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File: ilikeexisting.jpg (82 KB, 958x833)
82 KB
So, what kind of specialized pen do you recommend not to spread ink all over the place when I'm sketching? I'm an awkward amateur, so I need the best tools available just so I don't make a huge mess. Thank you !
File: tegaki.png (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
i mean any pen will do that so long as you give it time to dry.
if you're doing art you probably want a set of felt tip pens. you can get pretty much any brand for a few bucks, they normally come in 4 packs. although it's not a necessity and they'll still smudge if you dont give them time to dry.
its called pencil
I recommend drawing in pencil then outline with pen
Pencils also leave residues that may be spread by the hand and make a mess, even for longer and in worse ways than pens, since drying time doesn't eventually fix the problem
I resently started using one of those gloves that doesnt cover your index, middle, and thumb, and while that doesnt stop spreading 100% i havent had any smudges in awhile.
That is actually a great tip. Thank you!
File: pen drawing nepgear.jpg (103 KB, 662x1169)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
How about this picture? It looks like it was drawn with some sort of specially thin pen and maybe some kind of special ink ? Know anything about it?
that kinda looks like digital art to be honest.
there's plenty of photoshop brushes and shit like that which could give the effect
No problem senpai.

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