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hopefully i don't forget about this thread as my last one seems to have been archived. spent 9 hours in a cafe today and bought 2 drinks from them. spent the day studying for a future occupation and doodling. will post more as time goes on to track improvement (if i ever improve)
this is fanart for a historical romance novel that i will never own a physical copy of since it's $200 on ebay
how the fuck do u spend 9 hrs in a cafe
unsure of what swnpy is but i took an hour break to go home for lunch and went back. had to resort to a cafe because the library in my town closes early on the weekends
What a shitty tip

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Post more art, I like the ominous feeling it gives
And what's the title of the book?
File: tsd.png (1.27 MB, 589x985)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
kind of glad i was able to give off that sort of feeling even though my execution could have been better. the title is the silver devil by teresa denys, i've read it over 3 or so times now and it never really gets old. here's the cover art for it - the second edition cover also gets the design of the hero wrong but in this case his coloring is much more darker than it should be (often described as pale angel with pure radiance or whatever) and his overall look seems a touch too old as he's supposed to be just shy of thirty.
the story itself is fairly gloomy, the paragraph it starts with a wonderfully descriptive opening of:
>It had been as hot as this the summer it began. All Fidena stank. The fetid smell from the bay, where ships lay beached and their cargoes rotted for want of men to unload them, mingled with human sweat and filth in the dust-laden air. Flies
>and maggots bred, and the wind was sickly with the expectation of plague. Men lay down in the streets and died, and their neighbors would not touch the bodies, not even to drag them out of the all-consuming sun.
and only gets better from there. if you're interested in reading it you can find the epub online. in any case please don't read the prologue or epilogue as they were likely inserted in haste at an editor's behest and unfortunately make no sense regarding the final few chapters
Thanks for the recommendation
File: ty.png (226 KB, 458x574)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
i have a very specific original character in mind here but not being able to draw or color well is somewhat frustrating. i suppose it counts as practice even if it took two hours
please let me know if you end up reading it, it's rare that i ever get to talk about it
must use references before drawing next time. obvious mistakes are getting embarrassing
can't tell if i'm making baby steps towards better portraits or what
I really like these
read loomis's guide on drawing heads
dont have to follow it to the word but its a good start off point
thank you! really appreciate it
i will have to look into it, thanks as well. this character i want to have intentionally off/somewhat non-human proportions but what i'm capable of now isn't more than this. wil have to learn the rules before breaking them i suppose
File: 20220521.png (432 KB, 486x598)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
haven't look through loomis's book yet but after changing 90% of a sketch i had laying around i managed to make something digitally that i don't hate. not very familiar with painting softwares but i hope i'll be able to find something other than sai eventually

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