and rubbing against his ass, feels like it’s taking forever
>my cock is pressing against his hole and suddenly my cockhead pops inside his pussy
>he plays along teasing me and suddenly sits down taking my whole shaft in
>I’m sold at this point and I flip him over
>he starts talking about how “oh we shouldn’t” (bitch you sat on my raw dick yourself?)
>calm him down and keep fucking him
>I go rough on his ass and we both grunt loudly
>feel I’m getting close and tell him I’m about to nut
>”shoot your babies in me”
>I unload in his guts and make out with him
>he left a hickey on my neck unghhh
More plz
That's it. I started to age out and he wanted me to find new kids. I guess it was a combination of jealousy (like Adhi) or not wanting him to prey on another kid that made me refuse.
Kind of true, as long as your bowel movement isn't in position when he goes in.
Not sure this qualifies
>belong to an old Yahoo group for married bi guys in my city
>chat with other married bi guys locally
>one guy notices my screen name which has the street my office used to be
>asks me if I work there as he works around the corner
>I moved offices but still close by so we agree to meet for coffee
>at this point it's just to talk. we're both married, we live about 30 miles apart so meeting in town at lunch to talk is about all we expect to do
>we meet and chat. mutual bitching about meeting guys, not being able to host, etc...
>over weeks of talking he reveals that he was molested by a priest when you was a kid
>taken for a ride, made out and sucked the priest's cock in the back of the car
>feels guilty because (a) he liked it and (b) he accepted money in a settlement
>says he always wished he could recreate what happened
>think about it and ask him if he'd like to try
>I park in a parking garage in a secluded corner and tell him I'll take him there tomorrow
>he agrees
>next day I wear black shirt and pants
>take him up to my car (SUV with tinted windows)
>get in back seat and forcibly kiss him
>put my hand on the back of his head and force it to my lap
>hold him there while I open my pants
>tell him to pull it out and suck it
>he does
>tell him he's a good boy
>tell him to open his pants and jerk off while he services me
>pull him off my cock, force my tongue down his throat and pull him back down
>few more times like that and I finally cum in his mouth
>he finishes himself off while nursing on my cock
fun while it wasted
>In Majorca on vacation, drunk and horny.
>Head to bathroom as I've had over 15 cocktails (they were free) so desperately need to piss
>Piss feels amazing so let out a loud relief moan and this clearly gets attention but I'm too drunk to notice
>Guy comes up next to me and and watches me piss
>I'm drunk so I let him and even give a couple of tugs as I like the attention
>He reaches over and grabs my dick whilst I'm pissing and holds it for me
>I moan again but a bit quieter as so far, only my gf had ever touched my dick
>He leans over and licks my dick whilst I finish pissing and I instantly get hard (quickly realise I have a piss fetish)
>He gives it a kiss and gestures to a stall
>We head over, lock the door and he goes down on his knees.
>The next thing I know, my dick is down his throat and he's sucking like there's no tomorrow
>My gf hadn't put out in days as she got too sunburned so I am needy as fuck
>I'm grabbing his head, fucking his face and less than a minute later, I'm cumming down his throat and then a little on his face
>He licks it up, kisses my dick tip, and leaves with some cum still on his face.
>Dazed I head back to my gf but she just thinks I've been getting another drink whilst I was gone. Probably the best bj I've ever gotten and he didn't say a word
>in Vegas with girlfriend
>suddenly she's a bitch
>no sex for two days
>fuck it. I'm going to the hotel gym to work out
>work out in the morning at 6
>standing at the sink shaving
>guy walks up to me, says he's Mike and asks how it's going
>he's in his 50's, lean
>bitch about the gf and shrug
>he nods towards the showers
>I have quizzical look on my face so he nods again
>follow him
>he's immediately on his knees and goes for my cock
>haven't had a guy touch my cock in about 10 years
>mouth feels great
>sucks me to completion
>he gets up, says thanks and leaves
>I shower and go back to the locker room to dress
>another guy walks in, sees me and says "are you Mike?"
>say no, dress and leave
tldr: got a BJ from a guy who was supposed to hook up with someone else
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