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Hey can y’all rate my art/oc? Keep in mind I’ve only been drawing for a year and a half
you're gonna get yelled at
Oof did I accidentally break a rule
also seems like you haven't really learned anything/10, which is common.
Start using heavy reference when you draw for a bit. You'll come to really learn a lot about what you're drawing, assuming you actually do it right.

nope, just a few crabs here like to yell at beginners
if you want i can help you out
Ok what specifically should I change. I’ve already lengthened the legs by lifting up the crotch a bit bc friend told me to (Sorry, don’t have pic rn)
File: 1-16-1068x601.jpg (144 KB, 1068x601)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
no no no you misunderstand, it's all wrong completely. It's not a matter of philosophy where you just add 2 and 2 over here, put a nudge there.

Right now you're drawing like if you were making plans for directions, you draw these simple things icons used to represent say, some train tracks, you'll draw it like an H with lines in the middle. But if you actually look at some real train tracks before you, you'll notice there's actually a bit more nuance to it than just an H. It's got so many hidden details that you aren't drawing, like the little inner pieces of the track that you surely would have missed if you didn't look at this photo to see it. You might as well scrap the H you have written down, because you are completely missing these things it (as you haven't really looked at the thing it is you are drawing).

You aren't drawing things as they are, which is a very common beginners problem, and it's why most beginners make 0 progress no matter how much they draw. They often call it "symbol drawing".

Obviously don't take this the wrong way, I just happen to have a bit of perspective on the matter.
File: Ayumi_-_Whirlwind2.jpg (355 KB, 830x890)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
assuming you wanna draw anime or cartoons, try drawing Ayumi here on a piece of paper. All you gotta do is just make comparisons while you draw, as in just look at what you drew, and make sure it looks the same size and length and place and whatever as the reference. It's really easy, anyone can do it on day 1, and it's fun (or at least interesting).

So just try to draw ayumi here, and make comparisons as you do it so that it looks really similar.
Try to do a decent job, and it should come out better than anything you've ever drawn before.
File: image.jpg (863 KB, 2592x1936)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
Yea, I plan on doing life drawings in the future because my proportions do the big suc. Also you aren’t allowed to say I haven’t improved because my are used to look like hot garbage when I first started, I mean at least now it’s recognizable (pic related)
Also yes, I do know how to copy art without tracing
You've been drawing for 18 months?

My brutally honest rating is 1/10. For 18 months you should have at least learned to draw eyes and do clean lines. You can't just draw random cartoons and expect to get good in 10 years. It's like any other craft, you have to study, copy, practice new techniques.

And for heaven's sake, don't ask people to help you and then make excuses or get defensive.
It's like trying to do science without gathering data first. You need to know what you're trying to draw actually looks like; now i'm not some realism sperg, I'm not even asking you to do realism, I'm just asking for you to get anime or comic or whatever reference before you draw, so you can learn more about what it is that you're drawing.

Detail is actually not so hard to do as you might think. Try going for hair that really encompasses more than the basic thing you've got going there. You aren't going to know what detailed hair looks like until you go out and look at it, so look up some reference, it makes it easier if you want to do anything of quality. (obviously I don't expect you to have detail in every area, but at least focus on one interesting like the hair. It doesn't need to be the hair.)

Also I notice that slight chicken scratch and hard drawn lines. try drawing lighter (it can even help you to focus better), and try to make the lines look smooth.

Right now you will probably be mainly focused on structure, but one day instead of focusing on iterating you will look at it, and just try to make it look good.
Ok I agree with you about most things here except for the eyes part in witch my defense is that they are stylized. Also in the off chance that you thought that the second drawing I posted was recent too and are critiquing me off that the second drawing is from a year and a half ago. Also sorry for getting defensive in earlier posts it was just kinda jarring to have my school friends (don’t tell the mods) and my family say it’s good and then get on here and have everyone here say it’s bad.
hey don't get me wrong, it's not like there's no charm to it, but to progress you need to up the quality so that's what i'm grilling on.
Like maybe do hair that’s in multiple chunks or learn more about anatomy and stuff like that? I can handle that.
File: DSC04886.jpg (1.02 MB, 1536x2048)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
multiple chunks isn't exactly right, I mean draw it with really similar amounts of detail to how your reference looks. If you just did the same thing you normally do, but just broken into sections, you wouldn't learn anything.

Then when you've done your reference, you can study it further to try and better remember a simpler version or something if you want.

Anatomy is also a yes, but yes in a certain way. You'll soon be wanting to develop your process to drawing, and that requires anatomical study, and much reference. By "process" I mean you're staring at a blank paper, you start with the circle, draw a line x distance down, ect. It means learning and testing a bunch of proportions so that you can remember how to put things in the right spot, and all sorts of stuff I ain't gonna get into unless you're there.
Yea I’m here
File: tegaki.png (13 KB, 600x400)
13 KB
I mainly draw girls, but I can tell you the proportions i'm using are all loosely gathered from my own body. When you try to draw yourself properly you'll notice little things you never noticed before. For example, because you're trying to draw the eyebrows in the right spot, you might notice they happen to be at the same height as the top of your ears. Next time when you need to draw ears, you'll know where to place them so long as you have the eyebrows. You naturally find many of these proportions just from doing proper reference studies, which is one of the reasons it's so handy.

You'll also make up and test proportions to see if they will work, and yada yada. I think you might have actually done this a bit seeing as the arm does seem to reach around the crotch area which is approxamitely right, and I have a feeling you know how to make these things in terms of heads, which is good. Uhm.

If you already have a general process, then I think you really just need to focus on more detail for now as that's the main thing that's lacking. After the detail (and process assuming you need to study it further), you're going to want to learn depth, and that's gonna be a big shift forward in skill. Honest not to sure how i'm going to explain it, but I'll show you the image when I first got a bit of depth.
File: DSC04899.jpg (895 KB, 1536x2048)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
this wasn't it, this one I used reference for. Notice how 3D the shapes look tho.
I actually do have a process but it’s really fucking shitty and gives me more difficulty then it helps me. Also with sketching I think you have the reverse problem from me; your lines aren’t bold enough where they should be bold. Ah how quickly /i/ turns into /ic/
File: DSC05046.jpg (1.16 MB, 1536x2048)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
This was it. Now the main important thing was to notice how the nose actually slightly covers the eye, and the middle parts of the hair looked more forwards outwards than the hair next to it very important for suggesting that this is a 3D object, something previously I hadn't ever really thought about. When I'd draw hair before, it was more like shapes, but now I might try a bit more to make sure it makes sense as a 3D object.

(yes doge meme, i'm sorry)
Btw how long have you been drawing. Also I can barley see your line work
File: nicole.jpg (1.36 MB, 3024x4032)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
those were old ass drawings from my first years of drawing. This is my most recent traditional sketch I have on me.
a long ass time. I stagnated for most of my years past the first one. Should be what, 7 maybe 8 years now?
File: DSC01989.jpg (754 KB, 1000x750)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
here's another oldie. I'm showing you this because this one actually has some depth in the hair to give an idea. It ain't like, a super great drawing to copy.
My drawing patterns are draw really hard for a month and then have a cool down for about two weeks where I’m completely drained and hate myself and then I go back to drawing for a month and so on and so forth. But a lot of the pages in my sketchbook are wasted on being completely filled with faces. Btw I know this might be a stupid question but how much potential do you think my art style has
Ooh I can feel the age coming off of that one
File: DSC04889.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x2048)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
to a large extent, that's totally normal. I myself tend to leave drawing every once in a while.

>But a lot of the pages in my sketchbook are wasted on being completely filled with faces.
nigga are you me when I was bad? I'd draw eyes till they filled the whole page. I'd draw heads row by row from the front, it's all I did because I liked to practice making tutorials where I'd review the same shit "how to do a face from the front" like a million times. Really screwed me over actually.

Now a days I leave less to a page because it looks nicer, and looking nice is important for morale. If a drawing looks terrible and makes you sad, erase it so I don't get frustrated looking at it. If a drawing looks good and makes you happy, check it out when you're getting tilted.
you'll find yourself drawing more and more often as you become more invested and better, which makes it more enjoyable. Don't worry about it too much, don't bother trying to be an ubermench, you're hurting yourself for stupid reasons.

If you do want to go hard though, you will need to restrict temptation to do anything else that distracts you from art. Have fewer tests of will throughout the day, and that requires good management, and sacrifice to put yourself in such a system as to naturally only do drawing. Willpower is unreliable, and I wouldn't bother ever trying to think you can do something consistently unless you're willing to sacrifice the things that tempt you to do other things. Bit of wisdom there.
My face pages are more focused on dynamic expressions tho instead of “let’s see how many times I can draw the same thing” I did that back when I was on my first sketchbook. I kinda developed this habit from doodling on my homework and it’s pretty hard to shake
so op, have you practiced anything since? updates?
Unfortunately there isn't a lot of places in the internet where there is a welcoming and nice art community willing to help, the best advice I can give you is unless you are going for an extremely cartoon look then Study the shit out of anatomy before you try to develop a style. I learned that the hard way. I was always trying to develop one and I'd always think my efforts turned out like shit. That's because I didn't know shit about anatomy. Learnt eh fundamentals before breaking them. Also try and surround yourself with people who support your interest in the long run. This is all for some one who is serious about improving and if you aren't then shit, go have fun.
>Looking nice is important for moral

This is so true. Keep your work looking nice anons.

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