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File: tegaki.png (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
Last thread: >>656689
Old thread is on page 8 so I guess it's time for new. Anyway hi I draw mainly dumb OC shit and mediocre autistic coom art. Feel free to interact, draw stuff in here along with me or give me shit to draw but I can't promise a fast delivery because I'm slow and lazy
The thread has no theme so draw whatever the hell you want, that's what I'm gonna do like always. Gonna use Tegaki for most things but I'll also dump bullshit I draw on GaryC, Aggie, WebNote and other places I shove my ass into

Oekaki Post (Time: 40m, Replay: View)
File: CREATUR.png (4 KB, 310x206)
4 KB
Fucking dumbass
I like her better without the twin-tails, the all encompassing big hair arms are so much better
File: tegaki.png (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Thank you I like her like that as well. She mostly keeps it twin-tailed because it can go chaotic and grab/hold onto objects and surroundings against her will so she thinks 2 'arms' are easier to control. Boring ass lore dump, her species' hair is supposed to be like steel or some shit idk but she can wrap it around her body and use it as a shield, or as a weapon. It can soften though so most of the time it's not dangerous. She's not violent so she keeps it that way, etc etc etc.

Oekaki Post (Time: 11m, Replay: View)
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 5m, Replay: View)
not this bitch again
rotten poster above me
not this bitch again
File: tegaki.png (30 KB, 700x700)
30 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 18m, Replay: View)
File: tegaki.png (49 KB, 400x400)
49 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 15m, Replay: View)
not this bitch again
not this bitch again
Not this bitch again
Mona draw more of her plz
I wanna see her hands
File: tegaki.png (41 KB, 400x400)
41 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 7m, Replay: View)
Thank you!! Mind if I draw your space boy?
This is really cute!! Do you have any OCs I can draw back?
This one's really nice, which OC do you want me to draw in return?

Her hands are kinda up for interpretation I think, I like the mystery aspect, an anon last thread drew her with carnivorous monster hands and I love that idea. I like to keep them hidden because people can imagine great stuff
File: ceor_00_00.png (30 KB, 256x256)
30 KB
Also I'm working on an OJ mod, so far there's nothing 'presentable' because Puke and Mona both have only 1 sprite but I think the Puke sprite is cute so I'll post it lol
I'm also adding my friend's OC and he's priority so he has 3 sprites so far because I wanna finish him first
File: sketch wut.png (75 KB, 798x598)
75 KB
Friends on Sketch drew my OC so I drew theirs
File: sketch sis.png (71 KB, 798x598)
71 KB
Tried to make kinda like a goth Sis or something idk
draw frau if you feel like it
I really wish you wouldn't do this, this board is about collaboration and tegaki, not twitter blogging.
Post a drawing or stop crying. You are pathetic.
I really wish you wouldn't do this, this board is about collaboration and tegaki, not twitter blogging.
its a local copy-pasta
leave it be
File: tegaki.png (43 KB, 600x600)
43 KB
i left the drawing tab open and forgot to finish this. is shit but i wont let it go to waste!

Oekaki Post (Time: 2h 53m, Replay: View)
I really wish you wouldn't do this, this board is about collaboration and tegaki, not twitter blogging.
File: tegaki.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 52m, Replay: View)
File: Puke.jpg (252 KB, 800x1200)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Yo mona, good luck with the new thread!
Lemme bump you with that one drawing I made of her a while ago lmao, might post more
Long replays anon I really like your work, thank you for drawing her. It's always a pleasure to see your art around, the picture you made of Green's OC is insane I really like it

<3333 Lovely job!! I need to draw them too

Thank you both!! If there's something you want drawn let me know
File: da frau.png (59 KB, 468x836)
59 KB
Da Frawoo (on da WebNote)
I drew her in the 60min room because my brain is too dead for the main ones atm lmao
File: halloween2.png (33 KB, 565x497)
33 KB
I've been spending too much time on WebNote and I've sorta had a coom art break so I'll dump some stuff I've did (mostly with friends)

My friend got me to reread Chainsaw Man since I abandoned it when I first picked it up but he encouraged me to read it again and I'm so sad I didn't get into it earlier the designs fuck so hard. I love Cosmo/Halloween so I've been drawing her a lot
File: halloween3.png (59 KB, 726x506)
59 KB
I drew the mini Long from memory so I fucked her up but that's ok
File: halloween4.png (57 KB, 614x577)
57 KB
She's very fun to draw
File: halloween1.png (127 KB, 798x598)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
And one from GaryC
File: kob2.png (52 KB, 798x598)
52 KB
My friend's obsessed with Kobeni so I'm learning to draw her properly for him she's really cute
File: snale.png (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB
I also made an OC because I kept getting egged to make one so I shat out a snail, I haven't polished anything about her but she's retarded that's the only thing u rlly need to know. Also if u salt her she melts and fucking dies but she can like slowly regenerate or some shit idk
File: tegaki.png (99 KB, 400x400)
99 KB
good to see your thread active again fren

Oekaki Post (Time: 53m, Replay: View)
File: tin1.png (42 KB, 741x571)
42 KB
Oh shit thank you this looks great!! I really like when you do those spaghetti-like textures in your works with more effort lmao like the spaghetti hair goddess lady. This is a good variation of Mona I'll draw it sometime. She hasn't been many animals except cat, mouse and pig. I might draw more Frau eventually the one I did earlier was fun to do

I have a ton of recent things to post, mainly doodles with my friend Tin (he draws in green). I'll dump it slowly though since I still wanna try using Tegaki more ITT but I keep contradicting myself like a retard lmao. Plus drawing on other sites is more fun but nothing can beat Tegaki's dithering
File: sheev3.png (95 KB, 1001x549)
95 KB
And also stuff with another friend. The Chainsawing mood was high the past weeks
File: snale2.png (70 KB, 800x451)
70 KB
snale ft. a Russian friend
File: tin5.png (73 KB, 1178x642)
73 KB
More stuff with Tin
File: tin6.png (85 KB, 1053x673)
85 KB
And more. I tried out the other line brush for Power and I think it looks better if you wanna draw shit that looks more unhinged
File: tin7.png (126 KB, 1264x798)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Small collab with Tin, Yul and Super
File: tin10.png (94 KB, 1014x633)
94 KB
Also the tracksuit girl is his OC we just draw each other's characters a lot because he likes my tomboy and I like his shark girl lol
File: tin11.png (94 KB, 1011x643)
94 KB
File: chicKN580.png (115 KB, 1097x882)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
I also drew with Chicken a little but I feel bad because I only draw little things but it's hard in 6min, he manifests so much shit around my dumb doodle until I finish lmao
I just drew snale and he drew everything else here
File: chicKN581.png (145 KB, 1314x809)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Like here too, I just drew his Nijiura Maid Warai and he drew everything around her so fast and made it like an illustration with interaction
File: chicKN584.png (106 KB, 1189x861)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Last WebNote thing for now this was kinda a joke because someone said "Squid Games??" next to one of Chicken's drawings and he started drawing all of us online at the time as characters from it with the tracksuits and stuff so we started playing along and drawing it too it was fun (ft. Tin and Dun)
File: Jehn doodles.png (529 KB, 718x886)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
I drew a shitton of doodles of >>669183's OC because he made me go fucking insane lmao he's too fun to draw for his own good
File: Jehn sprites all.png (115 KB, 805x181)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
I mentioned a while back that I made him part of my 100% Orange Juice mod so I'll post the sprites I did for him, they turned out nice and they worked perfectly upon play-testing. Now I'm working on Puke's sprites again but he was priority so I finished him first as I promised

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